Goron Mines to Lakebed Temple Walkthrough Part I - Guide for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

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We’ve beaten the Goron Mines and have gotten the second Fused Shadow. We saved 
two lands out of three. There is one more province left. The Lanayru Province. 
This is the largest province in the game and there are a ton of items to 
obtain. That is why I’m going to divide this walkthrough into two parts. First 
the Lanayru in Twilight and the Lanayru in light. Let’s get started!

-Fishing Rod
-Empty Bottle #1
-Empty Bottle #2
-Gale Boomerang
-Hero’s Bow
-Ordon Sword
-Ordon Shield
-Hylian Shield
-Hero’s Clothes
-Youth’s Scent
-Pieces of Heart: 8/45
-Fused Shadows: 2/3
-Mirror of Twilight: 0/4
-Golden Bugs: 10/24
-Letters: 3/16
-Poe Soul’s: 0/60
-Hidden Skills: 2/7
-Total number of Heart Containers: 6/20

1)Piece of Heart 9/45
2)Orange Rupee (100)
4)Silver Rupee (200)
5)Bomb bag with 30 bombs
6)Piece of Heart 10/45
7)Piece of Heart 11/45
8)Piece of Heart 12/45
9)Letter 4/16
10)Piece of Heart 13/45
11)Piece of Heart 14/45
12)Scent of Ilia
13)Vessel of Light


After you warp out of the Goron Mines, you will appear in front of the Eldin 
Spring. We need to collect a few items before we continue to the west. Go into 
Barnes Bombs on the east side of town, and on the right of the store are steps. 
Climb the steps, then climb the ladder at the top and exit out. You will be 
above Barnes Bomb Shop. No go up north to a building called the lookout tower. 
Go inside and climb the ladders all the way to the top. You can open the chest 
for a Purple Rupee (50). Now exit out to find a Goron looking around. Talk to 
him, then get on his back and face the building and he will propel you to the 
roof. Talk to Talo who is up there and this will start the bow and arrow mini 
game. Malo wants you to shoot all the targets. Shoot them all, then Talo will 
yell for you from the lookout tower. He wants you to shoot the pole. It is very 
hard to see it, but it is on the left side of the roof. Shoot it once and Malo 
rewards you with a PIECE OF HEART. Collect one more for another Heart 
Container! Now if you have no rupees, grab the cucco in the middle of the 
street, and walk up the ramp on the west side of town. Use it to fly over to 
the roof of the hotel, also known as the Elde Inn. Now use the same cucco to 
fly over to the roof of Barnes Bomb Shop. When you are over there, climb the 
same ramp to climb up to the entrance of the lookout tower. Now in the 
northeast corner is a small alcove with a chest on it. Use the cucco to fly 
over to the alcove. This might take a few tries, as it did me. When you are 
over there, open the chest for an ORANGE RUPEE (100)! That is just enough money 
to go over to Malo Mart and buy the HAWKEYE. You can use that with your bow (by 
pressing R) to zoom in on things. Now we need to buy one more expensive item, 
and you are probably out of rupees. Look to the east over at the shaman’s 
house. Shoot an arrow in the bell to make a rupee drop out. Quickly use your 
boomerang to retrieve the SILVER RUPEE (200). Now go to Barnes Bomb Shop and 
talk to Barnes. Pick the bombs from the selection and he notices you don’t have 
a bomb bag, so he his selling a Premium Kit for 120 rupees. Buy it for a BOMB 
BAG WITH 30 BOMBS. You can press R on the item screen to put together a Bow and 
Arrow Combo which is known as Bomb Arrows. Now we can get a lot of Heart 
Pieces. Start out by using a Bomb Arrow on a rock that is on a cliff to the 
right of the Eldin Spring. Under the rock is a Piece of Heart. Retrieve it with 
your boomerang. You got a PIECE OF HEART! You collected five pieces and another 
Heart Container! Now right underneath of the rock you just bombed is another 
bomb rock.  Bomb it and walk into the tunnel. Follow the path and jump in the 
water and put on your Iron Boots. Open the chest at the bottom of the pool for 
another PIECE OF HEART. Collect four more for another Heart Container. Now go 
to Death Mountain.
