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  • March 6, 2011


The Very Rare Sure Catch

I'm not sure if this is how to activate it, but all the times it worked for me, I pressed a+b+l+r until the ball opened, as soon as it opened, I'd press it one more time and when it glowed like it does when it closed id press it again. Then, I would here a noise and it would wiggle in mid air, hit the ground, wiggle once, and lock close. As said before, I'm not sure that's how to activate it, but it is helpfull and random. This is unconfirmed.

How To Get Celebi

Go to GAMESTOP. Ask the clerk. Some are available, but only while supplies last.

Get Pokemon from Johto, Kanto, Hoenn and Shinnoh

There is a way to get Pokemon like Ditto. First, you need to beat the Champion, Then you need to go to the Marvelous Bridge. While on the way, you will find in the bushes, Pokemon from the 4 regions.

Pokemon From Other Regions

After you beat the elite four and obtain the national pokedex, the two bridges to the right of the center of Unova open and every trainer you run across should at least have one or two pokemon from the other regions. Most of them should be pokemon from the Kanto region.

How To Trade Pokemon When They Know HM's

Put pokemon that knows HM in the PC. Then while in trade mode access the pokemon that knows the HM and trade it.

Beating The Elite Four

If you want to beat the elite four, I would suggest you start off to the right of the four rooms. Because on pokemon black and white, you can start the elite four from any member of it. After you beat the elite four, its champion time. But Lord N is now champion cuz he beats the previous champ, Alder, and challenges you to a battle, but before you start, your black stone will start glowing, and TA-DA! Zekrom appears. Use your hopefully saved Master Ball to catch him. If you don't have any space in your party, don't worry cuz after you catch him, a message pops up that asks you if you want to access your pc box. After this is when Lord N challenges you. The battle starts off when he uses his Reshiram; which makes you send out Zekrom. After that is the real battle. Once you beat N, its not over yet; Ghetsis pops up and faces you while you are still weak. After you win, its done, and N turns good.

Easy Fast Exp.

First find a large patch of grass near a road. Then jump onto your bicycle and ride around on the road until a patch of grass starts to shake. Then proceed to run into the shaking grass there will usually be an Audino. Audino's tend to have simple beam, heal pulse, double edge, and after you so you only have to worry about double edge. When you defeat the audino you should gain large amounts of exp. Especially if its high leveled like the ones on route 16. If paired with a traded pokemon or even a lucky egg the exp. Gains could be enormous. Its not uncommon to gain a level per battle till level 50.

Cobalion And Virizion

Cobalion is found in the Mistralton Cave first you need Surf to cross over there then Strength to push the boulders and Virizion is found in pinwheel forest after that old man leaves there are 4 rocks push them with strength.

Catch Pokemon Manually

There is a very easy way to catch pokemon in 5th gen. What you do is press "A" just before the pokeball is meant to shake. That will, in theory, cause the ball to shake. Trust me, I've done this myself and it works. I caught Zekrom using only three pokeballs.


Yes, Cynthia, from Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, is in Pokemon Black and White. She lives in the town to the far right of the map. All her pokemon are on Lv. 75, and are very hard to kill. I havent beaten her yet but I will keep trying. Good luck to all of you who have beaten the elite four.

Getting The National Pokedex

To obtain the National pokedex, you need to beat the elite four. After you do the game will go through those long credits and start from the title screen. You will start off at home as usual. Then you will go outside somewhere and Professor Juniper will upgrade your pokedex.

Some Good Pokemon

Some good pokemon with the right moves most people should have on their team are a zoroark with the moves aerial ace, foul play, swagger (if it can learn it) and dig. IIf your wondering why I said swagger, you can raise the foes attack which boosts foul plays power (foul plays power is more powerful the higher attack the foe has) and the foe gets confused and it should hold a lum berry. Another good pokemon to have is a druddigon holding a rocky helmet (ability and item damage foe when they use a physical attack on druddigon) and it's moves should be dragon claw, double team, flamethrower and dragon tail. And for the zoroark, put a fighting type in the back of your party so the foe might use a phycic attack and since its a dark type, it wont be affected and the foe will probably think you are a hacker.

Easy First Gym Win

The first gym only has the Pokemon that is strong against your starter type. But if you go to the dreamyard that you " can't get in to" a girl will ad about you starter type and will give you a Pokemon that is strong against the gym leaders Pokemon.

Differences Between Black And White Versions

The diffrence between Pokemon black and white is that in black you can only do triple battle and in White you can only do rotational battles. Now the diffrence between these two are you'll see more triple battle in pkmn balck and less rotational battles but on the other hand you have pkmm white wich you'll do more rotational battles and less triple battles. Now here are the diffrences between triple battle and rotational battle. Triple battle: triple battle is like any other battle but instead of using one pkmn in single battle or using two pkmn at the same time in double battle you can use three pkmn at the same time in triple battle. Rotational battle: rotational battle is kinda confusing it confuses me and what it is that its like triple battle but you send out three pkmn out at the same time but the one on the right can attack the one on the right or the middle pkmn and so on but the best thing bout rotational battle is when you have one of your pokemon in the middle you can change its place you can put your okmn that was in the middle and now move it to your left or right and the okm in the left or right goes oin the middle. Now remember that pkmn black has more triple battle and less rotational battle and opkmn white has more rotational battle then triple battle.

