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This one's all about one of my favorite Smash Brother, Mewtwo!

Mewtwo is a genetic Pokemon that was created from the genes of Mew, a legendary 
Pokemon.  Mewtwo is a psychic Pokemon that is #150 on the Pokemon list, 6 feet, 7 
inches tall, and is 269 pounds.  This Pokemon is respected by Pokemon Trainers all 
around the world for lots of reasons.  One is that it is nearly invincable in the 
show and movies and one time nearly distroyed the human race because humans kept on 
betraying it, but at the end, Mewtwo decided that fighting isn't the best solution 
and stops what it is doing and begins a search for a new home.  Mewtwo relies on 
its brain because of the fact that it is psychic.  A lot of Mewtwo's attacks are 
based on the attacks it does on the movies and Pokemon games.

Mewtwo has one of the strongest tossing attacks and loads of defencive and 
offencive attack.  Beause Mewtwo is always floating, it can be sent flying easly, 
but has great jumping abilities that allows to get back on the ledge pretty easy.  
Also, Mewtwo isn't the fastest Smash Brothers on the game.

To get Mewtwo, either play 700 rounds of vs. mode or play 20 hours of vs. mode.


Shadow Ball (B) Mewtwo starts to create a shadow ball that is small at first, but 
when all charged up, it is stronger than Samus's Charge Shot!  When releced, 
Mewtwo's shadow ball swerves in a zig-zag direction that makes it hard to advoid.  
While charging up, if you move Mewtwo left or right, you can stop charging up and 
move around but still have the shadow ball at the same stregth when you moved.

Confusion (forward+B) With a flick of the wrist, Mewtwo can make nearby foes spin 
uncontrollably and when they are done spinning, they are facing the other direction 
of Mewtwo so that it makes it great for combos or stoping an enemy from attacking.

Disable (down+B) Mewtwo uses its eyes to send out a ray that will make its enemies 
dazed and unable to attack for a short period of time.  The only way for this 
attack to work is that Mewtwo is facing its enemy face-to-face and eye-to-eye.

Teleport (up+B) Mewtwo can use this to get back on the ledge or to get out of 
trouble or disturbances.  When using this attack, Mewtwo will dissapear in a flash 
and reapear in the place where the control stick is tilted.

Forward Smash (forward+A) Mewtwo pushes out its hands and creates a psychic ball at 
the pulm of its hand.  This is a very strong attack and has a very good range and 
can be used for finishing blows.

Down Smash (down+A) Mewtwo points its finger in front of it and creates a psychic 
blast at the place Mewtwo is pointing.  This is as strong as Mewtwo's forward smash 
but doesn't have that much range.  This attack is usfull for hitting someone 
hanging off of the ledge.

Up Smash (up+A) Raising its hand up above its head and creating a whirl wind of 
dark, psychic smoke, Mewtwo can juggle its enemies and sending them up and out of 
the arena. This attack isn't as good as its other smash, but works good for 

Next up is Pikachu!  See Ya!

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