Walk up to the Goron and when he balls up, facing west, get on his back and 
jump to the high ledge. Follow this north until you get to a small opening. 
Jump down and open the chest for another PIECE OF HEART. Collect three more for 
another Heart Container. Now exit Death Mountain and go to Hyrule Field East.
Right as you enter the field, the mailman will come jogging towards you. He 
gives a LETTER. Now,  to the right are two bomb rocks. Blow them up and climb 
up the ledge. Follow that path until you see some vines. Shoot the rock above 
the vines with a Bomb Arrow to make it explode. Now climb the vines. To the 
west are more vines and another Bomb Rock. Shoot the rock and then jump gap. 
You will barely grab the vines and pull yourself up. Now follow the path and 
look north and down to see a chest on a ledge. Jump down there and open the 
chest for a PIECE OF HEART. Collect two more for another Heart Container. Now 
get back on Epona and go to Kakariko Gorge.
Ride your horse across the bridge and against the east wall is a bomb rock. 
Blow it up and enter the cavern. Make sure you have plenty of Lantern Oil 
because this tunnel it dark. Take out your lantern and follow the path, then go 
to the right and keep following the path and take a sharp turn south and to the 
east. The at the fork, go north to another fork and take a right to two torches 
and a Skulltula. Defeat the Skulltula and light the lanterns to make a chest 
appear. Open it for a PIECE OF HEART. Collect one more for another Heart 
Container. Now exit the cavern and go to Hyrule Field East.
Enter the field and go north and cross the bridge. After you cross, a portal 
will appear and take the middle of the bridge away. Uh, oh. You can’t go back 
this way for now. It also drops three Twilight Messengers. Get off Epona and go 
to the start of the bridge and wait for them to get to you. When they are near, 
use a spin attack on all three of them. Repeat once more to defeat them. Now 
continue down the path and use bombs on the rocks to continue on the path. 
Cross the bridge until you come to another black wall of twilight. Use Midna to 
enter the Twilight. Follow down the path to a small bag. Sniff it to learn the 
SCENT OF ILIA. If you put on your senses, it will take you the long way, so 
just follow my path. For now, all you can do is follow the only path west. Keep 
going until Midna stops you.
Midna shows you the castle in the distance. We’re back at where we were trying 
to get to. After the scene, follow the path down and then west and cross the 
bridge. Keep on the path and go south.
Keep going south avoiding enemies, then go to the left onto a bridge. Follow 
the bridge into Castle Town.
Now take a right to be on the south road
Follow the path to a wider road. Just keep going east. You can put your sense 
on now and follow it into the open door. Put on your senses to see Ilia, a 
woman named Telma, and a sick Zora boy whose name is Prince Ralis. Telma talks 
about how Ilia saw him collapsed on the street. Telma has called for the 
doctor. Now go over to the map on the table. Look at it with A. The Hylian 
Soldiers talk about the Lanayru Spring and the dried up bed of Lake Hylia. The 
map marks the location of the Lanayru Spring on your map. Now exit out the bar 
and go back to the west Castle Town Gate.
In the field, go west to another path.
Go over to the large bridge that appears. This is the Great Bridge of Hylia. 
Walk onto and notice there is a strange substance on it. Midna stops you and 
you sniff it. A Twilit Bulbin appears with fire arrows and launches them on 
both sides! Uh oh! It is gasoline! You are trapped! Or are you? Push the wooden 
crate quickly against the side of the bridge. Climb on it and jump off the 
bridge into a small pool of water. Now face west towards a towering figure. Get 
out of the water and go towards it. Listen to what the man, whose name is Fyer, 
has to say. He complains about having an attraction on the bottom of a Lake and 
how lakes are supposed to have more water. He says maybe the Zora’s who live 
upstream have something to do with it or maybe it is a curse from the spirit 
who resides in a cave. He then spots a “customer”. It is actually a monster. 
