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  • Sports, Skateboarding
  • Neversoft Entertainment
  • Activision
  • Teen
  • October 25, 2002


Slow Motion Mode

Spend $1,000 at the store.

Jet Jump Really High

As Jango Fett, put Matrix Mode on. Do the Jet Jump continuosly. Jango Fett will gradually jet up higher and will fall really slowly. Try this at the drawbridge in Chicago. If you try this w/o Matrix Mode on, Jango will fall after the jump quickly and won't keep going up.

Monkey Poo Mini-Game

Go to the Zoo level and go to the area where the girafes are. You will see a door in the back of there pin. Go inside it and the mini-game is there.

Flame Mode

Spend $1,000 at the store.

Gorilla Mode

Spend $1,000 at the store.

Hoverboard Mode

Spend $1,000 at the store.

Invisible Mode

Spend $1,000 at the store.

Kid Mode

Spend $1,000 at the store.

Sim Mode

Spend $1,000 at the store.

Clown's Hair

Spend $250 at the store.

Clown's Head

Spend $300 at the store.

Clown's Pants

Spend $250 at the store.

Clown's Shoes

Spend $150 at the store.

Pro Bails 2 FMV Sequence

Spend $800 at the store.

Pro Skater FMV Sequence

Successfully complete the Pro Challenge.

College: Nokia Blimp

Play as Tony Hawk in career mode and get the Pro Challenge. Once up on the halfpipes, stop and tilt the view to the sky. You will see a Nokia Blimp.

San Francisco: Feeding The Angry Sea Lions

When you do this, grind the tackle boxes of the fishermen (do one at a time). Then, quickly grind the rail in front of that fishermen. The fish will fall into the water, feeding one sea lion.

San Francisco: Knocking Off The Blockers

When you start this goal, go to the right behind the spine. There will be a little red button. Wall ride it, then quickly turn around and grind off the bottom blockers. Then grind the top ones off.

San Francisco: Saving Painter Neal

When you start this goal, you will be pointing towards a giant ball. Ollie onto the walkway, turn right or left, and grind the string around the ball. It will hit the shark.

San Francisco: Extra Points

Play as Jango Fett and go to the ramp near the people you do a dark slide. Jump up slightly to the right, and do the Jango Jump Jet move. If done correctly, you will land on the roof of the building. You can now jump off towards the building across the river and do a trick. If you go far enough, it will bounce you back up to the building so you can get a bigger combo or a higher degree of rotation, meaning more points. Also, you cannot land on the docks across the river -- you will just fall through them.

Shipyard: Easy Money

Knock over trash cans to find $100 bills. Note: Not all of them have money.

Shipyard: Backflip

Go to the suspending crates. Jump off the crate that is in front of you when you get there. When you jump off, do a spine transfer and keep spinning until you hit the bottom of the crate. If timed correctly, your character should do a backflip.

Daisy: Censored Body

Play as Daisy and find a location where two walls meet in a corner. Place Daisy in the corner, then hold Down to up her board. Do not move. If you are close enough to the corner, the view will pass through Daisy. Manually shift the view back out so that you are looking out from inside Daisy. You can see two blue stars covering her breasts.

Daisy: Enhanced Chest

Play as Daisy in Gorilla mode while skating. Her entire upper body will get very big.

Jango Fett: Rocket Booster

Go to any level and execute the Jango Jump Jet move. This trick will let you jump three times higher then normal, which is useful for getting to high places, money, etc. However, if you are playing in two player mode and are both Jango Fett, one of you will not be able to use the move to make you go higher. Instead, it will make the other player go even higher then before.

Mike Vallely: Screen Contact

Go to the skater selection screen and highlight Mike Vallely. Rotate him to make him face the left side. He should throw his skateboard at the screen, making it shake and have little static.

Created Skater: See Bra

Get close to a corner of two walls with a female created skater, then turn away from the corner. Move the C-Stick, if you are positioned correctly, you will see inside your skater and see her bra.

