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  • Adventure, Interactive Movie
  • Avalanche
  • Disney Interactive
  • Everyone
  • June 15, 2010


Seeing The Linking Of The Areas In Toy Box

This might be very strange, but you can see the linking of areas in toy box mode. (fair warning: if you haven't bought almost everything in the toy box, you might not be able to do this. ) you need to grab a ghost with your ghost wand and throw the ghost in the pen near Stinky Pete. Then, you need to summon your dragon from the toy barn, (this wont work with bulls eye. ) Second, go grab the green goo. Throw it on your dragon. Finally, put your dragon in the pen, (don't put it anywhere else, or this might not work, ) and take out the ghost wand, and throw the ghost on the dragon. Then go to the biggest building in your town. You should be able to walk through it. Then, you need to mess around with the building a few times, (flame and jump and flap your wings, usually works for me. ) You know it works when you see yourself falling through the bottom of the ground. If you see a big gray box, keep on flapping your wings. When you are officially in the gray box, look around. You should see all kinds of brown things that look like the areas. That means you've done it. If you want to see the well link, you have to flap your wings to the side that has a half rendered building, and flap past it. Thats the well. Then, you'll be sent back to the top, once you fall to your death.


First you get over 100 Al's Toy Tokens. Go to Al's Toy Barn. Go for the egg machine. Keep spending `till you get a coin things (you should get more).

How To Get Out Of Your Car In The Stunt/Skate Park

First, you need a second player for this glitch. One player goes to the customization stand. When the first player presses the square button and right before the two bars come down the second player (with car) rams into the first player. You will get hit out of your car. To get the second player out, is to charge into their car (without car). You should now be able to walk freely around the park.


We have no cheats or codes for Toy Story 3 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Bonus Weapons Unlock

Complete the indicated level in Story Mode and you unlock the following weapon that you can purchase at the shop for the listed price:
Cow Cannon ($2,500) : "Get Cows To Higher Ground"
UFO Gun ($2,000 : "Blow Up The Dam"

Easter eggs

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Trophy List

Train Catcher Finished "Loco Motives"
No Toy Left Behind Rescue all the orphans on the Train
Welcome to Town Finish the Woody's Roundup tutorials
First Sale Buy a toy from the Toy Store
Off the Hook Finished "Hold the Phone"
Defeat Zurg Finished "To Infinity and Beyond"
First Silver Earn a silver medal in a vehicle challenge
Spooky Town Purchase Sid's Haunted House
Carnival Conqueror Finished "Fair Play"
First Bronze Earn a bronze medal in a vehicle challenge
To Infinity… Purchase Zurg's Spaceport
Secret Achievement Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
Cuddly Town Purchase Lotso's Enchanted Glen
Rocket Launcher Finished "Witch Way Out"
Making a break for it Finished "Hide-N-Sneak"
Mashing the Masher Finished "Trash Thrash"
Muffin Massacre Finished "Muffin to Fear"
First Gold Earn a gold medal in a vehicle challenge
We can rebuild him Collect all of Zurg's Parts
Secret Achievement Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
Secret Achievement Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
Airborn Ranger Hit 15 Paratrooper targets
True Carny Achieve gold on all carnival games
Pict-O-Collector Find all 6 discs of Pict-O-Matic missions
Mapnipulator Explored all the objects on the map
Memories Collect all of Andy's Memorabilia
No Claw Required Find all the hidden aliens
Townspeople Hunter Find all the hidden townspeople
Photojournalist Complete all Toy Camera missions
Really holding all the cards Find all the Special Cards
Holding all the Cards Find all the Regular Cards
Pict-O-Amateur Complete 1 disc of Pict-O-Matic missions
The Collector Gather every collectible in the game
Space Ranger Elite Reach Zurg’s base without losing all your health
Toy Collector Purchase every item in the Toy Store
Sneaky Sneaky Finished the Prison Break without ever tripping an alarm
Pict-O-Master Complete all Pict-O-Matic missions
Gold Super Star Collect all the Gold Stars

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