Now go over to the place where the monster is. He walks over and grabs some 
hawk grass. He blows it and a huge Twilit Carrier Kargarok appears. He hops on 
it. Quickly L-Target the monster and use A to dodge the fire arrows the monster 
shoots at you. After he is finished, he will fly around. When he comes near, 
press A to jump on him and bite him repeatedly. Repeat that until the Bulbin 
falls off. Go over to the Bulbin and kill it. Midna then seizes control of the 
Kargarok. She has an idea of using the Kargarok to get where the Zora’s are. 
The bird grabs you and now you must control the bird in a tunnel full of 
Bulbins with Bomb Arrows.
Press A to dash while flying. Look out for falling rocks and Bomb Arrows 
zipping past your head. You also need to look out for walls of any kind. One 
mistake and you have to start over. It might take a few tries at first. 
When you land, you can see a howling stone across the gap. You can’t reach it 
yet, so jump down onto a frozen solid river. Icy! Now continue down the path to 
the west. 
Walk straight ahead to a large ice structure. Walk up a ways to the ramp. Now, 
use Midna to jump on the platforms. One ledge you will almost fall off, but 
turn around and face east and jump some more, but this time large ice chunks 
will fall from the structure. Keep it up to the very top, and continue north. 
Enter a circular area where three Twilit Messengers wait. Leave the first two 
by themselves, go to the left and defeat the northernmost one first. After he 
is dead, use Midna’s area attack to defeat the last two. This opens up another 
portal. You are now at a dead end, so Midna tells you to leave the twilight for 
a while if you want. Use her to warp to Death Mountain.
Remember that large fire shard that came hurtling out of the sky earlier? Well 
go over to it and Midna will warp it. Warp it to Zora’s Domain.
The large shard pierces into the thick ice sheet and causes it to break and 
rumble. The hot chunk of rock causes the ice to melt and make water start to 
flow. Water bursts out from the domain and into the rest of the rivers and 
lakes. After the scene, walk south and exit the domain, but an apparition 
appears. It is a Zora Queen! Her name is Rutela and she says that if you save 
her son, Ralis, then she will grant you with the power to breath underwater. 
That’s useful because the next dungeon is underwater! Now exit south. Midna 
says the current is flowing faster than usual. So jump in the water and swim 
south. The current is so strong that is takes you to a full Lake Hylia!
What do you know?! The current took you right to the spirit’s spring. Climb on 
the land and enter the spring. Walk up and talk to the floating figure. It 
gives you the VESSEL OF LIGHT. The location of the bugs are on your map. Walk 
out of the cave to see a bug scuttling down a pathway. Follow it to a large 
area. Defeat it her and collect its light. That is 1/16. Follow the next set of 
bridges to another field where three Twilight Messengers appear. Defeat them to 
open another warp portal. Now continue down the same path to the same Fyer guy 
we met earlier. Go to the back of his cannon to find another bug. Defeat it and 
collect its light. That’s 2/16. Now go back to  place where you fought the 
Messengers to see a series of rocks jutting out of the water. Hop across them 
to an area where a bug is digging around. Dig it up and defeat it and collect 
its light. That’s 3/16. Now you can jump in the water and swim all the way to 
the mark on your map on the east of Lake Hylia. Defeat the flying foe and 
collect its light. That’s 4/16. Now go over to the hawk grass and howl near it. 
Howl the theme and the Kargarok comes back. Use it to collect four bugs light 
in here. To get the bug, L-Target it when near and then press A to dash. You 
will automatically collect its light. If you miss one, you will start over 
again. When you are done, you will have 8/16. 