Pro Challenges

In order to unlock your skater's pro challenge, you must get 90 pro points. The "Pro Challenge Unlocked" message will appear. The game will then tell you the level it is in and ask if you want to go there. If you choose "No" you can still go back and do it at anytime. Pro challenges are the most difficult goals. You may want to build your stats before you attempt them.

Completing Bam Margera's Target Challenge

To complete Bam Margera's target challenge in Alcatraz, do not jump off the kicker. Instead, before you get to it, Ollie and try to land on the yellow or red.

Completing Bob Burnquist's Pro Challenge

Disable the "Cool Specials" cheat if you have it activated. Also, jump before the gap in the loop starts for the "Samba Flip" and the "Sitdown Air", so that Bob has more time to do the trick.

Completing Kareem Cambell's Pro Challenge

Get the directions for the challenge from the man on the roof. Allow the game to idle there. Do not press Ollie. After several minutes, the game will think you are going through the first two parts of the challenge. Although you still have to do the final challenge of seven tricks in one combo over the gaps, you will have two minutes and thirty seconds to do it. You can also let the game idle longer on the last one and all you have to do are the tricks over the gaps and not in one combo. Use the roof behind the starting point. The gap is smaller and it is easier to land the tricks. The second and third stage of the challenge can be difficult. The best way to do it is to go the roof gap behind the starting point while the "Perfect manuals" cheat is enabled. Do the first flip trick over the gap, land in a manual, turn back around, and do the second flip trick over the same gap. The gap is very small; getting over it should not be a problem. The third stage of the challenge is similar to the second. The only difference is that the combo is a bit longer. However, the same routine follows.

Completing Rune's Grommet Gap

Launch off the bowl and into a Lips Stall directly in front of the person holding the skateboard. Note: The lip trick must be ones where the skater jumps out of such, as Axle Stall. After that is done, Ollie off and quickly go into One Foot Blunt. Timing is now much easier than if you had to Boneless all the way up there.

Easy Money

Select any rider and go to practice mode. You will see money floating in the air. Go off a ramp and get a lot of air. Get the money out of the air. Once you have collected all the money, you should have a lot of extra money added to your the total.

Mini-game Money Total

In all of the mini-games (rhino betting, ghost baseball, etc.), only a maximum of $500 can be made.

Instant Transmission

If you have unlocked a pro trick object in a level, press Start, go to the options screen, then select "Pro Trick Objects". Turn the object on, then off, then on again. When you exit the pause menu, you will instantly be in the spot where the object is located.

Shipyard: Enter Ventilation System

Go the roof where you have to do the tricks that are called out over the roof gap. If you jump off toward the ventilation ducts, you can go in them and ride around in the ventilation system. There are a couple different ones.

Smiley Boxers

Spend $150 at the store.

Steve Caballero: Special Moves

Perform the following moves with a full meter.

Daffy Grind: Press Up, Down, Y.
FS 540: Press Left, Down, X.
Kickflip Superman: Press Right, Up, B. 

Super Blood Mode

Spend $1,000 at the store.

Land A Half/quarter Pipe Trick And Continue Your Combo

As you are landing back onto the ramp, press R to do a revert. From the revert, you can either just manual or jump and do something. The combo will just get bigger. The bigger your combo, the brighter party mode gets when it is switched on.

Do A Full Backflip

Get $9000 and buy Secret Skater 3. Select his special, "Ho Ho Ho Street Plant". Begin to do one, but before it shows the trick at the bottom of the screen, ollie. The character will do a backflip if timed correctly.

Skate Sideways

Go to any part in the game that has a ramp and then a flat surface above it (for example, the right side of the rhinos pen on the Zoo or at the crates in the Shipyard). Then, slowly skate up the ramp and turn.

Fat Kid Skater

Buy the ''Gorilla'' and ''Kid'' cheats. Go to any level with any character, except the bonus ones. Then, enter the options and enable both of those cheats.

