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You're On Your Own---NOT!!! An exhaustively reasearched walkthrough.

Pokemon Yellow (Special Pikachu Edition) All characters and games copyright Pokemon.
If you put this Walkthrough on your page, That's fine. Make sure it has my name on 
I will give you each and every single hint, tip, task, and cheat I know in this 
Walkthrough!!! This
is a complete guide of the game!!! Don't underestimate it!!! You may want to print 
it out and
take it in your room, or the place you play your GB or GBA.

P.S. You may get some things to do---ya know, just for fun! And - Not all phrases 
are accurate.

The Series Pokemon Yellow: The Completest Guide Ever!
Book 1:  Whaddaya Say, Pikachu? Wanna Paint The Town Yellow?

Chapter 1 - Pallet Town: Shades Of Your Journey Await!

Alright, go through the intro with Prof. Oak at the beggining of the game...then 
you will shrink
and be in your room. Go to the PC. Withdraw potion. Walk out of the room. 
You do not have to talk to your mother, but, I always
do. Then go next door, if you want to, to Prof. Oak's grandson's house, whatever 
you named him.  
(I named him Dumbo. I laugh every time I see him! :) ) It's optional to go there, 
and to go to 
the lab (The biggest building.) You will talk to Prof. Oak's grandson (Let's name 
him Bob.) Talk to 
Bob, and he will say "Yo, (Your name), Gramps isn't here! He said he would give me 
a pokemon!" 
He will be looking around. I was like, WHAT??? WHERE IS HE??? Then, (trust me!) 
start to leave 
(Walk up). He rushes up to you and says, "Stop! There are wild Pokemon out there!" 
Then, you go 
to his lab and he starts to give you a pokemon. Bob argues with him and he is mad, 
and when you 
start to get it, he pushes you away. He gets an Eevee. Then Prof. Oak says, "Oh 
well, You can 
have the one I caught out there." You get Pikachu (Who is radically, awesomely, 
overall better 
than Eevee). Then you start to leave and Bob wants to fight. You fight.
You win, you get $1.75. Bob leaves with a "Smell ya later!" Then Pikachu pops out 
of its 
ball. Pika! (I love that!) "Oh, looks like your Pikachu doesn't like its ball! You 
can talk to it to see 
how it feels [about you]. Now leave, and start going up the route. Talk to the 
person, she will give 
you a potion. Go up and, for fun, jump off a ledge. stay there, and don't move. 
Wait a while, and 
Pikachu will start dancing! The second guy is OK to talk to, too. Pokemon trainers 
never walk, 
they stand. Go up, up, up, and on a big patch of grass, stay to the right side and 
go up. You're in 
Viridian City, You don't need to go to a Pokemon Center. Go to the mart. You can't 
buy anything 
yet, because you have to deliver a custom pokeball to Prof. Oak. Go back down to 
Pallet Town 
and deliver it. He'll be in the lab. You deliver it, and Bob comes. He gives you 
and Bob a Pokedex. 
Bob is mean and taunts you. You wish you could punch him.  Of course, you do get a 
Town Map. 
Hahahahaha! Go to Bob's house. Talk to the girl. She gives you a town map. Buh-bye, 
Mom, I 
gotta go start a legend!

Chapter 2 - Viridian City: The Eternally Green Paradise

Wow, short chapter...go in the house next to the fence, and find a girl and a 
notebook in there. It 
gives you tips, up to the fourth page, and then you can read no more, you invade 
the girl's 
privacy. Go up, and see the old man. talk to him, he'll give you a useless 
demonstration. Bye, 
Viridian City! See ya later---waaayyyyyy later!
Chapter 3 - Viridian Forest: The Natural Maze
Go to the right, and go up where there is no grass. When the first guy is looking 
away, WALK! 
Then go into the grass for the second guy. He can't see you. Keep going where there 
is no grass. 
You find potion, and just keep going. Then, go down into the grass where there is a 
dead end. 
Keep going down. Go out of the grass ASAP! Then, go up into the grass. Left, down, 
left. Now go 
down and find a potion. Now go up. You can't avoid this guy! Battle him. Don't 
worry, you'll beat 
him. Remember---you have potions! Caterpie gets paralyzed, I hope. You get a 
dollar. Up, up, 
up...I'm free!!! Pewter City, Here I Come!!!

Chapter 4 - Pewter City: A Stone Gray City

Oooowee boy!!! That Brock's GOOD!!! They're stone type---meaning they're not 
affected by 
electricity!!! His Pokemon, that is! Time to cash out. Buy pokeballs---$15.00 
worth! And don't 
forget about those vital potions---$16.00 worth! Maybe an antidote, too? Now. Go to 
Pokemon Center. Press A to Jigglypuff. Press A to Pikachu. Watch the whole act. Oh 
how cute! 
Go back into Viridian Forest. Yep. Catch a Caterpie or Metapod. Battle it to level 
13, 14 or 15. 
Me, I did 15. Muhahahahaha. It should be able to beat Brock. I think.
|Bonus Box!!! How to Level-Up Weak Pokemon        |
|Put your weakest pokemon first. Gradually, as    |
|you change pokemon, let the pokemon get a        |
|little stronger, example higher and higher       |
|levels down the list. If you want to Level-Up    |
|more than one weak pokemon, put more than        |
|one. They will all get the same number of exp.   |
|points, trust me! Even the ones who didn't do    |
|anything. If they have to battle, take them out  |
|right before they faint. Then they will get exp. |
|Make the battle longer by using growl, leer, etc.|

How to Make a Really Really Really Really REALLY long battle.

             Ok, you've got the Metapod, use harden  to another metapod you find. 
then make pikachu keep 
growling and tail whipping, Even if nothing happens. Then thundershock 2 times, or 
until it faints. 
Exp Points galore! Or...maybe 20.

             Ok, I've carried ya to your first battle. Now fight. If you don't 
succeed, Then go to the pokemon center and try again. Only use a potion if you 
ABSOULUTELY NEED TO. Of course, always do that.

                    Train! Fight! Win! Brag! Pokemon is awesome.

                        *~*Courtesy Of Allissa Stephanie*~*

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~End of Book 1~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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