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  • November 11, 2008


Get Ray Gun On Little Resistance

Use air strike on the designated place. Then, follow the tank to they right side of the beach and turn left then there will be a mud puddle, go in it then jump out of it (it might be a little tough) and go straight to the next mud puddle and go in it then jump out of it then go straight until you reach the end of the beach then turn left and go to that puddle then turn around and wait (it will take about 10 seconds) then you will feel rumbling and 4 statues will come up from the ground go up to 1 and it will offer you the ray gun.

Invisible Wall

Go to the Nazi zombie game and when you get 1, 000 points or more buy up the stairs then get the trench gun and go to the room with the stairs. Go to where you bye the grenades, buy them and then back a little bit, sprint to the wall and before you get there, jump and crouch down and the try to stand up. If you try and can't words will pop up and say "can't stand" then wait till zombies come and they should get stopped by a invisible wall. All you have to do is through grenades at them and when you run just turn around and buy some more.

How To Get Ray Gun For Free In Naugt Der Untoten

While doing all of this keep your pistol!

First Open The Help Room
Second Get 1500 points and do not open any other doors then get 2500 points  Third Go to the mystery box
Fourth Recieve any gun except for the Magnum, Flamthrower, Kar98k, or M1 Garand ( if you get one of these guns you must restart the game and do it all again)
Fifth use the selected gun and fire at the mystery box about 20 times
Sixth go upstairs in to the other box
Seventh attempt to spend points on a weapon (it will not do anything)
Eigth take your knife and kill one zombie
Ninth spend all of your points (whatever you do do not trade your pistol)
Tenth try to rebuild a barrier that is completely torn down
Eleventh when your done rebuilding it you will have all of the points that you spent on everything in all which is 5, 000 points or more
Twelve take your pistol out and notice that. 
It's a ray gun! Now you have A FREE RAY GUN + 5,000 POINTS. Now go mess up some zombies!

Secret Sniper In Semper Fi

When you go to the part when Sgt. Roebuck says "S***, they've been spotted! " towards the end when the support squad shows up, go to the water and follow the invisible wall to a little island, go inside the little run down shack and there's an Ariska sniper there, and YES IT HAS A SCOPE! Then you can kill those Japs like no other.

All Der Riese Items (except Pack A Punched Guns)

STO - Start Out With
MBO - Mystery Box Only
$200=200 points
$250=250 points etc. 

Colt (STO)
Kar98k ($200)
Springfield (MBO)
Gweher 19 ($600)
M1A1 Carbine ($600)
M1 Garand (MBO)
M1 Garand w/ launcher (MBO)
Double Barreled shotgun ($1200)
Thomson ($1200)
Sawed off double barreled shotgun with grip ($1200)
STG 44 ($1200)
Fg42 ($1500)
Trench Gun ($1500)
Type 100 (MBO)
MG42 (MBO)
Browning (MBO)
. 44 Magnum (MBO)
Scoped Kar98k (MBO)
Pansershrek (MBO)
MP40 (MBO)
Ray Gun (MBO)
Wunderwaffle (MBO)
Hand Held Stuff:
Knife (STO)
Spettite (STO, thing you use to revive people)
Bowie Knife ($3000)

Stellergham Grenades (STO, $250)
Molotov Cocktails (MBO)
Monkey Bombs (MBO)
Bouncing Betties ($1000, 1 time only)

All perks ranging from $2000, to $3500

To Teleport, Pay $1500

To Pack a Punch, pay 5000
For upgraded ammo on select guns, go to where you would buy them and pay $4500.

Succeed In The Zombie Verrukt

On the right side of Verruckt, where there is the room with the M1 Garand, there is a door that costs 1000 to open. Do not open it. Wait for the rest of you team to turn on the power. But to wait it out, open the 750 door in the back room. This is a good camping spot and holds a Deploy-able BAR for $2500. This will help you out until your team reaches the power. Once they reach the power, you can leave for the mystery box. I know a lot of people think this can't happen at Verrukt, but you can get the teddy bear at the mystery box. So be cautious with how much you use it. Once you have 2 good guns (ex: Deploy-able MG42 and Ray Gun), go back to the camping spot I said earlier. This will make it easier for you and your team to succeed at verrukt.

NZ-Natch Der Untoten-Get Scoped Kar98k

When you go upstairs, at the trench gun, go next to it and there will be a wooden cabinet. Go to the front of it and it will say "Press and hold square to open cabinet, 15000" use the worst gun you have and open the cabinet. It will give you a scoped Kar98k.

