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CONTROLS	(default)
Start Button: Pause, resume, select 
X Button: Jump, select 		
/\ Button: Shoot X-buster 
O button: Dash 
[] Button: Shoot X-buster or special weapon 
L1 & R1 Buttons: Toggle between special weapons 
R2 Button: Giga Attack button (Nova Strike) 



Small: Recovers a couple bars of energy or fills up one bar of E-Tank energy. 
Medium: Recovers about 1/4 energy or fills up two bars of E-Tank energy. 
Large: Recovers all of energy or fills up three bars of E-Tank energy. 


Small: Recovers a couple bars of energy for either the selected weapon or the weapon 
with lowest energy or fills up one bar of W-Tank energy. 
Medium: Recovers a few bars of energy for either the selected weapon or the weapon 
with lowest energy or fills up two bars of W-Tank energy. 
Large: Recovers all of energy for all weapons and fills up three bars of W-Tank 

X Icon (his helmet): Worth one free life. 
Heart: Increases max. energy by three bars (eight in whole game) 
E-Tank: Allows you to store extra energy for later use (two in whole game, 
W-Tank: Allows you to store extra weapon energy for later use (one in whole game, 
EX-Tank: Lets you start the game with four lives instead of two (one in whole game, 
Upgrades: Enhances one of X's systems (four in whole game). 
Normal Robot Armor: Found in the Magma Dragoon and Slash Beast stages. Use the [] 
button to slash and the X and O buttons to jump and dash. 
Eagle Robot Armor: Found in the Storm Owl stage and Final Weapon: Area 2. Press the 
[] to shoot. Hold the [] button to power up, then shoot three homing shots. Press 
the X Button while in mid-air to hover. Press the X Button while hovering to drop 
Jet Bike: Found in the Jet Stingray stage. Use the [] button to shoot out shots. The 
bike also has a built-in Air Dash (X, then O Buttons). 


AREA #1: Who could have made an easier starting level? Unlike other Mega Man games, 
this is split into two different areas, one aboard the Sky Lagoon and the other one 
on the ground. This stage couldn't be more straightforward. Just go right and 
obliterate everything (including any walls or barriers). Make it to the end and 
you'll see the fate of the Sky Lagoon and the city below it. 

---SUB-BOSS: KING DRAGON--- If you are the 100%-completion only player, you can try 
to defeat the giant dragon Maverick. All you have to do is wait for his fist to 
pound through the ground, then hit him for all you're worth. He will go down really 

AREA #2: Going back to the fate of the city, this place looks like WWIII just 
occured. Not only are there still Mavericks living after the crash, but some of the 
blocks and ledges, how should I put this, "shift" around, sometimes leading toward a 
not-too-pleasant Maverick Hunter pancake. Although there are shifting elements, this 
is also very straightforward. Just keep moving right, killing all the robots and 
blowing your way through the vulnerable barriers. At the end, you may fall into a 
compactor. Get the extra life and the energy, then GET OUT OF THERE! 
---BOSS: KING DRAGON--- The boss is that dragon guy from Area 1, except you must 
fight him. This couldn't be easier. Just keep hitting him, and he's toast. Just be 
careful when he flies around or shoots energy orbs. 

The order I have here is probably the best to take these guys on. 


Area #1: 
I must say, this is quite an impressive area. The waterfalls here are a nice effect, 
but don't get lulled into a false sense of security. This jungle is filled with 

---HOVER BOOTS UPGRADE--- The hover boots upgrade is the easiest one to get in the 
game. In the first main shaft, stay along the right side. I think it's the last 
alcove on the right before you reach the ground. This upgrade will give you the Air 
Dash and will also let you hover for a few seconds. Other than that, you need to 
just blast through here. At the end, just blow through the door to get to Area 2. 

Area #2: 
Now you're in the real jungle area. As with other jungles, there are plenty of 
snakes, bees, and spiders roaming around. To get rid of them, just hit them once or 
twice. Try blowing up those beehives to get rid of the bees. Sometimes there are 
items hidden inside. 

