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Hello. Here's an FAQ about how to beat the bosses on Zelda Wind Waker. 

Boss= Gohma
Place= Dragon Roost Cavern
Item To Beat With= Grappling Hook
Gohma is a big Magtail that is torturing Valoo so you have to beat it and 
here's how. 
First use your Grappling Hook on Valoo's tail and swing on it. The rock will 
fall and land on Gohma. Its shell will start to break. Repeat this three times 
for the shell to fall off. Then use the Grappling Hook on Gohma's eye and it 
will come toward you. Hit it with your sword seven times to beat Gohma.
Rewards= Heart Container, Din's Pearl

Boss= Kalle Demos
Place= Forbidden Woods
Item To Beat With= Boomerang
Kalle Demos is a big Boka Baba that has eaten Makar. You need to save him so 
here's how. 
First aim for the vines that Kalle Demos is holding on with your Boomerang. 
Keep aiming until Kalle Demos falls and the bud opens. Very quickly run over 
and start slicing with your sword. When Kalle Demos get back in it's bud 
there's no way you can escape in time. When it shoots you out run over to the 
wall and cut the grass for some hearts. Repeat aiming with your Boomerang to 
make the bud fall. Slice Kalle Demos around 10 times to beat it. 
Rewards= Heart Container, Faore's Pearl

Boss= Gohdan
Place= Tower of the Gods
Items To Beat With= Bombs, Hero's Bow
Gohdan is the only good boss in the game it is the last test to prove to the 
gods that your a hero. You don't even need to pull out your sword for this 
First shoot the eyes on it's hands twice each to make them fall down. Then the 
eyes on the head will open up and you can shoot them. Hit them twice each to 
make Gohdan fall to the ground. Quickly get a Bomb out and throw it at it. 
Gohan will explode but two more times should beat it for real. 
Rewards= Heart Container, Entry to Hyrule Castle(for the Master Sword)

Boss= Helmeroc King
Place= Forsaken Fortress
Item To Beat With= Skull Hammer
This is the Bird that took your sister. You have the Master Sword and the 
Skull Hammer now though. Time for some sweet revenge. Mwahahahahaha!!!!!!
First RUN. Just run avoiding everything on the pathway until you reach the 
top. Then that evil bird gets in your way. Knock it out with your Skull Hammer 
and it falls in the water. This is only the start of the revenge. Climb up to 
the platform thing and it starts to close. The Helmeroc King flies out just in 
time. Now to kill it. Let it try to peck you. Right when it pecks you do the 
matrix(L-Target and go backwords) then smash it with your Skull Hammer. Repeat 
this three more times to make the mask fall off. Then do the same process 
exept use your sword. Hit it 10 times to beat it. 
Rewards= Heart Container
Boss= Jalhella
Place= Earth Temple
Item To Beat With= Mirror Sheild
Jalhella is a big Poe that you have to beat to get some power back to the 
Master Sword. 
First run up to where some light is coming out of the ceiling. L-Target 
Jahalla and put your Mirror Sheild at him to make him turn solid. Run up to 
him and pick him up. Throw him at one of the spikes to make him break into 
multiple. Now simply run around and slice the Poes. Their all solid and two 
blows shold beat each one. Eventually they form back into Jalhalla. Repeat 
this until each Poe is defeated. 
Rewards= Heart Container, Master Sword half powered up

Boss= Molgera
Place= Wind Temple
Item To Beat With= Hookshot
Molgera is a big sand snake thing that is in the way of getting the power back 
to your Master Sword. So you have to beat it. 
First use your Hookshot on Molgera's blue tongue to pull it toward you. Then 
hit it with your sword. Little versions of Molgera come out of the sand and 
attack you. Use your Hookshot on them and your sword to beat them. Repeat all 
of this four times to beat it. Watch out when trying to Hookshot Molgera. If 
you get too close it can scoop you up and do 2 hearts of damage to it. 
Rewards= Heart Container, Full power to Master Sword


This is where you can find all the triforce charts that lead to the triforce 
shards that make the Triforce Of Courage. Im just going to tell you where the 
charts are. You can decode them for 398 ruppes at Tingle Island. 

1.Islet of Steel
2.Cabana Island(Private Oasis)
3.Bird's Peak Rock
4.Ghost Ship(Go to Diamond Steppe Island for the Ghost Ship Chart)
5.Needle Rock Isle
6.Outset Island
7.Stone Watcher Island
8.Overlook Island
Tip= Go buy some All-Purpose Bait at Beedle's Shop Ship and go look for Merman 
around each Island to match the triforce charts with your Sea Chart.


Ganon's Tower has the black and white bosses of Gohma, Kalle Demos, Jalhalla, 
and Molgera. You need to beat them to unlock the door to continue in the 

Boss= Phantom Ganons
You need to beat seven Phantom Ganons to continue. Beat them like how you did 
at the Forsaken Fortress by knocking back the blue orb with your Master Sword. 
It only takes one to two hits to beat one. When it dies the sword drops. Go 
through the door where the sword hilt points.(the part of the sword that you 

Boss=Puppet Ganon
Item To Beat With= Light Arrow
Puppet Ganon has three forms but one thing they have in common is that blue 
ball thing and thats how you beat it.
First Form=
Use your Boomerang to start cutting strings to make it start spinning. Then 
just try to shoot a Light Arrow at the blue ball on it's tail. 
Second Form= 
When it gets up on the ceiling look up on which way it's going to fall. Get to 
the position of where the blue ball is going to fall. Get their quickly.When 
it falls down shoot at the blue ball with a Light Arrow. 
Third Form=
This part, out of my whole life of playing video games is one of the hardest 
things I've ever done because it mostly just luck. Try to shoot at it's tail 
as fast as you can. It moves so fast that is hard to shoot at. However soon I 
figured it out. Shoot at it's head which is way easier than shooting at it's 
tail. It will stop Puppet Ganon but just for about a second. As quickly as you 
possibly can shoot at the tail.I even had the book and it was still tough. Try 
to create your own stategy to beat it. 

Final Boss=Ganon
Items Required= Master Sword and Great Sword Skills
Items Suggested= Double Magic Meter, Elixir Soup(Both Servings), Some Bottled 
Faries and Magic Armor
Zelda takes your bow and Light Arrows from you. But you don't need them. First 
Ganon comes after you. Get the Magic Armor on so he cand hurt you because he 
Does one heart damage every slice.(Ouch)Anyways use a Parry Attack on him to 
stun him then attack with your sword. Zelda can also hurt him with a Light 
Arrow. Once Zelda hit him with an arrow after you delt nice damage to him he 
goes up to Zelda and knocks her out. Now drink some Elixir Soup and continue 
with just parry attacks until Zelda wakes up. Now nothing can even stun Ganon 
however Zelda has an idea. L-Target Ganon and raise your sheild. She fires a 
Light you.The Mirror Sheild reflects it at Ganon run up at Ganon 
and finish him with a parry attack. Link jumps in the air and stabs Ganon in 
the head. The Master Sword gets stuck and turns Ganon into stone.
And...Congrats you beat the game. 

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