Easy Rank Up Online

There are a few achievements online that give you a lot of points. Here is how you do them and what they are.
Samboyah! Level 1-On the Dome level jump into the side and it should say Samboyah! And you will receive 250 points.
Dogs level 1-On any map get a 3 kill streak and call in the dogs. It will say The Dogsor something along those lines and you will receive 250 points.
Artillery Lvl 1-Get a 5 kill streak to call in artillery. It will say Something along the lines of Artillery and you will receive 250 points.

Ray Gun In "Little Resistance" Mission

After the boat crashes, call in an air strike on the specified location. Run up to the beach, and move to the right. You will find a small puddle at the right side of the beach. Stand in it briefly, then move towards the middle of the beach to find a smaller puddle. Stand in that puddle briefly. Move towards the far left side of the beach. Stand briefly in the puddle in the barb wire. After several seconds, the screen will shake, and you will hear strange voices. Four lion statues will rise out of the ground with alien Ray Guns in their mouths.

Good Cover In Nazi Zombies

First, open the door that says "help" when you have enough credits and then remove the barrier on the stairs in the next room, after that, go to the far corner where you buy grenades and that should give you a spot so zombies take longer to get to you and they all come in a line where you can hs all of them!

Nazi Zombies

If you want to gain more money or coins, here is a good way (if you are skilled). Let the zombies come to the barrier, and let them break it, than start rebuilding it back, and repeat. (for the rounds 1-4) because the zombies will start to come in from no where and invade you. Stay away from corners as well, if you do and the zombies come, you won't be able to escape.

How To Get A Good Weapon!

When the box's qestion marks are solid gold get a random weapon. You may get a Ray Gun, M2 Flamethrower, MG42, Browning, FG42, BAR, or an other good gun. Enjoy!

Funny Reznov Comment

When you play the mission "Vendetta" and you get to the part where you have to use the sniper rifle to shoot the German with the flame thrower you turn right and you come to the rooftop and fire from the hip on one of the Nazi Soldiers and Reznov will say "No scope. Nice. ".


On the Zombie map you unlock (not by via dlc) Buy the help room and when you get enough points select the mystery box keep doing this until you get the m1 garand then get another amount of points then wait til all the question marks are gold then shoot the box eight times then buy a gun don't be discouraged if its not they ak-47 because it won't be then shoot the gun once pick it up and it will be an ak.

Grenade V.s Zombie

When you are on the second floor stand in front of the grenades and aim at the piller on the first floor and just start trowing grenades and they will pop off the piller and kill a lot of zombies as they come in through the windows.

Get Good Guns

When you first get to the mystery box where you can turn power on crouch in the gap of the box and power plant then randomize most of the time you will get a good gun.

Der Riese Stratagies

In the Downloaded map, Der Riese, there are a few strategies you should follow.
1) Once you are ready to move on from the first room, designated a person to open each door. (on side with ramp) Make your way to the court Yard where the power is, turn on the power and use the mystery box. (hint: Do not go too many times or else you will get the teddy and the mystery box will move, so once you have guns you are confident with, keep them)
2) Once you are on a dog level, you will hear either Nikolai (the guy with the russian accent) say "The air hangs heavy with stench of dog shit" or Tank Dempsey, The american guy say 1 of two thing. First "Man's best friend, huh? " Second "Shouldn't these guys be on a leash? " There will also be different music than usual. When the round starts, you will hear an energy bolt and then hear a voice say "Fetch Me Their Sorrow" and you will hear dog growls.
3) You will know it is the end of a dog round because when you kill the last hellhound, he will give you a max ammo. Make sure everyone has reloaded their guns and then collect it.
4) Their are 2 different camping spots you will use. 1) - In the room behind the court yard with the teleporter and bowie knife, there is a set of stairs leading up. Go up those stairs and halfway down the cat walk. You may become lucky and the mystery box will be their after receiving a teddy. 2)- there is a passageway at the far right of this room that you will want to go down during a dog round. This will make it extremely easy for you and your team to kill all dogs easily.
5) In order to get to the pack a punch machine, you are going to want to link all the teleporters. In order to do this, you will want to make a crawler. Their are 2 ways too make a crawler. 1) Throw a grenade so it blows the zombies legs off. 2) Shoot a zombie in the legs with a ray gun.
6) There are a lot of perks on Der Riese that are scattered. You are going to want to get all of them, especially Juggernog which offers minimal damage from zombies.
7) These are the items you should buy: Monkey Bombs, Bouncing Betty's , A Bowie knife , A Ray Gun, A WunderWaffle
8) There is a way for an easy revive during a match. You will need the revive perk and monkey bombs. First, throw your monkey bomb so all the zombies on the map will gather around it. Then Begin to revive the player, It will only take half the time it usually does because of the perk.
9) Here are the places you sould search for the mystery box The courtyard, The hallway with the trench gun, The First Teleporter, On The Catwalk, In the room below the 2nd Teleporter, in the fenced in area next to the second teleporter,
10) There is a way to easily tell if the mystery box is going to a specific area. (Also works on Verruckt and Shi No Numa). There will be 3 boxes sitting on a flat piece of wood being help up by 2 more boxes. On the center box, there will be a teddy bear sitting there which is how you will know to check there once the mystery box moves.
11) These are the guns you should pack a punch: PPsH, Deployable Browning, Trench Gun, MG42, M2 Flamethrower, M1 Garand W/ Launcher, Ray Gun
12) These are the guns you should not package Pansershrek, Wunder Waffle, Colt

