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Author: Rebellious Seoul
Started On: 7 September 2003
Ended On: 19 September 2003

3) FAQs
                                      LEGAL NOTICE

ASKING ME IF YOU CAN.([email protected] is my e-mail address) IF YOU 

Well, you need an introduction? Then I'll give you one. The PlayStation was a 
revolutionary game console with astounding graphics in its time. It was the best 
there was from 1995 to 2001. And then the GameCube, Xbox, and its sucsessor, the 
PlayStation 2 came. In my opinion, even the the DreamCast, which launched a year or 
two before the 3 big names now, was cow dung compared to the PlayStation. Its a 
hall of famer. Its the best there was. For pete's sake, it even sold around a 
million in its first week when it was released. Now that tells you something. Its 
has its flaws, but there are just about none of them anyway.

1) What CDs can the PlayStation play?
A) The PlayStation can play PlayStation CDs and Audio CDs.

2) How do I keep my PlayStation and controllers lasting longer?
A) Every once in a while, clean it by VERY GENTLY (and I mean VERY GENTLY) rubbing 
it with a cotton swab. (If you haven't got a steady hand, DO NOT TRY CLEANING THE 
LENS) Or you could send it in for professional cleaning. You'd be amazed how much 
dust accumulates on the inside of the playstation! You can keep your controllers 
lasting longer by not shaking them (shaking it might loosen the wires) or 
yanking/pulling them hard. (yanking/pulling it hard might tear the inside wires)

3) It has got stuck after the Sony and PS screens after I put in a CD. What should 
I do?
A) Could just be a coincidence. Put the PlayStation off, wipe the CD with a soft, 
clean cloth (incase it has dust on it) put it back in and put the playstation on. 
If it still does not work, (even if you've tried many many times) give it in for 
professional cleaning. If it STILL does not work, go to the dealer you bought it 
from and get a refund or get it replaced by the dealer.

4) How do I know if CDs are original?
A) Simple. Look at the back of the CD. If it is black, it is real. If not black, it 
is fake.

5) Why doesn't my PlayStation play fake playstation CDs?
A) It could have what people call "the originality chip". That means it can only 
play original CDs and that you have bought it from an actual Sony showroom.

6) How do I delete data on a PlayStation Memory Card?
A) First, insert your memory card in a memory card slot and put on the PlayStation 
without putting a CD in. After the Sony screen has gone, there will be a screen 
which has 2 options - Memory Card and Audio CD. Go to memory card. Then you will 
have the options of deleting data, copying or transfering data from 1 memory card 
to another, or exitting. When you are done deleting, transfering or copying, exit 
and put the PlayStation off.

7) Can I 'undelete' deleted data?
A) Yes. Right after you have deleted something, press L1, L2, R1 and R2 to get the 
data back but it has to be done right after deleting the data.

8) What are some 'MUST BUY!' games?
A) In my opinion, the entire Crash Bandicoot, Rayman, SmackDown! and Need For Speed 
series (even NFS 3) are some 'MUST BUY!' games but it is your choice and you might 
not like these games.

9) How do I know if the game CD is being read?

A) If it get pasts the Sony and PS screens, the CD is being read.
                                 TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE

1.1) My controllers are not working.

Ans) There could be a number of reasons. Try some of these solutions -

a. Clean the controller ports. 

b. The connector wires could be loose so unless you are a playstation technician, 
don't dismantle the controller and try to fix up the wires yourself and send it in 
for repair.

1.2) My memory cards are not storing data.

Ans) If they aren't, then they aren't. One of these causes might be why your PS 
memory cards are ot working.

a. The memory card might not be compatible. (EG - Chinese PS memory cards don't 
work on UAE PlayStations)

b. It is fake, malfunctioning or used for storing data on other platforms.

c. It is already full with data.

1.3) My CDs aren't being read on the PlayStation.

Ans) Clean the lens GENTLY with a soft cotton swab. Now try it again. If it STILL 
does not read you CDs, then send your PLayStation back to the shop you bought it 
from for a replacement. If ONLY 1 CD doesn't work the CD could be fake, scratched 
or malfunctioning.

1.4) The colour is always BLACK & WHITE.

Ans) Try thess solutions-

a. Check all the TV buttons. One of them might be labelled 'Colour' or 'Colour 
Switch' or something like that. Just press that button.

b. Check if all the wires are connected firmly. If they aren't, then connect them 

c. The electricity voltage might be fluctuating. I've noticed that sometimes, 
PlayStations play black and white if the electricity is fluctuating. So install a 
stabilizer and connect the PLayStation to it or wait for the electricity to stop 

d. The TV could be very old. So, if your TV is more than 10 years old and it is 
playing only black and white, then you are probably going to have to buy a new one 
to see PS graphics in colour.

1.5) After the sony screen, even though there is a CD inside, it goes to the Memory 
Card/Audio CD menu.

Ans) The PlayStation lens has somehow been pushed down and it cant read the CDs 
anymore. A repair for this costs as much as a new PS so you might as well buy a new 
one unless you are a PS technician who can fix it.

1.6) My games keep getting stuck in the middle of the game.

Ans) I don't know any solutions for this. but there are causes-

a. The CD is scratched or malfunctioning or fake or a CD for a different console. 
(Like maybe for a PS2 or a Dreamcast)

b. This is the first symptom of the lens getting pushed down and soon you wont be 
able to play at all.

c. It was just a coincidence.

d. Fluctuation of electricity voltage.

Me - For writing this FAQ and Troubleshooting guide.
Me - For buying my PS with my own money so I could write this document.
Friends and family - For buying me different kinds of games and PS CDs.
Sony - For creating the PlayStation.
Naughty Dog Inc. - For creating the Crash Bandicoot series for the PS.

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                                    [END OF DOCUMENT]

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