Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

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MW2 Weapons Guide

Primary Weapons
Assault Rifles: M4A1-f ully automatic, all purpose weapon
                     Famas- 3 roung burst
                     Scar-H- fully automatic, all purpose weapon
                     TAR-21- fully automatic, all purpose weapon
                     FAL-s emi automatic (single fire)
                     M16A4- 3 round burst
                     ACR- fully automatic, all purpose weapon
                     F2000- fully automatic, all purrpose weapon
                     AK-47- fully automatic, all purpose weapon

Sub Machine Guns: MP5K- fully automatic, close range
                             UMP 45-f ully automatic, close range
                             Vector- fully automtic, high fire rate
                             P90- fully automatic, large magazines
                             Mini Uzi- fully automatic, close range

Light Machine Guns: L86 LSW- fully automatic, large magazines
                              RPD- fully automatic, large magazines
                              MG4- fully automatic, large magazines
                              AUG-H BAR- fully automatic, high accuracy and damage
                              M240- fully automatic, large magazines

Sniper Rifles: Intervention- bolt-action
                    Barret. 50cal- semi automatic (single fire)
                    WA2000- semi automatic (single fire)
                    M14 EBR- semi automatic (single fire)

Riot Shield- bullet resistance

Secondary Weapons
Machine Pistols: PP2000- fully automatic, close range
                        G18- fully automatic, close range
                        M93 Raffica- 3 round burst, close range
                        TMP- fully automatic, close range

Shotguns: Spas-12- pump-action
               AA-12- fully automatic, low ammo
               Striker- semi automatic (single fire), large magazine
               Ranger- double barrel
               M1014- semi automatic (single fire)
               Winchester Model 1887- lever action

Pistols: USP. 45- semi automatic (single fire
. 44 Magnum- revolver
           M9- semi automatic (single fire)
           Desert Eagle- semi automatic (single fire)

Launchers: AT4-HS- free fire or vehicle lock on
                Thumper- grenade launcher
                Stinger- vehicle lock on required
                Javelin- location and vehicle lock on required
                RPG-7- free fire

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