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  • Action, Combat
  • Red Storm
  • Ubi Soft
  • Mature
  • December 10, 2002


Easy Victory

Lets say you keep dying over and over again, Well to solve that problem you should get your best people on your team and head out to the level you are stuck on. Then at the beggining of the level you should pull up your map and send bravo team to the hard part and you let them do the work. You go to the other objectives and complete them. DO NOT let bravo ever do every objective cause if they die you can't use them ever again in champaighn.

Single Player Kit Selection

Highlight a solider (Green Berret) and press X.

Cheat Death!

If you are using the invincibility cheat, and change characters, redo the cheat. It will not transfer from one to the other. Once off the player with the cheat, the cheat is off.

Beware Of Snipers

Go to multiplayer mode and you select a sniper. Now pick a course with lots of bushes and trees (If you dont pick a kind of course like that then you screwed.)Now get next to a bush or tree and crouch down so your on your stomach.Now wait until your enemy is in sight and...cap him, every time you do this you might want to go in a different spot.Now the only way is if they know it's you is if they see a bush with a sniper or they get behind you and see you boots.Good luck

Prevent HQ Breach In Mission 3

Put a sniper in the same team as a demolitions expert. Then head to the bridge.(Kill any men on the way) Now use the demo expert and zoom in as close as you can toward the farthest strip of road. If you see any movement fire. There are two tanks. After you blow up the tanks switch to the sniper and kill all the people near the tanks. Congrats you just prevented the HQ breach.

Bonus Levels

After completing the fifteen normal levels another eight levels that take place in the desert called "Ghost Recon Desert Siege" will be unlocked.

All Heroes

Successfully complete the first twelve missions in campaign mode to unlock all twelve heroes as playable characters in quick mission and campaign modes. They include Henry Ramirez, Nigel Tunney, Will Jacobs, Jack Stone, Guram Osadze, Susan Grey, Klaus Henkel, Buzz Gordon, Lindy Cohen, Astra Galinksy, Scott Ibrahim, and Dieter Munz.

Easy Mission Completion

Use the following trick to complete Missions without doing the objectives. Play the mission like firefight mode. Once you kill everybody, the mission is automatically complete with all objectives done.


Hint: Medals:

Purple Heart: Get wounded or killed in action.
Bronze Star: Get 15 kills
Silver Star: Get 20 kills
Distinguished Service Cross: Get 25 kills
Congressional Medal Of Honor: Get 30 kills 


All Special Features

At the title screen, press L1, L2, R1, R2, X, Select to unlock all specials features.

All Missions

At the title screen, press X, L2, Triangle, R2, Select to unlock all missions.


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Easter eggs

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