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  • November 10, 2009


How To Look Dead

If you lay down and press Y really fast you will appear not to move to other players. On your screen you'll be constantly switching weapons but to enemies you'll just be laying still and most of the time they will walk right past you. Then you can come up and knife them or shoot them or whatever. It works best when you are somewhat hidden so you're not just in the middle of the map. It also works best with cold-blooded pro so your name doesn't show up.

Rank Up Fast

To rank up fast turn on two remotes then go to multiplayer and then go to game mode then click on sabotage, after that go to game rules put all the bomb stuff low as it will go. Then press start. Then do the bomb. Then keep on doin the same math over and over and you'll be ranked up in no time.

The End Of The End?

In the museum pick up any guns you like. Go to the front of the room. At the front of the desk you will see a red alarm. It says don't push. If you push it everybody in the room will try to kill you. If you survive and kill everyone go to the other room and do the same thing. You can do this as much as you like. Good luck! You are going to need it.

Best Guns For Maps

Believe it or not there is such thing as a bad class if you're on a bad map to use it! Here is a list of what type of class to use in every single map!

Afghan - Assault Rifle/Grenade Launcher
Derail - Sniper
Estate - Assault Rifle/Light Machine Gun
Favela - Assault Rifle/Submachine gun
Highrise - Sniper
Invasion - Riot Shield, yes, riot shield! 
Karachi - Heavy Machine Gun/Light Machine Gun
Quarry - Assault Rifle/Submachine gun
Rundown - Heavymachine gun/Assault Rifle
Rust - Submachine gun/Knifing
Scrapyard - Submachine gun/Knifing
Skidrow - Assault Rifle/Grenade Launcher
Subbase - Light Machine gun/Sniping
Terminal - Assault Rifle/ Submachine Gun
Underpass - Sniping/Knifing
Wasteland - Assault Rifle/Light Machine Gun/Grenade Launcher
Remember, this is just my recommendation, you can use whatever you feel like. But with these maps, believe it or not, certain classes can be way to your advantage! Hope this helps!

Unlimited Ammo (Without Hacking)

To get unlimited ammo, you have to be at least level 45 because that's when you unlock 1 Man Army. Create a class with any gun and 1 Man Army. Whenever you run outta ammo, switch classes to the same one you currently have. Your ammo should be full again. When you run out, repeat the process. If you can't do it a second time, it's good to have 2 of the same class, but that probably won't happen.

Intel Locations (part 2)

The Juggernaut

A juggernaut is a soldier with A LOT of armor. It has a metal helmet on and is thickly covered with 85% bullet proof armor. A juggernaut will be holding an M240 with a sight attachment. Shoot him in the head. Best Weapons For Killing One: M240, Barrett 50cal, RPG-7. Hope this helps! Enjoy!

My Favorite Classe

This is one of my many masterpieces. This class includes:

primary weapon: RPD
primary weapon attachment: ACOG scope
secondary weapon: spas 12
secondary weapon attachment: grip
equipent: semtex
special grenade: stun/flash (which ever you prefere. I prefer flash)
perk one: slight of hand
perk two: stopping power
perk three: steady aim
death streak: pain killers
name: assult RPD
This is the class I like and use the most. I hope its as useful to you as it was to me.

Easy Steady Aim Pro

First what you have to do it use any sub-machine gun until you unlock the akimbo attachment. Then chose the Steady Aim Perk then just use the akimbo sub-machine gun. Soon you will have the Steady Aim Pro unlocked which is great if you are trying to be a sniper, the pro version of Steady Aim is a longer breath hold duration.

Beast Killstreak Rewards Setup

A good killstreak reward setup, I think is probably the Predator Missle, Precision Airstrike, and Harrier Airstrike. I like it because it's 5, 6, 7. Or with Hardline, 4, 5, 6. One after another. Oh, don't do the nuke, unless you are really good. Otherwise you're just wasting a slot. I only do low ones because they're easy to get. Then, if you die, get the kills easily again and get the killstreaks. I don't use the Care Package because there's a good chance it'll hold a UAV or Counter or even an EMP which I don't like or care about. Time to kill guys then kill more guys to victory.

Unboxing Prestige Edition

How To Dive

Technically, it's not diving, but it seems like it. It is a great way to get away from an enemy when theirs blood all over the screen, or get away from a grenade. First, sprint in forward, then, jump while sprinting. When you're about to hit the ground, hold down the crouch button and when you are hitting the ground, you will go straight down on your stomach to army crawl.

Juggernaut Crotch Pad

In the museum level at the end of the game, kill the juggernaut and look at his crotch pad, it will say "getcha sum :)".

Good Way To Get Across Map

In highrise when you go under the helicopter go right toward the edge and you should see one of those window washer things you stand on. Drop on it and follow the ledge, sprint to the second window washer double tap "A" and you should should jump in it, look up and double tap "A" again and you'll be on the other side.

My Favorite Class

Primary ump45/ silencer/fmj
secondary m9 /akimbo/fmj
equipment C 4/ clamore
special granade smoke
perk 1 bling pro
perk 2 hardline pro
perk 3 camando pro
death streak painkiller
class name silent veteran
I hope this class comes useful to you. Have fun!

Beast Noob Tube Class

This is a class that I think is domination and I stink at call of duty modern warfare 2 it makes me domination you need to be level 70
*AK47 with grenade launcher* (primary)
*One Man Army* (secondary)
*One Man Army* (perk 1)
perk 2 you can have what you want
*Commando pro* (perk 3)
good luck!

Quickscope Noscope Class

A good Quickscope Noscope Class is:

Primary-Intervention FMJ
Secondary-A Pisol and any attachment
Equipment-Throwing Knife
Special Grenade-Flash Bang
Perk1-Sleight of Hand PRO
Perk2-Cold Blooded PRO
Perk3-Any Perk (I prefer Comando PRO or Steady Aim PRO.)