Quick Turn

While riding in any level, press R + L and press Down. If done correctly you will do a quick U- turn.

Change Grind Trick

If you are grinding on a circle-shaped rail, use combinations of the Y, B, and X buttons to change your grind trick.

Quick Tricks

Buy the "Hoverboard" cheat. As soon as you are in a special, quickly pause game play and go to the cheats menu. Keep selecting "Hoverboard" on and off, and your skater will do the special trick while paused.

Eat Pizza

Go to "Edit Tricks", then "Special Tricks", then select "Chomp On This". You will eat pizza once you do the trick.

No Skater On Board

Buy the "Invisible" cheat then go to create a skater. Select "Male". Go to shirt and select "Shirtless", then for the pants select "Briefs". Go to your career mode on any level and press Start. Go to the options screen, select "Cheats" and turn on invisible skater.

Collecting Combos Or Tasks

If you are having trouble collecting combos or tasks that you have to complete in one combo, buy the "Slow Motion" cheat and enable it. This makes it a lot easier to complete those tasks.

Metal Griptape

Do a 5050 while grinding and press the buttons for a darkslide. The grip tape will sparkle as if it were metal

Almost Perfect Balance

Choose two player mode and select Freeskate. Have either player one or two be Jango Fett and the other player be anyone else. When the non-Jango Fett character is in a stall, have Jango do a Jango Jump Jet. The non-Jango player will fly up (still in the stall) and will have perfect balance. for as long as desired. You can also move around for awhile like this.

Indefinite Lip Trick

Have player one do a hand plant at the while player two, as Jango Fett, does the Jango Jump Jet. Player one will fly into the air and continue to do the lip trick indefinitely.

Floating Skater

Choose any skater. Go to the practice pipe and go to the side of the ramp closest to the skate shop. As you are going up the wall of the pipe with no extensions (the side you dropped in on), do a stall. The skater will appear as if they are floating.

Alcatraz: Move Through Stairs

At the start of the level, go left into the "teleporter". When you reappear, turn 180 to see some stairs to the right of the building. Next to that is path made of earth. Go off here, while going to the left. If done correctly, you will land on a platform beneath the stairs. You can now go through the stairs.

Carnival: Warp To Different Places

Enable the "Stats +13", "Sim mode", "Flame", "Perfect rail", and "Disco mode" cheats. Go to the Tea-Cup ride, gain a little speed, and continuously grind one of the Tea- Cups. Your skater will appear to warp through the level. Continue to grind the rail and your skater will completely stop in place and be in another part of the level. Note: It helps if your stats are all at maximum.

College: Unfinished Town

Enable the "Matrix Mode" and "Moon Physics" cheats then get to a high roof. Jump off and turn the view with the C-stick. If you can see that far, the two "will bring you back" or hazardous streets will appear to be unfinished. They will be all gray and you can see beaches far from the college.

San Francisco: Go In Building

Enable the "Moon Gravity" cheat and play as Jango Fett. Select free skate in two player or career mode. Use the Jango Jump Jet over the cement awning. You will see a building that goes down to where a painter is standing. Use the Jango Jump Jet until you are over the window building. Go over it, then drop down. You will be in a short room with a few windows and a short roof. Note: You can practice your manuals in there.

San Francisco: Explore Level

Play as Jango Fett and go to the out of bounds location. Before the red letters appear stating that you are going out of bounds, use the Jango Jump Jet repeatedly. You can now explore that area.

Tony Hawk: Special Moves

Perform the following moves with a full meter.

Barrel Roll: Press Left, Down, B.
Froggy Grind: Press Left, Down, Y. 
The 900: Press Right, Down, X. 

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 Reference

In Build Park mode, one of the themes' background resembles the Los Angeles level from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3.

View All FMV Sequences Cheaply

Save your game then buy a movie for $800. After you have viewed the FMV sequence, reset the Gamecube and buy a different movie.

