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  • Call of Duty: World at War
  • World at War: Call of Duty
  • Shooter, First-Person Shooter
  • Treyarch
  • Accolade
  • Mature
  • November 11, 2008


Barrier On Nacht Der Untoten

When you go upstairs where the grenades are, try to jump and try to crouch and jump at the same time. And you should be in a barrier where the zombies won't get you. IT WON'T WORK FOR 2 PEOPLE. It has to say cannot stand here. Note:Make sure you are constanly shooting, because the zombies will push each other and they will cross the barrier somehow.

Raygun or Flamethrower

If you are playing zombies and are getting bogus guns in the mystery box. Then all you need to do is this: When the question mark turns to the deepest shade of gold then press it and run around till its done. Then go back and you will get a gnarly gun such as MG42, FG42, PTRS, raygun, flamethrower, or browning.


Nazi Zombie Cheats

sf_use_ignoreammo 1=unlimted ammo
cg_laserforce 1=laser on gun
give all=gives you every gun
perk_weaprate 0. 001= fast guns get double tap it might work
online cheats
arcademode 1
arcademode_score_revive 99999999
ui_hostoptionsenabled 1
ui_hostoptions number here
revive_trigger_radius 999
sf_use_ignoreammo 1

Nazi Zombie Multiplayer Cheats

Infinant ammo= /sf_use_ignoreammo 1
fast speed= g_speed (300-1000)
no gravity= g_speed (300-1000)

When it says (300-1000) it means you can pick through those numbers the higher the # the faster or higher you can go.

Console Mode Cheats

Open the PC console by pressing the tilde key (~), then enter the following cheats as you wish.

give all - All weapons
sf_use_bw 1 - Black and White movie mode
devmap [map name] - Change maps
notarget - Disable AI
god - God mode
sf_use_ignoreammo 1 - Infinite ammo
mapname - List maps
noclip - No clipping mode
sf_use_invert 1 - Photo negative mode
sf_use_chaplin 1 - Silent movie mode 

Console Level Select

Open the PC console by pressing the tilde key (~), then enter the following cheats as you wish.

Devmap pby_fly - Play the mission Black Cats
Devmap see2 - Play the mission Blood and Iron
Devmap oki2 - Play the mission Blowtorch & Corkscrew
Devmap oki3 - Play the mission Breaking Point
Devmap pel1a - Play the mission Burn 'Em Out
Devmap ber3b - Play the mission Downfall
Devmap ber2 - Play the mission Eviction
Devmap pel2 - Play the mission Hard Landing
Devmap ber3a - Play the mission Heart of the Reich
Devmap pel1 - Play the mission Little Resistance
Devmap nazi_zombie_prototype - Play the mission Nacht der Untoten
Devmap pel1b - Play the mission Relentless
Devmap ber1 - Play the mission Ring Of Steel
Devmap mak - Play the mission Semper Fi
Devmap see1 - Play the mission Their Land, Their Blood
Devmap sniper - Play the mission Vendetta 


Unlock Machine Guns

To unlock the machine guns and accessories listed below, fulfill the corresponding requirements.

BAR - Reach Level 4
Bayonet - Complete Marksman Challenge 2
Bipod - Complete Marksman Challenge 1
Browning M1919 - Reach Level 61
DP-28 - Reach Level 13
FG 42 - Reach Level 45
MG-42 - Reach Level 33
Type 99 - Reach Level 4

Unlock Veteran Mode

You can unlock Veteran Mode by reaching level 32 in Co-Op Mode.

Unlock All Perks

You can unlock the perks listed below by completing the corresponding actions:

Unlockable: Perks

To unlock the Perks listed below, fulfill the corresponding requirements listed.

    * Bandolier (Slot 1) - Reach Level 40
    * Bomb Squad (Slot 1) - Reach Level 16
    * Bouncing Betty x2 (Slot 1) - Reach Level 24
    * Camouflage (Slot 2) - Reach Level 12
    * Coaxial Machinegun (Vehicle Slot) - Reach Level 40
    * Deep Impact (Slot 3) - Reach Level 4
    * Dead Silence (Slot 3) - Reach Level 52
    * Double Tap (Slot 2) - Reach Level 36
    * Extreme Conditioning (Slot 3) - Reach Level 4
    * Fireproof (Slot 3) - Reach Level 48
    * Fireworks (Slot 2) - Reach Level 4
    * Flak Jacket (Slot 2) - Reach Level 4
    * Gas Mask (Slot 2) - Reach Level 4
    * Greased Bearings (Vehicle Slot) - Reach Level 4
    * Iron Lungs (Slot 3) - Reach Level 60
    * Juggernaut (Slot 2) - Reach Level 4
    * Lead Foot (Vehicle Slot) - Reach Level 28
    * M2 Flamethrower (Slot 1) - Reach Level 65
    * M9A1 Bazooka x2 (Slot 1) - Reach Level 4
    * Martyrdom (Slot 3) - Reach Level 20
    * Ordnance Training (Vehicle Slot) - Reach Level 12
    * Overkill (Slot 2) - Reach Level 56
    * Primary Grenade x2 (Slot 1) - Reach Level 44
    * Reconnaissance (Slot 3) - Reach Level 64
    * Second Chance (Slot 3) - Reach Level 9
    * Shades (Slot 2) - Reach Level 32
    * Sleight of Hand (Slot 2) - Reach Level 28
    * Special Grenade x2 (Slot 1) - Reach Level 4
    * Special Grenade x3 (Slot 1) - Reach Level 4
    * Steady Aim (Slot 3) - Reach Level 4
    * Stopping Power (Slot 2) - Reach Level 4
    * Toss Back (Slot 3) - Reach Level 6
    * Water Cooler (Vehicle Slot) - Reach Level 4

Unlock Grenades

Unlock the grenades and grenade accessories by fulfilling the corresponding requirements:

    * Frag - Reach Level 4
    * Molotov Cocktail - Reach Level 10
    * N-74NT - Reach Level 4
    * Signal Flare - Reach Level 4
    * Smoke - Reach Level 4
    * Tabun Gas - Reach Level 4

Unlock Zombie Mode

You can unlock Zombie Mode by completing Campaign Mode once all the way through.

Unlock Custom Weapon Slots

Unlock the extra custom weapon slots by reaching the corresponding prestige level:

6 - First
7 - Second
8 - Fourth
9 - Seventh
10 - Tenth

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