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A.	Girls
B.	Marriage
C.	toddler
D.	teen
E.	pre-adult
F.	Adult (they grow so fast!!)
G.	you die…(R.I.P)

A.	Girls:

Ok, you’ve started your game, you’ve hopefully gotten a good start on your farm 
life (planted a few crops, gotten some more animals, ext.), now you’ve decided to 
start “wooing” one of the three potential brides…WHO WILL BE THE LUCKY WINNER?!?!?! 
Well, that’s up to you! Now, seeing as I’m a girl, I’m so happy that they came up 
with the newest Harvest moon game called-Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life! It’s 
the same characters and the game has the same prospects, it’s just made to fit a 
GIRL’S prospective! Anyway, back to the brides-to-be…

1.	Nami:
She’s my first choice (mostly cause she looks like a guy!) she’s the smartest of 
the three brides, but also the HARDEST to woo! How to “woo” her? She LOVES the 
season fall, and its wildlife (autumn flowers), but until fall, go to the 
excavation site and dig for any historical left-behinds! She loves skulls and human 
sculptures, but she settles for veggies/fruits grown on your farm (especially 
tomatoes!). Her diary is located on the desk in her room at the Inner Inn. She 
usually locks her room when she’s out, so you have to stay up pretty late in order 
to see it! The diary’s purple, so it stands out pretty well!

2.	Muffy:
She’s the flirty-bouncy one that works at the Blue Bar! The way she acts; you’d 
think she was stealing liquor from the storage room! Well, she’s pretty easy 
to “woo”. She likes any kind of flowers, and golden coins from the excavation site. 
But just remember; you CAN’T give stuff to her when she’s working, or when she’s 
behind the counter! She usually gets off work at 4:00. Her diary is hidden in the 
plant in the corner of the Blue Bar.

3.	Celia:
She’s the easiest to “woo” (I think). She works on Vesta’s farm, which is right 
across from your farm-across the bridge. She likes any kind of flowers…that’s all I 
really gave her, so I don’t know what else she likes! Her diary is located on her 
bed; you can’t see it, but just click on her bed up stairs. 

B: Marriage:

At the end of year one, automatically-whether you proposed or not-you’ll end up 
with a wife and baby son. The summer of year one, you’ll receive the blue feather 
from the Harvest Sprites. Don’t propose unless the girl you like has four hearts in 
her diary. Once they have four hearts give them the feather. They’ll 
ask, “Really?!?! For me?!?!” and you reply “yes” and all that love crap. Well, at 
the end of year one, you’ll get married. I don’t mean to spoil it, but it isn’t at 
all what you probably think it is! You walk into town, going around telling people 
you’re married! You’ll come home, and it’ll say across the screen “A FEW YEARS 
LATER” and you’ll hear a child crying. Now, if you married Nami, her kid will be 
wearing a white shirt with blue overalls and will be EXTREMELY shy! Muffy’s kid 
will be wearing practically all red and will be very rebellious. Celia’s kid will 
be in green and will be a down-to-earth (like it says in the instruction manual) 
kid, who’s a little bit of rebellious and shy. 

C: Toddler:

Well, the first two years of having a kid is when there a toddler. Oddly enough, he 
can already walk minutes after birth. TALK TO HIM A LOT! My son loves me, but on 
another file I had, my son despised me. When he asks you to carry him, DO IT! It 
may spoil him, but all I really cared about was him loving me! The options for 
caring him are throwing, which is up on the control stick, snuggle is Y (it’ll have 
a heart to mark it), and sing is X (it’ll have a music note on it). Celia’s kid is 
afraid of animals, so don’t bring him near any of your animals. He kinda likes 
ducks, so maybe bring those near him once or twice. Muffy’s kid don’t let out of 
your sight! My kid once tore into the chickens coop and started eating the chicken 
feed! I had to constantly look after him…that got annoying! Nami’s kid minds his 
own business, and usually busies himself with his toys, mainly the scratchpad and 
blocks. He’ll occasionally ask you to come with him to see the chickens or other 
animals. Now, of course when your son grows up, he’s gonna have a job!

Scholar-befriend Carter/Flora 
		Befriend Daryl
		Buy scratchpad/blocks
Artist-Befriend Lumina
	      Befriend Cody
		Any toy I guess
Poet-befriend Gustufa
		Buy scratchpad
Athlete-befriend Wally/Hugh
		Buy car and ball

He can also inherit your farm, be an animal care taker, OR plants specialist…
Celia’s kid already loves plants. Spend his toddler years choosing or building his 

                 RAN OUT OF TIME! WILL EDIT LATER!
                            ©BY ME! 2005
                      Be a pal, DON’T PLAGERIZE! 

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