Zoo: Easy Points

Go to the ramp near the sea lions. On the left side of the entrance as you enter, grind the top lip going to the right. Then, hold Grind and you will get continuous "Kissed The Rail" tricks.

Zoo: Height And Trick Record

When in the aquarium, the shark tank measures your height and keeps a record of the highest trick.

Zoo: Ride In The Parking Lot

Go to where the lion's cage is located. Enable the "Moon Jump" cheat or do Jango Fett's jump special on the outside of the cage in the direction of the parking lot. You will see a square in that lot, not far from your jump. Land on it to be able to go around in the parking lot.

Zoo: Skitch The Elephant

Go into the elephant's tank. Go behind the elephant on the platform by the rocks. Go up to it like a car, and it should start to run in circles.

Zoo: Tour

If you want to tour the zoo, wait for the tram with the gorilla sitting in it, then Ollie on top it. When on top, hold Back until you are standing still and you do not roll off. You will then be able to view the entire zoo without moving or getting thrown off, as the tram does not leave the zoo.

Voltage Mini Game At The College

Go by the sports shop and go in between the 2 shops and find the green transformer. Do a lip trick on it. Then go to Tony Hawk if you are on career mode. Go off the right side of the spine and grind.

3rd Floor Of Parking Garage In College

Go to the ramp in College where Tony Hawk is in Carreer when you first start. Go up that ramp and do a trick. Then land on the roof above. Go up the bigger jump and do a trick. Press right on the control stick to get in the garage. If you're in carreer mode, there is a professor with a goal. The goal is to skitch on the car till it runs out of gas. If you used the master code, use the Perfect Skitch option in the pause menu options/cheats.

Easy Money In Alcatraz

Go to the level Alcatraz and go to the baseball diamond and go to the pithchers mound and talk to the voice. 25 bucks for every home run you hit.

Easy Money

When you are selecting your skater, notice that there are people skating in a halfpipe in the background, and that there is money there. After picking your skater, go to practice instead of skate. You can skate in that halfpipe you saw and collect that money.

Get In The Aquarium At The Zoo

Get on the roof of the building next to Stompy the elephant. Jump on Stompy's back and grind her head to open the aquarium.

Target Practice Mini-game At Carnival

Talk to the carnical worker with the gun at the shooting range to get $15 or $30 per shot.

Tennis Mini-game At College

Go to the tennis court and you can play tennis with somebody named Bjorn. You will get $500 if you win

Tennis Mini-game At College

Go to the tennis court, at the end of the net you will see a tennis racket, go to it and talk to Bjorn and you will play tennis

Voltage Mini-game At The College

Find the green transformer next to Billy's Sporting Goods and do a lip trick on it. Grind the flashing wires to bring the voltages down to zero.

Slappers Mini-game In London

Go under the bridge on the southern banks to find a pimp. You can bet on which of his girls will win a cat fight, if you lose you will not lose any money.

Garbage Truck Mini-game At The College

go to the garbage truck right outside the fraternity, spine Transfer into the garbage truck, then fall while still in the truck. You will start a mini-game where you can get a lot of money by riding the garbage trucks and launching out to catch the $50 bills.

Slappers Mini-game In London

Go under the bridge on the southern banks to find a pimp. You can bet on which of his girls will win a cat fight, if you lose you will not lose any money.

Sea Lions Mini-game At San Francisco

At the pier, go straight back to the ocean. Go near the big bowl back there. You will see two view finders between quarterpipes. Look through the view finder on the left for the mini-game.

Target Practice Mini-game At The Carnival

Talk to the carnival worker with the gun at the shooting range to do a carnival shooting game.

Entering Aquarium In The Zoo

Get on the roof of the building next to Stompy the Elephant. Jump on Stompy's head to open the aquarium.

Rhino Fight Mini-game At Zoo

Find the rhino area. Talk to the rhino trainer to bet on which rhino will lose a fight.

