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  • Fighting, 3D Fighting
  • Namco Bandai Games
  • Namco Bandai Games
  • Teen
  • June 17, 2008


Getting 450,000 In Arcade Easier

First you want to use Astaroth, and just play arcade. Since Astaroth is very powerful and he can hit long range, use his moves to your advantage. You also want to try to get as many Perfects, Combos, and get a winning Streak going. By that, I mean don't lose a match and win every round.

How To Make Santa And The Headless Horseman.

First download the Christmas and Halloween equipment packs in the game marketplace on the 360 dashboard. When they are downloaded, turn the game on and go to character customization. For Santa, select a personal character (the one next to the empty slot in the middle) and make it a male give him all the Santa equipment and leather gloves give him everything else you want too. (be sure to pick nightmare as his fighting style!) and then you have Santa! For the headless horseman, select Raphael and give him all the paladins armor except the head. for the head give him the jack-o-lantern and for the neck give him the evil cloak thing (not the wizard or the lord the one with the black sun on it) turn everything but the head to color 1;32. and now give him the sword amy.

"Numaric God"

To get this achievement, have the last 2 numbers of you total game play and the last 2 numbers in a victorious round be the same. You can view your total game play time in "Battle Records" under "Museum"

How to Get "Mad Destroyer", "Death on the Battlefield", and "Scopion's Sting"

First of all create a custom Siegfried using the Lifegem : sun and his weapon "Gram". Note: make sure his style lvl is at 9. Then give him the Start Dash A, Hp Drain A, and Nullify Ring out C. Then Just use his more call "Armor Breaker~chief hold". Once he is in "chief hold"(when the sword is behind him). Just hold Y (B) and he will do a Guard Breaker move and make your opponents Soul Gauge change from green to red. Do this repeatedly to do soul crush and a critical finish. Note: This is also helpful in descending 20 floors in the Tower of lost Souls.


We have no cheats or codes for Soulcalibur IV yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.



Defeat him while completing the game's Story Mode.

Secret Achievement "Tower of Gold"

To get this achievement, accumulate a total of 1,000,000 (million)gold. Note: you can spend your gold.

How To Get The Apprentice

To get the Apprentice you must beat the arcade mode with Yoda.

Algol Fear

Defeat her while completing the game's Story Mode.


Purchase from Character Creator for 4,000 gold.

Secret Achievement " Start Of a New Era"

To get this achievement, just watch the opening movie.

How To Get The May The Force Be With You Acheivment

Beat story mode with Yoda

How To Get The Unknown Warrior Achievement

You must beat arcade mode with The Apprentice.

Easter eggs

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