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  • December 3, 2001


Call The Star Fox Team!

Ok, this must be done with Fox of Falco...Go to Corneria. With Fox or Falco, push left and right over and over again on the D-PAD! If you do this really fast, Fox or Falco will get into a humorous conversation with the other three. This can only be done once per match. This must be done correctly or it will not work, if you taunt in the middle of your attempt, it will mess it up and you must start over, try not to hit the taunt button. (D-Pad up)

Get Pichu

Beat Event Match 37: Legendary Pokemon.

Don't Fight Giga Bowser!

Ther is away to escape Giga Bowser W/O playing on a level below Normal or Use continues! You can do this if you take over 18 minutes to beat adventure on Normal or above. So waste as much time as possible.

Win Easily With Shiek

To win easily with shiek just keep on doing your dash attack when the opponent hits the ground. Keep doing this untill your opponent has a high percentage and the use you (B UP) Smash for an easy kill.

Easy Hours

If you go through a certain number of hours playing versus mode, you will receive a prize for your patience. But if you're like me, you don't have any patience, or you just don't have the time, than this is for you. This is very cheap: Go to the versus mode and set it on TIME MELEE. Set it so that there is no time. Now, pick your players and make sure that you don't set it to all cpu's, because if you do, the time won't be recorded. Then, all you do is leave the game running for as long as you want. It doesn't matter how many KO's or falls occurr; you will be forced to reset(No Contest)and they won't be recorded. (After 20 hours is recorded, you will receive Mewtwo; a competent character, and a powerful foe!)

How To Get The Tall One(Luigi)

Beat the first level in adventure mode.The timer needs to have 2 seconds on it when you run into the finish.In the next level you'll be fighting peach & luigi.Defeat luigi in less than 50 seconds and then finish beating adventure mode. (you can take as long as you want fighting peach)

Pokemon Floats Stage

Fight over 200 multi-player matches to unlock the Pokemon Floats stage.

Fourside Stage

Fight over 100 multi-player matches to unlock the Fourside stage.

Flatzone Stage

Successfully complete classic mode with Mr. Game & Watch without losing a life to unlock the Flatzone stage.

Dream Land Stage

Successfully complete Break The Targets mode with all fighters to unlock the Dream Land stage.

Master Hand In Multiplayer

While you are choosing your character in multiplayer mode, make sure you have two remotes. Have one remote on the 3rd player slot and then hold A and B at the same time than let go of A for exactly one second then press and hold A again and you will be in the stage choosing place. Choose any place once in the stage master hand will appear in the place but the game will freeze after awhile but the game will never save this.

How To Fight Both Hands On Classic Mode

To fight both the Master Hand & the Crazy Hand (left hand), select Normal or higher difficulty. Then, when you fight the Master Hand, cut his HP in half in 30 SECONDS OR LESS! If you don't, you won't fight the Crazy Hand. NOTE: Beating the Crazy Hand earns you 80,000 points!

How To Fight 2 Master Hands

First, you have to be Link in his black tunic. Second you must be on normal with 3 lives or how ever many you want. Last and not least, a tip you have to get his health to 150% but don't freak out when your screen freezes and shows you (i did) its just how the second hand comes in. And thats it. P. S . He is really hard even though its on normal.

15 Minute Melee Done Easily

I tried many times to complete 15 minute melee but always ended with disaster. Not even DK worked! Until I noticed that the female wire frames tend to stay away and not attack so, don't attack them. Choose Kirby and right when it starts, hope down to the edge and STAY THERE. If you feel a wire frame is too close to you then hit A and you will hope up and kick it so they can't hit you first (besides, you do need at least 1 K. O . ) . If you do this, eventually you will run into 4 or 5 females who would rather hope around than attack you. Pay attention to when you fall and try to stay awake and you will beat it! After all, it is worth it because you are awarded with the N64 stage: Kongo Jungle and a few trophies!

Samus' Extended Grappling Beam

Pick Samus and push the Z button repeatedly. While pushing the Z button, move the Control Panel Up and Down over and over. After a few seconds, try your Grappling Beam (Z) and it should twice as long! When using your Grappling Beam, hold L to home in the nearest opponent and push Z again to grab hold of them. This extended Grappling Beam stops when you die.


You have to beat Event match 27.

How To Get Young Link

Beat classic mode with 10 different characters.

Jump Up Walls

You might see in some of the mini-movies that the characters jump off walls. Well, in case you didn't know, it's possible, and it's easy! First off, not all walls work with this, and only certain characters are good at it, namely Link, Marth, C. Falcon. In other words, the human cahracters are best. What you do is jump at the wall you want to jump off of. RIGHT WHEN YOU HIT IT, tap hard on the controller in the other direction. You should bounce off. When you are in an area with two walls right next to eachother in a small area, you can bounce back and forth and reach the top. This makes it possible to complete Young Link's Target Test, and to recover in Fourside for characters who can't use their third jump in the cracks. Remember, not all walls work.

Easy Way To Win A Battle

What You want to do is to jump and evade attacks. After you evade wait to attack and you'll have the advantage. Don't let the advantage slip or you'll be back where you started. Trust me I've done this to the greatest of players, and I'm one of the best.

