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                       Bottles FAQ (Majora's Mask)
                             Version 1.0

1. Info of Me
2. Bottle Locations
3. Boss Descriptions
4. End Credits

1. Info of Me

Hi, my name is guy77 and I love this game (not as much as Ocarina of Time, 
ofcourse). This is my 1st FAQ for Zelda: Collector's Edition, and I've made 10 FAQs 
so far. Ok, let's get on with the game.

2. Bottle Locations

There are 6 bottles in Termina. The first one is in the Southern Swamp. You can get 
it from Kome in the Potion Shop. 

The 2nd one's in Snowhead, at Goron Village (where the wolfs are). It's to the left 
when you enter. You need the Powder Keg to get in at the Goron Race. Win the race 
to get the bottle. 

The 3rd is at Romania Ranch. Defeat the aliens and take a ride with Cremia to get 
the bottle. 

The 4th is at the Ocean. Beat the 2 beavers at the waterfall to get the bottle. You 
need the Hookshot to get to the beavers. 

The 5th is at the Canyon. It's in the graveyard. At night (I'm not sure if it's the 
1st, 2nd, or 3rd night) use your Captian's Hat to get in the grave and find the 
treasure by digging up all the blue flames and beating the Poe. 

The 6th is at Clock Town. Do the Trade Sequence of Anju and Kafei. Give Momma's 
Letter to the lady in the Milk Bar to get the last bottle.

3. Boss Descriptions 

There are 5 Bosses in this game. The first one is in the Woodfall Temple, at the 
Swamp. To defeat this monster called Odalwa, you need to stay a good distance away 
from it, and run up to the golden flower in the center of the room. Odalwa will 
jump on the flower and slash you. Get back up and Odalwa will chant. Run up to him 
and slah him a couple of times. He'll jump back, and call his buggy friends. 
Destroy them, and Odalwa will chant again. Slash Odalwa some more, and he'll call 
his butterfly friends. Put on the Deku Scrub Mask, and the butterflies won't hurt 
you. Slash Odalwa some more, and repeat the process until he dies. And one more 
thing, through a bomb at him every once in a while. When you beat him, you get a 
Heart Container and his mask.

The 2nd one is at Snowhead, in the Mountains. To defeat this one, called Ghot, what 
I'd do is stay against the wall. Not against the door, on the opposite side. Take 
out your Bow, and when he comes by he'll charge at you. Now don't freak out and run 
away, because you'll get hit. Shoot a Fire Arrow at him, and he'll miss you. It 
works every time. The other way is to put on the Goron Mask, and roll into him with 
your spikes out. You'll get hurt this way, so I'd choose the other way.

The 3rd is at the Ocean in the Great Bay Temple. To defeat this one, called Gyorg, 
you need to stay away from the edge. If your near the edge, he'll ram into the edge 
and knock you in the water. Stay away from the edge, and shoot an arrow at him. 
Then put on the Zora Mask, and jump in the water. Use your Electric Barrier on 
Gyorg to hurt it. Repeat the process until it dies. And also, watch out for the 
fish it shoots at you. They shouldn't be much of a problem, but watch out for them 

The 4th is at the Canyon in the Stone Tower Temple. This one seems hard, but isn't 
at all. If you buy some Chateau Romania Milk and drink it when you get to the boss, 
it'll be super easy! To defeat this one, called TwinMold, you need to drink the 
Chateau Romania Milk and slash their heads and tails. Keep doing this until they 
both blow up. If you don't have any milk, then I think either you or TwinMold need 
to destroy the poles sticking out of the ground to get some magic.

The 5th and final one is Majora's Mask. It's at the Moon in the Clock Tower. I used 
the Fierce Dietary Mask to beat him, and he didn't even hit me! But if you don't 
have the Fierce Dietary Mask, I don't know what to tell you. All I can say is get 
the Fierce Dietary Mask by getting all 20 masks. Then talk to the 4 kids on the 
moon wearing the Boss Masks. Play "Hide and Seek" and give them the masks they ask 
for. When you get to the last kid, wearing Majora's Mask, he'll give you the Fierce 
Dietary Mask and let you fight Majora's Mask.

4. End Credits

           Copyright 2004   guy77   [email protected]
                     All Rights Reserved

              Look for other FAQs coming soon by me, guy77!

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