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  • Role-Playing, First-Person RPG
  • Unknown
  • South Peak
  • Mature
  • October 5, 2010


We have no tips for Two Worlds II yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Bonus Code Passwords

Go to the "Bonus Code" menu and enter any of these codes to unlock the corresponding effects.

  • 6770-8976-1634-9490 : Anathros sword
  • 1775-3623-3298-1928 : Axe
  • 4149-3083-9823-6545 : Dragon scale armor
  • 3542-3274-8350-6064 : Elexorien two-handed sword
  • 6231-1890-4345-5988 : Hammer
  • 9122-5287-3591-0927 : Lucienda sword
  • 6972-5760-7685-8477 : Scroll bonus map
  • 3654-0091-3399-0994 : Two-handed hammer
  • 6624-0989-0879-6383 : Luciendar Sword
  • 1797-3432-7753-9254 : Labyrinth Level

  • Cheats: Quest Items

    Create the_taint
    Sprosse der Heimsuchung
    Create orc_armour
    Orc camouflage armor
    Create Qitem_008	Translate Item
    Create Qitem_009	Grom totem
    Create Qitem_012	Translate Item
    Create Qitem_013	Translate Item
    Create Qitem_015	Translate Item
    Create Qitem_028	Translate Item
    Create Qitem_031	The key to the grave of the king
    Create Qitem_032	Satrius Crown
    Create Qitem_038	Insect egg
    Create Qitem_040	Large pack of food
    Create Qitem_042	Small pack of food
    Create Qitem_045	Anti-Taint Inspection Device
    Create Qitem_051	Key to the caves of Tharbakin
    Create Qitem_061	Ancient key of the dwarves
    Create Qitem_063	Cure
    Create Qitem_070	A Dwarven Contraption
    Create Qitem_071
    Translate Item
    Create Qitem_072	Report of the Excavations
    Create Qitem_073	Key - Excavations
    Create Qitem_096	Merchants' Association Package
    Create Qitem_104	Underpants
    Create Qitem_111	Letter
    Create Qitem_112	Whiskey
    Create Qitem_128	Necrowonder against Orcs
    Create Qitem_136	Depoisoner
    Create Qitem_146	Order for armor
    Create Qitem_154	Summon Spider Figurine
    Create Qitem_157	Arrows for Rigwell
    Create Qitem_161	Beautiful flower
    Create Qitem_165	Love Potion
    Create Qitem_174	Wilcor's Braid
    Create Qitem_175	Catapult trigger
    Create Qitem_181	Compass
    Create Qitem_191	Moon Eye crystal
    Create Qitem_204	Throglin Statue
    Create Qitem_214	Falsification
    Create Qitem_221	Moonshine
    Create Qitem_225	Archmage Earth Staff
    Create Qitem_234	Family ring
    Create Qitem_241	Hangman's Rope
    Create Qitem_242	Voodoo doll
    Create Qitem_255	Engagement ring
    Create Qitem_264	Magical mirror
    Create Qitem_270	Red dress
    Create Qitem_271	Key to the temple in Ashos
    Create Qitem_272	Blacksmith's Will
    Create Qitem_273	The mayor's medicine
    Create Qitem_278	Magic Dust
    Create Qitem_286	Letters of the poet
    Create Qitem_292	Soldier armor
    Create Qitem_295	Poison
    Create Qitem_296	Medal
    Create Qitem_303	Necklace of the wife
    Create Qitem_304	Family heirloom piece
    Create Qitem_353	Necromancer poison