How To Do More Than 30 Hits In Training

To do more than 30 hits in training you have to select a character that can hit rapidly like link( when you press "a" rapidly). Then, you have to put your oponent closed to a wall and start hiting him, if you do this rapidly you´ll make a combo of more than 30 hits. [ Skedar ].

How To Beat Event 51 (Tough)

First, go to events. You know how they always say be this person and that one also.Well just try who you like and do strong and fast moves.I was reading codes that other people gave me to beat event 51 I DIED BADLY. So I chose falco. Because of his great ability to jump high. YOu jump over Giga Bowser(You want to defeat him first)and do up & B and aim at his head diagonnaly so after you hit him your not in his attacking range. Keep doing that untill he dies.Items will help you greatly expecially poke'balls. Then when your left with Mew2 and gannondwarf roll to the other side of them then smash 'em. or use the illusion and smash or do the same strategy as to giga bowser. Don't get frustrated if you died on the 1,2,or 3 try. It took me 5 tries to win.

How To Beat Event 51 And Get It Over With (trust Me On This One!)

Well you probably seen all the hints on saying be jiggly or kirby right? well i tried that and i DIED! Anyway i started doing it my way and started fighting with my favorite character fox.and guess what i WON! What you want to do is jump in the air (above giga bowser) and do fire fox(up+b) and aim straight for giga bowser. he should get good enough damage keep doing this- *almost forgot run away from bowser after the attack or you will get hit. Try avoiding the 3fighters is the best thing to do untill giga bowser is dead.Now going on with the other 2. Make them go to a edge then go to the opposite edge use your blaster(b)they should use their sheild to try to block the shots, hit them rapidly untill their sheild breaks. keep firing untill their damage is very high then BOOM! a smash attack should send them fling off the battle stage. *notice try to have at least 2 stocks while fighting mewtwo and ganondorf so you can assure you will win.(in other words try not to get slapped around with giga bowser and kill them all!)

Fox Phone

Chose Fox or Falco as your character and play one of his stages(Corneria or Venom). Rapidly press left right left right on the d-pad. He will crouch down and suddenly stand up. When he does, video links will apear and the other members of the Star Fox Team will say somthing. This can only be done once in a battle.

Vs Giga Bowser

Beat adventure mode in the difficulty normal or higher in less than five minutes. After that Bowser's trophy will fall back in the feild and a bolt of lightning will shock it. Then it will transform to giga bowser. When the round begins try to use far away attacks. When giga bowser is 500% of damage use a smash attack to blow him away. WARNING:If you get game over while versing giga bowser you have to do this all over again to face him again.

Get Mewtwo

Leave game on in two player vs. mode(not paused) for 20 or more hours(after dude says GO!!)or play 700 vs. mode matches or more.

Get Dr. Mario

Beat Adventure Mode with Mario.

Get Ganondorf

Beat Event Match 27: Triforce Gathering.

Get Roy

Beat Classic Mode with Marth.

Batter Up!

This is a very neat trick. First you will need three players one as peach, one as DK and one as either link,young link, Marth, or Roy. Then choose a course with very flat land I like pokemon stadium or Final Destination. Then put DK ducking down by the edge then put your swordsman just in front of him. Then put peach a little bit away and pick a vegitable out of the ground then have her throw it. If you have good timing and you are the swordsman you can make contact and WAMO that vegi's gone! It is hard to do but I eventually got it right.

Kirby's Rock Attack

It makes you turn into a rock a 100lb weight or a spike. You fly and hit down b on the controller. (do not do on a hill or a slant facing the ground)

Event 50 (Easily)

If your having trouble with Event 50 try choossing Yoshi from the char select screen. When the fight starts dash towards Crazy hand (the one on the left) and continue to use the "jump & down+A Move" if you do this correctly you will cause over 50 damage with every attack. after crazy hand is defeated attack Master Hand with the same stratagy but watch out for his slap attack, you can tell when he is going to preform an attack when he moves back slightly. If you cant beat them with Yoshi, Bowser and DK also works well for this. use the same stratagy as with Yoshi but use "Up+B" instead. in my opinion it doesnt work as well because they only knock off about 33 damage with every attack and it takes time to recover after preforming it.

Jigglypuff Is Really Stronger Than You Think

Many people think Jigglypuff is just a punching bag but so far i've only beaten my master(ahem cousin) with Jigglypuff. First you charge up with the b attack. Hit your opponant many times with this. Finally when your opponent is about let's say 40% for lighties(Kirby,Jigglypuff,Pichu...) 50% for middies(Pikachu Yoshi Mr.G&W{second favorite}...) and 70%[these are averages] for heavies(Bowser d.k. [etc.?]).

100 Man Melee With Kirby

Another way to beat 100 man melee is by getting Kirby on the very edge of the stage. Then constantly use Kirby's Final Cutter (Up+B). If you do this correctly Kirby should not land on the platform above him. Plus the enemies cannot get close enough to hit you.

