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I call this move "Helping Hand." This might be kind of cheating but its a really 
easy way for you to hit your immobalized opponent without you running and chasing 
after him. For this technique you may pick the stage you desire.(You must have to 
have a friend(s), up to 3 can be in your team. Minimum of 1 friend and yourself.)

1st~~~You and a friend(s) must be in teams.
2nd~~~You have to put 1 person out of your team. Be sure you do not have "Friendly 
Fire" on!
3rd~~~ When you are done with the settings and selected a stage, look at the next 
4th~~~Try to surround your opponent between you and your friend(s). 
5th~~~When everyone is close grab your opponent and tap "A" to hit him/her while 
your grabbing them.
6th~~~While you are doing this tell your friend(s) to move behind your opponent and 
start hitting him/her with "A" buttom repeatedly. While doing this do not use any 
strong attack moves that will knock your opponent off of your partener's grasp. 
(Its best to pick characters who can attack continous attacks. Example: Tapping "A" 
with Shiek, Marth, Kirby, Fox, Falco, Captain Falcon, Young Link, Link, Pikachu, 
and/or Ice Climbers will do fine.) 
7th~~~ You can kill him/her at any high perentage by throwing him/her before he/her 
gets loose, or you can tell your friend to give it a powerfull attack.(I usually 
kill them at 500% or more)
You can also pick any desired character and use a Fan to hit them rapidly by 
tapping the "A" button only. Im not going to tell you every combination for this 
technique, so experiment, make up diffrent ways to attack your opponent.

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