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  • Shooter, First-Person Shooter
  • Unknown
  • BAM! Entertainment
  • Mature


Level 11?

On the first level go to the last room with the elevator. When you first enter the room, go to the corner immediately to your left. It is a secret. After that opens, go in and you should see a medical kit. Get the medical kit (if you need it) then go to the opposite wall where you first entered. Open the secret there (which is located on the right when you enter the first secret area). You should be able to get to an elevator from there. Hint: There is a secret door in that area too that has a life in it.

Secret Passage On Episode 1 Boss

On The First Boss, After you went out of the door that is in front of you when you started, go all the way to the left to the paintings. Go to the gold Nazi symble (in the middle) and push B. When you go in you Should see health and the best gun. Also There is a ton of ammo!

Secret Level

while on the first level pause the game and enter the level skip cheat, then unpause the game The end level thing will come up you your time and % stuff, now the second level is a Secret level insteed of the normal one. (note i have not got to try this code on any other levels their my be other Secret Levels.....Who..Knows..??? )


Get To The Boss On Any Episode/Level 9!

When you start an episode, pause the game and then hold l+r, and then while holdind l+r,push these buttons,A,B,A,A,B,B,A,A.If you typed the code correctly,you should here a UFO sound.

Greatest Gun And Keys

This cheat gives youall keys to the level your on 99 ammo and all guns. Gust pause your game while you playing. Hold down L and R while you press a b b a a a a a. If you did it right you should here a man that says yeah. Have fun

Level Skip

During game play Pause the game and press and hold L+R now press A, B,A(2x), B(3x), A you will here an unlocking sound if you did it right.

God Mode

During game play Pause the game. Now press and hold L+R then press A(2x), B, A(5x) you will here a Ping if you did it right.


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