Super Small And Super Giant Melee Hints

First, pick which one you want to do, small or giant. Go to do a special melee, and pick the one that you want to do. you will go to the melee screen. click at the top where it says "2 minute melee" and go down to the item switch. if you want to do super giant melee, turn off everything but the super mushroom, and if you want super tiny turn off everything but the poison mushroom. go to the top of this screen and switch the number of items to "very high". hit start and then start the melee. the only items will be the mushrooms and they will make you either bigger or smaller.

Jigglypuff Death

Hold Jigglypuff's shield until it breaks. Once it breaks, Jigglypuff will fly up in the air and die.

Ness's Electric Trick

If your favorite charactor is Ness listen to this. Send out Ness's blue electric attack. Direct the bolt back to you.If you hit Ness in the right spot, Ness will yell "AHHHHH!" and fall down to the ground.

Score Display

To unlock the "Score Display" option in Additional Melee Rules, accumulate more than 5,000 KOs in melee matches. This enables you to show or hide the score during melee matches.

Get 5,000 KOs Easily!

Got to Melee. Set stock to 99, damage ratio to 2.0, turn on handicap, if you have Randon Stage Select set it to only Flat Zone(if you don't have it use Ness's level. Coose 4 CPU characters. One level 9 the rest at level 1. Set the level 9 CPU's handicap to 9 andn the others to to 1. You should choose the level 6 as link or someone else with a sword. The battle should last about 11 minutes. You will get about 290 KO's each battle. Repeat the battle until you have reached 5,000 KOs. Onces you have reached it, play a simple 1 stock battle. And you should ynlock Score Display under additional rules.

Start With Shiek

When going into a multiplayer melee, you can automatically start out in a level with Shiek. Just choose Zelda for your character, and when you choose an arena, press and hold the "A" button. Zelda should automatically transform into shiek as the match begins.

How To Beat Event Match Lv. 50

To beat Crazy hand and Master hand you need to select bowser from the character screen. You need to kill crazy hand first, then master hand by jumping up and pressing Up, B. Trust me, it worked for me.

Catch An Item

There is a way to catch items that are thrown at you. If you tap A just at the right time before an item hits you, you can catch it and throw it right back at your opponent. You can also catch items an opponent throws away when he no longer needs the item, just go to the item and tap A before it hits the ground and you can stop it from disappearing.

Vs. Giga Bowser

First you go to Adventure mode and set it to NORMAL. Then get through the whole game without a continuation. Then when you get to the regular Bowser beat him in 30 sec. or less. Then after the Bowser trophey falls it will come back up and it will turn into Giga Bowser. GOOD LUCK!!!!

How To Unlock Marth

To unlock Marth defeat classic with all default characters.

Different Combos For Marth And Roy

Doing a combo on Roy and Marth is simply done by tapping foward and B. Then you keep tapping B 3 more times to do a full combo. However, there are different combos you can do. The first swing is always the same, but on the next 3 swings, tap up OR down while pushing B. You will do different swings. It's really cool (Especially the last one by tapping down+B).

Sheriff Trophy

You have to combined total of 750 seconds in break the targets.

Mew Trophy

To get the mew trophy ou must beat All Star mode on hard or very hard.

Unknown Trophy

To get the Unown trophy you have to get a combined total of 16,503 feet in the home run contest.

Male Wire Frame Trophy

You have to beat the 100 man melee in 4 minutes or less.

Master Hand Trophy

To get the Master Hand trophy you have to beat classic on hard or very hard without continuing.

How To Get Tom Nook Trophy

The way to get the Tom Nook trophy is just have to get a total of 1,001 coins not all at once, just total!

Crazy Hand Trophy

To get the crazy hand trophy you must beat adventure mode on Hard or Very Hard without continuing.

Bunny Hood Trophy

To get the Bunny Hood trophy you must get a total of 126 combos in training mode.

Diskun Trophy

This is very challenging to get the Diskun trophy you must get points in every bonus category.

Landmaster Tank Trophy

You need to get a total of 1,001 coins.

Get Mewtwo REALLY Easy

We all know that you need either 700 vs. matches or twenty hours of gameplay to get Mewtwo, right? Well, I tried getting 700 matches so that I could get other trophies and things (such as one for playing 100 matches). I got to around 480 and finally gave up. I then found a REALLY easy way to get Mewtwo. You need twenty hours, right? Well if you play with more than one human, each human gets a certain amount of time. So, what I did is play with 2 humans in vs. mode (no cpu's) and left it on all night. Since there were two humans, it only took ten hours instead of twenty. If you have three humans, than it's only 6 hours and 40 minutes-- great for turning on and then going to school! And if you use four humans, only FIVE hours!! Remember to unplug your controllers before going to bed. Put them on a stage (I prefer the pokemon stadium in the middle on the pokeball) that won't change or anything and cause everyone to fall off the edge. Bullet Bill's the reason that Princess Peach's castle is a bad choice. Once you finally get Mewtwo, you'll realize that he's a great fighter (if you learn how to use him) and that now you can go for an even bigger trophy--Mr. Game & Watch, as well as event matches past number 39.

Help Fox With The Starfox Team

To this trick, play as Fox or Falco and select the stage either Corneria or Venom (you can ONLY do this trick as Fox or Falco and in either Corneria or Venom). Then when your playing press left and right on the control pad rapidly. Then the Star Fox team will either help you by giving you useless advice or tell you to watchout for an enemy attack. Go to a place where the enemy will not attaxk you for a long time.