Great Class Setup 1

Primary-Ump45 Silencer
Secondary-M93 Raffica Akimbo or G18 Akimbo
Equipment-Claymore or Semtex
Secondary Equipment-Flash Grenade
Perk 1-Sleight of Hand Pro
Perk 2-Stopping Powwer Pro
Perk 3-Commando Pro
Killstreaks-Care Package, Predator Missle, Harrier Strike

Knifing Skills

Get a riot sheild and whatever gun you want along with a knife and when you and a friend are playing swithch to your gun lay on the ground and when he comes up to shoot you/knife you through a kniife right in is throught (dramatic effect) good luck.

Highrise Hide Out

When you are playing highrise, right when you respawn if you are in th right building when you walk out were the office desks are, turn to the left (or)right you will see a ladder inside the building climb up it, jump on to the hanging platform and yuo can either stay there or kepp walking and there will be a nother platform accros from it jump on it then lie down you will get lots of kills GOOD LUCK!

Long Live The Campers

The best way that I found to camp was find a spot that isn't to open (so you wont get flanked) and can see where your enemy is coming from. Use claymores to cover any places that the enemy can get in from. If the claymore doesn't kill them the sound of it should warn you. The class that you should use is and assault rifle, light machine gun, and snipers (only if you're really good with one). You must attache a heartbeat sensor. The secondary weapon is your choice. The perks should be scavenger, stopping power and commando. The equipment you should use is claymore, stun gernades. My personal choice is scar-h or ak47 w/heartbeat sensor.

Great Camping Spot On Rundown (lots Of Kills)

This is an awesome place to camp I have gottan an EMP in this spot so enjoy it. First if you spawn on the side with the long building that is linked together you go straight from where you spawned and turn to the right there should be a pile of sandbags with a turret behind them. Climb on the boxes and jump to the wall beside the boxes and then jump over the sandbags. Good Luck.

Out Of Spec. Ops Mission

First you pick up the mp5k from the weapons box. Then, take out all 6 men, including the 2 ghillies. From there, there should be 2 cars on top of each other jump onto them and then jump onto the stack of broken cars. From there, jump onto the metal crate, then onto the yellow car, then onto the blue car. Jump outside of the bushes and you're out of the map. You can explore the buildings and go into them. These buildings are from the COD 4 mission "ALL GHILLIED UP".

Drunk Russian

On the level that you have to help the BTR by lazering enemies, at the end you will have to go to a house with an airplane crashed into it. As you go in do not go up the stairs, instead turn right and you will see a Russian solder raiding the fridge. When you get close he will turn around all dizzy. NOTE: he only stay's dizzy for a few seconds then he start's shooting at you.

Better Fire Rate For Shotguns

NOTE:to do this, you must have the "slight of hand" perk activated, only works with akimbo Model 1887 (maybe regular, haven't tried it), and Spas 12 (maybe others, only tried those). This hint is good for close range firefights. For a Spas 12, instead of pumping the gun, reload and it will go faster. It takes a little more work, but the gun will allow you to shoot the next bullet faster, then repeat the process. For the Model akimbo, press X (reload) before you twirl the guns on your fingers. With "slight of hand", reloading will be faster than pumping or twirling. All you need to remember is before you pump the shotgun (s), press X. If you follow those steps, you'll be blowin' multiple brains out in no time.

Easy Museum

When you start the level, pick any gun you want because this glitch will work with anything. DO NOT hit the red button. Once you get your gun, start killing all the characters but one (it doesn't matter which one). When you only have one character left, hit the red button and kill him. He will be the only one that will come at you because you killed the others.

Best Custom Class For Search & Destroy

Primary-ACR Silenced
Secondary-M93 Raffica Silenced
Primary Grenade-Claymore
Secondary Grenade-Concussion 
Perk 1-Slight of Hand
Perk 2-Cold Blooded
Perk 3-Ninja
Death Streak-Martydom
This class has helped me out alot and I hope it helps you out to!

Awesome Classes

NOTE; everything works better with pro perks

Assault Rifle Challenges

These are challenges you can earn with any assault rifle. I will use the M4A1 as an example in the guide where the words "asault rifle" should be, although you can earn these challenges with any assault rifle. *Unlocked after prestiging.

1) M4A1 Marksman
I. Get 10 kills with the M4A1. 
II. Get 30 kills with the M4A1. 
III. Get 75 kills with the M4A1. 
IV. Get 150 kills with the M4A1. 
V. Get 300 kills with the M4A1. 
VI. Get 500 kills with the M4A1. 
VII. Get 750 kills with the M4A1. 
VIII. Get 1, 000 kills with the M4A1. 

2) M4A1 Expert
I. Get 5 headshots with the M4A1. 
II. Get 15 headshots with the M4A1. 
III. Get 30 headshots with the M4A1. 
IV. Get 75 headshots with the M4A1. 
V. Get 150 headshots with the M4A1. 
VI. Get 250 headshots with the M4A1. 
VII. Get 500 headshots with the M4A1. 

3) M4A1 Shotgun - Get 20 kills with the Grenade Launcher attatchment. 

4) M4A1 Holographic Sight - Get 60 kills with Red Dot sight attatched. 

5) M4A1 Heartbeat Sensor - Get 15 kills with the Silencer attatched. 

6) M4A1 Thermal Scope - Get 20 kills with the ACOG Scope attatched. 

7) M4A1 Extended Mags - Get 40 bullet penetration kills with FMJ attatched. 

8) M4A1 Mastery - Unlock all attatchments for the M4A1. 

9)*M4A1 Veteran
I. Get 500 kills with the M4A1. 
II. Get 1, 000 kills with the M4A1. 
III. Get 2, 500 kills with the M4A1. 

10)*M4A1 Master
I. Get 250 headshots with the M4A1. 
II. Get 500 headshots with the M4A1. 
III. Get 1, 000 headshots with the M4A1. 