    Cheats: Alchemy

    ing_02	Hemlock
    ing_03	Screama Badilla
    ing_04	Bloatroot
    ing_05	Hot Rot
    ing_06	Spurge
    ing_07	Ostrich Plumes
    ing_08	Blue Eye
    ing_09	Adder Brother
    ing_10	False Shoes
    ing_11	Flagelle
    ing_12	Lavender
    ing_13	Tongues
    ing_14	Paturin
    ing_15	Swordleaf
    ing_16	Traveller's Joy
    ing_17	Centaurium
    ing_18	Saffron
    ing_19	Northern Frostroot
    ing_20	Forest Burnhand
    ing_21	Foxglove
    ing_22	Diptame
    ing_23	Eagleclaw
    ing_24	Friend to Foe
    ing_25	Anemone
    ing_26	Might of Nine
    ing_27	Mountain Breed
    ing_28	Aconite
    ing_29	Angelica
    ing_30	Arborusia
    ing_31	Rabbit Bladder
    ing_32	Beaver Fat
    ing_33	Goose Liver
    ing_34	Unicorn Horn
    ing_35	Dodo Feather
    ing_36	Viper Poison Glands
    ing_37	Grass Snake Tongue
    ing_38	Rattle Snake Rattle
    ing_39	Foodball
    ing_40	Pearl
    ing_41	Spider Gland
    ing_42	Scorpion Poison Gland
    ing_43	Trachidis Egg
    ing_44	Dragon Scale
    ing_45	Wolf Heart
    ing_46	Bear Claw
    ing_47	Boar Tusk
    ing_48	Wyvern Lacrimal Gland
    ing_49	Ripper Muscle
    ing_50	Zombie Thyroid
    ing_51	Werewolf Spinal Core
    ing_52	Skeleton Bone Marrow
    ing_53	Ghoul Brain
    ing_54	Demon Eye
    ing_55	Winged Demon Eye
    ing_56	Headless Heart
    ing_57	Earth Elemental Crystal
    ing_58	Wing Membrane
    ing_59	Meat
    ing_60	Fox Liver
    ing_61	Sulfur
    ing_62	Salt Crystal
    ing_63	Quartz Crystal
    ing_64	Garnet stone
    ing_65	Chalk stone
    ing_66	Amber
    ing_67	Diamant
    ing_68	Rubin
    ing_69	Opal
    ing_70	Azurit
    ing_71	Blood Stone
    ing_72	Magnesite
    ing_73	Sand Rose
    ing_74	Glowing Earth
    ing_75	Byrill
    ing_76	Topas
    ing_77	Silver
    ing_78	Yellowroot (grene)
    ing_79	Yellowroot (red)
    ing_80	Yellowroot (blue)

    Cheats: Magic

     School of Air Magic
    magic_lighting	Thunderbolt
    magic_heal	Healing
    magic_bless	Bless
    magic_destroyundead	Destroy Undead
    magic_push	Shock Wave
    magic_concentration	Concentration
    Shield of Magic
    magic_regeneration	Regeneration
    magic_lightingshield	Lightning Shield
    magic_push_wave	Concentric Shock Wave
    magic_aid	Aid
    magic_summon_air_elemental	Summon Air Elemental
    magic_lightingstorm	Lightning Storm
    magic_strengthofgod	Strength of God
    magic_resurrection	Resurrection
    School of Water Magic 
    magic_icebolt	Icebolt
    magic_confusion	Confusion
    magic_summon_reaper	Summon Reaper
    magic_freezingwave	Freezing Wave
    magic_shadow	Shadow
    magic_iceshield	Ice Shield
    magic_summon_spider	Summon Spider
    magic_iceray	Ice Ray
    magic_unsummon	Unsummon
    magic_summon_wyvern	Summon Wyvern
    magic_protfromfire	Flame Shield
    magic_summon_scorpio	Summon Scorpion
    magic_blizzard	Blizzard
    magic_summoningaura	Summoning Aura
    School of Fire Magic
    magic_firebolt	Firebolt
    magic_firewall	Firewall
    magic_overpower	Overpower
    magic_summon_minion	Summon Minion
    magic_fireball	Fireball
    magic_firering	Firering
    magic_fireshield	Fireshield
    magic_firespray	Firespray
    magic_firefield	Firefield
    magic_summon_hellwarrior	Summon Hellwarrior
    magic_firewave	Firewave
    magic_chaosrage	Chaos Rage
    magic_summon_devil	Summon Devil
    magic_meteor	Meteor
    magic_summon_hellmaster	Summon Hellmaster
    School of Earth Magic
    magic_spikes	Spikes
    magic_chains	Chains
    magic_rustweapon	Rust Weapon
    magic_ironskin	Ironskin
    magic_magichammer	Magical Hammer
    magic_rustarmour	Rust Armour
    magic_summon_stonegolem	Summon Stonegolem
    magic_stonewall	Stonewall
    magic_adamantium	Adamantium
    magic_summon_irongolem	Summon Irongolem
    magic_eruption	Eruption
    magic_ivy	Ivy
    magic_earthblessing	Earth Blessing
    magic_reflectionshield	Reflection Shield
    magic_summon_adamegolem	Summon Adamegolem
    School of Necromancy
    magic_poinsonblade	Poisonous Blade
    magic_corpseconversion	Corpse Conversion
    magic_bonearmour	Bone Armour
    magic_summon_skeleton	Summon Skeleton
    magic_poinsondart	Poisonous Dart
    magic_deadhands	Deadhands
    magic_poinsonshield	Poison Shield
    magic_summon_archer	Summon Archer
    magic_poinsoncloud	Poisonous Cloud
    magic_disease	Disease
    magic_leechaura	Leech Aura
    magic_summoun_ghoul	Summon Ghoul
    magic_necropower	Necropower
    magic_auraofdeath	Aura of Death
    Magic boosters
    magic_boost_damage	Damage Booster
    magic_boost_time	Timer Booster
    magic_boost_mana	Mana Booster
    magic_boost_level	Level Booster
    magic_boost_summon	Summoning Booster