Same Cheats As Black Version

Although there are some differences between white and black versions, much of the same hints and tips will work for both versions.

Kyruem And Diss

In case you all don't know there's a legendary hiding in the Giant Chasm. He's big, mean, and tough as nails. His name is Kyruem and he's level 75. He's also an ice type, so be prepped. Oh, and 1 more thing. Whoever that guy was that said it took him 3 ultra's to catch Zekrom, YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO CATCH HIM, FOOL! YOU DON'T NEED TO WASTE YOU'RE RESOURCES LIKE THAT!

Valcrona And First Evolved Form (and Darmanitan With Zen)

If you've beaten the game and return to the relic castle professor juniper should stop you before you go in. She'll talk about the statues and tell you there actually Pokemon! She'll give you a rage candy bar. Take it and walk up to a statue I suggest saving before you start because if you trained your Pokemon like I did than it will be hard to beat it with out it fainting. Any way you don't have to worry about it hitting you until you've cut its health in half. Because if I'm right its defense rises by half and it goes into zen mode were it looks like the statue. Once you've caught it (or beaten it in which you'll have to restart)go into the relic castle. Go down to the bottom of it (same way the first time you did it) and walk not to the middle but to the very right. There is a team plasma grunt inside you'll have to battle him to continue which isn't that hard. When you beat him you'll have to walk along a maze and you'll find another sage when looker takes him away walk inside the door due north. There should be a Pokemon standing at the end. This is valcrona. After you've caught him you'll notice that's not his first form so if your trying to complete the game your going to have to walk (or fly if you have common sense)back home. Go talk to mom and shell rest your Pokemon. Also go to the lab depending on how many Pokemon you've caught professor juniper will give you a TM. Now head to route 18. If you don't know where that is look it up when you get there there should be a house immediately there inside they will heal your Pokemon and give you an egg plus further along the route there should be a sage.


In dream yard, considering your starting pokemon you will receive either Pansear, Panpour, or Panseige, you then go to the big city with the docks you go to the first dock near the entrance and there will be a veteran and he'll give you a water stone, a fire stone, or a grass stone to evolve the pokemon you received from the girl in the dream yard.

Strong Musharna

First things first, catch a munna (best to have exp. share) in dream yard then level that munna to at least level 20. Then, at some point in the game, you will receive a moon stone. Use the moon stone and POOF! You have a strong musharna.


1. Cut:Found in the Dreamyard
2. Fly:Bianca gives it to you in Nimbasa City after battling the gym leader
3. Surf:Found in Driftveil City or Route 6
4. Strength:Haven't found it
5. Waterfall:Found in Route 18 one of the seven sages gives it to you
6. Dive:Found in Undella City a girl gives it to you outside right next to the Pokemon Center.

Easy Leveling Up

To do this get the exp. Share then get the lucky egg beat the champion and if you got a good low level pokemon and get a very high level pokemon give it the lucky egg and BOOM! Your low level pokemon will get more exp. Points then usual and of you trade them to black you could get triple exp. points. I did it and got my zekrom to level 75! Doing this and its still going up!


When you beat the pokemon league go to the dreamyard and somewhere you will find a musharna on level 50.

How To Find Rotom

I found Rotom on Route # 14 in a cabin. When I went inside, I saw a Professor who asked " By any chance have you caught a Ditto? " " If you did, would you trade it for my Rotom? " My little Brother got a ditto and traded it for a Rotom and it knew the moves, " substitute, charge, electroball, and hex. " Their Attack stat. is very low ( Bad ). He is level 60.

Hardest Pokemon To Beat On Ghetisis's Team.

The hardest one would be hygrigon because he has moves that would faint your zekrom or reshiram. If you have a serperior prepare to faint because of falme blast or whatever it is called. And if you want his pokemon you need to get a deino on victory road then evolve it at lv. 50 I don't know what the name of the 2nd evolution is. Then evolve him at lv. 62 or 64. Then it would probably be a breeze to beat him.


In Battle Codes (Action Replay)

Game ID: IRAO 0F0875FE
*NOTE: The Game ID for Pokemon White UK and US are the same. They also use the same cheats. Only Pokemon Black UK and US have different cheat inputs and Game ID.
*NOTE: Action Replay Firmware v1. 71+ (AR DS) or v1. 25+ (AR DSi) REQUIRED!
*NOTE: When checking off the cheat codes in your AR DS/DSi, un-check the Game ID box and Firmware box. They might be checked by default. If they stay checked, then your cheats will not work. They are just there for NOTE. Same goes for Pokemon Black US.