Easy Multikill On Wasteland

This is a trick my friend taught me. You need any assault rifle with the grenade launcher attatchment and you need the perk "danger close" on. If you happen to play Domination on Wasteland, choose that class. If you play as Task Force 141, switch to the grenade launcher and line the bottom of the aimer with both objective A, and the power lines hanging above. Shoot the grenade launcher and if there are people there, you should get a multikill. I use it a lot and it works great.

Museum Hiding Place

In the room that you spawn in, at the end of the hallway you should see Gen. Shepherd and Capt. Price in a boat. Pick any two weapons that you like, and head over to the room with the juggernaut in it. Press the button, then run as fast as you can back into the other room. Go all the way to the other side of the room where Price is, go to the back of boat he is in, make sure you are standing in the water, and go prone. You should be able to see through the glass and shoot through it while the people are coming after you. However, they can see you and will try to shoot at you but they can't shoot through the glass so you will not get hurt. Do not let them get close though because they will shoot over the glass. I hope this works for you.

Noob Tube Weapons

For all you noobs out there (excluding me) the Noob tube weapons and attachments are Scar-H, rifle-mounted grenade launcher, or model 1887 w/ akimbo or fmj.

Thumper On Hornet's Nest

On the mission "The Hornet's Nest", once you get to the intersection before you can see the market, go into the building that is made of red brick, on the bottom floor, in the corner behing the lunch counter, you should find a Thumper grenade launcher. It is the only one I've ever found in the game.

A Ghille

A ghille is basiclly a sniper with a good camoflouge. They use grass suits and hide in bushes and in the grass. A ghille is sometimes hard to spot. Be careful.

Help On Rust

On Rust if you go in the little tower in the middle there will be a ladder, climb up the ladder and you have a good sniping spot. You should be aware to put a claymore in the spot where you came up and don't get shot!

Estate Ceiling

This glitch is simple. Go inside the Estate building. Go upstairs and go ontop of the couch. Run and jump onto the shelf. From there jump up towards the wall. You should be on a ledge. Now that's the glitch. One time I did the glitch and I got 7 suprise kills. Enjoy!

Easy Nuke On Wasteland

What you will need is a weapon with good firepower and can go long range, (i would prefer putting on a acog) and a Good secondary weapon to get you out of tough situations.
My weapons: Scar-H w/Acog M93 Raffica Akimbo
Preferred Killstreaks for this: Harrier Strike, Pavelow, Tactical Nuke ;)
What you will need to do is run into one of the houses on the left side of the map that are right next to each other and peek around and eliminate anyone in the fields that are running up, and then just camp around the houses until you get a harrier. When you do that put the harrier in the middle by the bunker since EVERYONE goes there. Then once you get your pavelow (because I know you will) Call it and wait. Find a AWESOME hiding spot. Because when I called my harrier I got 13 kills with it, then the pavelow got me 7. So you will most likely get a Nuke. Call it in, Get them Sweet Points. And Do It Again ;).

Hiding Place For Estate

Go in the big house in the middle of the map, go under the staircase, then go all the way to that corner and crouch. You aim between the steps on the staircase and people will walk by you carelessly on your left. ( Best way to come in is from the back where the green house is).

How To Noscope

To noscope its actually pretty easy - all you have to do is put your enemy in the middle of those little four lines then fire it has more accuarcy the closer you get it works best while playing hq.

Faster Quick Scope

Pick a sniper rifle, (perfered intervention or barrett 50 calibur)before you start your match go to your options and go to sensivtivety. Put on high. ( I think if your online you could make a custom sensivtivety which could be very high)Your perks should be sieght of hand pro, stopping power pro, and steady aim pro. Secendary dosent matter (perfed g18 or rafica)throwing knife for gernade and smoke bomb for special gernade. Now get ready to start quick scoping some people.

Quick Scope

When you have any type of sniper rifle, if your clous to somone quickly tap the zoom in button and the fire button right after you press the zoom in button and thats how you quick scope some.

An Easy Way Tto Complete MW2 On Veteran Difficulty

Take your time when going through the game; on veteran this game can become very annoying, but its worth it to get those achievements. At some points in the game there is close quarters fighting and at those points taking your time is when its most important. Don't let enemies surround you either, sure the allied AI will take some enemies out but they still are stupid let them help you take a target down; use their idiocracy to get out of cover at the worst times to get shot to your advantage. When an allied AI gets out of cover all the enemies shoot at them, thats when YOU take your shots. Also the only way to survive and through is to move up from cover to cover, but be careful where you try to go allies will try to take up some spots so to take use of the best spots play the game on a lower difficulty to analyze the playing area.

Easy Perfectionish Challenge

In order to complete this challenge you need to empty a full sniper rifle clip into your enemies without missing. An easy way to do this is to use the Intervention. It has a small clup making this challenge easier to complete. Just time your shots carefully and you will have this challenge completed in no time and earn yourself some extra experience and a new title.

How To Be A Good Player Online!

1 . If in trouble camp a little bit.
2. Pick good guns-ACR, Scar-H, AK47, or the UMP45 are recommended.
3. Use good snipers-Intervention, or a Barret 50 Caliber.
4. Pick good game modes if you like getting lots of kills I would choose-Domination, or Ground War.
5. If you want lots of points you should play-Demolition, or Head Quarters.

How To Get On Top Of The Sign On Highrise

First, climb that ladder that leads to the top of the little elevator building next to where the bomb is in Search and Destroy. Once you get on top, turn around and you'll see the sign. Run and jump onto the bars that hold the sign up on the left. Once there, climb on top of the sign.

Another Beast Class

Another class I thought would be good to use is the ACR with the holographic sight and FMJ. For a secondary have the M9 with FMJ and tactical knife. Perks are Bling PRO, Stopping Power regular or PRO, Commando PRO.

How To Get The Fastest Time In Overwatch

First when you start off on the ground are some guns get rid of your assault riffle pick the smallest gun you see It will make you run faster make sure you run with your pistol out. When you get to the edge where the timer starts sprint and count to 5 fast then jump and before you hit the ground make sure you hit the sprint button again keep doing that the whole entire mission make sure you have someone in the ac130 that won't shoot you and don't shoot anyone because it will slow you down.