    Cheats: Potions

    Mana Potions	 
    create potion_mana_01	Small mana potion
    create potion_mana_02	Medium mana potion
    create potion_mana_03	Large mana potion
    Healing Potions	 
    create potion_healing_01	Small healing potion
    create potion_healing_01	Medium healing potion
    create potion_healing_01	Large healing potion

    Cheats: Relics

    create Relic_00	The relic
    create Relic_01	Relic with earth element
    create Relic_02	Relic with water element
    create Relic_03	Relic with earth and water elements
    create Relic_04	Relic with fire element
    create Relic_05	Relic with earth and fire elements
    create Relic_06	Relic with water and fire elements
    create Relic_07	Relic with earth, water and fire elements
    create Relic_08	Relic with air element
    create Relic_09	Relic with earth and air elements
    create Relic_10	Relic with water and air elements
    create Relic_11	Relic with earth, water and air elements
    create Relic_12	Relic with fire and air elements
    create Relic_13	Relic with earth, fire and air elements
    create Relic_14	Relic with water, fire and air elements
    create Relic_15	Relic with all four element stones

    Cheats: Power Ups

    create art_add_electric10	Lightning damage + 10 %
    create art_add_electric20	Lightning damage + 20 %
    create art_add_electric50	Lightning damage + 50 %
    create art_add_poison10	Poison damage + 10 %
    create art_add_poison20	Poison damage + 20 %
    create art_add_poison50	Poison damage + 50 %
    create art_add_fire10	Fire damage + 10 %
    create art_add_fire20	Fire damage + 20 %
    create art_add_fire50	Fire damage + 50 %
    create art_add_spirit10	Shock damage + 10 %
    create art_add_spirit20	Shock damage + 20 %
    create art_add_spirit50	Shock damage + 50 %
    create art_add_cold10	Cold damage + 10 %
    create art_add_cold20	Cold damage + 20 %
    create art_add_cold50	Cold damage + 50 %

    Other Cheat Codes

    ec.dbg iamcheater	+ 1.000 to all parameters
    ec.dbg levelup	Level up
    ec.dbg skills	Makes all skills available
    ec.dbg addskillpoints	Adds skill points
    ec.dbg rep	Reputation increases +1 at all clans
    AddExperiencePoints	Additional points of experience
    AddGold 1000
    Adds 1000 gold
    create MO_HORSE_01	Creates a horse
    create MO_HORSE_02	Creates a horse
    create MO_HORSE_03	Creates a horse
    create MO_HORSE_04	Creates a horse
    create MO_HORSE_05	Creates a horse
    create MO_HORSE_06	Creates a horse
    create MO_HORSE_07	Creates a horse
    create MO_HORSE_08	Creates a horse
    create MO_HORSE_09	Creates a horse
    create MO_HORSE_10	Creates a horse
    create MO_MUTARI_01	Creates a Mutari
    create MO_MUTARI_02
    Creates a Mutari
    create MO_MUTARI_03	Creates a Mutari
    kill	Kills the opponent at your point of view
    resetfog	Uncovers the map for the hero
    time 0-256	Sets the time

    Cheats Console

    Open the console with the "^" (caret) or "1/2" (half) keyboard key and enter: "twoworldscheats 1" to turn on cheats.


    We have no unlockables for Two Worlds II yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

    Easter eggs

    We have no easter eggs for Two Worlds II yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


    We have no glitches for Two Worlds II yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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    We have no achievements or trophies for Two Worlds II yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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