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Who Is Oscar Lake FAQ and Guide
Version 1.0
Written by paxk
This Document Copyright 2003 by [email protected]

I. Introduction
II. Legal Issues
III. Version History
IV. General Information
V. Scenario Mode
VI. Guide to Scenario Items
VII. Activities Mode
VIII. Conclusion

I. Introduction
Welcome to Oscar Lake! This game will help you learn a foreign language faster and 
more efficiently than boring school games. According to LPI (Language Publications 
Interactive), the best way to learn a foreign language is by submission in it and 
that is just what you are going to do. There are 5 versions of Oscar Lake: Spanish, 
French, German, Italian, and English. The only game I've played is the German one 
so when referring to names I will use generic names.

II. Legal Issues
This Document Copyright 2003 by paxk. This cannot be stressed enough.

III. Version History
Version 1.0- Guide published. That's all folks.

IV. General Information
Earlier mentioned was the fact that I will use general names. The names are:

Train Ticket Man
Hotel Clerk
Lady that invites you
Gallery Ticket Lade
Lady Worker in Gallery
Police Detective 
Police Assistant
Newspaper Stand Man
Your phone friend

V. Scenario Mode
There are 3 different endings to Oscar Lake. I will tell you when a certain ending 
will come up.

The Game Starts:

You start by a Who is Oscar Lake? sign.  Back away from the sign. Turn right into 
the main station. The phone will ring. Pick it up. After hearing the instructions, 
buy a ticket to the correct city. Move back to where you started and face the 
opposite direction. The train should come.

When you arrive at the city, go to the building marked hotel. Tell the clerk that 
you want to check in, not that you are the lady's friend. He will give you a key to 
your room. Back away from the desk and into the elevator. Press 7. Go forward twice 
and turn left. Use the key to get into your room. Go to the desk. Click on the 
phone. Click the white box for messages. Call the lady. After you do, pick up her 
business card (write down her number, you'll need it later) and the invitation to 
the gallery. Go up to the top floor and visit the lady. Then proceed to the gallery 
on the street.

Once in the gallery, show your invitation to the lady at the desk. Enter the 
gallery. Once inside, you will find a young woman. Talk to her. The desk lady will 
come back and tell you that lady from the hotel wants to meet you in your room. Go 
to your room.

You're back in the room. Click on the TV. Click the top box. The news will come up. 
The diamond at the gallery will have been stolen. You will hear a knock on your 
door. Open it and you will see the police inspector. Answer him appropriately. You 
will then be taken to the police station.

The officer will interrogate you and at the end allow you to leave. Go to the hotel 
lady. She will tell you to find the young woman from the gallery. Search her 
office. Pick up the fax. Leave the gallery and go to the café. 

You will find the young woman there. She will have a key for you. Take it. 

The first ending will come up and it's not a good one. When you suggest 
investigating, go to the gallery and open the music box. The diamond will be there. 
When you turn to leave, however, the police officer will be there he will see you 
with the diamond and you will be arrested. Not a pretty ending for you.

If you choose not to take the first ending, which you probably won't, take the key 
anyway and go to the gallery. Go to the desk in the young woman's office. Look in 
the bottom drawer. Take the café brochure. Go to the café. (If the woman pops up at 
the music box DON'T OPEN IT).

The young woman will be sitting at a table in the café. Talk to her and take her 
letter. Go to the hotel lady's room and talk with her. After that, go to your room 
and call the number from the message on the phone. A person will tell you to go to 
the hotel lady's room and look at the files. The code is Zebra, but you must look 
in the secretary's address book in the drawer first.

Look at the Zebra files. The secretary will come out of the elevator and tell you 
to call the lady.

The second ending is about to come up. When you call the lady, you will be told to 
meet her in her office. After you go there and speak with her, her men will come 
out and take you away. The end (maybe).

If you want the game-winning ending then look here. Don't call the hotel lady. 
Listen to your second phone message from you phone friend. Buy a paper and read it. 
Then go to the gallery and open the music box (trust me, you won't lose if you've 
followed the above steps. She'll ask you what's going on, and you'll tell her that 
Oscar Lake and the hotel lady have tricked you. Go to the square to meet your phone 

It turns out that your phone friend was actually the hotel clerk. Listen to him. 
Then go to the police and tell them your plan. Then call the lady. Use the number 
you already wrote down (for German it's 555 52 69). Invite her to the café. Get her 
to spill the beans in front of the officer, and she'll be arrested. You win!

VI. Activities Mode
This mode gives you several activities to do such as sizes and shapes. Good luck 
here, and have fun!

VII. Conclusion
Well, I guess this is about it for Oscar Lake. Good luck winning!   


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