---HEART--- The heart in this stage is hidden quite well. Know those wooden stumps 
blocking some shortcuts? The second one hides a heart. To get to the heart, come 
back here after you have defeated Magma Dragoon and have the Rising Fire. 

---BOSS: WEB SPIDER--- Web Spider is the easiest of the 8 Mavericks to beat. For the 
first part, hit him when he comes down, and jump up and off the walls to get by the 
homing webs. After a while, he'll come down, and make a network of harmless webs. As 
he's traveling through it, he'll occasionally shoot those little spiders at you, and 
maybe a homing web. Just keep hitting him and he'll go away in no time. Here's how 
you beat him if you have the Twin Slasher. When he comes down, use the weapon to 
snap the cord he is hanging by. He'll fall, go back up, and come back down. Repeat 
this until he makes the web network. The rest is the same. (That's right, you can't 
knock him off the web network. Sorry.) 

Area #1: 
I can honestly say, this is not an easy level. You will be constantly destroying 
Mavericks the whole way through. Those staircases are a nice effect, though. The 
staircase here is not that hard. Just go up and get rid of any enemies on the way. 
The shaft is a little harder. Every time you go by a certain part, you cannot go 
back down. Just keep getting rid of all the enemies and watch out for the occasional 
spiked walls. 

---SUB-BOSS: SPIKED BEETLE--- The mid-boss here is a piece of cake. Go to the far 
right ledge, then wait for it to come up, then shoot a fully-charged X-buster shot 
at it. Keep using the same technique of letting it destroy the furthest right 
platform and hitting it when it comes up and he's a goner. For an easier and quicker 
time, use the Aiming Laser. 

Area #2: 
IMHO, this is the easier of the two areas. The staircase here is actually quite 
difficult, but the rest isn't too bad. 

---HEART--- To get the heart, go up the staircase and through the teleporter. You'll 
see it above you and slightly to the right. Let the drills destroy the ledge and 
then let them go down. At this point, get right under the heart, jump, shoot a 
Lightning Web, then use that to jump up to the heart. After getting by the drill 
section, you'll be on an elevator. Hit the "face" of each of those spiked worm 
things and make sure not to get crushed under a platform. At the top, get the items, 
then go up. 

---BOSS: SPLIT MUSHROOM--- Beating Split Mushroom is a cinch with the Lightning Web. 
Let him jump on a wall, then hit him, let him jump on the other wall, then repeat. 
It only takes 12 hits this way. Otherwise, just be very accurate and remember not to 
try to hit the "clone" mushroom. The gas attacks near the end are real pains, but 
it's possible to still win. 

Area #1: 
This whole stage is actually a virtual simulation, but it doesn't seem that way. 
Everything has a real danger to it. If you like going through each stage slowly to 
get everything, you'll hate Area 1. This area is composed of three virtual "races". 
Get to the end of these ASAP. Getting an "S" rating takes you to a hidden room, then 
to the next part. Getting an "A" rating takes you to the next part. Getting a "B" or 
lower rating takes you back to the start of the current part. 

---HEART--- Getting an "S" rating in the first part gets you a heart. This is too 
easy. There should be no problems here. 

---E-TANK--- Getting an "S" rating in the second part gets you an E-Tank. This one 
is just a little harder. Use the Soul Body to get rid of the orbs that come head-on 
right for you. 

---HELMET UPGRADE--- Getting an "S" rating in the third part gets you the helmet 
upgrade. If you don't have the Soul Body, you'll hate this part. You'll probably 
hate this part even if you do have the Soul Body. Use the Soul Body on everything in 
your path and you should get through if you don't mess up. The helmet upgrade gives 
you unlimited uses of your non-charged special weapons, if you still have weapon 
energy left. 
Area #2: 
Those "races" are finally gone, but the simulation isn't over yet. This area invoves 
turning the stage upside down a few times to get those purple orbs to roll through 
the pink blocks, giving you access to get by them. It's almost like a few very small 

---BOSS: CYBER PEACOCK--- Cyber Peacock is a serious pain without the Soul Body. 
Using the Soul Body is very easy. 12 hits and he's history. If you're short the Soul 
Body, keep hitting him while using every trick in the book to dodge those homing 
feathers. It can be done. Other than that, you should have no problems. 