Good Gun Setups

Here are a list of pairs of guns you will want.

MG42 and Ray Gun
Browning and MG42
Browning and Ray Gun
MG42 and Trench Gun
Ray Gun and Wunderwaffle
Magnum and any heavy auto or raygun

Der Riese Upgraded Ammo

The Der Riese upgraded ammo is just the ammo for pack a punched guns. That is why it is so much more expensive.

Get To A High Leval In The First Nazi Zombies

To get to a high level in the first Nazi zombies on the first level, let the zombies come in and only use your knife. When you have enough money buy the first upstairs do not buy the help door at all, then have one of your other teammates buy the next stairs. When you have all the stairs opened, have all the players stay in the help room with the help door still closed, have the player with the best guns cover the stairs and have all the other players cover the downstairs the zombies wont be able to kill you easily because all the entrances will be blocked.

Extra Money

For round one: let the zombies come in and shoot them six time with the colt and knife them once. Round 2: let them in shoot them four times and knife twice. U should have about 1000 money now.

Shi No Numa

While in map pack 2 Shi no numa in fishing hut buy a weapon wait for it to show up then buy your perk while drinking beverage trade weapon now you should have 3 weapons in your perk. Dont complain if dosent work cause its most likely your fault. Cheat still works never patched.

How To Get New Places.

In order for you to have new places for online you have to download it from playstation store you have to go to add ons then go to call of duty map pack you can choos map pack 1, 2 or 3.

How To Put Your Clan Tagg Name In Baby Blue

In order for you have your clan tagg name in baby blue you have to enter cyan in the clan tagg name slot.

Saving Private Ryan

On the Semper Fi mission, when you reach the second hut, a Japanese solider and Private Ryan will come out of the hut. Private Ryan is on fire, so you'll need to kill the Japanese solider (shoot, knife, or bayonet) before Ryan burns to death to earn the trophy.

Zombie Madness Quick Level Up

During the unlocked game Nazi zombies there is a glitch in the game were you can level up quickly. Go through the help door and try to get the flame thrower. Then open the stairs in the help room and go left toward the trench gun on the wall. There are pillars where there use to be a wall. Go between the first two and right before you pass all the way through them, jump to the crumbling wall that runs the length of that area and immediately crouch. It provides an invisible wall that the zombies cant pass through unless there are mass of them. However, if you are playing with a friend and they walks in front of you while you are in the glitch, it will cancel out and you will die.

