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                                             You and your chao
2.chaos to care for a chao
4.chao gardens

         I am Jonathan Zurita.This is my first FAQ ever so i hope it will help you.
         Chaos are littel creatures that are used for fighting,races,and for pets.

                                       How to care for a Chao
         If you dont know(but i guess you already do)there are 3 hidden chao boxes 
in every level.The first one has the key to chao world.the second one has 4 common 
animals.the last one has 1 rare animal.For exampel on the first stage on hero mode 
the last box has a unicorn.Any if your new to sonic adventure games your probobly 
wondering what do animals have to do with chaos.They give your chao all sorts 
powers.A bat might take your chaos legs off.Like any pet you ever had you have to 
feed your chao.I just got the game and i have all the secrets.

                                    Chao gardens
        As you just start the game and you go to chao world there is only one 
garden.As you start to play with your chao you might get other gardens(there is a 
count of two hidden gardens).

        When you play with your chao alot and he goes in a coocon dont worry.hes 
just evolving.You can get a dark chao, a hero chao,or a netrual chao. if you get a 
hero or dark chao you will get gardens for them.

        As you beat lavels you get embels.embels are used to get rare items for your 
chao.Rings are used to buy the items for your chao.Win a level and you get the 
amount of rings you have.
                     Alright thats all i know about i know on chaos so bye and i 
will be back as soon as i find out something new on chaos.

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