Area #1: 
If you liked the robot armors from X3, you'll LOVE the eagle armor in this stage. 
Not only can you shoot three homing shots if you charge it up, you can also hover, 
as in hover until you get hit or fall yourself. The best stage to be in for armor 

---HEART--- The heart can be found on one of those platforms that will end up 
getting destroyed by a laser. If I'm thinking corectly, it's the first one. Make it 
to the end of this area, past all the mini-ships, lasers, and those jumping dudes, 
and you'll teleport to Area 2. 

Area #2: Now you're on Storm Owl's base ship. This stage is very short, but 
challenging. The only way to get across the spiked pit is with the moving ledge. 
Shoot down the laser guys or they'll shoot at you. 

---ARM UPGRADES--- The arm upgrades are the hardest items to find in the entire 
game. After you cross the spiked pit using the moving ledge, you'll see a hole in 
the ceiling surrounded by spikes. Place a Lightning Web up there so you can jump up 
and get past the spikes. Don't be surprised if you lose a few lives attempting this. 
You will start back at the beginning of Area 2. The left one will give you the 
Plasma Shot, adding more power to your fully-charged X-buster. The right one will 
let you charge and store up to 4 fully-charged shots. Both let you power up your 
special weapons, but you can only have one AT A TIME. That means you can come back 
and switch upgrades anytime. 

---SUB-BOSS: PINK ORB--- To take out the pink orb in the wall, use either your new 
Plasma Shot or Lightning Web. Take out the laser guys, and shoot when the orb is 
showing. It should be gone soon. 

---BOSS: STORM OWL--- Storm Owl is very hard without the Aiming Laser, but is too 
easy with it. Lock on to him, and fire. It takes 6 hits before he's toast. If you 
don't have the Aiming Laser, you're in trouble. All his cyclone and wind oriented 
attacks can take you down quickly. Avoid them to the best of your ability. This 
might take a while. If you are using the path described here, after you complete 
this stage you will be forced to go to Memorial Hall to fight Colonel. That is 
described right after the Maverick Stages. 

Area #1: 
Who decided to put a base in a volcano? With all that lava and surprise explosions 
and meteors, how could you stand it? This is one of the trickiest of the Maverick 
stages. There's not a whole lot to talk about, except you can take out the meteors 
with a fully-charged Plasma Shot or two. Just be careful when jumping the gaps with 
two or three fireballs. At the end, just keep hitting the door until it opens (hint: 
Use one Plasma Shot.). 

Area #2: 
If you didn't like Area 1, you'll just hate this area. You start out jumping across 
a canyon full of fireballs on these little platforms. Of course, some fireballs like 
to hit those platforms, and two hits and the platforms are history. The next part 
involves a meteor shower from here to Dragoon. Slip on the robot armor and charge 
your way through the lava and enemies to reach Dragoon. BTW, if you're out of the 
armor and you go in the lava, you're history. 

---HEART--- To get the heart, proceed until you see the first robot enemy. Kill it, 
then look to the left. There is a cliff with a flat surface on the top. Use 
Lightning Web to get atop the cliff and claim the heart. 

---ARMOR UPGRADE--- The armor upgrade is just as easy. When you get the robot armor, 
jump up and out and you'll see a platform on the upper-right part of the screen. Get 
up there, and use a powered-up Twin Slasher on the wall. You might need to come back 
to get it. The armor upgrade is like the one from X2, except you can perform the 
Nova Strike (A.K.A. invincible air dash). IMO, the Nova Strike is stupid. 

