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Easy Tokens In 2 Minute Drill

Go to the "2 Minute Drill", pick a team with a nice HB(or runningback) such as the Rams, Chiefs, Bengals, etc. Pick a defensive team with weak ratings suck as the Claymores or the Dragons. After picking the plays, run the ball with your HB and make easy touchdowns for even easier tokens.

Pump Up Crowd

When your the home team on defense, be a middle linebacker and press L3 (left anolog stick) If you do it correct the player will raise his hands and the crowd will get louder.

Get Easy Tokens For Madden Cards

First go to My Madden. Then open up the options. Click on Gameplay Options. Set the skill level to All- Madden. Then go to A.I. and turn all CPU skills all the way down and all human skills all the way up. (In franchise mode, if you sim the cpu will do really bad, actually, both of them.) Then play a game with the Patriots or the Raiders or a good team and face the Claymores. When you play, the CPU will be really bad and you will be really good. Do long runs and hard stuff and the CPU will not be able to block too many. Since the skill level is All- Madden, you get more tokens for completing tasks. When you finish your game, go to My Madden and Madden Cards. Buy new packs until you have 0 coins left. You should get some good cards.

Get Good Rookies

When you get to the off-season, save before rookie scouting. Then go back and simulate past "sign rookie draft picks". Go to rosters, then view rosters. Go to NFL as the team, and see who is best rookie at each position. Write down the names of the rookies you like, thier rating, and when they were drafted(so when you decide who you wanna draft and when, you'll know if he'll be there). Exit the franchise but DO NOT save. Go back and you can draft the best player in the draft!(works best if u have the first pick)

Always Get The 1st Pick In The Draft.

In franchise mode before you play your 1st regular season game, go to game play settings, go to franchise and turn off the trade deadline. Play your 16 regular games. On the start of of the 17th game go check to see which team has the worst record. Trade your picks for theirs, then go to games settings, on franchise turn back on the trade deadline. Play your last game and you will always get the 1st pick in the draft everytime.

Jim Kelly Player

Go to Creat a player and type in the name Jim Kelly in the first and last name spots. Then creat the player. Now you can play with Jim Kelly.

Game Advertising

If you pay attention to the backdrop behind one of the endzones (I saw this at Seahawk Stadium) you will see an advertisment for NFL Street.

Hot Doggin' It

If you are running in for a touchdown and no defender is nearby, 5 to 10 yards or more behind you. Hold either L1, L2, R1, or R2 to showboat your way into the endzone. Instead of doing a juke or stiff arm it will do 1 of 4 different high steps. There may be more but I don't know the button combos yet. If the defenders are too close to you, you will just do the normal stiff arm or juke.

The Chicken Walk

This play is for people who just wanna laugh. Pick a play on offense, then right after you've made your decision, repeatedly press the square button and the QB will look like he's walkin like a chicken!

Special Touchdown

Right after you make a touch down, press the O button and make him spike the ball.

Easy Sacks

If you have Bill Callahan's defensive playbook, goto Nickle formation and scroll down until you find "Middle Blitz". Select that play and shift your LBs and your linemen inside. You should get a sack 90% of the time.

Determine If Defense Is Playing Man To Man Coverage

Send a player in motion, if a defensive man follows him, then the corners are probably playing man to man coverage. Remember that the safties may have zone and a LB could cover a WR. (Should be an easy completion)

Changing Music

When scrollin through menus, you can change the music that is playin by pressing and holding square, and pressing L1 or R1.

Easy Money In Owner Mode

To get easy money in Owner Mode, you must be in the regular season. Go to set prices. Put all prices up to the highest they can go when to league average in green and/or the lowest when it's red. Then you can get the max amount and still have fans come and buy things at your statium.

More Easy Sacks

When on defense, pick the 4-3. Find the "Man Buzz" play. Flip the play until the blitzing outside linebacker is blitzing on a side where there are no TEs, and preferably no RBs. Shift your D-Line and LBs to the outside. Your outside LB should get to the QB cleanly, and make the sack.

Double Your Income In Franchise Mode

This tip will only work for your home games: Start a game and then save it. Next, quit and go all the way out to the main menu. Load your saved game, finish it, and you will double your income for that game. if you have good fan support throughout the season, you should easily net over $100 million for the season.

Trading Draft Picks

Before the trading deadline, check the standings. Trade all of your draft picks with the team or teams with the worst record at the time. You're #1 for their #1, etc. You just might end up with the first pick in the next draft.

RB Drill

This hint helped me get gold in the All-Madden RB Ground Attack drill (it works better in the easier levels though). Run without sprinting until your FB picks up a block. Then, just as the linebacker or safety is getting to you, cut back the other way and sprint to the endzone, avoiding your pursuer. This will either get you a touchdown or 5-10 yard, depending on the difficultly level and timing.

Madden Cards

Start a Franchise Mode. Create a profile. Start doing good plays like get a 30 yard pass touch down, or get 3 sacks with on player, and stuff like that. To view what you can do, go to options, madden cards and you can see in there. Every time you do one of those, you get Madden coins and when you have enough, you can buy a pack of Madden cards. You can trade them, sell them, or best of all use them. Some are cheat cards like NEVER GET SACKED IN THE 1ST QUARTER. If you use that card, the other team will try to sack you but they will just bounce off.

Get Over 100 Points

Chose a Exhibition Game, or a season game. If you chose exhibition, play against Arizona or Dallas. If you are in a season, play the 1st game that your team is playing. Make sure the skill level is on ROOKIE. Choose a team that has a good HB (half back) like SL Rams, Dalls Cowboys, or washington redskins. When the game starts, make sure your kicking first (if you arent then oh well it will still work) pause the game, go to settings and put EASY PLAY on. Choose to kick a onside. Put the arrow all the way over and kick it the softest you can. The defence will always recover. Then turn easy play off. Pick the play Off Tackel (its in Split Backs) and do it tell you make a touchdown. Do it over and over tell the game is over and you should have over 100 points.

Different Years On Team

Press R1 or L1 to change years. If you did it correctly it will say different years.

Cheap Created Player In Franchise Mode

To Have a Created Player for cheap in Franchise mode (to stay under the Salary Cap) do the following: First, Create the player but DO NOT touch his attributes. Then sign the player for seven (7) years( or how ever long you want). Last go back to Create-a-Player and Put his attributes as high as you want.

Good QB For Cheap In Franchise Mode

First, make sure you have bought at least one pack of Madden Cards. Then find the card for the contest winner Kevin Baker. Play the card and go sign him for seven years (or how ever long you want). Now, go to Create-A-Player and select K.Baker. Finally raise his attributes as high as you want. You now have a Cheap Super QB for 7 years.

On Field Mismatches

By pressing circle on the play call screen, you can make quick substitutions to line up your stronger players against weaker opposing players.

Madden Cards In Mini-Camp

Get Gold in Mini-Camp challenges to unlock Madden Cards. Cards directly relate to the challenges you complete. For instance, getting a Gold in the Ground Attack challenge will unlock the Priest Holmes Card. Make sure you get Golds on all of the difficulty levels to collect all of the cards.

Cheerleader/Pump Up Crowd Madden Cards

Successfully complete the Game Situation in Mini-Camp to unlock a Cheerleader/Pump Up Crowd Madden Card. The team who you complete the challenge with is the Cheerleader/Pump Up Card you will unlock.

Easy Tokens

Run through all of the plays in your playbook in Football 101 to get a nice amount of easy tokens.


We have no cheats or codes for Madden NFL 2004 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Madden NFL 2004 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Madden NFL 2004 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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