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The Legend of  Zelda(WHO ELSE) 
   The Minish Cap 

Table of contents:
(1)Giant Chu Chu 
(4)Big Octo 
(7)Thanks 4 reading

(1)	Giant Chu Chu
Items needed: Gust Jar 

First, start by sucking in some of his green thing 
and when he goes side to side wait til he drops then, slash away. 
Repeat until KABLAM!! he dead!

(2)	Gleelok 
Items needed: Cane of Pacci 

First, try to race to his back and FIRE!!!Then, climb on his 
neck and SLASH!THen, rocks will fall avade them then the lava 
will grow .Repeat the steps until dead.

(3)   Gohdan 
Items needed:Bow and arrows, Mole Mitts 

First, strike his hands then, shink yourself and go inside his
hand hit the flashing tower BUT, in the 2nd hand use the mole mitts
to get to the tower and repeat til Doom.

(4)  Big Octo
Items needed:Shield and fire lantern

First, use your shield to block the rocks and fire them back at him causeing
the area to freeze then, use the lantern to burn his tail.
Repeat, until he's dead 

Items needed

Essentially, this is two fights, for you will start the battle on the smaller,
 blue creature.  Whenever riding on the smaller boss, you must strike one of the 
 eyes that open up at random with your sword.  Once you reach the red creature, use 
Roc's Cape to fly on it's back.  You now must notice the pattern it's eyes will 
take and 
create that formation with your three Links using the portals on his back.  Once 
you have
 attained the proper formation, slash away at his eyes.Repeat about 100x to win.

(6) Vaati 
Items needed:Gust jar, arrows and cane of Paaci

Vaati has used his attained power to transform into a powerful Sorcerer, and he is 
undoubtedly the hardest boss in the game.  

The biggest problem is, you have just finished fighting three Darknuts and have no 
time to heal before reaching Vaati 1st and 

2nd forms, so plan accordingly!  As a sorcerer, Vaati will act as a Patra, a 
mythical Hylian monster, and circle eyes with 

wings swiftly around his body.  Throughout the fight, Vaati will add more eyes to 
the circle.  You must slash away each eye 

with your sword in order to make Vaati expose the eye in the center of his torso.  
Once this happens, run up close to him and 

slash away at his eye with your sword.  Once this has been done a few times, Vaati 
will enchant the four eyes with shields.  

At this time, you must use your Gust Jar to dispose of the shields guarding the 
eyes, and then strike at them.  But beware, 

Vaati can attack you with force orbs, fire balls, and laser attacks!  Once you have 
struck his central eye enough times, he 

will stop the fight.Vaati transforms into the Wind Mage immediately after the first 
fight, but do not fear, for this form is 

much easier than the Sorcerer form.  What you must do is use your Bow and Arrow to 
uncover the red eyes surrounding Vaati.  

Once you uncover the four red eyes, use the portals at the bottom of the arena to 
assume that formation and strike at the 

eyes once.  All eight eyes will then break apart, leaving Vaati susceptible to 
sword slashes at his body.  You must do this 

several times to defeat this form, and send yourself into the final battle.After 
the second form, you are given time to 

access Fairies and supplies, so you better stock up!  Once you encounter Vaati's 
final form, you will discover it is much 

more a battle of technique, rather than ability.  Wait for Vaati to strike his claw 
into the ground and notice where the claw 

re-surfaces.  Approach the claw and send it a blast from your Cane of Pacci.  Now, 
use the pedestal at the top of the arena 

to shrink and enter the flipped-over claw.  Once inside the claw, you will notice 
that it is filled with eyeballs.  You task 

is to desperately search for the one eye that is not looking outward, for that is 
the only one in which you can attack.  

Slash that eye repeatedly until the claw is destroyed.  Return to normal size and 
repeat this process with the remaining 

claw.  However, the second claw will be pitch dark inside, so equip your Flame 
Lantern to search for the single eyeball.  

Once both claws are defeated, you must use the portals at the bottom of the arena 
to transform into four Links.  Once Vaati 

uses his eyes to blast four linear beams at your four Links, slash your sword to 
reflect all four blasts back at the eyes.  

This may take a few tries to perfect, but if performed successfully, Vaati will be 
vulnerable for a few moments, in which you 

must strike him as fast as you can.  Perform this feat a few times and you will 
destroy Vaati and save Hyrule! 


OK i just want 2 say thanks 4 reading!

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