Good Battle Plan On Terminal

This works best in Search and Destroy, so do Search and Destroy. If you get Terminal, be happy. If you are defenders (I think), you start in the back of the map, break the huge panel of glass to the right, go up the escalator, and kill any resistance by Burger Town. Go down the area to the left. Make sure you do all of the steps as fast as you can. You should see some guys around by the red desk and by the thing that leads to the plane. Kill them. They are waiting for people to come outta the plane. I got a headshot on a dude snipin' by the back desk, because he wasn't EXPECTING YOU. Then two more kills. One by the desk and one in the plane tube thing. That's 2, 050 XP in 12 seconds. (The extra 50 because 1 was a longshot).

Contigency With Ease

When Your On the "Perfect Ledge" With captain price right after the predator drone is available use the AMG missile to destroy the BTR before it can get a shot off. Now the predator drone will be available the whole time no need to wait for another one. Use the AMGs to weaken the force near you. Proceed till you see a line of enemy coming between narrow path. Kill them! Dont Go Any Further from there you will see the forces on the other side of that path. Use the AMGs to destroy all them don't proceed till there is no red square on the predators Camera. Therefore they wont see you so it wont alert them. Now the only people left is the people in side the buildings. There is no time to get to the sub take as long as you want.

Best Way To Get A NUKE

A good way to get a nuke is to have this killstreak setup:

*Harrier Airstrike
*Chopper Gunner or AC130
*Tactical Nuke
First, a good place to be to do this is in Rundown because it has a lot of small buildings and places to hide in. Try to get to Rundown, and find a small building. Stay in the building and wait for dudes to walk by so you can kill them. Use a Scar-H, some shotgun, and any grenades. Perks are Scavenger so you don't run outta ammo, Stopping Power, and Commando. Once you get the Harrier, use it, and the bombs will get 1 or 2 kills. Then, you should have around 9 kills. The harrier will get you 5 to 9 or 10 kills. Now you have about 19 kills. Once you get the Chopper Gunner (if you need it), use it. Then, you will probably have a NUKE.

Getting The Nuke Easier

When you get to a map you should get to a building by b until you get your harrier or attack helicopter. When you get that you should move to another place until you get your chopper gunner, AC130, or pave low. Then you should get kills with that up to your Tatical Nuke then you will be Ending the game with a BANG! Weapons to use:
Or Other Weapons
Perks to use:
Stopping power
Any you want I prefer: Ninja

Beast Class Part 5

Take a riot shield and a throwing knife because when a dude's shooting you, they'll have to reload. When he reloads, chuck the knife into his throat. (I said throat to add dramatic effect. ) Probably take a machine pistol because that's kinda like a machine gun. Also, take stuns or smokes, and you can chuck stuns really fast.

Tip In Domination On Highrise

When playing, the place underground is the best because everyone is on the top and some guys try to go underground and you will kill them ( this is when your defending ).

Tip For A Sniper

The tip is mainly for Search and Destroy modes and it is if you have, say a Barret 50 and a Model 1887. When you're the last one alive, it's good to pick up and exchange your shotgun, pistol, or so on for a AMG, SMG, or LMG because a pisol ain't gonna do ya any good against 6 other guys. I hate it when snipers are the last ones alive because chances are, they will die because they don't have a good close range weapon. So, if you're a sniper and love sniper rifles, use a machine gun instead of a pistol. Time for snipers to use a machine gun to victory.

Beast Class Setup Part 4

Another beast class setup I think, is if you're a sniper, use the EBR, the last one you unlock at level 56. Use that because it is good at close range, too. You can shoot it really fast and the the gun doesn't move and fly around like the Barret 50 cal which shoots stupidly fast. About 1-3 shots and you got a kill. Enough about the EBR. Secondary should be the M93 Raffica because it is like an M16. 3 round bursts. Depending on where you shoot the dude, about 1 burst will do it. Take a tactical insertion so if you find an awesome place, you can go there again. Also take some stuns. Time to snipe your way to victory. (Any perks will work).

Shortcut On Terminal

The shortcut on Terminal map in multiplayer is where you walk down that walkway next to the long row of glass. Break the glass then jump onto the ground next to that building that stairs takes you to. To get on top of the building, you usually have to climb that ladder where the terrorist massacre happened. Just jump on the box on the far right of the platform you are on and look up. Press A/X (Xbox and PS3) twice and you will be on the building.

Easy Way To Get Good Kill Death Ratio And Level Up On Xbox Live

First get on a team deathmatch on the afghan map, use a class with a good machine gun, go to the mountain of boulders, go onto the side that you can see a path, go behind the rocks on the path and lie down, move out to where you can see the path not the rocks, and when you see people run down the path shoot them a couple times and just wait for more to come and U will get killstreak rewards to kill more of your enemies and lead Ur team to victory!

Easy Way To Get A Record Time On Sniper Fi On Spec Ops And Three Stars On It

To get the three stars on sniper fi and get record time you need to have at least two players ( I don't know how many people you can have to play on it). To get the record time get the heartbeat sensor machine gun, let your teammate who's the most violent and who is like a pyro or a crazy person A.K.A a nut get the predator missiles and the claymores, have him/her plant two right in front of the ramp (spacing them a couple feet) and all the way up it and one or two right in front of the ladder, stay behind the boxes on the sides, and don't waist your sniper ammo ( I forgot to say don't get rid of your snipers) , and if you can't find the last couple guys don't spray your machine gun bullets trying to hit them, just wait for your predator and blow them up, and before you just go and blow everything up warn your teammates so you don't blow them up, and never be standing, always be crouching ( unless it's the end of the wave or running to get ammo or to get your teammate (s) but don't stay up) and always stay on top unless planting the claymores or getting more from down at the back were you can get a shotgun or an AK ( I don't recommend getting them though and always be vigilant, that means always pay attention to Ur surroundings and Ur enemies position and movement and actions, and the only time you can waist ammo is at the end of your wave and that's shooting a tanker so it will blow up during the upcoming wave to get some more kills and be careful about the guys on the roof of the building right in front of yous and the guys right in front of your building that are behind the storage crates and instead of shooting them with your sniper, use your machine gun when they're at close range and never be close to the edge where it is open, and a good place to hide there is on top of the left side crates. To get up there you have to go on the railing in front and to the side of them and jump on top of them and lay down, they are to stupid that it takes them thousands of shots on you to actually hit you a couple times. This applies to veteran to but you probably shouldn't go on the boxes on veteran. ( and please remember, DO NOT S T A N D U P! ).

