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  • Batman: LEGO and LEGO Batman: The Videogame
  • Action, Adventure
  • Traveller's Tales
  • WB Games
  • Everyone-10
  • September 1, 2008


Mad Hatter's Glider

Enter HS000W as a code.

The Start Of Something Special

Shock the Joker with the Joker

Richest Man In Gotham

In the first villian episode, gather all red bricks (which are the x2,x4,x8,x10, & x12 multiplyers)which will total out to x3890, then purchase them from the computer. Then if u combine them with the "character stud" brick and the "always multiplyer" brick, your score will average in the billions per level and max out the counter at 4,000,000,000 studs and get the achievement


The Joker

Enter CCB199 as a code.

Lego Batman Cheats


Score Multiplier X 10

Enter 18HW07 as a code.

Mad Hatter's Steamboat

Enter M4DM4N as a code.

Penguin Minion

Enter KJP748 as a code.


Enter NJL412 as a code.

Extra Hearts

Enter ML3KHP as a code.


Enter WYD5CP as a code.

Fast Pieces

Enter EVG26J as a code.

Two-Face's Armored Truck

Enter EFE933 as a code.

Robin's Submarine

Enter TTF453 as a code.

Police Watercraft

Enter VJD328 as a code.

Police Van

Enter MAC788 as a code.

Police Car

Enter KJL832 as a code.

Penguin Goon Submarine

Enter BTN248 as a code.

Mr. Freeze's Kart

Enter BCT229 as a code.

Mr. Freeze's Iceberg

Enter ICYICE as a code.

The Joker's Van

Enter JUK657 as a code.

Harley Quinn's Hammer Truck

Enter RDT637 as a code.

Harbor Helicopter

Enter CHP735 as a code.

Goon Helicopter

Enter GCH328 as a code.

Garbage Truck

Enter DUS483 as a code.

Catwoman's Motorcycle

Enter HPL826 as a code.

Bruce Wayne's Private Jet

Enter LEA664 as a code.


Enter KNTT4B as a code.

Security Guard

Enter PLB946 as a code.

Riddler Henchman

Enter XEU824 as a code.


Enter JFL786 as a code.


Enter NAV592 as a code.


Enter MVY759 as a code.

Joker Henchmen

Enter YUN924 as a code.

Freeze Henchmen

Enter NJL412 as a code.


Enter HGY748 as a code.

Clown Goon

Enter HJK327 as a code.

Catwoman (classic)

Enter M1AAWW as a code.

Unlock Red Brick Decetor

Use AHECBQ AS a Cheat code.

How To Unlock The Scientist

Enter JFL786 as a code.

How To Get The Bat Tank With A Code

Enter KNTT4B as a code.

Police Bike

Go up to batman's computer and select enter code and then put in LJP234.

Riddler's Jet

Enter HAHAHA as a code.


Enter NYU942 as a code.

Police Boat

Go to the the computer and then select enter code and then put PLC999.

Bruce Wayne

Enter BDJ327 as a code.


Enter BBD7BY as a code.

Freeze Girl

Enter XVK541 as a code.

Joker Goon

Enter UTF782 as a code.

Penguin Henchman

Enter BJH782 as a code.


Enter ZAQ637 as a code.

Unlocks Commissioner Gordon

Enter DDP967 as a code.

Poison Ivy Goon

Enter GTB899 as a code.

Mad Hatter

Enter JCA283 as a code.


Enter JKR331 as a code.


Enter JRY983 as a code.


Enter HTF114 as a code.

Walk Faster

Enter ZOLM6N as a code.

Immune To Freeze

Enter JXUDY6 as a code.

Extra Batarang Targets

Enter XWP645 as a code.


Enter BBD7BY as a code.


RA UL Ghoul

Find all minikits on wayne manor and arkam asylum.

Arkham Asylum

To unlock the Arkham asylum A.K.A the villian HQ beat one chapter/episode in the Bat cave.

Justice League Achievement

Unlock Batman, Robin, Nightwing, and Batgirl.

Wayne Manor Bonus Level

Get a "True Hero" rank on all levels in the Hero storyline. To reach the mission, go to where the vehicles are in the Batcave. Go to the far right, then down to the bottom. Step on the elevator to go to the memorabilia room. The Wayne Manor mission is in upper left corner.

Arkham Bonus Level

Get a "True Villain" rank on all levels in the Villain storyline. To reach the mission, go to right of the Batcomputer. Go down the ramp, and pull the lever to get to the villains. Go through the door on the right, and look in the corner to reach the memorabilia room. Climb the ladder at the top to access the Arkham level.


Collect coins in a level to completely fill the "True Hero" or "True Villain" bar to get the corresponding rank for that level.

Unlock Hush

To unlock hush you must save 25 citizens (citizens are on random levels).

Bruce Wayne

Buy Bruce Wayne for 100,000 at a computer area.

Nice Outfit! Achievement

Unlock all of Batman and Robin's costumes. There are 8 costumes in total.

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