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 -Table of Contents-
1. Introduction
2. Revision History
3. Controlling Link
4. Item Listing
5. The story so far

6. Walkthrough
     a. Kokiri Forest
     b. Inside the Deku Tree
     c. Hyrule Field for the first time
     d. The Market and Hyrule Castle
     e. Lon Lon Ranch
     f. Meet Saria in the Lost Woods
     g. Kakariko Village
     h. Death Mountain, Gorgon City, and the graveyard

7. Hyrule's Secrets
     a. Gold Skulltula spider locations

8. Special Thanks
8. What's Next


Welcome to my Zelda Ocarina of Time walkthrough. I hope you are enjoying this
game as much as I am. Miyamoto definitely deserves two thumbs up on this one.

I decided to go ahead and write a walkthrough for anyone who is having trouble
with this game. Due to the large scope of this game you will possibly find yourself
very lost at times. This walkthrough can hopefully save you some frustration and
help you enjoy the game a little more. 

This guide breaks down every major part of the game into its own paragraph. For
example; every room in each dungeon is given its own paragraph. This will save
you some confusion and help you find the area you are looking for.

I hope you find this guide useful. Hopefully it will turn into a very accurate
walkthrough of the whole game. Stay tuned...

2 - REVISION HISTORY version 0.3

VERSION 0.3 (11/28/98)
I added Lon Lon Ranch, The Lost Woods, Kakariko Village, Gorgon City, and the
graveyard to the walkthrough. I also received the locations of the Gold
Skulltula Spiders. Thanks to Jesse Smith for the spider locations.

VERSION 0.2 (11/27/98)
I added the Item Listing, Introduction, and the walkthroughs for Hyrule Field,
the Market, and Hyrule Castle. I also made a correction for the three Deku
Scrubs near the end of the Deku Tree. They are numbered from left to right, not
right to left.

VERSION 0.1 (11/26/98)
The first version of this walkthrough. Contained Links controls, the story so
far, and a walkthrough for Kokiri Forest and Inside the Deku Tree.

Since this is a 3-D Zelda game, it may take some time to get used to the controls.
They can be a little overwhelming at first. However, after an hour of play you
will begin to feel like a pro.

    (control stick) - Moves Link. The further you press the stick, the
		      Link will move.

    (B button) - Draws Link's sword. Press it again to swing the sword

    (A button) - This is the action button. Its function varies depending
		 on where you are and what situation you are in. It is used
		 for climbing, grabbing items, and other various tasks like
		 putting away your sword. The blue button on the top of the
		 screen will tell you which action is currently available.
    (top C button) - Press this button to look around in a first person view.
		     You can also use this button to listen to Navi when she
		     wants to tell you something important.

    (other C buttons) - The last 3 C buttons are used to control your items.
			to set an item to a C button you must press start
			and use the menu to set them. Then press the right
			C button to use the item.

    (start button) - This will take you to the menu screen. From here you
		     can look at the map, choose items, equip weapons and
		     armor, see the important items collected, and save the

    (Z trigger) - This button is used to lock onto an enemy in battle. It
		  will allow you to strafe around the enemy as long as the
		  trigger is held down. This makes sure that you keep a 
		  targeted enemy in sight. This can also be used to target
		  people so you can talk to them from farther away. The
		  trigger will also bring the camera behind Link when there's
		  nothing to lock on to.

    (R button) - This will raise the shield in front of Link. Use this to
		 protect Link when an enemy strikes. If you raise the shield
		 while holding the Z trigger, you can walk while using the
		 shield. Otherwise, Link will crouch when the shield is used.
		 (Note: you can not attack enemies while the shield is up!)


    (Vertical swing) - pressing Z and B together will cause Link to swing the
		       sword in a downward arch.

    (Stab) - When holding Z you can press up on the control stick and the B button
	     to cause Link to stab with his sword.

    (Spin swing) - Hold the B button for a few seconds and Link will swing his
		   sword in a wide horizontal arch.