Beast Class Part 3

In Beast Class Part 1, I said to have the ACR with the silencer and red dot. I found out that you should have this.
ACR: FMJ, silenced
M10 shot gun: any attachment (s)

The Perks you need are Bling or Bling Pro, the one that makes the bullets are more powerful (first one in the second perks)and Commando Pro.
The ACR isn't a powerful gun, but with FMJ and the other perk I can't remember that makes the weapon more powerful, the ACR is a realy great gun. Incredible accuracy, now has good power, great range, great fire rate, and good mobility. Get ready to ACR people to victory.

Beast Class Part 2

A good primary weapon to have is a Scar-H with red dot and the undermounted shotgun. A secondary you should have is the M9 with FMJ and tacticle knife because if you run out of ammo with the Scar, which happens fast, you can have a backup weapon. Also, you will have a shotgun, pistol, and machine gun. The Scar-H is very powerful and very accurate. The M9 shoots fast and is accurate. Carry claymores and stun grenades. The claymore will blow up the enemy and is good for protecting bombs. The stun grenades can stun the enemy so you can easily kill 'em. Surprising, right. Use Bling Pro, Hardline, and Commando Pro. Time to kill your way to victory.

Beast Class Part 1

A good class to have is for a primary, is an ACR with silencer and red dot sight or holographic. The ACR is extremely accurate and is pretty long range even with a silencer. Also, an M1 shotgun with red dot because it has a good fire rate and beastly powerfulness. Carry a semtex just in case you encounter a dude with a riot shield a so you can easily stick 'em. You should also have a smoke grenade so you can run past open areas without the baddies seein' you. Perks you need are Bling or Bling Pro. If you haven't unlocked 2 attachments for the ACR, you Slight of Hand Pro. Then use Hardline, so it's easier to get killstreaks, and Commando Pro. Get ready to use this class to murder the bad guys. Happy killin' cheaters and kill your way to victory.

Great Place To Put A Sentry Gun On Terminal

A great place to put as sentry gun on Terminal is in that space in the back of plane where the bombs are. (Blow the bombs up first). It'll be hard to knife it before it wedges 100 bullets per second into the enemy's flesh. That sentry gun will kill the enemy to your victory.

How To Level Up Fast With This Class...

A good way to level up fast on Xbox Live is to do search and destroy because when you kill a guy, you get 500 XP. When you get a headshot, you get 1000 XP. For planting or defusing bombs, you get 1000 XP. I recommend having an M16A4 because that's a good long range weapon, and a machine pistol or akimbo Model or Rangers. Those are clode range. Perks you should have are Bling Pro, Hardline, and Commando Pro. But, you need to be a beast player, because when you die, you don't come back till' the next round, and you might end up being alone against 6 other players. Here's to sum up.

Kill: 500
Bomb Plant: 1000
Bomb Defuse:1000
Shotgun-akimbo or machine pistol
Bling pro
Commando pro
There you go and search then destroy your way to victory.

Good Class 1

M1A1 w/agog scope spaz 12 w/silencer marathon pro hardline pro sit rep pro final stand.

Creepy Russian

On the mission "the Gulag" at the end when you find Price you'll have to run through the collapsing building. At the part when the tunnel collapses and you have to turn around keep going strait and he will show up, he is hurt and he will not shoot, but he's still creepy.

Another Beast Sniping Spot On Highrise

When you start out in the game, depending what side you are on, when walk out the walkway leading to the office, you will see a yellow ladder. Usually you can't climb those kinds of ladders, but here you can. Climb the ladder, and in front of you above the front desk, is a little sealing platform. When you get to the top jump on to the platform, crouch or crawl, and snipe your way to victory.

Skidrow Xbox Live Hiding Spot

When you're at the forklift room the two forklifts that are put together but have a gap in between, crouch and walk into them and stand up look over the seat and shoot and if you think someone has caught on crouch down and look towards the building right across.

Hiding Places

On Xbox Live hide along hedges or in the grass by laying down. Hide behind cars, boxes, and any object that covers you and the enemy will go right by. Just put the cross hairs on him.


The best handguns to use is the usp. 45 and the magnum because "the usp has more shots and its range is really good and the magnum has good damage and range and both weapons is good with the tactical knife".

Great Class Part 2

Another great class I figured out is to use the Scar-H w/grenade launcher and acog scope and the akimbo models w/fmj because you can kill enemies from a distance with the grenade launcher and from close range with the models. The best perks to use with this class is bling pro, lightweight pro, and scrambler pro. Another thing I figured out with the models is that from mid range, 7 out of 10 times you shoot you will kill your foe because the models have a 8 bullet spread.

Easy Colonel Sanderson Achievement

In the mission Hornets Nest in Act 3 near the end of the level you might see six cages of chickens near a wall. All you have to do is throw a grenade at it aim at another cage with a chicken and after the grenade explodes shoot the chicken you are aiming at. You might get the achievement, if not, try again.

Great Class Setup Part1

A great class I figured out was in any map you should use a rod or m240 and a magnum. These are the two strongest classes I think would help eliminate enemy players Rpd w/magnum bling, hardline, scrambler M240 w/desert eagle marathon, featherweight, scrambler.

Hiding Hints

Hide in a building of some sort really good 9 out of 10 times someone will come then come out there will probably be another guy coming so take him out run in the direction the other guy went to 5 out of 10 times he will be close so be careful shoot the guy and keep on doing that after you get tired of doing that shoot a guy in the head if there is a guy following him you will get an achievement the hint may very on any mode.

