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  • Backyard Sports: Baseball
  • Sports, Baseball
  • Atari Games
  • Atari
  • Everyone
  • April 10, 2003


Aluminum Power

If you hit a grand slam, about 90% of the time you will get the Aluminum Power power-up. (Hint: If you get Aluminum Power, save it until the bases are loaded again. If you hit a grand slam, you might get another Aluminum Power.)

Better Performance

Put Amir Khan and Achmed Khan on the same team and both of their skills will increase. The same happens when Ashley Webber and Sidney Webber are on the same team. Major league players will have increased skills when playing for their real life team. For example, Randy Johnson will perform better when playing as an Arizona Diamondback.

Home Run Derby

Note: You have to be fast. Choose two people and select a third person immediately before the screen changes. This will help you get more hits and home runs.

Easy Second Base

If the other team throws the ball to home play and you are on first base, you can run to second and they will not see you.

Ways To Get Pitching Power-ups

Here are some ways to get pitching power-ups.

1.) Strike someone out
2.) Catch someone stealing
3.) Pick someone off
4.) Make someone miss/foul off the batter's power-up

Easy Batting Power-Up

On a fly ball, an easy way to get a power-up for batting is to dive at the orange circle where the ball is going to land, even if you don't need to. The trick is when the orange circle appears, stand next to it (not on it) and wait for the ball to fall. Then press X and the direction where the circle is. If you did it right and caught the ball, you should get a power-up for batting, usually either Rubber Bat or Sonic Boom. It may take a while to get down, but with practice, you should learn to master it.

Get Aquadome

First you go to a homerun derby then choose 3 people and choose A-rod, Barry Bonds,and Sammy sosa I just got it today and I was surprised then when you are Barry bonds hit about 25 or 26 homeruns and make barrybonds win. Then after all of that is over a newspaper will show up and you unlocked the "AQUADOME" which is DA Bomb.

Unlock Humongous Memorial Stadium

To unlock humongous memorial stadium, you must play a season, go to the world series and win just 1 game.

Pitching Power-up

To get a pitching power-up you have to strike out someone or pick-off someone.


Pitching Power-ups

Here is a list of pitching power-ups and what they do.

Left + Y - Slo-Mo: Sorta like a change-up, except much slower over the plate

Left + X - Knuckle: A ball that goes everywhere and very rarely goes where you want it to go

Left + B - Fang: A pitch that is a very exaggerated curve-ball

Left + A - Freeze: A ball that "freezes" in mid-air and "melts", unless the batter knew it was coming, after the batter swung

Right + Y - Smoke: A ball that disappears in a cloud of smoke and reappears in the strike-zone

Right + X - Corn-popper: Make a popping sound and shakes around, but that's it.

Right + B - Splitball: A ball that splits on its way to the plate (Hint: The ball with the streak behind it is the ball you want to hit)

Right + A - Fireball: Probably the best pitching power-up in the game. It goes so fast over the plate, the best way to make contact is to bunt.


We have no unlockables for Backyard Baseball yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Backyard Baseball yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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