Get Trophies Every Time You Fight For Them!

When you go to Event Match and try to beat Trophy Tussle 2 it is rough to win the Entei Trophy. It is easier to use Dr.Mario and use his Coin Rob [up+B]and his Spinning Spinner Grab[grab hold of someone+backward]will work but it is still a little hard but easier. So give them a taste of their own medicine!

Pause Credit Game

To pause the credit game hit the B button while the credits are flying by.

Event Match 51 With Yoshi

Event match 51 is very tough. I used Yoshi with his down B move. Try to jump up and use it on giga bowser until he's knocked out and his 3 lives are gone. If your lucky you can take out mewtwo and gannondorf while your hitting giga bower. After you get knocked off you are invicible for about 3 seconds. Use that time to smash hit giga bowser or the other fighters. But stay off the ground to avoid getting hit.

Get Poke Floats And Pichu(alternate Way)

Play 200 VS. matches and Pichu will challenge the winner of the 200th match after defeating him you will get him AND Poke Floats.

How To Beat Event 49 Easily

There is a very easy way to beat event 49. You got to select Kirby as your character. When you start the Battle you go to any edge of the stage, inhale the enemy and the fall off the stage. You are not going to die and your enemy will!!! But, it doesn't work with Ganondorf, Roy or Pichu. To kill them, inhale them, fall, exhale them and when they try to come back, smash them!!!

Bowsers New Name!

Now to get bowser a new name you do the same as what to get purin only this time bowsers new name is Koopa. It's odd but still pretty cool!

Get A Surprise In The Great Bay

First go to 1 player mode and go to traning. Pick any person to use and got to Termina's Great Bay. If you go there, you will see a few familiar things, only if you've played The Legend of Zelda:Majora's Mask. There will be Tingle the map seller, the turtle who helps you get to the Water Temple and in the backround, the Moon wil be far. you play will observing the moon, he will get closer. Eventualy, like the end, the four giants will come out and push the moon. This is really cool!!!

Classic Donkey Kong Stage

To get the classic Donkey Kong stage, Kongo Jungle, from the N64 version, you must complete 15 minuite Spar Mode. The best way to complete this is to use Donkey Kong. {ironic, isn't it?} Stand in the middle of the course and keep doing his Hand Slap attack. {down+B} Once you start the attack just keep pressing B.

Classic Yoshi's Island Stage

To get the classic Yoshi's Island stage from the N64 version of Super Smash Brothers, you must get over 1300 Ft in Home-run Derby with Yoshi. The way to get this high distance is to grab the bat, jump VERY lightly next to sandbag, and do Yoshi's bicycle kick. {down+A} Keep doing this until the last second and let 'er rip with the bat.

Block Shieks B Attack With Link

To block Shieks (B) attack with Link without pressing anything you just stand there and her attack will hit your shield and no damage will be made.

Luigi The Real Way!

Beat the first Adventure Mode match with a2 at the end of your time. (Example 3:42.)Then Luigi will appear in the next match, instead of Mario. Beat Luigi in less than a minute then you will face him again at the end of Adventure Mode, if you have not continued. If you beat him, you unlock him.


Finish the 1st level of adventure mode at the time of 4:32. Then beat the rest of the game.


Beat event number 37.

Getting Prince Marth

To get Marth, play with all 14 of the original characters (that means not any of the secret ones) and successfully complete classic mode without continuing.

Getting Luigi

To get Luigi, Complete the first level of Adventure mode. But..... the last number of your time HAS TO BE the number 2. If its not, then you want be able to get him. Then you will have to battle him.

Getting Jigglypuff

To get Jigglypuff, complete Adventure mode on amy difficulty and beat it or you can play 50 vs. matches.

Getting Ganondorf

To get Ganondorf, successfully complete event mode #29 ( called The Tri-Force Gathering) or you can lay 600 vs. matches.

Getting Falco Lombardi

To get Falco ( Starfox's compansion in Starfox 64) Successfully complete the 100 man melee, A fast way to do this, is play it as DK and stand in the middle of the level and use his Ground Pound ( Down + B) or just play 300 vs. matches.

Getting Dr. Mario

To play as Dr. Mario, successfully complete classic mode with Mario without losing a life or play 100 vs. matches and then you will vs. him. Defeat him and you got 'em.

Getting Mewtwo

To get Mewtwo, you must beat 700 vs. matches or play the game for 20 hours.

Getting Mr. Game And Watch

To get Mr. Game and Watch, you need to get all 24 characters (including the other secret characters) and beat Adventure mode with all of them.

How To Make Peach Float For A While

Some people think peach is a character with no strength, but I know something that makes her better. When you jump in the air, hold the button that you jumped with and peach will float for a while.

Screen Moving

When on main Menus's move the C stick.

Hear Chinese Cheers...

This hint will not work if you don't have the "Sound Test" option. First change the language to Chinese and go to the sound test and the languge will be in Chinese.(It may be a bit hard to find your way to the sound test, so memorize what the menu looks like in English.) Then go down the list and you should hear Chinese cheers. Also go to the character select screen and bowser's nametag will say Koopa, Jigglypuff as Purin, and DK's as D.Kong.

