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CHAPTER 1:The beginning
Chapter 2:Your new home
Chapter 3:Getting Married
Chapter 4:Hints to help you
Chapter 5:About the Author(ME!)

ok! so you now own a harvest moon game! you start off as a blondie who lives in the 
city. you decide to live in a new place, so you move to a farm in Mineral Town. if 
you say no to thomas at the beginning of the game the game will end(what a ripoff!
LOL!)so say YES!! you already have a puppy that will grow up in the summer of year 
1. you recieve a horse from Barly the day after you meet him(or 2 days after)you 
have to love and care for this horse for a year or he will be taken away. you need 
to make money so you should buy a chicken and ship things from the mountains.

the town isn't very big, so it's impossible to get lost. in the area north of your 
farm there is the black smith and his grandson Gray, the chicken place with 
Rick, the cow and sheep place with may and an empty lot(???). In the area north of 
that there is the winery, the inn, the clinic, the supermarket, the library, the 
church and a bunch of houses. Rose Square is south-east of that area and the beach 

is east of Rose Square. South of your farm is the mountains where Gotz lives. you 
can get lots of stuff for your shipments there.

you have to get married in this game. when you first meet all of the boys you will 
notice a little balck heart. this heart represents their affection for you
(awwwww...)you have to choose a boy that yo want to marry. there's Gray, Rick, 
Cliff, Doctor and Kai(Kai only comes in the summer time). after you choose your 
*soulmate* you have to give them gifts and talk to them everyday. after a while the 
black heart will start to change colours. after black it turns purple, then blue, 
then green, then yellow, then orange then red and then you can marry them. when the 
heart turns orange the blue feather that you need to propose with is available at 
the supermarket, but you can't use it on them until their heart turns red. just say 
that you got married on summer 7. on fall 7 you will find out that you are 
pregnant. on spring 7 a baby will be born. this is the upside to being married.

-if you wanna marry Gray, give him wine or minerals
-if you wanna marry Cliff give him wine, chocolate, just about anything that's 
-if you wanna marry Rick give him eggs (spa-boiled or regular)
-if you wanna marry Doctor give him medicine and get a check-up everyday
-if you wanna marry Kai, buy his food and give him things like:chocolate, and your 
home-cooked meals
-remember your future husband's birthday, they like you more if you remember their 
bithday and give them a nice gift(wrapped)
-make friends in Mineral Town. They can help you along the way

my name is Rebecca. I have shoulder-length, brown hair. My eyes are green. I 
am about 5ft. 4". My favourite game is Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town. 
I am a total shopaholic, talk about clothes! So I guess you can say I'm popular! 
I've got lots of friends and lots of family too!  

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