    (Jump attack) - When holding Z you can press the A button to jump and slash your
		    opponent from the air. This is a very powerful attack.

    (Roll attack) - When you are running you can press the A button to perform a roll
		    attack. You can do this with or without the sword. It is good
		    for avoiding damage.


    (Back flip) - While holding down Z, press down on the control stick and the 
		  A button to flip backwards away from the enemy.

    (Side jump) - While holding down Z, press left or right on the control stick
		  and A to jump sideways in that direction.

(Note: You may have noticed that Zelda has no jump button. That is because the game
has an auto jump feature. when you come to the edge of a platform, the game jumps for


The Ocarina of Time has a large selection of items that Link can make use of.
Many of these items can only be used by both the child and adult Link. Others
are specific to each of them.

(B) = an item that both child and adult Link can use.
(C) = an item that is specific to the child Link.
(A) = an item that is specific to the adult Link.

Deku Stick (C) - The Deku stick can be used in many different ways. It will
		 work as a cheap sword and a torch. Be careful, they break

Fairy Slingshot (C) - The slingshot is useful for shooting enemies that are
		      hanging from walls. It can also activate special switches
		      above doors.

Boomerang (C) - Another versatile item. The boomerang makes a great weapon
		against flying enemies. It can also activate some switches and
		retrieve items.

Deku Nut (B) - These nuts will stun certain enemies when thrown at them. Be
	       careful, some enemies can't be stunned!

Ocarina (B) - There are two Ocarinas in the game. The first is the Fairy
	      Ocarina and the second is the Ocarina of Time (naturally). You
	      can use the Ocarina to play songs that Link has learned. The
	      songs all have a use in certain areas.

Lens of Truth (B) - This item will let you see fake walls. It is very useful,
		    but it will consume your magic points.

Bomb (B) - Can be used to bomb fake walls. It's also you primary weapon against
	   Dodongo. Oh yeah, try bombs on the boulders in Hyrule Field!

Bombchu (B) - This item will carry a bomb to a certain location. Once it hits
	      something it detonates.

Magic Bean (C) - There are spots in Hyrule where Link can set a magic bean. Then
		 adult Link can visit the spot later ride a floating plant
		 to gather treasures.

Fairy Bow (A) - This replaces the slingshot and can be used for the same purposes.
		You can also get three types of magic arrows later in the game.

Hookshot (A) - Can be used to reach far away places. The red dot shows the distance
	       you can shoot it. It is also a decent weapon, even underwater.
	       You can extend it's length later in the game.

Megaton Hammer (A) - Can move large blocks and activate certain switches.

Empty Bottle (B) - With this Link can carry milk, medicine, ghosts, or even fairies.
		   If you carry a fairy she will revive you when you die!


In the Ocarina of Time the player takes command of a young Kokiri elf by 
the name of Link. When the game begins Link is the only elf without a fairy
guardian and he is constantly bothered by nightmares.  The Great Deku tree
then assigns the fairy Navi to be Link's guardian. The tree also tells Navi
to bring Link to him.  The Deku tree knows that Link's destiny is to save
the land of Hyrule from a great evil. This is where you come in...


 a - Kokiri Forest

You will start the game in Link's house. Navi will come wake Link up and tell
him that he has been summoned by the Great Deku tree. Link will get out of bed
and you will be able to take control of him. Go ahead and exit Link's house.

As soon as you exit you will see Saria running toward your house. Climb down
the ladder and talk to her. You won't learn a lot from it, but it's a required
conversation and she is an important character.

After you finish talking you will want to head out toward the Forest Training
Facility. It's up on a hill and is enclosed by fences. The sign in front of it
is also a good giveaway :) Once you reach it you need to go to the wall in the 
back of the facility. You will see an opening at the bottom of the wall. Push the
A button when it says Enter. Link will now crawl inside the opening. Once
inside, you need to crawl all the way through. Now look to the right until you
see a rolling boulder. Follow it until you see a chest off to the right. Open
the chest to get the Kokiri Sword. After that you should look in the other
corners to get some hearts and Rupees. When you are finished you can exit the
same way you came in.