The Others

To see the Japanese Nintendo systems, go to options and select language. Click on the Japanese flag and go to where the trophies are. Go to collection to see the other Nintendo systems.

All-Star Mode Stages

Every single character in All-Star mode has a specific stage you fight them in, even if it's not their stage. Eventually, you will fight two opponents at a time, and ten three opponents at a time. Use the following trick to find out in which stage you are going to fight in. On the little path with the three hearts and the teleporter to the next fight, there are small TV screens that appear behind the teleporter. These screens show you what opponent(s) you are fighting next. When it shows two opponents, you will be in the stage of the one on the left. When it shows three opponents, you will be in the stage of the opponent in the middle.

Mario: Rainbow cruise
Peach: Princess Peach's Castle
Donkey Kong: Kongo Jungle
Yoshi: Yoshi's Stosy
Link: Great Bay
Zelda: Temple
Captain Falcon: Mute City
Bowser: Yoshi's Island
Fox: Corneria
Samus: Brinstar
Pikachu: Pokémon Stadium
Ice Climbers: Icicle Mountain
Kirby: Green Greens
Ness: Onett
Dr. Mario: Mushroom Kingdom II (Subcon)
Falco: Venom
Pichu: Fourside City
Luigi: Mushroom Kingdom
Jigglypuff: Poké Floats
Mewtwo: Battlefield
Mr. Game & Watch: Flatzone
Marth: Fountain of Dreams
Roy: Final Destination
Young Link: Jungle Japes
Ganondorf: Brinstar Depths

Captain Olimar Trophy

To get the Captain Olimar trophy save a game of Pikmin on the same memory card as Super Smash Brothers Melee when you start the game it will say you got the Captain Olimar trophy!

Rare Trophies

If you want to get rare trophies, go to "Race To The Finish" and try to get as far as you can before the timer runs out. There is a trophy waiting for you if you get far enough.

Easy Coins

The best person to be for this is Mewtwo. Go to Classic mode and put it on very easy. Pick Mewtwo and play Classic mode untill you get to Race to the finish. In race to the finish race untill you get to the place where it splits off into three different paths, take the bottom path. Be careful when jumping to platform to platform. If you make it all the way across you should find yourself in a room thats red. Go all the way across the room untill you get to the door. Be careful of the spiked thing in the middle of the room. If you reach the door in the red room you get on automatic five coins.Once you get done and you have started the metal person battle just pause it and press, right, left, A, and start at the same time to quit. Then do classic mode again and get as many coins as you want.

Beat Puffballs Unite (Event 37) Easily!

Beating this event is very difficult because the Kirbys surround you, and it's hard to hit them. But an easy way to beat it is to get Donkey Kong, and keep Smashing the ground with his fists (Down + B). The Kirbys will go flying whenever they come in range of you.

How To Get The Food Trophy

To recieve the Food Trophy, play 1000 vs. mode matches.

Multi-man Melee Tips

Every one knows that DK is good at this. But, Bowser's up B is just as good and you can move while doing it. Plus the screw attack item is a must have.

Fight Giant Kirby In Adventure Mode

If you are trying to score big points in adventure mode, than another easy fight is all that you need. When you are in adventure mode, get half minute man on both the regular kirby and the kirby team, and you will fight giant kirby. He is very easy and a good way to rack up on points.

Get All 3 Fighters To Jump Off On Event 51

First get kirby or jiggilypuff. Then when the match begans fly to a corner. Then when they are all at the corner jump off and fly under the stage. Then Giga Bowser will do his ground smash and fall to his death and sometimes the other 2 will jump off with him. Keep repeating this until they have all died or until they have lost enough lives so that you feel that you can beat them on your own.

Hint: Adventure Mode: Avoid Fighting Link

During Adventure mode, there is a level in which you must find the triforce to end the level. If you encounter Link's Sword though, you must fight link to proceed. If timed correcltly, you can jump over the sword and not have to fight Link. You must jump very high and far if you do not want to fight him. This can save alot of time.

Hint: Wario Trophy

Successfully complete All-star single playermode without using any continues.

Easier Way To Get Four Maps And Mewtwo

There is a really simple method to get Big Blue, Brinstar Depths, Poke Floats, Fourside, and Mewtwo. Set the Stock to 1, play the Special Melee Mode in Super Sudden Death against a computer level 1 character (someone light-weight, like Jigglypuff or Pichu). As soon as the battle begins, immediately forward smash attack the player to get a K.O. If you're fast, you can actually get a K.O. in 00:00! The best map to use is Mushroom Kingdom 2 or Kongo Jungles for the K.O.'s. You need to play 200 matches to get the maps, and 700 to get Mewtwo (getting Mewtwo this way should take about 2 hours of gameplay).

How To Get The Last Target With Young Link

Having trouble getting the last target with young link. On the floating platform with the moving target, jump up and use your boomerang and it should come back and hit the last target that other wise is unreachable

Target Trophey

Complete break the targets with every character to get the target trophey.

Kill Giga Bowser In Event 51!