Dodgeball Mini-game

In the Zoo, go to the giraffe pen. Go behind the giraffe in the back of the pen and go in the door. Next, go to the red boutton and press X. You'll have to dodge monkey feces(crap) for thirty seconds to get 500$.

Baseball Mini - Game

The baseball mini game is located in Alcatraz. The way you do it is you go to the prison wall that has a large gap and go to the picther's mound and speak with the pitcher. Also, for every home run you hit, you recieve $25!

Collect Money

Collecting money pays off. The more money you spend unlocking hidden features, the more hidden features become available, such as more characters, i.e. Jango Fett, more levels and different modes.

Getting Up Faster After Falling

When you fall on the ground rapidly press the L,& R button to get up faster.


Play As Tony Hawk's Sons

Enter "Riley Hawk" or "Spencer Hawk" at create-a- skater.

Unlock All

To unlock all cheats type in "Watch_Me_Xplode" that should unlock all special characters and cheats.

Play As Daisy

Enter the options menu, then choose the "Cheats" selection. Enter "(o)(o)" as a code to unlock Daisy. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear the sound of money being collected.

Tony Hawk Rocks!

Sorry, just had to put in here that Tony Hawk RULEZ.

Reverend Booyah
(the guy who programmed this site)


While playing a game, stand still and press one of the following button sequences to do the indicated taunt:

No Way Taunt: press L1+R1+X.

Your Daddy Taunt: Press L1+R1+B.

Props Taunt: Press L1+R1+Y.

Get Some Taunt: Press L1+R1+A.

Moon Physics

Go to main menu and go to the cheats in options. Then enter "giantsteps". While playing, go to options in the pause menu and cheats. Turn on Moon gravity and you will go SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO high!

Matrix Mode

Enter the options menu, then choose the "Cheats" selection. Enter "mrandersen" as a code. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear the sound of money being collected. All ollies and aerial tricks will be in slow-motion.

Perfect Balance For Manuals

Enter the options menu, then choose the "Cheats" selection. Enter "2wheelin" as a code. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear the sound of money being collected.

Perfect Balance For Rails

Enter the options menu, then choose the "Cheats" selection. Enter "belikegeoff" as a code. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear the sound of money being collected.

Full Special Meter

First, go to cheat in the main menu. Enter g0lden ( note, the "o" in the code is a ZERO not an o ) Turn it on while playing for full special!

Secret Created Skaters

Enter one of the names listed below to create a pre-made secret skater:

Aaron Skillman
Adam Lippman
Andrew Skates
Andy Marchal
Atiba Jefferson
Ben Scott Pye
Big Tex
Brian Jennings
Captain Liberty
Chauwa Steel
Chris Peacock
Dave Stohl
Fakes The Clown
Gary Jesdanun
Henry Ji
Jason Uyeda
Jim Jagger
Joe Favazza
John Rosser
Kevin Mulhall
Lindsey Hayes
Lisa G Davies
Little Man
Marilena Rixfor
Mat Hoffman
Matt Mcpherson
Maya's Daddy
Meek West
Mike Day
Mike Lashever
Mike Ward
Mr. Brad
Nolan Nelson
Parking Guy
Pete Day
Rick Thorne
Stacey D
Stacey Ytuarte
Stealing Is Bad
Team Chicken
Ted Barber
Todd Wahoske
Top Bloke
Zac ZiG Drake


We have no unlockables for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

Egg Drop Mini-game At The Zoo

Find the bird area, from the start go straight until you get to the sea lions. go left go past the car. Talk to the small nest in the area to start a mini-game where you need to catch ten eggs.


Glitch: San Francisco: Skate On Water

Enable the "Moon physics" code and play as Jango Fett on free skate in two player or career mode. Go behind the building with the two green trailers. Then, use Jango Jump Jet over the water behind the ramp that is close to the gate. Keep using it until you see dark water. Land on it, and you will be able to skate on the water. Note: If you jump-up and bail, your blood will also still be on the water.

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