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                          Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon

This FAQ was written by me...Gary Ansell.
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1. Hints
2. Xtra Objectives Guide

If you have any questions, just minimize this page and click on my name beside
my FAQ.  Then, click contact via web form. Or just e-mail 
[email protected] but there MUST be a SUBJECT in the SUBJECT box.

1. Hints

Always try optional stuff.  They lead to secrets.
Always have at least 1 sniper.
Always (I Suggest) use Quick Save often.
There are 30 enemies to kill in 2 player or Quick Mission Firefights.
Do you want a VERY quick time in quick mission 1 man and run through 
the level...NOT FOR FIREFIGHTS!!!

Purple Heart: Get killed or wounded in battle.
Bronze Star: Kill 15 enemies
Silver Star: Kill 20 enemies
Distinguished Service Cross: Kill 25 enemies
Congressional Medal Of Honor: Kill 30 enemies

2. Xtra Objectives Guide

Completing any Xtra Objective in Campaign Mode unlocks a Specialist.
After you complete a mission in campaign, you will unlock many things in the
Special Features mode.

Mission 1: Iron Dragon
Xtra Objective: Capture Papashivili

       This is the easiest Xtra objective.  Make sure that you capture Papashivili 
in the caves.  You will unlock Will Jacobs.  His weapon is interesting.  It is an 
experimental OICW/GL.  It is an assault rifle but also changes into a rocket or 
grenade type launcher. Cool.

Mission 2: Eagle Smoke
Xtra Objective: Destroy the Avionics

       From the start, pick your sniper, turn on your night vision goggles 
(triangle) and head right until you reach the downed plane and tack out the enemy.  
Then switch to your demolition man and set a demolition charge next to the plane.  
Congratulations!  Now complete the mission.  This unlocks Jack Stone.  His weapon
is a L96A1 sniper rifle.

Mission 3: Stone Bell
Xtra Objective: No NATO Casualties

       Don't let anyone get hurt.  Just have Alpha in the middle of the bridge and 
have Bravo at the end of the bridge.  2 tanks will come so get your M136 out.  This 
unlocks Guram Osadze.  His weapon is a RPK74.

Mission 4: Black Needle
Xtra Objective: Keep UN Soldiers Alive

       Self-explanatory.  I suggest having a team with 2 snipers and a rifleman.  
Have them scout ahead on the way back.  Have a sniper on the other team as well as a 
rifleman or 2.  This unlocks Susan Grey.  Her weapon is a MP5SD assault riffle.

Mission 5: Gold Mountain
Xtra Objective: Avoid Civilian Casualties

       Da!!! Don't shoot people running around waving their arms!  Have a demolition 
man with a M136 because there is a tank.  This unlocks Scott Ibrahim.  His weapon is 
a M82A1 sniper riffle.

Mission 6: Witch Fire
Xtra Objective: Destroy SAM Site

       From where you start, head left.  Carefully creep around with your sniper.  
There are 3 or more guards around the moveable SAM site.  Then with your demolition 
man, blow it up with your M136.  This unlocks Buzz Gordon.  His weapon is the 
M16/M203 in kit 1.  In any other Kit, it's a M16A2.

Mission 7: Paper Angel
Xtra Objective: Eliminate Camp Garrison

       There are tanks so have an M136.  From the starting point, go to the right.  
Go down to the river and cross where the fallen tree is laying in the water.  The 
camp is right across the river.  Then snipe the 3 guards and head back.  This 
unlocks Lindy Cohen.  She uses the same experimental weapon as Will Jacobs.

Mission 8: Zebra Straw
Xtra Objective: Protect Friendly Tank

Assign a demolition man equipped with a M136, a rifleman, and a sniper to Alpha.  
Assign 2 riflemen and a sniper to Bravo.  Get to the allied tank and hit R3 to put 
Bravo in front of it.  Follow it until it stops and then have Alpha do everything 
else while Bravo protects the allied tank.  This unlocks Nigel Tunney.  He is a 
demolition specialist with the SA-80.

Mission 9: Blue Storm
Xtra Objective: Capture Russian Officer

       When you clear the Eastern Island, follow the arrow and very soon you will 
see a guy walking in the river.  Don't shoot!  He is the Russian Officer.  Now take 
the other team to do the rest but if you need help then call them.  This unlocks 
Klaus Henkel.  Demolitions specialist who carries an MP5 assault rifle.

Mission 10: Fever Claw
Xtra Objective: No Friendly Tank Casualties

	Guard the tanks at all costs.  This might take a few tries.  This unlocks 
Henry Ramirez.  He carries a MP5 SD.

Mission 11: Dream Knife
Xtra Objective: Rescue Moroskin

When you rescue the POWs, go out of the fence and go straight.  BEFORE you run up to 
Moroshkin, there is a guard laying on the floor behind the table with a sniper rifle 
pointed at Moroshkin.  This Unlocks…something.  I don’t know because I didn’t write 
it down.  It doesn’t matter though because you will do the Xtra mission anyway.

Mission 12: Ivory Horn
Xtra Objective: Plant Demolition Charge in Fuel Depot

When you start, go up the ramp.  See those tall cylinders FAR in the background?  
That is the Fuel Depot.  Plant the demo on the box where the giant fuel tanks pump 
fuel into the ground.  This unlocks Astra Galinsky.  She is an expert with the SVD 
sniper rifle.

Mission 13: Arctic Sun, Mission 14: Willow Bow, and Mission 15: White Razor don't 
have Xtra Objectives.

Welcome to Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Desert Siege.

Mission 1: Burning Sands
Xtra Objective: Eliminate Main Tent Camp

COOL!!!  I just figured this out.  Hit L1, you know that Xtra objective?  Put the 
cursor over the Main Tent camp and hit x.  Now follow the arrow.  This unlocks 
Dieter Munz.  AGAIN!?!?!  WHY???????  That REALLY stinks!!!

Mission 2: Flame Pillar
Xtra Objective: Eliminate All Enemy Units

Remember where the enemy units where on the map?  Make sure your team is Alpha and 
put the cursor in the middle of the map and hit x.  This Unlocks…let me guess…I hate 
it when I’m right…Good O’ Lindy Cohen, “Which isn’t good.”

Mission 3: Cold Storm
Xtra Objective: Capture Intelligence Items

On the map…place the cursor on the building to the north.  It will say Intellagence 
on the map when you place your cursor over it.  This unlocks Nigel Tunney.

Mission 4: Quiet Angel
Xtra Objective: Eliminate All Enemy Units

 First guard the trucks.  Hit L1, then R1, and then set both teams on at all costs 
and suppress.  Keep checking the map to make sure Bravo is in front of the convoy.  
Take Alpha and search everywhere else, especially the middle area.  This favorite...Scott Ibrahim.

Mission 5: Gamma Down
Xtra Objective: Secure Supply Depot

 	Take two demolition men.  Have Alpha with the M136 to destroy the light 
armor around the supply depot talked about in the mission briefing.  Have Bravo 
plant demolition charges at the crash sites.  The supply depot is on the map.  This newbie...Jodit Haile.  She uses a PKM armor-piercing machine 

Mission 6: Spectre Wind, Mission 7: Subtle Keep, and Mission 8: Torn Banner don't 
have Xtra Objectives.

Congratulations!!! You have completed both Ghost Recon's for just didn't 
know it until you beat the 15th mission.

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