Model 1887

In Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 in the mission takedown when you go throw the red house were you have to fine Rojas the front door a guy will try and hit you with his gun and he has the model 1887 shotgun.

Museum Steal

When you beat the whole game go to the museum mission, and you will have a handgun. Go to any of the museum exhibits and just shoot any person (don't worry they wont shoot back) and take there gun. You can use that gun against them (hit the red button at the desk but the exhibits will come alive and with the weapon you took).

Intel Locations (part 1)

How To Get No Rest For Wary Achievement

How To Get Ten_ Foot-mobiles Achievement

Museum Button

When you beat the whole game, go to the museum. When you just start the mission go straight ahead to the desk. There will be a round red thing. Go too it. It will say do not press. Hold x down and then everyone that was a statue will now start killing you. The only way to survive is too go into another exhibit or try killing. I tried killing them and survived! Hope you can too!

A Juggernaut

A juggernaut is an enemy that has a lot of armor and a medal white head, you will encounter him on the mission The Enemy of my Enemy, usually after you jump of the plane and slide off the mountain, the juggernaut is really difficult to kill if you are not using high caliber weapons and a much easier way is to throw grenades at him. Oh you should also try head shots.

How To Get Two Attachments On A Gun

To get two attachments you need to level up to level 21, then go to create a class and choose Bling under perk 1. It will pop up with attachments for your primary gun (or if bling is upgraded both primary and secondary). All you need to do then is choose your two attachments.

Museum Mission

After completing the game it's time to have some real fun. Go to the single player missions and select the "Museum" mission. After you check out the layout, grab 2 weapons and make sure to top off the ammunition from the crates around you. You will see some rooms (3 in total), outside the rooms are desks by the entrance with red bells on them marked "Don't Press" (which of course your going to press. Lol) DON'T shoot anyone before pressing the button! Of the 3 rooms only 2 will see action. Once you press the red bell button every imaginable game character will come out to attack you. Choose a difficulty level and action will be seen one room at a time. Keep killing the enemy until you hear a sound, that will mark the end of the current wave of action. You must complete 2 waves of kills (approx 30 people each) to complete this level.


Elevator Of Favela Glitch (Video)


Bonus Modes

Mini-Game Mode  	Beat campaign on any of the three difficulties
Arcade Mode 	Beat campaign on regular or hardened difficulties
Survival Mode 	Beat The Game On It's Hardest Difficulty

Leave No Stone Unturned

To get this achievement you need to find all of the intels in the game there are 45 all together. First achievement is when you find 22 intels and the next is 45.


Weapons Room  	Kill an enemy with every gun in the game
M4 with Red Dot Scope 	50 Multiplayer kills with the Allied faction
AA12 Automatic Shotgun 	150 Multiplayer kills with the Allied faction
P90 Sub Machine Gun 	300 Multiplayer kills with the Allied faction
M249 SAW Machine Gun 	500 Multiplayer kills with the Allied faction
Skorpion Machine Pistol 	50 Multiplayer kills with the Enemy faction
AN94 Assault Rifle 	150 Multiplayer kills with the Enemy faction
Steyr AUG A3 	300 Multiplayer kills with the Enemy faction
Heckler-Koch HK MG4 	500 Multiplayer kills with the Enemy faction

Professional Perks

Marathon Pro (Unlimited Sprint + Climb Obstacles Faster) : Run 26 Miles with Marathon Perk
Sleight of Hand Pro (Faster Reloading + Faster Aiming) : Get 120 Kills with Sleight of Hand Perk
Scavenger Pro (Resupply from Dead Enemies + Extra Mags) : Resupply 100 times with Scavenger Perk
Bling Pro (2 Primary Weapon Attachments + 2 Secondary Weapon Attachments) : Get 200 Kills with a Weapon with Two Attachments
Stopping Power Pro (Extra Bullet Damage + Extra Damage to Enemy Vehicles) : Get 300 Kills with Stopping Power Perk
Lightweight Pro (Move Faster + Quick Aim after Sprinting) : Run 30 Miles with Lightweight Perk
Hardline Pro (Killstreak Rewards require 1 less Kill + Deathstreak Rewards require 1 less Death) : Get 40 Killstreaks (2 or more in a row without dying) with Hardline Perk
Cold-Blooded Pro (Undetectable by UAV, air support, sentries, and thermal imaging + No Red Crosshair or Name when you are Targeted) : Destroy 40 enemy Killstreak Rewards with Cold-Blooded Perk
Danger Close Pro (Increased Explosive Weapon Damage + Extra Air Support Damage) : Get 100 Kills with Explosives while using Danger Close Perk
Commando Pro (Increased Melee Distance + No Falling Damage) : Get 20 Melee Kills using Commando Perk
Steady Aim Pro (Increased Hip Fire Accuracy + Longer Hold Breath Duration) : Get 80 Hip Fire Kills using Steady Aim
Scrambler Pro (Jam Enemy Radar Near you + Delay Enemy Claymore Explosions) : Get 50 Close Range Kills using Scrambler Perk
Ninja Pro (Invisible to Heartbeat Sensors + Your footsteps are Silent) : Get 50 Close Range Kills using Ninja Perk
Sitrep Pro (Detect Enemy Explosives and Tactical Insertions + Louder Enemy Footsteps) : Destroy 120 Detected Explosives or Tactical Insertions with Sitrep Perk
One Man Army Pro (Swap Classes at Any Time + Swap Classes Faster) : Get 120 Kills using One Man Army
Last Stand Pro (Pull Out your Pistol before Dying + Use Equipment in Last Stand) : Get 20 Kills while in Last Stand

