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Ascension Glitches

Go to the Big tower and crouch near the end of the stair ramp from the banshee 
pad where theres a pad. Then jump on the ledge, and land on the other ledge, 
and you should make the top of the tower.

Go to the small tower and crouch on the right side of the ascending ledge. Then 
jump, turn right, and land on the pad down a level without pressing anything 
and you can get to the tower without being shot with the turret.

Get the banshee then get someone to go to the big tower, take a right, and 
stand on the ledge corner. With overshields on, ram them and they'll go out of 
the level.

Gemini Glitches

Go to the outside pad and to the right next to the transformer. Carefully walk 
on the arrows and jump and crouch to the bid hanging ledge. Then grab a friend 
to sword cancel up to the next level by jumping and sword cancelling.

Ivory Tower Glitches

Go to the walkway to the left side of the tower from the courtyard and take a 
rocket launcher and a friend. Go to the right side of the mine-garden at the 
middle and get one person with a sword to stadn on the back of the garden. Take 
your rocket launcher and crouch to the wall and try to melee their shoulder 
from the ground without hitting them and eventually you'll get out of the level.

Turf Glitches

Go to the top of the alley roofs (Mentioned in Halo 2 Glitches and Stitches) 
and someone go to the other side (Also mentioned in the other guide). Take a 
sword and sword cancel until both of you are through the invisible wall, then 
you can travel where you want!

Take a warthog and place someone against the hedged wall near the warthog 
respawn area.

Zanzibar Glitches

Go to the beach side and then go to the left side of the wheel. Crouch up on 
the part of the pad then turn around, and jump at the middle of the crack 
without touching anything and you can superjump, but it's hard to get on top of 
the wheel because of the invisible wall.

Go to the big tower on the side of the wheel and place someone up near the 
hill. Take a spectre and ram the person(With overshields on) and they should 
try to land on one of the ledges so they can get out of the level. 

Midship Glitches

Go to the birdge with 16 people and get 8 on each side. Jump at the different 
intervals and then the bridge will eventually fall.

Waterworks Glitches

Go to the tunnels on one of the sides of the big churner. Get on top of the 
rock ledge and jump to the left side then crouch and jump. Then go to the top 
and turn around and jump to the slanted ledge and go up to the top of the 
churner and you're almpost as high as Containment!

Headlong Glitches

Go to the right side of the bridge near the building(from the roadside) and 
crouch under one of the awnings. Then go around and jump off to a certain point 
on the road and jump. 

Take a banshee and go to the  warthog respawn area then turn around and go to 
the top of the sky where the little roof dips are. Fly into one and you'll die.

Go to the big warthog building and get on top of the sky. Then go to the 
rooftop athat you can fly to. Drop the banshee and let someone else get up. 
Then try to sword cancel up to the top by oing it continuously.

Take a wraith and a ghost and take it to the middle. Put the ghost near a wall 
and ram it and do it with a person and it might go flying into the air. 

Thanks again for readin the guide and there may be a Halo 2 Glitches and 
Stitches 3 if there are enough glitches to enhance the guide. Thanks!

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