Your next task is to gather rupees so that you can buy a shield from the shop.
You can get some rupees by cutting the grass in the training center. Mido's
house has four treasure chests inside. His house is the one that has a ring
of rocks on the left side. Enter his house and raid the chests. To get the
rest of the money you can throw the rocks outside of Midos, or cut the grass
in front of Saria's house (her house is to the left of yours). Once you have
40 rupees you can go buy the Deku Shield from the shop (only buy the shield
you will be able to get the other stuff free later).

Now you have what you need to go to the Deku Tree. However, you may want to
go ahead and explore the town first. The town has all kinds of terrain and
is useful for beginners who want to learn the game's controls. It is also
enjoyable to explore the town and it adds to the playing experience.

Once you are ready you can go to the passage that leads to the Deku Tree.
Mido is blocking the path and he won't let you by until you talk to him.
Once you do you will realize he doesn't quite like Link...

Make sure that you fight the plants on your way to the Deku Tree. They will
give you combat experience as well as some Deku Sticks.

Once you reach the Deku Tree a cut-scene will play. Enjoy!

 b - Inside the Deku Tree

After entering the Deku Tree you will want to kill the Deku Babas to get
some Deku Nuts. After that you can cut the shrubs on the sides of the room
to replenish your life and get some rupees. Make note of the spider webbing
in the middle of the floor. It will play an important role a little later.

Next you will want to climb the ladder that leads to the walkway on the side
of the tree. Walk up the walkway until you come to a treasure chest by the
wall with the vines. Don't worry about the spiders just now. Go ahead and
open the chest to get the Dungeon Map. Next you will want to continue up
the walkway and go in the door.

In the middle of the room is a creature named Deku Shrub. Use the Z trigger
to target him. Then raise your shield and reflect the nut he shoots back at
him. Now corner him while he is running around. He will then give you a tip
and disappear. Go to the next room.

Go ahead and run to jump on the platform in the middle of the room. Keep
running until you jump to the other side of the room. Open the chest to get
the slingshot. If you are injured you can climb the wall to get a heart.
After that stand in front of the Slingshot chest and face the entrance to
the room. Target the ladder on the middle of the wall. Use the slingshot
to knock the ladder down. Now you can jump across the gap and climb the
ladder to leave the room. Go ahead and run back to the chest where the
map was.

Now you will want to target the two spiders and shoot them with the
slingshot. When they are dead you will want to climb up the wall. 
Be careful, there is still a spider in the middle of the wall. Make sure
you go around him when he is looking the other way or he will knock you
off the wall. Once you reach the roof you will want to go left or right.
Now you can drop off onto the walkway the encircles the 3rd floor.

Walk around the 3rd floor until you reach a door. You might want to kill
the big Skullwalltula spiders while you are walking. Go ahead and enter
the door.

After entering the room you will want to step on the floor switch to your
right. This will raise two platforms in the middle of the room. Using the 
platforms, jump to the opening on the right side of the room. Get the heart
inside the chest. Now look behind the chest. There will be a Gold Skullwalltula
spider on the wall. Shoot him with the sling shot or use the sword. He will
give you a token proving that you killed him. After this you need to go
back to the rooms entrance. Step on the switch again and go to the other
opening. Open the chest to get the compass. Now go back to the entrance.
Use a Deku Stick and light it on the lit torch. Use the lit Deku Stick to
light the second torch. You can now exit the room.

Now head to the drop off point on the third floor that is in-front of the
heart. Jump off and make sure that Link falls through the spider web on the
floor of the first level.

Link will now fall down into the first basement. There is a gold spider on
the wall that you fell down. Kill him with the slingshot and climb up to get
the token. Now walk over to the gate near the torch. Kill the gold
spider on the gate. Now get link up to the area with the torch. Step on the 
switch to light the torch. Now look across the room until you see some spider
webs in a corner. Light a deku stick with the torch and burn the webs with
it. You need to be careful to only walk in the shallow area of the water.
After burning the webs you will be able to enter the hidden door.

