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1. Introduction
2. Questions
3. Matches
4. Secret Characters
5. Controls
6. Wrestlers
7. Create-A-Wrestler
8. Conclusion

1. Introduction:
What is Wrestlemania X8? Is it a game or is it life?
To me it's just a game but to others a passion.
When I first played the game I was amazed, but then I found out
the once you win the titles when you play exhibition you can't put 
the title on the line. That's just one of the negatives.

2. Questions:
Q: How do you put a superstar threw a table?

A: First you have to have D-Von on the side with the superstar and Bubba
on the other side of the table.  When you're ready you both push A at the
same time.

Q: How do you do a speacial?

A: First you have to fill one of the meter bars.  Then all you have to do is 
press A&B at the same time.

Q: How do you make the computer tag you?

A: Fist you have to stay in the corner where you or the computer started,
then you just press Z.

3. Matches:
 Single- One on One
 Handicap- Two on One

 Tag- Two on Two
 Fatal 4 Way- 4 people all against each other

 Battle Royal- 4 people all against each other, eliminated one by one

 Royal Rumble- 30 people all against each other
 Hardcore- Weapons match
 Cage- A match in a cage, winning by climbing out of the cage

 Hell in the cell- A match in a cell, winning by pinfall

 Ladder- climbing a ladder to retrieve a title

 TLC- climbong a ladder to retrieve a title including tables and chairs

 Ironman- A match using 1 hour in time ( or less)

4. Secret Characters:


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