---BOSS: MAGMA DRAGOON--- No matter how you battle Dragoon, he is easy. If you still 
have the robot armor, just follow the ground until you see a tunnel with blocks 
blocking it. Break through, and you'll be in Dragoon's lair. To beat him with the 
armor, hit him and dodge as many attacks as possible. You can beat him without 
losing the armor. Or, you could use the Double Cyclone. Hit him, and he will jump to 
the other side of the room. Hit him 12 times to erase him. If neither is available, 
just stay on the walls and shoot him with the X-buster. Only get off when the attack 
is right next to the wall. Piece of cake. 

Area #1: 
Ok, we're going from fire to ice. The good thing is, there are no freeze sprays/jets 
(anyone played Ice Cap Zone in Sonic 3? They're really annoying!). 

---HEART--- The heart is real easy to get. Stay on the ground and look up to the 
ceiling until you see a giant block of ice. Use Rising Fire to melt the ice and get 
the heart. 

---EX-TANK--- To find the EX-tank, go all the way right until you can't go right 
anymore. Climb all the way up and you'll see it on a ledge above you. How to get it? 
Lightning Web. This will give you four starting lives instead of two. 

---SUB-BOSS: ICE EYE--- If anyone needs to know how to beat the mid-boss, just 
Rising Fire it when the eye is showing and dodge all the attacks. Try using it on 
the icicles on the ceiling. 

Area #2: 
Now we're in a tunnel with ice cubes all over the place. Just shoot through them. 
The second half here involves a series of sequences where a bird will appear and 
freeze a few things up (not you). Kill it to dodge this. 

---W TANK--- The W tank is a cinch to find. In the 2nd to last column of ice cubes 
near the ceiling, it's the top block. Or, just hit every block until you find it. 

---BOSS: FROST WALRUS--- Frost Walrus can be extremely annoying without Rising Fire. 
Hit him with it, then jump up a wall and over him when he charges towards you. Keep 
repeating until he will start making a giant icicle instead. Wait for him to make 
that, go up and hit him, and repeat. If you don't have it, just be careful and shoot 
down any icicles or ice particles he shoots at you. 

Area #1: 
This is the most original level in the whole Mega Man series. Who doesn't like jet 
bikes? These have built-in Air Dashing, and you'll be using it a lot. The basic 
strategy is shoot everything down, leap a few pits, and don't kill yourself. 

---HEART--- To get the heart, you need to pay attention. It's between the third and 
fourth pits. Jump the first two, and don't jump at the third to get it, then jump at 
the fourth to get back up. 

Area #2: 
This area is a little harder. The pits are gone, but there are plenty more walls, 
enemies, and Jet Stingray even makes two appearances. Just use the dash attack to 
get rid of him. 

---E-TANK--- The E-tank is near the end. You'll see a small ledge about 1 ½ to 2 
bike lengths long. Jump on it, then jump and Air Dash. If you're lucky, you'll dash 
through the blocks and get it. You'll have to make a quick jump to get over the last 
small barrier and off the bike. 

---BOSS: JET STINGRAY--- Jet Stingray is an appropriate name for him. His attacks 
are either releasing mini-stingrays or dashing all over the place. He hates ice, 
though, so use Frost Tower to freeze him, and he'll go back up and come down again. 
Keep hitting him and he'll go away after 12 hits. Beating him with the X-buster 
takes a little practice. Note: A fully charged shot will go through the little 
stingrays and hit him. Avoid all the stingrays and dashes and he's gone. 
Area #1: 
Finally, the last Maverick stage. This is the longest stage in the game. Each area 
takes about 2 ½ to 3 minutes to complete. Although it's long, it's also pretty easy. 
For this area, jump quickly when the boxcars are cut off the train. Nothing really 
here for a better description. Oh yeah, you can't destroy the blue blocks, until you 
get to Area 2. 

---SUB-BOSS: SPIKED BOXCAR--- Battling the mid-boss is really easy if you have the 
Plasma Shot. If you don't, get lucky. Shoot down the spikes, then shoot where the 
spikes were guarding. This shouldn't take too long, but it might. 

Area #2: 
This area is totally overpopulated with enemies. But, you can even up the odds by 
jumping in the robot armor and obliterating things, even some of the boxcars and 
those annoying blue blocks. 

