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Use Quake II Maps In Kingpin

To use the maps of Quake 2 in Kingpin, do the following:

1.Download a Quake II editor like quark or qped 
2.Load it up and open the pak1.pak in your baseq2 directory 
3.Open the maps folder and right click on the ones you want 
4.Choose EXPORT FILE and save the bsp in you kingpin/main/maps folder 
5.If you don't have that folder, make one. Make sure you export the folder textures and place them in the kp texture directory.

Cheat Codes For Retail Version

Edit the file AUTOEXEC.CFG (found in Kingpin's "Main" directory) and add the following line:

set developer 1

You may now enter the following codes by pressing the single quote (`) key while playing and typing the desired code in the console window.

immortal -- immortality 
give all -- all weapons, ammo and health 
give weapons -- all weapons 
give health -- full health 
give cash -- 100 Dollars 
give armor -- full armor 
noclip -- walk through walls 
give (item) -- special item 
give (weapon) -- weapon 

Level Select

First of all, enable the console by creating a shortcut that looks like this : c:kingpinkingpin.exe +developer 1. Run the game from this shortcut. Once in the game, press the ~ (tilde) button and go into the console, where you can enter these codes and access any of the levels.

map sr1 -- Skidrow 
map sewer -- Sewers 
map sr2 -- Super 
map bar_sr -- Jax 
map sr3 -- Mean Streets 
map sr4 -- The Jesus 
map bike -- Bike 
map pv_h -- Poisonville 
map bar_rv -- Club Swank 
map pv_1 -- Louie's Errand 
map pv_b -- Blanco Industries 
map pv_boss -- Nikki Blanco 
map sy_h -- Lizzie's Problem 
map bar_sy -- Salty Dog 
map sy1 -- Pier Pressure 
map sy2 -- Das Boot 
map steel1 -- Steeltown 
map bar_st -- Boiler Room 
map steel2 -- Steel Mill 
map steel3 -- Steel Processing 
map steel4 -- Moker Shipping 
map kpcut3 -- Consequences 
map ty1 -- Derailed 
map ty2 -- Dark Passage 
map ty3 -- Trainyards 
mar ty4 -- Depot 
map kpcut4 -- The Picnic 
map rc1 -- Radio City Station 
map rc2 -- Enter the Dragons 
map rc3 -- Streets of Fire 
map rc4 -- Skytram Station 
map bar_rc -- Typhoon 
map rc5 -- Central Towers 
map rcboss1 -- Crystal Palace East 
map rcboss2 -- Crystal Palace West 
map kpcut7 -- Outro 

Cheat Codes

Load the game with the "kingpin.exe +developer 1" command line. Then while 
playing a game, press ` to display the console prompt and enter one of the 
following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: The codes 
are reset when a level begins and must be activated after the game actually 
starts. Some codes may only be effective in the demo version of the game.


Toggle God mode		immortal or god
Toggle no clipping mode		noclip
Toggle third-person view		togglecam
Spawn gibs at crosshair location	gibtest
Jet pack mode		give jet pack
Jump or duck to fly after jet pack
 mode is activated		use jet pack
Ignored by opponents		notarget
Set on-screen enemies on fire	extracrispy
All weapons			give weapons
All items, except cash		give all
Full ammunition		give ammo
Full health			give health
Full armor			give armor
Bullets			give bullets [number]
Shells			give shells [number]
Gas			give gas [number]
Cash			give cash [number]
.308 caliber bullets		give 308cal [number]
Grenades			give grenades [number]
Rockets			give rockets [number]
Crowbar			give crowbar
Pistol			give pistol
Pistol silencer		give mods
Shotgun			give shotgun
Flame-thrower		give flamethrower
Tommy gun			give tommygun
Heavy machinegun		give heavy machinegun
Grenade launcher		give grenade launcher
Bazooka			give bazooka
Silencer for hand		gungive spistol
Auto-reloading handgun		give pistol reload
Health			give health
Coil			give coil
Watch			give watch
Battery			give battery
Whiskey			give whiskey
Chemical plant key		give chem_plant_key
Fuse			give fuse
Bait shop key		give shop_key
Warehouse key		give warehouse_key
Lizzy's head			give lizzy head
Shipyard key		give shipyard_key
Moker's office key		give office_key
Valve handle		give valve
Skytram ticket		give ticket
Flashlight			give flashlight
Small medical kit		give small health
Large medical kit		give large health
Adrenaline			give adrenaline
Helmet armor		give helmet armor
Jacket armor		give jacket armor
Legs armor			give legs armor
Play selected map [Note]		map [map name]

Note: Enter a map name from the following list.

Map names:

Location		Map name

Skid row		sr1
Sewers		sewer
The Super		sr2
Jax		bar_sr
Mean Street		ssr3
The Jesu		ssr4
Bike		bike
Poisonville		pv_h
Club Swank		bar_pv
Louie's Errand	pv_1
Blanco Industries	pv_b
Nikki Blancop	v_boss
Lizzie's Problems	y_h
Salty Dog		bar_sy
Pier Pressure	sy1
Das Boot		sy2
Steeltown		steel1
Boiler Room		bar_st
Steel Mill		steel2
Steel Processing	steel3
Moker Shipping	steel4
Consequence	skpcut3
Derailed		ty1
Dark Passage	ty2
Trainyards		ty3
Depot		ty4
The Picnick		pcut4
Radio City Station	rc1
Enter the Dragons	rc2
Streets of Fire	rc3
Skytram Station	rc4
Typhoon		bar_rc
Central Towers	rc5
Crystal Palace East	rcboss1
Crystal Palace West	rcboss2
Outro sequence	kpcut7


We have no unlockables for Kingpin: Life Of Crime yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

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