Here's some info on how you can finish Event 51 (You gotta use Jigglypuff):

1.) Giga Bowser: Usually, he tries to attack you the most. You've gotta hurt him until he's at least at 30%. Then, defeat him with the sleep attack (Down+B). He'll surely be defeated.

2.) Gannondorf: He's the one who usually stays out of the way and tries to attack you. You're best bet on this evil character is luck.

3.) Mewtwo: He's the one who gets a lot of the items that appear. When you puff back and forth from edge to edge, make sure Mewtwo is on the edge. He will perform a charge attack, but before he fires, Giga Bowser will push him off the edge, causing him to die.
By the way, the best thing to defeat Event 51 is to hurt the characters with items, then sing them to sleep, then kill them with the sleep attack. This took me a few tries, but I finally finished it! This proves that Jigglypuff IS the Ultimate SSBMelee character. (Funny, I know!)

Dr. Mario

Beat classic mode with Mario. Then he will challenge you. Bet him and he's earned.

Nana Or Popo

To change from being Nana to Popo (the Ice Climbers) simply change the color of the uniform. The hair style on the two will switch and you are Popo and have the same things Nana had.

Shiek Wins

Use Zelda in Vs. mode. Then press down and B to transform to Shiek but don't transform back. Win the match and then the announcer will say Shiek Wins!

Easy Way To Beat Puffballs Unite

An easy way to beat the event match Puffballs Unite is to unlock Dr. Mario. Then, go to Puffballs Unite and select Dr. Mario as your character. Use his B up attack on all of the Kirbys. It will kill them easily.

How To Get Birdo Trophy

Play the first level of adventure mode over and over. Then finish adventure mode. It took me a few tries.

Defeating 5 In Cruel Melee

To defeat enemies in creul melee my personal favorite is Roy. Use his up and B move near one of the wire frames. Try to hit them all at once, because if you don't you will be clobbered on the way down(you know cruel melee, you will probably be killed at 1%, it has happenned to be a couple of times). After defeating 5 of the powerful wire frames, you will recieve the Mr. Rosetti trophy. Try using Roy's Up and B move near the edge of the battlefield when the wire frames are all clustered up trying to attack you. Some of the male wire frames will take 2 of the move to defeat since they are slightly heavier than the females. Do not give up when hit off, if hit off the perfect distance away from the Battlefield you can double jump and then perform Roy's Up and B move from below to catch them by suprise, however, this strategy is only for extremely skilled experts. The Mr. Rosetti trophy is quite rare.

Encountering Mew And Celebi In Matches

To encounter Mew and Celebi in a vs. mode match, it is extemely hard, long, and will require a lot of patience. To make this a bit easier try fighting a level 1 computer in vs. mode on either the Mute City or Final Destination stages. Make the match a stock match and set your stock at around 50 or above. Then go to additional rules and go to the item switch option. Turn off all items except poke balls and put the amount of appearring items on very high. Now go to battle. At battle, try not to kill your opponnet yourself, but let the pokemon stampede do it for you. Worry more about getting poke balls than destroying your opponnet. During the match you probably will run into superpowers like Lugia and Ho-oh which will annihalate your opponnet. If you are EXTREMELY lucky you will release either Celebi or Mew out of their poke balls. They do not attack at all. Make sure you are the one who releases either of them, because if the computer controlled player does you will not recieve credit for releasing them. If you release them both at anytime in ay vs. match, you will recieve the Celebi trophy, the rarest trophy of them all!! I had played vs. mode for 42 hours and collected 279 trophies before I achieved the feat of recieving the Celebi trophy so get to battle!!

Mushroom Kingdom 2

To get this stage you will need plenty of coins. Go to the lottery. Put in coins until you get a trophy of Birdo. Now exit the lottery. You will have the Mushroom Kingdom 2. [Note:If you run out of coins, go into classic mode and defeat all opponents. This should give you 10 coins.]

Easy Way To Beat 15 Minute Melee

This is an easy way to beat 15 Minute Melee. Many people say Peach is a character that has no power, but she is good for this. Jump to the top platform (or as high platform as you can at the time), and hold the jump button/hold the stick upwards. Peach will float in the air for a few seconds, making her out of reach of the Wire Frames. In order for it to count, you have to kill at least one Wire Frame (easy enough). When you start the 15 Minute Melee, you start with 4 Wire Frames, but if you kill too many, a 5th wll appear, making it harder to avoid them. I hope this strategy works for you, and Good Luck!

Majora's Mask Trophy

To get the Majora's Mask Trophy you must successfuly complete event match #47. The best character to complete this with is Kirby. Just hop into the middle of the stage and press the jump button 3-5 times the pesss down+b at the same time. Repeat these steps until you win. It took me a few times to do this, but now that I have told you the steps it should'nt be to hard.

Earn Secret Stages In A Snap!

You know how getting Flatzone, Big Blue and the Poke Float Stages need 100, 150, and 200 vs. match points to earn, well I have a good way to get them all really easily. First of all you need to have a lot of patience. Then go to the "Custom Rules" icon in the Vs. Mode Catagorie. Change "Time" to "stock" and put it on 1 stock. Then go to the Vs. Mode fighter seclection and vs. the cpu. Pick the fighter of your choice and the cpu's. Finally start the match. The final step is to jump off the arena when the match first starts. You will die, but, it will record the match on the data chart. Nobody said you had to win the match! Then do this as many times as you need to do to get the new stage. Hey, I told you you needed patience.

