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  • SmackDown vs. Raw 2008: WWE
  • Sports, Wrestling
  • Yukes
  • THQ
  • Teen
  • November 6, 2007


Easy Victory Streak

This is the easy way to get a perfect winning streak on 24/7 mode. Before every match, turn on dq's, and choose to play as your opponent. Then, when the match starts, grab a weapon and attack your superstar with it. You are dq'd, but your superstar wins! But in a title match, if your trying to win the title, play as the other guy and let yourself get beat up and get pinned, and your superstar will have the belt!

Get On The FireTruck In A Backstage Match

First make it a 2 player game. Throw your other fighter into the truck. Move the right stick. It will run their head into it. Make your other man climb the truck. Now you climb the truck and it will throw them off and you will be on the truck!

Win Easily

To win easily, plug in player two and on story mode put player two as your guy and you as your challenger and make yourself win.

Preset Entrances And Movesets

Legend 1: Sgt. Slaughter
Legend 2: Jim Neidhart
Legend 3: Eddie Guerrero
Superstar 1: Kurt Angle
Superstar 2: Chris Jericho
Superstar 3: Booker T
Superstar 4: Big Show
Superstar 5: Lance Cade
Superstar 6: Trevor Murdoch
Superstar 7: Hardcore Holly
Superstar 8: Joey Mercury
Superstar 9: Tazz
Superstar 10: Rob Van Dam
Superstar 11: Shelton Benjamin
Superstar 12: Dusty Rhodes
Superstar 13: The Boogeyman
Superstar 14: Paul London
Superstar 15: Brian Kendrick 

These are the Preset Stable Entrances

Tag General 1 - Paul London and Brian Kendrick
Tag General 2 - Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch
Tag General 3 - Bret Hart and Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart
Tag General 4 - William Regal and Dave Taylor
Tag General 5 - Johnny Nitro andKenny Dykstra
Tag General 6 - Generic
Tag General 7 - Generic (mix of old singles animations)
Mixed Tag 1 - Edge & Lita
Mixed Tag 2 - Charlie Haas & Jackie Gayda
Mixed Tag 3 - Generic
Mixed Tag 4 - Mike Knox & Kelly Kelly
Mixed Tag 5 - Kenny Dykstra & Victoria

Trio 1 - MNM
Trio 2 - Spirit Squad
Trio 3 - ECW Originals 

1. Paul London
2. Brian Kendrick
3. Charlie Haas
4. Shelton Benjamin
5. Eugene
6. Val Venis
7. Rob Van Dam
8. Big Show
9. Test
10. Hardcore Holly
11. Tazz
12. Kurt Angle
13. Christian
14. Rhyno
15. Bubba Ray Dudley
16. D-Von Dudley
17. "Ass Man" Bily Gunn
18. "Road Dogg" Jesse James
19. Samoa Joe
20. AJ Styles
21. Christopher Daniels
22. Tajiri
23. Brock Lesnar
24. Goldberg
25. Sting
26. X-Pac
27. Jimmy Snuka
28. Dusty Rhodes
29. Ultimate Warrior

Win By Hearse Or Trash Truck

Pick any two superstars for a parking lot brawl match. Beat your opponent until you reach full momentum (when you get to the point to where you can pull off a finisher). Irish whip your opponent into either the hearse or the trash truck. Press triangle and, viola, you win.

Easy Hall Of Famer

When playing just about any of the Hall of Fame matches go to in match options and put no DQ. When in the match go outside and get a weapon. Stay outside and fight your opponent until he is bleeding our is weak enough to pin. Fight him inside and pin him and their you go, you win.

Set Careers

In 24/7 mode there are 2 or 4 set careers. I only know two. They are Triple H and Batista. You do their 24/7 mode and they have special events. For Triple H there is his marriage to Stephanie Mcmahon and other things. Batista starts out with a title belt when you start and you have a #1 contender problem between Finlay and Undertaker. The other two I think there are are John Cena and Rey Mysterio.

Beat Royal Rumble Legend Challenge Quicker

First you go to options. Then go to gameplay settings. On standing grapple and strike reversal rate put it all the way down. Then put ground strike and reversal rate down. Then put finisher reversal rate all down. Pick Triple H. Every time someone enters the ring run up and do the choke move. Then eliminate them.

Easy Cash In 24/7 Mode

In 24/7 mode, choose events and activities as your daily activity. Choose the option 'Villian movie'. If the movie fails, you will get $ 4000. If it's a success, you will get $ 10,000 and if it's a big success, you will get $15,000 or sometimes even more depending on your 'On camera' skills which can be improved in the option of on camera training.

Easy Legend Progress

Play as a superstar or a created superstar in 24/7 mode. In the daily activities, select the events and activities option. Choose the option' Other brand invasion' and get a +5 or +8 popularity bonus. Repeat this until your superstar receives 100% popularity bonus. Your player will be ranked on top of the Power 25 and will receive a +3 Legend progress. In the next week, after your match in your show, just simulate the week till your next show. Your popularity will decrease by either 20 or 15%. Then again make your popularity 100% and you will again receive some legend progress.