You will once again need to use your shield to hit the Deku Shrub. Corner him
and he will tell you how to beat his brothers. You have to beat them in a
order. Remember it! It's 2, 3, 1. Now use the slingshot to shoot the yellow
eye above the barred door. Go in it.

You are now in a room with a turning spiked log that has a platform floating
under it. You need to jump in the water and place Link above the switch on
the left had side of the room. Press A to dive down and activate it. You can
now cross under the log on the floating platform. Once you are at the other
side of the room, you need to push the block all the way to the right. You
can now climb up and exit the room.

The next room has three torches. Light a deku stick on the lit torch and light
the other two torches. Exit the room.

You are now in a big room with two passages that are covered by webs. Light
a deku stick and burn both of them. One hides the passage to exit the room.
The other hides a bombable wall. Don't worry about this until later. Exit
the room by crawling through the passageway.

You are now on the other side of the room where you entered the basement. You
need to push the block into the water. Now jump from the block to the area
with the torch. Light a deku stick and run back to the other side of the room.
Stand on top of the webbing in the middle of the floor. Use the deku stick to
burn the webs.

You have now fallen to the second basement. This is the room with the Deku
Scrubs 3 brothers. They are numbered from left to right. Take them out in
the order of 2, 3, 1. After being beat the first one will tell you a secret
about Ghoma. If you are injured, stock up on the hearts in the room. You are
now ready to fight the boss!

Enter the door to Ghoma's lair. Use the top C button to look at the ceiling.
You will be able to see Ghoma's yellow eye. Eventually it will light up and
Ghoma will jump down to the middle of the room. Target her and use the
slingshot to shoot her eyes. Ghoma will fall to the ground and her eye will
turn green. Get in close and use the sword on the eye! After a few hits
Ghoma will get up and climb to the center of the ceiling. She will then drop
three eggs. Destroy the eggs. If you are two slow they will hatch into baby
Ghomas and become a little harder to kill. After the eggs are destroyed,
Ghoma will drop down again. Just repeat the pattern until she is dead.

After Ghoma dies get the heart container and step into the light. A new
cut-scene will now be played. Enjoy the story. You earned it!

 c - Hyrule Field for the first time

After you finish the cut-scene from the Deku Tree, you will want to head towards
Hyrule Castle. To get to Hyrule Castle you must go through Hyrule Field.  The
exit to Hyrule Field is in the Kokiri Forest near the Know it all brothers house.

When you exit Kokiri Forest you will run into Saria on the bridge. She will give.
you the Fairy Ocarina. Link will automatically continue on towards Hyrule Field.
Once you reach Hyrule Field you will meet an owl. He gives you some good tips on
reading the map in the sub-screen menus. This map will show you the layout of
Hyrule. Due to this I won't spell out how to get to certain locations. Just find
the market on the map and head there. It leads to Hyrule Castle.

 d - The Market and Hyrule Castle

Once you get to the market you will want to talk to the young girl who is standing
on the path to the castle. Her name is Malon and she is waiting for her father.
You will see Malon again very soon.

While you are here you should check out the Happy Mask Shop and the shooting gallery.
Go ahead and borrow a mask from the shop. Don't buy anything from the other shops.
These items are unnecessary right now (and you can get the shield free a little

You are now ready to trek into Hyrule Castle. Just walk down the pathway with the 
castle in the background.

You are now on the path to Hyrule Castle. Walk a little ways and you will run into
Malon. Talk to her and she will give you an egg. She will also tell you that her
father is probably sleeping near the castle. Your next job is to climb the vines on
the wall behind Malon.