When you land, talk to the person sitting down. Her name is Iza. She yells as a 
bug comes flying out from underneath her store. It digs under ground, so dig it 
out and defeat it for another Tear of Light. That is 9/16. Now cross over the 
bridge and walk over to the howl stone we spotted a while ago. Howl near it. 
Here’s the notes: Low, Middle, Low, High, Middle, Low. If done right, you will 
be transported to the ledge. Howl it once more to have the White Wolf join in. 
This tune is the Prelude of Light from Ocarina of Time. He says, “Let teachings 
of old pass to you. Take sword in hand in find me.” After the scene, walk over 
to the two Zoras. Listen to them. They say that there is only one way back to 
the castle and that must be the way Ralis went. They go down the south river. 
Now continue to Zora’s Domain.
Now, go to the center of the domain, and defeat the two flying bugs and collect 
their light. That is 11/16. Now swim over to the east and walk up the paths. On 
the wall is a bug. Knock him off, and defeat it. That is 12/16. Now jump down 
and swim over to the west. Now go north to a ramp and use Midna to jump on the 
ledge. Keep using Midna on the ledge until you get right next to the waterfall. 
Climb on the rocks and face west. Use Midna to jump some more until you come to 
a grassy ledge where several Green Rupees are. Slide down until you come to a 
ledge where a bug floats around. Defeat it and collect its light. That is 
13/16. Now you can warp to Zora’s Domain Throne Room. On the east wall is a 
bug. Knock it off and defeat it for 14/16. Now the fifteenth one is in Castle 
Town in front of Telma’s Bar. Exit the domain and use the stream in the Upper 
Zora’s River to go south. You will come out in North Hyrule Field.
Now climb up back onto land and go down the path back to West Hyrule Field.
Go towards Castle Town, when four Twilit Messengers come from the sky. Defeat 
two individually, then defeat the last two together with Midna. When they are 
defeated, you can enter Castle Town.
Now follow the streets to the entrance alcove in front of Telma’s Bar. The 
southeast corner of this alcove has some pots. Break the pots to reveal a bug. 
Defeat it and collect its light. That is 15/16. After that, Midna stops you and 
says something is wrong. Another bug pops up in the middle of Lake Hyrule. Use 
Midna to warp there.
Swim towards the dot and hop on the wooden boards and watch this figure swim 
around in the water. Turn on your senses to see this huge, nasty bug! Here’s 
how you beat it: When it comes near, press A to jump and grab on its stomach, 
then press A repeatedly. Dodge its swooping attack, and repeat twice more to 
have the giant bug lay on its back. Jump on his belly and use Midna’s area 
attack to bite all six of his legs. This will defeat him leaving the last tear 
of light. That is 16/16. You are transported to the spirit’s spring.
Congratulations! You have restored all of the land from Twilight! The light 
makes a large figure move about in the spring. It comes up. It is a large snake 
whose name is Lanayru. He will tell you about the last Fused Shadow later, but 
first you must see something and never forget it. Enjoy this scene for a 
moment. After you are done watching it I will explain what it means. He goes 
back to the days of Ocarina of Time and explains that all was chaos in Hyrule. 
Then three golden goddesses descended from the heavens and brought peace back 
to the land and the light. They then departed and when back to the heavens. In 
their wake, they left the Triforce. These sacred triangles will grant the wish 
of anyone.  The lands where the Triforce landed became known as the Sacred 
Realm. Then, word spread about the Triforce and a great battle ensued. Among 
the people who lived in light where interlopers. These interlopers excelled in 
magic. They created the Fused Shadows and tried to take over the Sacred Realm 
with them. That’s when the goddesses told the three light spirits, Faron, 
Eldin, and Lanayru to intervene. The three spirits sealed the great magic away. 
All of this is a warning to Link that he might be controlled by the power he 
seeks. The Fused Shadows. Then Link collapses at the spring.


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