Card Locations

Thunder Mission: Semper Fi (Eight of Hearts) Effect: Headshots cause enemies to explode Location: At the very beginning after leaving the shack, you will see another shack to the right. The card is inside. Hard Headed Mission: Little Resistance (Four of Clubs) Effect: Enemies take less bullet damage Location: At the end of the mission before going into the last building, look to the right. The card is in a corner of bushes. Suicide King Mission: Hard Landing (King of Hearts) Effect: Fire explosive pistol rounds while downed Location: About halfway through the mission you will see a big building with a mini-trench outside. Enter the building, and go into the lower level. The card is to the right when you go into the room with the stairs. Cold Dead Hands Mission: Vendetta (Five of Diamonds) Effect: Enemies take their weapons with them to the grave Location: After the sniper section at the first part of the mission, Reznov will lead you through a building. Follow the bar around to the end to find the card. Sticks & Stones Mission: Their Land, Their Blood (Joker) Effect: Your weapon arsenal consists of a knife and rocks Location: Destroy the tanks, and go through the barn. Search the stalls to your right to find the card. Vampire Mission: Burn 'em Out (Queen of Hearts) Effect: Can only recharge your health by getting kills Location: Just before the second mortar position is a bunker to the left. The card is inside. Flak Jacket Mission: Relentless (Nine of Diamonds) Effect: Enemies take less explosive damage Location: At the end of the mission, take either the left or right path. Eventually the paths will reconnect. The card is about halfway down the path. Body Armor Mission: Ring of Steel (Jack of Spades) Effect: Enemies die by headshot only Location: Enter the asylum, the immediately go to the left. The card is in the far bottom left corner. Undead Soldier Mission: Eviction (Ace of Spades) Effect: Enemies come back from the dead Location: During the first half of the mission, just after the kitchen area, you will eventually see a room to your right that has a large hole in it. Drop down to find the card. Painkiller Mission: Blowtorch & Corkscrew (Ten of Clubs) Effect: Shoot downed Co-op teammates to revive them Location: Go to the left as you move toward the second bunker. A Japanese soldier hanging upside down is near the card. Berserker Mission: Breaking Point (Three of Diamonds) Effect: Get three kills in five seconds to become Berserk Location: Clear all four mortar pits, then go to the small shack in the south of this area. The card is inside. Paintball Mission: Heart of the Reich (Six of Clubs) Effect: Paintball guns Location: The card is in the closed-off subway entrance across the street from the start of the mission. Victory Mission: Downfall (Two of Spades) Effect: Limits your HUD, turns on friendly fire, and bleed out in half the time Location: Before you get to the theater, some of your allies will break through a door to your right. The card is past that door.

Zombie Survival Basics

A helpful strategy if you want to live. Open the help door at level 5. Then stay there until level 10. Open the stairs in the help room. Go to the room with the grenades. Have three people with good guns covering the door and one covering the window.


More Customized Clan Tags

Enter the code below to turn on the effect:

:.	Moving o in your tag
cylc	Multicolored tag
cyln	Makes a red bar through the letters
move	 Bouncing tag
rain	 Rainbow color effect
****	  A moving "+" in your tag
gold	 Gold colored tag

Online Name Flair: Colors And Bounce

To have your name flash in different colors and directions, enter the clan tag: Cycl

Make Your Clan Tag Red

Once you get to level 12 you can have a clantag. Go to the barracks and go to clan tag. Type in the word "red". Your clantag will be in the color of red.

Make Your Clan Tag Green

To make your clantag green type in "GRN" in the clan tag option under the barracks. Your clantag will be in the color of green.

Make Your Clan Tag Blue

To make your clantag cyan type in "cyan" in the clan tag option under the barracks. Your clantag will be in the color of cyan. You can also use "blue"

Make Your Clan Tag Yellow

To make your clantag yellow type in "yelw" in the clan tag option under the barracks. Your clantag will be in the color of yellow.

Online Name Flair: Red Stripe

To add a red stripe that goes back and forth through your name, enter the clan tag: cyln

Online Name Flair: Rainbow

To add a rainbow scrolling through your online name, enter the clan tag: RAIN

Online Clan Tag Flair: Bouccing O

To add a bouncing "o" to your clan tag, enter the clan tag: ....

Online Name Flair: Bounce

To have your name bounce from left to right, enter the clan tag: MOVE


Nazi Zombies

Complete the game in any difficulty and you will get an extra game called Nazi Zombies.


Fight your way to rank 4. Once you get there go to the online menu and you will be able to select "custom class". You can now create your own weapon classes.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Call of Duty: World at War yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Shi No Numa All Guns Glitch

While in the Doctors Quarters or the Fishing Hut, if the box is there buy it. Wait for a gun to pop up. Then buy the Perk thats there and while the drink is still in your hands, buy the gun from the mystery box. Then OMG how'eds third gun get here XP. If you down yourself, you can repeat.

Extra Gun Glitch (Der Riese)

When you are pack a punching a gun, run and buy the Kar98k. Then when the gun comes out of the machine, take out a betty and when it is halfway on the screen, hit square and then you will have your pack a punched gun, your secondary gun, and the Kar98k which you can switch out for another gun.

Shin No Numa Dog Glitch

Once you have enough money, open the gate leading into the stairs (do not open stairs ever! )turn to your left to the barrel, crouch, and walk into the corner of the barrel. Have friends follow behind you. Dogs will get stuck in you. One dog per person!


We have no achievements or trophies for Call of Duty: World at War yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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