Walk along the ledge until you come to the top of the castle gate. There is a hole
with a ladder. Climb down the ladder. You are now on the castle grounds. The trick
from this point on is not to get caught by the guards. Luckily the castle guards
can only see you if they are looking at you and they don't even move! Just sneak
up the middle of the hill by the gate. You will want to then go to the far left
side of the castle. There you will find some stones on the cliff wall. Climb up
them and head north to the moat.

You will now want to jump in the moat and swim to the right side of the castle.
Get out of the moat and walk to the side of the castle. There you should see a
man sleeping by some blocks. By now your egg should have hatched into a chicken.
If it hasn't you just have to wait for the night to pass. Use the chicken on the
man. He will then wake up. His name is Talon and he is Malon's father. He will
run off in a hurry (actually it's quite funny :)

Your next job is to push the blocks into the water. First push one as far to the
left as it will go then push it into the moat. Do the same for the second block.
You can now climb the blocks and jump across to the castle's drain. Enter the castle
from there.

In the next few screens you will have to sneak from one side of the screen to the
other. There are moving guards that you must avoid. Don't let them see you! Watch
there patterns and move when the can't see you. It's pretty easy since you have
lots of hedges around.

You will eventually come to a screen where there is a path heading to the left. Go
that way to enter the courtyard where Zelda is.

You are now ready to meet Zelda. You will have a nice conversation about Ganondorf
and even spy on him through the castle windows. Zelda will then ask you to accept
the quest to save Hyrule. She will then give you a letter to help you pass through
certain obstacles. She will then tell you to talk to Impa. Impa will teach you
Zelda's Lullaby on your Fairy Ocarina. This tune will help you in many situations
to come.

Impa will then take you out of the castle and tell you to visit her hometown of
Kakario Village. You quest to gather the two remaining spiritual stones is about
to begin.

 e - Lon Lon Ranch

Before going to Kakariko Village lets explore the Lon Lon Ranch. Of course you
can easily find it on your map screen.

When you reach the ranch walk a little ways and enter the door to your left.
Inside you will find Talon sleeping as usual. Wake him up and he will offer to
let you play a game. He will challenge you to find his three super chickens that
he throws in with the others in the room. There is no trick to this as the super
chickens look just like the others. Try to watch were Talon throws them in at.
Just pick chickens up at random and you will probably find all three before your
time is up. As a reward you will receive a bottle of milk. It has two servings
that will restore your life. When it runs out you can come back for refills. The
milk bottle can also be used to hold other things when it is empty.

Go back outside and walk farther into the ranch and go to the horse pen. Here you
will find Malon standing in the center. Talk to her several times and she will talk
about the song playing inthe background. Pull out your Ocarina while standing in
front of Malon. She should teach you Epona's song. You may have to try the Ocarina
twice. When you play Epona's song the colt will become fond of Link. The horse is
now Link's friend.

Before you leave head the back part of the ranch. You will find a shed that has
a bunch of crates and several cows inside. move the crates so that the corner of the
room is accessible. There you can crawl into a passage and get a piece of heart!
You are done at the ranch for now.

 f - Meet Saria in the Lost Woods

Go ahead and take Link back to the Kokiri Forest. You need to meet up with Saria
before you can advance any further in your quest. She is waiting for you in the
Sacred Forest Meadow which is located deep within the Lost Woods. To get to the Lost
Woods you need to climb the hill behind Mido's house.

Once you are in the Lost Woods take a right on the first screen. On the next screen
you need to take a left.  At that point you should run into your owl friend.
He will tell you to listen to the forest to find the way to Saria. From this
point on you should take the path where you can hear the music the loudest. Just
stand in-front  of several pathways and you will see what I mean. Follow the noise
until you reach the meadow. If you can't reach it the remaining directions are
right, left, up, left, right.

Once you are in the meadow you will have to fight a wolf like creature to open the
gate to the maze. Once you beat him just follow the on-screen map until you reach the
top. You will encounter several Deku Shrubs on your way, use the shield to take them
out the same way you always have.