Multiplayer Weapons

Reach the following levels to unlock the weapon/equipment:
Ranger (Shotgun) : Level 42
M16A4 (Assault Rifle) : Level 40
M93 Raffica (Secondary) : Level 38
WA2000 (Sniper) : Level 36
Striker (Shotgun) : Level 34
AUG HBAR (LMG) : Level 32
Claymore : Level 31
Stinger (Grenade Launcher) : Level 30
FAL (Assault Rifle) : Level 28
.44 Magnum (Pistol) : Level 26
P90 (SMG) : Level 24
Glock 18 (Secondary) : Level 22
TAR-21 (Assault Rifle) : Level 20
Blast Shield : Level 19
MG4 (LMG) : Level 16
Thumper (Grenade Launcher) : Level 14
Vector (SMG) : Level 12
AA-12 (Shotgun) : Level 12
Tactical Insertion : Level 11
SCAR-H (Assault Rifle) : Level 08
Throwing Knife : Level 07
Barret .50 Cal (Sniper) : Level 04
RPD (SMG) : Level 04
MP5K (SMG) : Level 04
M4A1 (Rifle) : Level 04
PP-2000 (Secondary) : Level 01
Semtex Grenade : Level 01
Frag Grenade : Level 01
AT4-HS (Grenade Launcher) : Level 01
USP .45 (Pistol) : Level 01
Intervention (Sniper Rifle) : Level 01
SPAS-12 (Shotgun) : Level 01
L86 LSW (LMG) : Level 01
UMP .45 (SMG) : Level 01
FAMAS (Assault Rifle) : Level 01
C4 : Level 43
Mini Uzi (SMG) : Level 44
M9 (Pistol) : Level 46
ACR (Assault Rifle) : Level 48
Javelin (Grenade Launcher) : Level 50
M240 (LMG) : Level 52
M1014 (Shotgun) : Level 54
M21 EBR (Sniper Rifle) : Level 56
TMP (Secondary) : Level 58
F2000 (Assault Rifle) : Level 60
Desert Eagle (Pistol) : Level 62
RPG-7 (Grenade Launcher) : Level 65
Winchester 1887 (Shotgun) : Level 67
AK-47 (Assault Rifle) : Level 70

Sixth Custom Class Slot

Get to level 70 in multiplayer and enter Prestige Mode.


Back in the Saddle (15) : Help train the local militia
Danger Close (15) : Get hand picked for Shepherd's elite squad
Cold Shoulder (15) : Infiltrate the snowy mountain side base
Tag 'em and bag 'em (15) : Find Rojas in the Favelas
Royale with Cheese (15) : Defend Burger Town
Soap on a Rope (15) : Storm the gulag
Desperate Times (15) : Execute the plan to help the Americans
Whiskey Hotel (15) : Take back Whiskey Hotel
The Pawn (15) : Assault Makarov's safe house
Out of the Frying Pan... (15) : Complete the mission in the airplane graveyard
For the Record (35) : Complete the Single Player campaign on any difficulty.
The Price of War (90) : Complete the single player campaign on Hardened or Veteran Difficulty.
First Day of School (25) : Complete 'S.S.D.D' and 'Team Player' on Veteran Difficulty.
Black Diamond (25) : Complete 'Cliffhanger' on Veteran Difficulty.
Turistas (25) : Complete 'Takedown' and 'The Hornet's Nest' on Veteran Difficulty.
Red Dawn (25) : Complete 'Wolverines!' and 'Exodus' on Veteran Difficulty.
Prisoner #627 (25) : Complete 'The Only Easy Day... Was Yesterday' and 'The Gulag' on Veteran Difficulty.
Ends Justify the Means (25) : Complete 'Contingency' on Veteran Difficulty
Homecoming (25) : Complete 'Of Their Own Accord', 'Second Sun', and 'Whiskey Hotel' on Veteran Difficulty.
Queen takes Rook (25) : Complete 'Loose Ends' and 'The Enemy of My Enemy' on Veteran Difficulty.
Off the Grid (25) : Complete 'Just Like Old Times' and 'Endgame' on Veteran Difficulty.
Pit Boss (10) : Run The Pit in 'S.S.D.D' and finish with a final time under 30 seconds.
Ghost (10) : Plant the C4 in 'Cliffhanger' without alerting or injuring anyone in the blizzard.
Colonel Sanderson (10) : Kill 7 chickens in under 10 seconds in 'The Hornet's Nest'.
Gold Star (20) : Earn 1 star in Special Ops.
Hotel Bravo (20) : Earn 4 stars in Special Ops
Charlie On Our Six (20) : Earn 8 stars in Special Ops
It Goes to Eleven (20) : Earn at least 1 star in 11 different Special Op missions
Operational Asset (20) : Earn all 3 stars in at least 5 different Special Op missions
Blackjack (20) : Earn 21 stars in Special Ops
Honor Roll (20) : Earn at least 1 star in each Special Op mission.
Operative (30) : Earn all 3 stars in at least 10 different Special Op missions
Specialist (30) : Earn 30 stars in Special Ops
Professional (30) : Earn all 3 stars in at least 15 different Special Op missions
Star 69 (90) : Earn 69 stars in Special Ops
Downed but Not Out (10) : Kill 4 enemies in a row while downed in Special Ops
I'm the Juggernaut... (10) : Kill a Juggernaut in Special Ops
Ten plus foot-mobiles (10) : Kill at least 10 enemies with one Predator missile in Single Player or Special Ops
Unnecessary Roughness (10) : Use a riot shield to beat down an enemy in Single Player or Special Ops
Knock-knock (10) : Kill 4 enemies with 4 shots during a slow-mo breach in Single Player or Special Ops
Some Like it Hot (10) : Kill 6 enemies in a row using a thermal weapon in Single Player or Special Ops
Two Birds with One Stone (10) : Kill 2 enemies with a single bullet in Single Player or Special Ops
The Road Less Traveled (10) : Collect 22 enemy intel items
Leave No Stone Unturned (10) : Collect 45 enemy intel items
Drive By (10) : Kill 20 enemies in a row while driving a vehicle in Single Player or Special Ops
The Harder They Fall (10) : Kill 2 rappelling enemies in a row before they land on their feet in Single Player or Special Ops
Desperado (10) : Kill 5 enemies in a row using 5 different weapons or attachments in Single Player or Special Ops
Look Ma Two Hands (10) : Kill 10 enemies in a row using akimbo weapons in Single Player or Special Ops
No Rest For the Wary (10) : Knife an enemy without him ever knowing you were there in Single Player or Special Ops
Three-some (10) : Kill at least 3 enemies with a single shot from a grenade launcher in Single Player or Special Ops

Unlock Museum Bonus Level

Complete the game to unlock the Museum Bonus Level.

