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Ultimate Team

What you do is go to franchise Gm office and go to player editor and pick your favorite team. Then you make all their stats A + thus creating the ultimate team.

Easy Bonus Points

What you do is when a fly ball is hit you stand right next to wear the ball is going to land and right before it lands press the dive button getting you easy bonus points.

Better Hitting

Press START right when the pitcher releases the ball. You should see where it will be. If you can read a pitchers movement, then you should be able to tell whether it will sink, rise, or stay the same. This will prepare you so you can hit more homeruns. I hit over 100 homeruns with Albert Pujols before the All Star Game.

Game "Turn-Around"

Getting your but kicked during a game? Well, here's how I came back and won all my games during franchise. When you start to get your but kicked bad, press start to get to the start menu, go down to controller selection, switch to your opponents team, and have that team screw up a lot so that your team will come back and gain the lead. Enjoy :)

Taunt The Crowd

When you hit a home run and your player is running home, press L3 and your player will taunt the crowd.

Easy Trades

For easy trades in season or franchise mode, go to Edit Players in the GM Office under Roster Analysis. Pick the player you want change their stats to D- and then trade them to your team.

Change Jerseys In Franchise Mode

Before playing in a franchise mode game, go to quick play, and on the team's options highlight "Change Uniform". Go back, exit quick play, load the franchise, and when you get to the play game screen on options, your pointer will be on the blacked out uniform part. Press X and you can change uniforms. Once you change lineups or pitchers, this option is no longer available; it only works for that one game.

Restore Pitcher's Energy

Wait until your pitcher has low energy then pause game play. If your pitcher is still on the mound, go to "Save Game and Quit", then save the game. Restart the system, and when you go to the main menu, load the game. When you finish loading, it should automatically take you back to the game, and it should show your pitcher on the mound with the full green energy bar.

Free Balls

If you are down in the count or need a quick ball, pretend to lay down a bunt. Pull back while the pitcher is in his motion. This should result in a ball being thrown. Note: This only works up to two times in an at bat.

Easy Homeruns

When controlling Barry Bonds at bat, press the Square so that you are on "Power" and not "Contact". When you are on "Power", only the yellow box will appear, and when you are on "Contact", there will be a shaded area covering the yellow box. If the pitch is up and in, move the box there and swing. It will almost always be an automatic homerun.

Late Swing

When you are at bat, for some reason when you press Swing, the player will actually swing a moment after it is pressed resulting in a swing and a miss. You should press Swing in advance, preferably after the pitcher releases the ball.

Easy Points

Start a two player game and do not have a second player play the game. Throw a perfect game by striking out every batter. Save the game in the bottom of the 9th with two stikes and two outs. Finish the game, collect the points, and save options. Reload the saved game and repeat this as many times as needed to get an unlimited amount of points.


We have no cheats or codes for All-Star Baseball 2004 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for All-Star Baseball 2004 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

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