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  • Action, Adventure
  • Acclaim
  • Acclaim
  • Teen
  • February 13, 2003


Avoid Falling Damage 2

Another way to avoid falling damage is right before you hit the ground press the b button to execute a flare kick. You will land safely.

The Below Hint

In "The Below" theres a level wiht a whole bunch of statues with switches by them all. A floating orb thing will follow you around and if you press the wrong switch Zappp! You're fried. To beat this level look at all the statues. Find the one that is different from all the rest. Sometimes they will point and you will have to find another one that is different. Keep doing this and youll get the wraitheart.

Fighting Moves

Heres the list of fighting moves/moves Vexx can do:

Flare Kick: Jump and press B while in the air
Uppercut: Hold L and press B
Booster Jump: Hold L and press A
Ground Pound: Jump and press L while in the air
Combo: press B 3 times in succession
Combo Punch: press B two times, hesitate and hold B to charge release B to do the attack
4-hit combo: press B twice, hesitate and press b twice again
4-hit combo # 2: perform combo punch then press B again
Jump: press A
Talon Charge: fill up talon meter and press R, press B to shoot blue blasts.

Super Move

Use combos to increase the super move meter in the top right corner. After it is flashing, press R to execute a super move.

Charged Combo Attack

When doing the three hit combo attack, you can sometimes hold Attack on the third attack and Vexx will charge up his attack before delivering the final blow.

Fly Suit

In Dragons Reach (level 2), climb up the dragon's tail. Continue climbing until you reach the yellow poles on the slippery ground. Climb the first and jump to the others. On the last one, turn to your left and try to do a long jump to a small platform with a jump pad on it. You will be rocketed over to the plateau. Walk around it. The fly suit is on the other side. Note that the jump to the jump pad may require some adjustments on your part.

Pirate Ship Game In The Below

In the pirate ship game with the three pirates from the belly of the large beast, it is easier to not try to change the colors of the squares yourself. Instead, watch the board and let the cannonballs do the work for you.

Sundial Portal In Daggercrag

In Daggercrag, once you adjust the sundial, go to the base with the ring full of enemies. Climb the second pole to the right and you should find a sundial portal. Go through it if you see another world in it. Note: Be careful, as this stage is extremely tricky.

Avoid Falling Damage

When falling from a great height and about to take damage, perform the Ground Pound attack just before you hit the ground. If timed correctly, it will break your fall and you will not sustain any damage.

Shards In Timberdale Forest

Here's some wraithheart hints(not riddles don't worry) if you need more in Timberdale forest. Near the beginning of the level you might find a tan colored ball you can kick around. Take this ball over to a a soccer looking net near the gravestone, past the red pad. When it's in a Wraith heart will appear. If you clinb to the top of the middle tower in the middle of the level, you will see Sumo kin. To defeat him easily, wait until he puts his hand on the ground and it glows orange and he charges at you. Dodge him and hit his backside while he is about to fall. Do this 3 times and you will win!

Rock Suit

To get the Rock Suit, go back to where you began (the old guy's place). On top of a ledge in the place, there will be a thing that will look like a small tornado. To get there, jump on the biggest fire. But, be careful to not touch the fire. Try to face the sides of the place with the Y button. Do a pulse jump while moving toward the ledge. Scale the edge, moving toward the small tornado. Once you get to it, it will transport you into a tapestry. Jump along the big fire guy adn jump for the crimson rune. Once you get that, jump off the fire guy's arm and you will be sent outside of the tapestry. Once you do this, go out and go to where you began this level (near the Warp Hub). There will be a round red thing surrounded by shards. Go on top of the red spot and you will put on the Rock Suit!


Pirate Chest

The code for the pirate chest is A, X, B.

Super Jump

Go to Options, select Cheats and enter "XXEVTOOFYTFIF"


Go to Options, select Cheats and enter "XXEVEDOMDOG"

Level Select

Go to Options, select Cheats and enter "XXEVPIKS"


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Easter eggs

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