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  • Racing, Demolition / Combat Racing
  • Unknown
  • Jack of All Games
  • Teen
  • August 7, 2002


Inside Your Vehicle

When playing the game, with any vehicle, if you keep roaming through your camera positions , before you get to the one where it shows you no part of the car, press pause, and you will be able to see inside your vehicle. It's tricky but keep trying , you will get it!!

Kavostov Halftrack

Successfully complete Smygler's mission 27.

2 Secret Tokens In North America

Token 1: Look on the map of North America in the instructions. See the big lake? If you do, then follow the lake all the way down (In your car) until a waterfall. The token is just a little under the top of the waterfall (In the air, not the water.) All you need to do is fall off the fall (A little on the left side) and you should get it. Make sure to fall with some speed. Now, if you still don't understand me, then here is another way to find it. From the start (In Joyridin') continue down the  cliff you start out 
on toward town. Keep on going untill you see a river, follow the river down to an intersection in the road with a house almost in it. Go under the bridge near the intersection and stay in the river. Go toward where you came untill a waterfall is in sight. Go to the left of the fall over the hill on a path and you should be at the 
top part of the falls. Then follow the first instructions to get it.

Token 2: Follow the 2nd instructions to token 1. But at the road intersection instead of going under the bridge go over the hill behind the house that is near the intersection. You should be on a rail road track. Follow the tracks until you see a pretty steep hill on the left and right side. Then go up the right hill, and try to get 
up it. When you do stay on the top and look around. If you see a place where you can go 
lower, but still high up, go on it. A token is waiting!!

Getting "Great" Ratings

While there is no easy way to get a "great" rating on a mission, here are some tips:

1. Concentrate more on taking care of your cargo than getting the mission done fast. Money matters more than time.

2. Try different vehicles if you get stuck. You never know what will work.

3. Don't always take the obvious path. Do what you have to to avoid the cops. (Remember, time is not of utmost importance.)

4. Some missions, however, require a fast time. (Destroying enemy vehicles, etc.) The Granadier is probably the best destroyer.

5. If all else fails, use the infinite countermeasures code. It makes things much 

6. Be persistent. I had to try some missions 20+ times before I got a "great" rating. Good luck!

Second Token In Russian Winter

Ride west (to the left on the map) until you find the burned out village with smoking craters. A secret token is in one of them.

First Secret Token In Russia

Drive south until you reach the large body of water. A token sits on the biggest island, near the eastern part.

Second Secret Token In Russia

Find the village on the side of the hill. Drive down the hill to the river. The token is above the river, accessible by jumping off one of the riverbanks.

Second Secret Token In E. Europe

Drive northwest until you come tho the glacier. The token is around the edge of the glacier; somewhere in midair. You have to catch air off of a hill to nab it. (Use the ATV and speed boost.)

Second Secret Token In Vietnam

Drive up the river until you come to a small log bridge surrounded by rocks and weeds. The token is behind one of the rocks.

First Secret Token In N. America

Drive to the waterfall that's farthest east. The token is hanging in midair, and can be nabbed by boosting off the waterfall or the cliff near it.

Second Secret Token In N. America

The second secret token in North America is under one of the many bridges. I forget which one it was, but it shouldn't take long to search them all.

Last Secret Token In Russian Winter

Find the area that looks like a fort or military base. (Has a lot of tall stone arches and pillars.) The token is on one of the lower structures. You'll need the vertical boost to get it.

Unlock Bonus Missions

If you collect all three tokens in a world, you unlock the single player bonus mission for that world. (Bonus missions are accessible under extras on the main screen. North America may not have any bonus missions.)


Successfully complete Smuggler's Mission 9.

Super Buggy Boost

Successfully complete Smuggler's Mission 2.

Special Du Monde

Successfully complete Smuggler's Training 3.

Sahara Special

Successfully complete Smuggler's Mission 18.

Sahara Smoke Screen

Successfully complete Smuggler's Mission 20.

Russian Winter

Successfully complete Smuggler's Mission 22.

Kavostov Smoke Screen

Successfully complete Smuggler's Mission 29.

Kavostov Halftrack

Successfully complete Smuggler's Mission 27.

Hondo Oil Slick

Successfully complete Smuggler's Mission 15.


Successfully complete Smuggler's Mission 24.

Grenadier Bombs

Successfully complete Smuggler's Mission 25.

Dual Career Countermeasures

Successfully complete Smuggler's Mission 36.

Du Monde Oil Slick

Successfully complete Smuggler's Mission 5.

D-5 Hondo

Successfully complete Smuggler's Mission 11.

Baja Truck

Successfully complete Smuggler's Mission 4.

Baja Truck Bombs

Successfully complete Smuggler's Mission 7.

ATV Monster

Successfully complete Smuggler's Mission 10.

ATV Boost

Successfully complete Smuggler's Mission 14.

Front Flip

To do a front flip, you need speed, and a good size jump. Once you found that, go off the jump and hold the R button and you should do a flip. I did manage to do a back flip but I did it by luck.

Secret Token In Vietnam

To get the secret token in Vietnam, you need to be either the D-5 Hondo or the Baja Truck. It also helps to turn on the infinite counter-measure code [at the pause screen, press Y(3), X(2), Z(2)] You need to go to the open ocean part and find the volcano island that you seemingly can't get to. Go out into the water, and when you start to sink, use your Vertical Boost counter-measure. Keep using this and heading towards the island until you make it. The token is on the island.

Get The Police Off Your Back

To get the police or any other computer controlled character off your back go into the deep end of any part of water, then go to the middle of it and drive back to land. This will give you time to drive off while the computer controlled cop/opponent is still stuck in the water.

Secert Token In Winter Russia

Drive around intill you fne a village on the side of hill. Or when you start off drive off to the left down the hill then keepgoing and you should end up at the village. When you fine it it will bi in the air above a building.

Unlock N. America For Milti Player And Joyriding

To unlock North America you need to find every secert token in every level in Joyriding.

Secert Token In Russia

Driver around and look at your map every 30 sec. and look for a yellow box on your map. When you fine it go to it and when you get there you will fine the token on top of the building. The best why to get to it is to use a car that has a speed boost and boost off one of the hills to get on top of it.

Secert Token In E. Europe

The token is on top of one of the buildings in the city look around and you should fine it. You have to fine a ramp to get up on the building and then when your on it theres another ramp jump it and you will get the token.


Achieve a "Great" rank on all Smuggler's levels to unlock the Hoverbike.


No Gravity

Pause the game and press X, Z, X, Z, Up(3). If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Repeat this code to disable its effect. Vehicles in traffic will float when hit.


Pause the game and press Left, Right, Left, Right, Z(2), R. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Repeat this code to disable its effect.

Low Gravity

Pause the game and press Z, R, Z, R, Right(3). If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Repeat this code to disable its effect.

Infinite Countermeasures

Pause the game and press Y(3), X(2), Z(2).


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