Once you reach Saria she will teach you a song. You can use this song to contact
Saria anytime from this point forward.

 g - Kakariko Village

The next stop on your quest should be Kakariko Village. You may want to look around a
little but there's not much you can do right now. Although talking to all the people
and exploring is pretty fun. You may even want to try your hand at collecting the
7 chickens for the woman.

When you are done looking around you will want to head to the side of the city with
the tower. Walk up the stairways to the top of the town. You will eventually find a
guard standing beside a closed gate. Show him Zelda's letter and he will open the 
for you. Ignore his warning about the shield. We won't be running into any volcanoes
on this trip. He will also ask you to buy a mask for his son. If you have one on you
wear it and give it to him. If you don't have one you can do it later if you want to.
On to Death Mountain!

 h - Death Mountain, Gorgon City, and the graveyard

Walk up the trail once you get to Death Mountain. You will have to kill a few spiders
on your way up. You will eventually come to a cave with a huge boulder in front of
it. Talk to the Gorgon nearby and he will tell you about Gorgon City further up the
trail. That is where we are heading.

Keep walking up the mountain and you will soon reach a for in the trail. You want to
take the lower trail that runs under the red flag. Keep going and be careful for the
rolling Gorgon. He knocked me off the mountain once. You have now reached a large
opening. To the right you have the entrance to Gorgon City and to the left you have
a cliff overlooking the entrance to Dodongo's Cave. Go to the right and enter the

Once inside you can talk to a Gorgon at the entrance. He will tell you what kind
of problems they are facing. Next walk out to the platform in the middle of the room.
You have to walk across the ropes so be careful! Talk to the Gorgon there. He will
tell you that his brother has locked himself in his room with the spiritual stone.
He is at the bottom of the city. Walk back to the entry point and use the stairs on
the sides of the city to make your way to the bottom. If you don't mind losing a 
little energy it's faster to jump :)

When you reach the bottom of the city you need to play Zelda's Lullaby in front of
the sealed door without the Bomb Flowers by it. The door will open. Now go inside
and talk to Darunia.

Darunia won't want to help Link at all. He's in a bad mood. Pull out the Ocarina
and play Saria's song for him. After this he will lighten up and give you the Goron
Bracelet. In return you will have to clear the Dodongo's Cavern to get the spiritual

Your next step is to exit Gorgon City and go out to the cliff that overlooks 
Dodongo's Cave. In the middle of the fence you will see a Bomb Flower. Now that you
have the Goron Bracelet you can pick up the bomb and throw it over the middle part
of the fence. The bob will land by the boulder in front of Dodongo's Cavern. It will
explode leaving the entrance wide open. Cool, huh?

Now we want to go back to Kakariko Village to get our free Hylian Shield. Just enter
the city and find the graveyard. It's at the far back left side of town. First go to
the very back of the graveyard. There are two small graves on the side of the large
one. Check both of those graves. You will have to fight a ghost after looking at each
one. They are the two composer brothers. Talk to them after beating them. They will
tell you about a song they were writing.

Now stand on the triforce mark in front of the big grave and play Zelda's Lullaby on
the Ocarina. Lightning will destroy the tomb and you can enter.

In the first room you have to kill all the bats to open the barred door. One of them
is near the entrance and can be easy to miss. The next room has Zombies in it. Don't
get to close to them. They can stun Link by looking at him. keep walking until you
reach a spot with text on the wall.

Read the text to learn the Sun's Song. This song can change the time of day. It also
stuns zombies! Use it on the way out to make it through the room. Exit the tomb.

Now go to the first row of grave in the graveyard. Get behind the grave with the 
in front of it. Pull the grave to expose a passage (you can only do this at night, if
it's not night change the time of day with the Sun's Song).

Fall down the hole. You are now in a tomb with a treasure chest. Open it to get the
Hylian Shield. Note the bombable wall behind the chest. We'll come back once we have
bombs. Exit the tomb and get ready to invade Dodongo's Cave. If your milk bottle is
empty you might want to get a refill first.