---HEART--- If you can't get the heart, you need to return the game. It's sitting 
right on top of the second boxcar after you get the armor. Of course, it's in the 
middle of Enemy Country, though. 

---BOSS: SLASH BEAST--- What is this dude, a mountain lion? Anyways, using the 
Ground Hunter will trip Slash Beast up and get rid of his spiked "toes". 12 hits and 
he's gone. If you don't have the Ground Hunter, pay close attention. He doesn't 
really have a set pattern, so dodging them to the best of your ability is all I can 

---BOSS: COLONEL--- You will be forced to come here after you have defeated 4 of the 
8 Mavericks. It's very short, and Colonel is waiting for you. If you have the hover 
boots, you're in great shape. If you have the Frost Tower or the Plasma Shot, you're 
in even better shape. If you have none of the above, I don't know what to say. When 
Colonel disappears, jump and hover so he reappears and slashes below you, then drop 
down and shoot him while avoiding his slashes. If he reappears, dashes, and 
disappears without doing the slash shots, he'll reappear, slash, disappear, 
reappear, slash, dash, then who knows what. If you hover and don't move, you should 
be up just long enough. Just keep shooting and Colonel is history, for now... 

These final few stages aren't all that tough, and there are no real big secrets like 
X2 or X3, so I won't really give a good description, basically only some high points 
and the boss strategies. If you have the helmet upgrade, equip the Ground Hunter and 
go trigger happy. 
---BOSS: COLONEL--- Colonel is basically the same as in the first battle, but this 
time he has two new attacks and he's faster. This time, there are also walls. Drop a 
few Frost Towers on his head and use the hover boots to get between the electricity 
and back on the walls. 
Note: This level is divided up into four areas. 
he Plasma Shot is real good to have here. Use it to barrel your way to the boss 

---BOSS: DOUBLE--- I always though you should always use Double Cyclone on Double 
and take the punishment to all those things he shoots out, but I have a better 
strategy. Anyone ever tried just using the X-buster? It takes longer, but he won't 
shoot out those little saws or ships. He'll just do the flying dash, the light-blue 
particle "fans", and those things that Agile shot out in X2. 
Taking the top path is easier. The top path is just a series of jumps in a spike-
filled corridor. To get over the first spiked wall, use Lightning Web. The bottom 
path is a tricky area using the Eagle armor. Be patient on both areas and you'll do 

---BOSS: GENERAL--- General isn't too hard, he's just too big. Shoot the Twin 
Slasher from a distance, avoid the rings when his fists detach, and go over or under 
him when he hovers across the room. 
Go to the right, then fall down the shaft. You'll be in the room, where you have to 
enter the teleporters and battle the 8 Mavericks again. When they're all gone, go in 
the gold one to get to Area 4. 
---BOSS #1: SIGMA (Reaper Form)--- Enter the door, and come face to face with Sigma. 
For his first form, use Rising Fire when he appears above you. For fun, use a 
powered-up Rising Fire to take off 2/3 of his energy! 
---BOSS #2: SIGMA (Traditional Form)--- The second form is harder. Use Lightning Web 
this time. Avoid his whatamacallit when he jumps up. When he throws it again, make 
sure it lands on a wall, then jump over Sigma to dodge the lasers. If it landed on 
the floor, you're in trouble. 
---FINAL BOSS: SIGMA (Alien/Giant Head Form)--- After that, go down in the hole in 
the floor, and come face-to-face with Sigma's final and most deadly form. There are 
five parts to this monster. The giant head will either try to suck you in, or will 
suck in garbage and shoot it at you. The alien will shoot lasers at you, that's 
about it. The three heads wil do varied things and will also atttack sometimes; the 
red head shooting fireballs, the yellow head shooting electricity, and the blue head 
blowing his icy breath. Use the Ground Hunter on the pesky head, Soul Body on the 
alien, and the Plasma Shot on the heads. BTW, the attack pattern is colored heads, 
Giant Head, colored heads, Alien, then back around again

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