Killstreak Rewards

UAV (shows enemy location) : 3 Kills
Care Package (drops ammo/killstreaks) : 4 Kills
Counter UAV (jams enemy radars) : 4 Kills
Sentry Gun (deployable gun) : 5 Kills
Predator (guided missiles) : 5 Kills
Precision Airstrike (drop airstrike) : 6 Kills
Harrier Strike (choose bomb location and defending Harrier) : 7 Kills
Attack Helicopter : 7 Kills
Emergency Airdrop (4 ammo/killstreak drops) : : 8 Kills
Pave Low (Armored Helicopter) : 9 Kills
Chopper Gunner (be the gunner of the Helicopter) : 11 Kills
AC130 Gunship (be the gunner of the AC130) : 11 Kills
EMP (disables electronics) : 15 Kills
Tactical Nuke (kills everyone on map) : 25 Kills
Stealth Bomber (undetectable airstrike) : 9 Kills
Copycat(Steal your killer's class in killcam) : Die 4 times in a row without a kill
Final Stand(Get back up after being wounded) : Die 4 times in a row without a kill
Martydom(Drop a live grenade just after dying) : Die 4 times in a row without a kill
Painkiller(Big health boost when you spawn) : Die 3 times in a row without a kill

Challenge Bonus

When you complete challenges you unlock exp. (sometimes other stuff).

Easter eggs

Easter Egg Spot (Video) - Stuffed Bears

WA2000 Easter Egg

With the regular scope on the WA2000, look on the little cap on the side of the scoop when not looking through it and the AFK Accolade sign (the Green, Sick Looking smiley face) will be on the cap.


Grandma Glitch

First go to underpass then go to the bridge then go to the left you will see a house make sure you have a pistol shoot the door once in the top left corner of the door, then twice in the top right corner, then three times in th bottom left side, then in the bottom right hand corner shoot it four times, finally shoot it a whole bunch in the middle, then a grandma will come out say something go back inside and come back out with a machine and kills you! Anywhere you go she still kills you (This won't work online)ENJOY! Please comment.

ColdBlooded Pro Glitch

First make a class with a LMG or light machine gun then put on scavenger or extended mags. When you see a helicopter or pave low come into the game, DO NOT I repeat DO NOT shoot it with a one hit kill bazooka - shoot it down with your LMG. It will start to spin in flames, and after it starts spinning shoot it with as many bullets as you can. Every bullet than you put into it counts as a different helicopter: Enjoy!

Museum Glitch

You have to beat the game in order to get the museum, but once you do go to the very last room and at the end you will see a bunch of people one of them is in a big suit so go next to the and they should start moving and the guy in the bigh suit punches they guy next to him, so when they all freeze throw a grenade at the guy who got beat up (but you have to actually hit him with it like go up to him and hit him with it), once you do that he should fly up in the air all wild. Have fun.

Glitch On The Mission Whiskey Hotel

First, you have to be on Act 3. Go to the mission whiskey hotel. Then when you're a quarter through the mission there's three guys that wont see you. Sgt. Foley or Cpl. Dun will say do not fire on enemy personnel. Right when they say it, you kill all three of them. Then, go straight ahead and there will be some other enemies. You kill them before your teammates get to you. Then keep going straight ahead and forget your team for about the whole mission. Then kill all of the bad guys you see. Finally, this will allow you to glitch on the mission whiskey hotel. (Glitch means like you can go 1,000 meters in the air).

Ghost Museum Glitch

When you unlock the museum, go into the first exhibit room and go over to where Ghost and Captain McTavish are in the favela. Kill everyone but Ghost. Stand next to the red barrel and he should talk through the radio for about 3 minutes. Then, if you're standing on the right side of the barrel, he should point in your direction.

Sgt. Foley Museum Glitch

To unlock the museum you have to complete the campaign on any difficulty. When you start the mission, go into the first room you see. Turn to the left and go to the next exhibit and kill everyone but Sgt. Foley. Stand there and watch him for a few seconds and then he should walk out of the exhibit, look at you, and he looks like he's talking to you but the noise isnt coming through. After he is done talking, he should turn around and try to walk through the wall for some reason. I think its kind of funny and I hope you do too.

Highrise Glitch 1

To go out of radar and map surveillance go to the side of the building with all of the cranes, then you will see a small building with two elevators, go to the left side of the little building where you will see a ladder, climb up it, you will see a plat form right to your left, jump on to it then walk up to the crane and jump onto it, then go all the way to the left and jump on either one of the railings, finally walk up the thin railing going diagonally up and stand on the square in the middle of the crane now nobody can detect you.

A Glitch For Whiskey Hotel

When you go into the West Wing the hallway beyond that there is a glass door right before you go into the presidents speech area, you break all the glass that's breakable. You then crouch down and you can pass right through the door. The next thing with the glitch is the tall hedge before the fire on the pillar. Then the barbed wire, and that's as far as you can go.

Spec Ops Glitch On Terminal

The mission starts downstairs and will work on any difficulty. Take out all the starting bad guys on the ground floor and the ones that run to you from upstairs. As you go up the escalator stay on the outside rail NOT the middle of the stairs, jump over the rail at the top. Surprise! NO bad guys at all! Resupply yourself with ammo and claymores if needed. As you get to the other side where the down escalators are then the buy guys come back in force. This takes out 10-15 bad guys and makes the mission easier. Enjoy!


We have no achievements or trophies for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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