100% Popularity

While playing as general manager in 24/7 mode, go to the options, and toggle the injuries off. Now go to events and activities and select the option 'Other brand invasion.' Select the superstar you want to give a popularity bonus. If it's a success, your selected superstar will receive a bonus of +5 and if it's a big success your superstar will receive a popularity of +8. Repeat this until your superstar gets 100% popularity.

Fan Support

Play as GM in 24/7 mode. For this you first have to try the 100% popularity cheat. When all or most of your players have 100% popularity, their match rating will come up to either 4, 4.5 or a 5 star rating. The more the match ratings, the more the show ratings. If you have a higher show rating than the other brands, you will receive a good fan support.

Shovel As Wepon

There are 2 place you can get a shovel as a weapon: In the Parking Lot Brawl, go over to the garbage truck and press the "pick up weapon" button. It will then be available to use. In the Buried Alive Match, go over to where the casket is. Right next to it is a shovel. Walk up near it and press the "pick up weapon" button. You can then use it to hurt your opponents even more then usual!

Get Popular 1

Keep going on trophy dates which will offer a 5% fan boost (8% if big success), costs $500, 10% fatigue. I would only use this method if you are very impatient.

Popularity Boost For Carrer Mode

Keep going to the autograph things that only offers 1% fan bonus (2% if big success). I recommend this since it doesn't take any fatigue.

No-Failure Pin

To Pin without failure go to either a Hardcore match or any no DQ match. You must be in multiplayer mode and player 1 must be in a pin position while player 2 holds a steel chair. Make sure player 2 is next to player 1. Move the right analong stick in any direction as player 2. Player 1 would continue the pin while the second player does his grapple move. [Must be a Hardcore Superstar]


Get $500,000

During season mode, press X(3), Up, Left, L1, R2, Square.

Unlock Hulk Hogan

To unlock hulk hogan put in hOgaNkNoWSBesT as a cheat.

Unlock Hornswoggle

Go to cheat menu and type in: Horny11156

Unlock Kelly Kelly Alt. Outfit

At the unlockkable screen type in KellyKG12R

Unlock All Wrestlers

R2, L1, X, L2, R1, X.

Unlock HHH And HBK'sDX Outfits

Enter DXCostume69K2 as a cheat code

Fight On Top Of The Twin Towers

Go to options and go to cheats and type in 911

Unlock Trish Stratus

To unlock Trish Stratus you have to press R2, R2, L1, R2, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle.

Jeff Hardy Alternative Attire

Enter JeffATLG1 as a code.

Unlock The Punjabi Prison Match

At main menu press R2, R1, L2, L1, X, O, Triangle, Square, Up, Down, Left, Right, Start.

To Bring Up Your Overall

X square triangle circle x square.

Unlock Inferno Match With Masked Kane

Go to cheat code menu and type in: Inferno8Masked

Unlock Chris Jericho

Press Up, Down, Right, X, Circle, Triangle, R1, L1, Square.

Unlock The Chris Benoit

At main menu hold R2, L2 and push Up, Down, Left, Right, X, O, Square, Triangle.

Unlock All Objects

Press R1, R1, L1, L2, X, Triangle, Left, Right.

Create A Match

Go to options and go to cheatcodes and enter New Match.

Unlock Hillbilly Jim

At the cheat menu, type 4056HillJim6504.

Unlock Kurt Angle

Type in kurt11987 as a code.

Unlock Ultimate Warrior

Go to cheat codes ant type ULTIMATEWARRIOR111194

DX Costumes


Unlock Paul London And Brian Kendrick

To unlock these two press R1, R2, X, O, Triangle, Square, R1, R2, Up, Down, Left, Right.

Unlock The Little Bastard And The Little Boogieman

Press Select, X, Select, Triangle, Up, Down, Square.

Automatic Finisher

Press Up, X, Square, Triangle(2), Down.

No Pain

To make you feel no pain and your opponent feel double pain press X, O, X, R1, L2.

Unlock Kofi Kingston

Go to cheat code menu and type in Kofi's Leg drop.

Edge Camoflauge Attire

Go to cheat code menu and type in: CAMO1EDGE111

Top Of A Building Match

At the cheat menu put TOPDOG619 to unlock a match on top of a building.

Unlock Shane Mcmahon

Press Up, X, X, X, Square, Down.

Unlock Stacy Keibler

X, Right, Right, L1, L1, Up, Square.


Unlock Vince 1st Gm Mode Week

All you have to do is play a match and defend a title.

Unlock Summer Slam

To unlock Summer Slam have a 10% Legend status.

Unlock Wrestlemania 23

To unlock Wrestlemania 23 get 12 points on a hall of fame match.

Unlock Bret Hart

Go to game modes then go to the hall of fame go to Bret Hart's induction hit x then you go into his direct challenge mode which is Shawn Michaels VS. Bret Hart in a 30 minute ironman and you have to win as HBK and you will unlock him.

Unlock Mr.McMahon With Hair And Without No Hair

Go to 24/7 mode and skip through the calendar until you reached Wrestle mania 23 then set up a match and after thats done skip it then go to shop and there you would see Vince unlock. Buy the one with hair and then go back for the bald one.

Unlock Sabu

Unlock Sabu by earning cash in Career Mode.

Unlock Vince McMahon

Successfully complete season mode 5 times with a Raw superstar.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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