Infinite Health

521c607c d10e2800
021c607c fbc0f1e8
023ae800 d0002800
023ae804 4903bd70
023ae808 428e6809
023ae80c 2400d200
023ae810 46c04770
023ae814 0226995c
d2000000 00000000

Infinite PP
921d5638 0000d301
121d5638 0000e003
d2000000 00000000

100% Capture (Wild  PKMN)
521cbcf4 7820d203
121cbcf4 000046c0
d2000000 00000000

Catch Trainers PKM
521cbacc 2f06d134
121cbacc 0000e001
121cbb06 00002001
121cbaec 00002000
d2000000 00000000

Wild PKMN Are Shiny
521a96f8 1f492104
02002200 4c08b57e
02002204 88248865
02002208 08ed4065
0200220c f1a7b40f
02002210 1c06fd9f
02002214 40410401
02002218 428d0cc9
0200221c d1f5bc0f
02002220 bd7e1c30
02002224 0224f95c
021a96f4 fd84f658
d2000000 00000000

Pwnig Zoroark

A shiny zoroark with surprise moves and stuff you have to put this into columns of two before putting it on your ar, this can be done in word or pages 94000130 FFFB0000 B2000024 00000000 E00196C4 000000DC 66C001F9 DED10000 D336A8D3 73C7716F EDEAE587 837D314C 40AF1F99 5FA58ABC 155804CF C2B9C89D 9E02A1C7 1E567E1A 1F0AB6A0 6450E2F4 32A9495A 25D1D637 94F5DACB B3907636 7733E96C 793599E3 D347D73D 02DB98A0 8997E60E 20ACD3F3 FA3BF77A DEC96122 E366C5FD 44ADEDA6 7B8A76D6 0F63622A 10601983 DA1EF4A0 1337EAF0 6BE93790 8101FFF1 CE05705E 0003DA6D F27D1D6D 1A38F968 627FCE33 5F8502D9 AF3C080B FD577724 0DF137AC EDE5DE09 77E89C9B 79DE6BE7 452F02BB 262DE575 71D0CBCF 5E49EEE2 02440D3D 6FCC293E 3B2AC614 AB42C217 00000000 D2000000 00000000.


94000130 FCFF0000 
B2000024 00000000 
E00196C4 000000DC 
EAC4EAC7 E0C00000 
2B1FD835 6413B451 
9508666D 717FC068 
A8D43B16 44ABE318 
CE415BAB 5501E918 
7C312487 AD1F8B44 
D501AA1D FD04D82F 
CB2F30B8 DE565F97 
0BCBAD09 44DDFE11 
863B29AA CD38F4E9 
C954FD93 5FB692ED 
2CEE8BE2 B09AD63B 
BE9F7473 00FF02C8 
40ED6C61 A9DD86D9 
8F83BA9F E767DD17 
9E56226D 96B421E0 
096C124A FB470F68 
F04C35FD CA0D359D 
57F561C8 E42173D3 
E0C6EE02 A20B368C 
46C57E11 0FFF6DF8 
5E99A86C E3911591 
AB3C7A6C 5909F013 
787D161A 097D5961 
B137F0AC 0E1C52A9 
E4C5754F 04C72CC5 
2FB41027 00000000 
D2000000 00000000

Pokemon Movie 14 Event Victini (select+start) Box 15 Slot 2

This is an Action Replay code:

94000130 fffb0000
0222a034 fec06e53
0222a038 8ae40000
0222a03c eba87b0a
0222a040 aff99a67
0222a044 5a75388d
0222a048 21be0804
0222a04c 772e3c62
0222a050 b05705b6
0222a054 a926d3a8
0222a058 9daa5676
0222a05c 04b659e7
0222a060 1d03c956
0222a064 818f8149
0222a068 6ef3383a
0222a06c ffa29896
0222a070 d59b24b7
0222a074 7807fa27
0222a078 e941cadb
0222a07c e9415dd6
0222a080 f5e155b5
0222a084 07bb6906
0222a088 f1e95cc3
0222a08c f5d308a3
0222a090 592b1a83
0222a094 7a655bed
0222a098 7f8f8381
0222a09c 250059a1
0222a0a0 dfe020e4
0222a0a4 7327b287
0222a0a8 ab278acb
0222a0ac 264a3a15
0222a0b0 a7e8e90a
0222a0b4 ab8950ea
0222a0b8 0b7c4212
d2000000 00000000


Trainer Card Color Changes

  • Deafeat the Elite 4
  • Get a 49 Streak in both Super Single and Super Double Subway lines in the Battle Subway (Good Luck)
  • Obtain all Entralink Powers
  • Obtain all Pokemon Musical Items
  • Complete the National Pokedex

  • Easter eggs

    We have no easter eggs for Pokemon White Version yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


    Glitch: Easy Day Care EXP

    When you're in the Day Car, you get EXP for each step you take. So you can get good EXP from it (but you will need a lot of cash). Do the following steps:
    1. Drop off Pokemon at the Route 3 Day Care (you can drop off 2 pokemon).
    2. Go to the Battle Subway in Nimbasa City.
    3. Stand the character in the middle of the path, then place something heavy on your down and a buttons. If you can get it set up right, you can leave your DS alone for a while. 4. Come back and go back to the Day care and get your Pokemon. BOOM!


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    Created by: PLDHnet. Read the full guide...

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