Not As Hard As Any One Thinks It Is

To get all the Secret Characters is not a hard feat. I have owned the game for 2 weeks and i have all chars. and all the levels and beaten all event matches. To get Mewtwo is decieving. You dont have to play 20 consecutive hours of Multi player. You have to play a total of 20 hours. THis is simple, it just takes time. To get Mr. Game and watch is simple just beat break the targets with everyone else. When you get mewtwo beat the targets with him and you have mr game and watch. The other levels are easy to get you just need to practice.

Get Doctor Mario

Finish Classic mode on any difficulty as Mario without losing any lives.

BIG Help On 100-Man Melee And Puffball Challenge

Having trouble getting rid of the groups of the less stupid characters (not the ones where you touch them and they go flying)? Well, get Donkey Kong and stay in the middle of the playing field. Then simply use his ground smacking move (down + b rapidly) the entire battle. Hey, I know it hurts. I too tried the Puffball challenge for 45 minutes before trying DK.

Battle The Metal Mario Brothers

In Adventure mode, finish the first stage with a 2, in the ones place, in the timer. You will fight Luigi/Peach instead of Mario/Peach. Defeat Luigi AND Peach. YOU MUST GET 'HALF-MINUTE- MAN'(defeat opponent in 30 seconds or less) after you have done the above, continue adventure and you'll fight metal Maio Brothers instead of metal Mario.

How To Beat Teams Easily

When you are in I Player Mode and you pick Adventure (very easy, easy, or normal only) when you get to the Yoshi team you can get close to a Yoshi and just push Z and move the control stick left or right to send them flying!It also works on the purple wire people.

Beat Event #39 Easily

In the event grab the other Jigglypuff using the Z button and press up. You will throw the opponent in the air and they should lose a life. Do this three times to each Jigglypuff and you will win.

How To Get Eagleland Fourside Stage

Play versus mode 100 times to unlock Eagleland Fourside stage.

How To Get A UFO Trophy

Play vesus mode 100 wins to get a UFO trophy.

Marth Beam Sword Trick

Since Marth is a swordsman, you would think the beam sword has an effect, and it does. Challange someone as Marth. If they have a "beam sword" do the smash backflip (A up) on the front of the person. You should kick the sword out of their hands and catch it for yourself. (Tip: comes in handy if both weak).

Nintendo Game Systems

Go to the trophy section to see most of the Nintendo game systems. Go to the "Collection" screen and zoom in on the background to the right of the television.

Alternate Trophy Background

Zoom in on a trophy, then press Start to change the background.

Barrel Cannon Trophy Message

Look at the bottom of the Barrel Cannon trophy. You will see the message "2L84ME" (too late for me).

Wave Race: Blue Storm Trophy

Insert a memory card with a saved game from Wave Race: Blue Storm. Begin the game and a Wave Race: Blue Storm trophy will be available.

Paper Mario Trophy

Hit over 1500 feet in homerun derby mode to get a Paper Mario trophy.

Trophy Arrangements

Hold L and enter the "Collection" screen to arrange your trophies in rows.
Hold R and enter the "Collection" screen to arrange trophies in a circle.
Hold Y and enter the "Collection" screen to arrange the trophies in a triangle.

How To Change Color

Push Y or X at the charter selcet screen and will change color

The Offical Nintendo Way To Get Luigi

Clear the first stage of Adventure Mode with a two in the timer's seconds category to make Luigi appear in the next stage. Defeat him quickly, then finish Adventure Mode. Or, you can unlock Luigi by playing Vs. Mode more than 800 times.

Pikmin Trophy

Insert a memory card with a saved game from Pikmin. Begin the game and a Pikmin trophy will be available.

All-Star Mode

Unlock all bonus fighters to unlock the single player All-Star mode. This mode allows you to fight all game characters, but with less health items.

Alternate Music

At the stage selection screen in multi-player mode, hold L or R and select a stage. Keep the button held until the match begins. Note: Only certain stages have new music.

Final Destination Stage

Successfully complete event mode #51 to unlock the Final Destination stage.

Congo Jungle Stage

Successfully complete 15 Minute Spar mode to unlock the Congo Jungle stage.

Brinstar Depths Stage

Fight over 50 multi-player matches to unlock the Brinstar Depths stage.

Big Blue Stage

Fight over 150 multi-player matches to unlock the Big Blue stage.

Battlefield Stage

Successfully complete All-Star mode to unlock the Battlefield stage.

Play As Roy

Successfully complete classic mode with Marth on any difficulty setting without losing a life to unlock Roy.

Play As Jigglypuff (Purin)

Successfully complete adventure mode on any difficulty setting to unlock Jigglypuff (Purin).

Play As Falco

Complete the 100 man spar to unlock Falco.

Play As Gannondorf

Defeat Gannondorf in Event 29 to unlock him as a playable character.


