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  • Action, Adventure
  • Electronic Arts
  • Electronic Arts
  • Teen
  • September 20, 2005



Before you start story mode, you should probably practice. Just fight an apponent in vs. mode. If you are a beginner, then set their lives to 1, and yours all the way. Then, keep playing until you can beat them with equal lives. Then, try to beat them with less lives then them, because in story mode, you will be required to fight with the odds agains you. (examples: fighting with half health, your opponent can heal, they are moving around and you cannot stop them, you have to fight 5 at one time, etc.) When you can do that, try it in vs. difficulty medium and hard, until your opponent is a piece of cake.

Beating Opponents

If you are having a hard time beating opponents, then just throw stuff at them. If you are on the bridge, it is extremely easy to win, because there is a lot of stuff everywhere. If you are someone strong, just throw stuff at your opponent.

Healing Health

In the Roekel's Headquarters venue, you can heal health. Just stand in the middle circle when it starts glowing, and you will heal health. Do not let your opponent get in there, or they will try healing, and will try to kick you out.

Venom Level: The Bridge

In the Venom level (story mode) where you have to fight all of those enemies, there will be hovering green orbs. There are many enemies, and you will probably lose most of your health. However, if you are low on health, destroy one of the green orbs, and you will absorb their energy! You will aregain some of your health. There are about three or four of them througout the level.

Hit Apponent While You Are On The Ground

If your opponent knocks you down, then do not get up until they are close to you. If they are close to you, then point in their direction with the joystick and press the A button. This will knock them back, and they will almost always fall on the ground. When they are on the ground, go away, or they will do it to you. Also, while you are on the ground, you can surprise your opponent and do a power blast. Byt they can do the same to you, so watch out!

Flaming Items

If something is flaming, go away from it! If it is a barrel, it's okay to pick it up, but throw it quickly. If a car is flaming, the alarm will go off and it will honk once. Then, it will explode and force waves will be visible. If a truck or tank is about to explode, it will sound like groaning metal, there will be a small flame, and it will explode. Sometimes, if you throw something, it will explode automatically, but you will probably be far away from it. So, stay away from flaming objects!

Lifting Abilities

Here is a list of everyone and the things they can lift:

The Thing:        Anything.
Wolverine:        Up to a barrel.
The Wink:         Up to a barrel.
Electra:          Up to a barrel.
Johnny Ohm:       Up to a car.
Spider-man:       Up to a car.
Dare Devil:       Up to a barrel.
Storm:            Up to a barrel.
Fault Zone:       Up to a car.
Venom:            Anything.
Solara:           Up to a car.
Human Torch:      Up to a barrel.
Iron Man:         Anything.
Brigade:          Anything.
Magneto:          Anything.
Hazmat:           Up to a car.
Paragon:          Anything.
Niles Van Roekel: Anything.

Easy Wins For Vs. Matches

If your opponent is someone who can do power blasts (examples: Spiderman/Venom's webs, Solara/Human Torch's fire blasts, Brigade/Van Roekel's power blasters, etc.), that is probably the first thing they will do to you. Especially in med./hard modes. Without you knowing, they will do power blasts every time you start. Even in the middle, if they start using their super power or start flying, they will probably do power blasts. You just have to keep R holded, and press R+Y (shield/reflect) whenever they shoot. This will hurt them a lot. With Roekel as an opponent, it usually gets him a ring out.

Number Of Versus Battles Needed

Here are the number of verus battles you need to fight to unlock the following items:

Daily Bugle Venue: 10
Dare Devil: 20
Grand Central Station Venue: 30
Storm: 40
Fault Zone: 50
Power Plant Venue: 60
Venum: 70
Solara: 80
Roekel's Headquarters Venue: 90
Human Torch: 100
Iron Man: 110
Brigade: 120
Magneto: 130
Hazmat: 140
Paragon: 150
Niles Van Roekel: 160

Bringing Up Super Power

If your super power is low, just catch things that your opponent throws at you. This brings up your super power meter quite a bit.

Special Move

Every character has a special move. It is an automatic K.O. It works best if your opponent's health is in danger, and you have rage. Get rage, go next to the person, and press R+Y. This will either knock them down, or push them back. IMMEDIATELY, without hesitation, press R+X. It will rarely do a special move, but it's really cool when it does it. It shows off the character's powers.

Unlocking Characters

You can unlock stages and characters very easily. for every 10 vs. matches, you get a player or a stage. Just choose Spiderman, plug in a second controller, and choose anyone. With Spiderman, just keep commiting suicide. You will quickly have all the characters and all of the stages.


Every sucsesful strike you do it adds to your rage meter. Once the rage meter is full press the r button and you will have unlimited superpowers for a breif amount of time.

The Characters

This is a list of all the characters and groups:

Iron Man........New Avengers
The Thing.......Fantastic Four
Human Tourch....Fantastic Four
Van Roekel......The Imperfects(leader)
The Wink........The Imperfects
Fault Zone......The Imperfects
Solara..........The Imperfects
Brigade.........The Imperfects
Paragon.........The Imperfects
Hazmat..........The Imperfects

Knight's Spear

When you are in the mansion level there will be suits of armor. If you press x near one you will grab a spear. The spear can be thrown or you can hit an enemy with it.


Wolverine's Extra Card

Enter HOWLETT as a code.

Unlock Storms Swimsuit Card

Enter the word MONROE in the cheat codes section to unlock Storms Swimsuit card!

Solara Swim Suit Card

go to the cheat menu and enter REIKO and you will unlock the Solara swimsuit card

All Fantastic Four Comics

Go to the cheat menu and enter SAVAGELAND and you will unlock all Fantastic Four comics.

All Tomorrow People Comics

Go to the cheat menu and enter NZONE and you will unlock all Tomorrow People comics.

Electra Swimsuit Card:

Enter THEHAND as a code.


We have no unlockables for Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

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