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2.)The Players
3.)Fielding Positions
4.)Batting Order
5.)During The Game
6.)The Results

          This is for all of the Backyard Baseball fans. now if you want a perfect 
season, or a ton of homeruns, then you better read this carefully. When you start a 
new season, you type your name, choose your team, and pick your home field, but the 
important part is the players. this method words on any level of play, Rookie, Pro, 
and All-Star.

          The players are very important because without the right players, this 
doesn't work as well. The players you will need are Ichiro, Mikey Thomas, Pablo 
Sanchez, Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Kiesha Phillips, Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, and 
Pedro Martinez. And those are all the players you need.

          After you get all of those players you will need to put them in their 
fielding positions. So first go to strategy and the fielding positions and batting 
order will pop up. First go to fielding positions. Then put Pedro Martinez as the 
Pitcher, Mikey Thomas as the Catcher, Kiesha Phillips at 1st, Pablo Sanchez at 2nd, 
Alex Rodriguez at 3rd, Derek Jeter at Short Stop, Barry Bonds in Left Field, Ichiro 
in Center Field, and Sammy Sosa in Right Field. If you put them in those positions 
you will have a dominent defensive team.

          After the Fielding is set, then you move on to the batting order. Now you 
must put it in this batting order. 1st batter is Ichiro, 2nd batter is Mikey 
Thomas, 3rd batter is Pablo Sanchez, 4th batter is Barry Bonds, 5th batter is Sammy 
Sosa, 6th batter is Kiesha Phillips, 7th batter is Derek Jeter, 8th batter is Alex 
Rodriguez, and 9th batter is Pedro Martinez. Do NOT change the batting order in the 
middle of the season for whatever reason because it will mess the players up!

          Now that you have everything set up, you can play the game! Now this is 
the most important part so READ CAREFULLY. when you are pitching throw anything you 
want. When you get two strikes on someone throw a low change-up. Usually they will 
swing and miss or just watch it go by the plate. Sometimes they hit it though, but 
not very far. All the rest is up to you. For batting, you must do everything I say. 
With Ichiro, bunt, even with two strikes. you must bat closed though, and when you 
get two strikes, bat squared so the ball won't go foul. For Mikey, Pablo, Barry, 
Sammy, Kiesha, Derek, and Alex, hit with line drive. Bat open and get way under the 
ball because the the ball will sail out of the park most of the time. And for 
Pedro, use any batting power-up tou get because he is the worst hitter. But if you 
don't have any, then use line drive and bat open, and get way under the ball like 
everyone else.

          As a result of all of this, Ichiro will have a batting average of 
over .900, all of the power hitters wii get over 40 home runs a season(of 32games), 
Pedro will be the best hitting pitcher in the league, and he will have an ERA of 
less than 2.00. You will win every game and get over 10 points a game. you will 
easily win the World Series. that is all you have to do to have the #1 Team.

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