Samus' Extended Grappling Beam

Pick Samus and push the Z button repeatedly. While pushing the Z button, move the Control Panel Up and Down over and over. After a few seconds, try your Grappling Beam (Z) and it should twice as long! When using your Grappling Beam, hold L to home in the nearest opponent and push Z again to grab hold of them. This extended Grappling Beam stops when you die.

Character Happiness

If you want to do cool moves then listen up. On the D-pad, the one next to the C-stick, press up. Your character will wave or move in a special way.

Extra Long Grab With Samus

Hold Z and start pressing up and down on the D- pad. Next, start tapping Z while pressing up and down on the D-pad. This will make your grab longer. It won't grab automatically so you have to press A to grab. If you hold L while doing the grab, it will make the grab heat seeking.

Peach's Tiara Attack

When you are facing you're opponent face to face, jump forward and push the A button. When you're in the air, push start. Push the Y or X button to see yourself closer. When you see yourself, you'll see Princess Peach in the air with her crown in her hand getting ready to hit you.

Setting Up The Sandbag

Personal Statement: Each character has a unique attack for wearing sown the sandbag. Up, Down and Right refer to the control stick movements movements while pressing the A or B Button.

Mario: Cape Attack (Right + B)
Pikachu: Thunder Jolt (B)
Bowser: Powered-up spin attack (Smash Down + A)
Peach: High Kicks (Right + B), Then pick up bat.
Yoshi:Fast Kicks (Jump, Down + A)
D.K. Powered- up clap(Smash up + A)
Captain Falcon: Bat (Smash Right + A), then 
Falcon Punch.
Fox: Blaster (B)
Ness: Falling Kick (Jump,Down + A)
Ice Climbers:Hammer twirl attack(hold up + tap A)
Kirby: Spin kicks(Jump, Down + A)
Samus:High kicks(hold up + A)
Zelda/Sheik:Charged smash(Smash up + A, hold, 
Link:Charged Bow(B, hold, release)
JigglyPuff:Upward Smash(Smash Up + A)
Mewtwo:Confusion(hold right + B)
Luigi:Luigi Cyclone (hold down + B)
Marth:Downward Smash(Jump, Smash Down + A)
Mr.Game and Watch: Upward Smash(Smash up + A)
Dr. Mario: Cape Attack(Right + B)
Ganondorf: Upward Smash(Smash up + A)
Young Link: Bomb(hold down + B)


How To Unlock The Hands

First, beat everybody in classic and adventure. Next, go to the character select screen. Last, turn the C stick to see the hands as playable characters!

Unlock Ganedorf

Defeat Ganedorf in event 39 and he will challenge you.

Unlock Falco

Go to 1-p mode then, go to Stadium and do the 100-man melee. It's really hard so do it with a character you're good with. GOOD LUCK!!!

Unlock Luigi

To unlock Luigi you need to beat adventure mode. Cross the finish line when there's a 2. And in the next stage you'll fight Luigi instead of Mario, but you have to defeat Luigi and Peach in under a minute. And after don't die in the next stages and when you're done it should say a NEW FOE HAS APPEARED.

Unlock Mr. Game & Watch

Complete Target Test with all 24 characters.

Get Toad As A Playable Charecter

First, complete Classic mode in 1-P Mode and beat the Master/Master Hand and Psycho Hand on any difficulty. Then shoot all the staff and sign credits. Then, do it again. You`ll get Toad as playable character on very hard mode in adventure mode. He`ll be behind Ganondorf. You`ll need Ganondorf to access him.

Unlock Toad

You may not think you can get him but you can! Here's how. All you have to do is beat Classic mode with any character and any difficulty. Then at the credits hit all the targets. Then beat adventure mode with any character and any difficulty level again. Then hit all the targets again. After that it will say "New Challenger Approaching!" beat him and he's all yours.

Unlock Shadow The Hedgehog

To unlock Shadow, you must do all 51 event matches. Do event 51 again with Sonic and Tails and Shadow the Hedgehog will appear to challenge you. Defeat him and he's yours to keep.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Super Smash Bros. Melee yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Black Hole Glitch

To do this glitch you must have 4 controllers and peach, 2 foxs, one in your team and the other with peach. And any character. First put scope shot. Go to zelda sky place. Then with the random character shoot the scope shot or tap A 3 times. In the fourth shot just before it starts shooting hit the person with the scope shot. This will cause unlimited ammo. Then put the 2 foxxes 5 steps away each. Then have the fox that is in your team get shot at first. But do not stop shooting. After you have do this it will cause an endless reflect reaction. While that is happening have peach use her umbrella right under the reflect reaction until it looks like its going extremely fast. Then throw at least 10 to 15 vegetables at it. The game will slow down but continue. Then if done right it should stay floating in the middle. This will cause extreme hit points up 999 in less then 3 or 2 secs and will throw you away and die. Note: This will cause game to freeze. And if done on gamecube it might never turn on again. I recommend doing it on wii if you have it.

Glitch: No Face.

Go to Home run contest and pick any person (fox is the best) pick up the bat and go behind the sandbag and make damage with the B button and before time runs out hit him the wrong way he will bounce off the wall and win he lands his face will be gone.


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