Hyrule has many secrets throughout the land. There are hidden Gold Spiders, fairy
springs, and pieces of heart. This section is dedicated to helping you find all
of them.

 a - Gold Skulltula spider locations

*= Young Link
**= Older Link
***= Doesn't matter if you are old or young.
+= You can get it at night.

Kokiri Forest

You can find one behind the Know-it-All Brothers' house. * +
One is behind the House of Twins. ** +
If you plant a bottle of bugs into a bean hole, it will sprout a
Skulltula. *

In Hyrule Field 

One is near the gate to Hyrule Castle. ***
Another one is hidden in the circle of stones near the Gerudo Valley
entrance. ***

Hyrule Castle

There is one in a crate inside the Guard House at the market entrance. *
Play the Song of Storms near the castle entrance. *
There is a Skulltula in a tree at the entrance of the castle. *
After you fall to Ganondorf, you can find one behind a brick arch. **

Lon Lon Ranch

One is in a tree at the ranch's gate. *
You can find one behind the corral shed. * +
There is one on the outer wall of the ranch, northwest of the shed. * +
A Skulltula is at the second story window of Talon's house. * +

Kakariko Village

One is hanging in a tree near the village entrance. * +
Another one is behind the House of Skulltula. * +
At the building under construction, there is one hiding under a pile of
bricks. * +
There is one in the graveyard that keeps a boy awake. * +
Another one is nested at the top of the Kakariko lookout tower. * +
A Skulltula is at the roof of Impa's house.  ** +

Lost Woods

A bean hold near the Skull Kid released a Gold Skulltula. *
The bean sprout leads up to a magic platform that has a Skulltula. ** +
Another bean hole near the shortcut to Zora's Domain has a Skulltula. *

Death Mountain

The first cave on the right houses a Gold Skulltula. ***
A small nook above the entrance to Dodongo's Cavern has one. ** +
After you pass the last of the falling rocks thee is a Skulltula. ** +
There is one in a bean hole in front of Dodongo's Cavern that has one. *

Goron City

There is one hiding in a crate in the top level of Goron City. *
The central platform has a Skulltula under it. ** +

Zora's River

The shade of the ladder has one. * +
There is one in the tree near the mouth of the river. *
Near the middle of the river there is a Skulltula along the valley wall.
** +
There is a Skulltula that goes across a wall right before the entrance
to Zora's Domain. ** +

Zora's Domain

When the waterfall is frozen, there is a Skulltula. ** +

Zora's Fountain

A tree in the southeast corner of Zora's Fountain has a Skulltula. *
There is another one just to the right of the fallen log. * +
A secret grotto near the Great Fairy's Fountain has one. ** +

Lake Hylia

The island that releases the power of the Fire Arrow also has a
Skulltula. * +
There is another one residing in a crate at the bottom of the Lakeside
Laboratory's poll.  **
Another one is behind the Lakeside Laboratory. * +
A dead tree atop the Water Temple's mount has a Skulltula. ** +
A bean hole near the laboratory has one. Deposit some bottled bugs. *


There is one along the outer wall of the Graveyard. * +
There is another one in a bean hole. *

Sacred Forest Meadow

There is one on the east of the stairs. ** +

Death Mountain

Another bean hole near the crater has a Skulltula. *
There is one just inside the entrance to the Death Mountain Crater. **

Gerudo Valley

The log bridge points to a Skulltula along the dirt wall. * +
A Skulltula keeps the carpenters awake at night. ** +
Another Skulltula is under the stone arch. ** +
The bean hole has a Skulltula. *

Gerudo Fortress

There is one high above the eastern wall of the fortress. ** +
When riding on the Horseback Archery Range you will see one behind the
northern target pole. ** +

Haunted Wasteland

The stone structure where you discover the phantom guide has a
Skulltula. **

Desert Colossus

Before the rains you will hear one in the nearby palm trees. ** +
The magic bean platform will reveal another Skulltula. ** +
Drop a few bugs into the bean hole for another Skulltula

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