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-- Final Fantasy X-2 --
-- 100% Story Level Completion Guide --
-- Ricardo Rivera{[email protected]} --
-- Version 2.5 --


- Major Credits To Final Fantasy X-2 Ultimania As This Guide Won't Exist Without It

- This Is Based On The Japanese Version Of Final Fantasy X-2

- The Whole Game Has About 110%
  - Choosing Youth League => 100%  (In One Game)
  - Choosing New Yevon    => 99.2% (In One Game)


100% Story Level Completion? Yes. This Guide Is To Show You The Steps To Get 100% In 
Try, Meaning Right From The Moment You Click On 'New Game' Til You Beat The Game, 
You Can
Get 100%, Instead Of Playing The Game For Multiple Times To Do So. People Previously
Thought That Isn't Possible In One Try Because Of The Choices You Have To Make In 
Beginning Of Story Level 2. But The FFX-2 Ultimania Said And Shown The Way To Get 
In One Try. That Is To Choose Youth League In The Beginning Of Story Level 2. Now, 
The Guide If You Wish To Get 100% In One Try.

Side Notes:

- Doing This Will Also Get You The 'Perfect Ending'
- If You Choose New Yevon In The Beginning Of Story Level 2, The Max Percentage Is 
- Doing This Will Also Get You Episode Complete In Every Area Of Spira In Story 
Level 5
- This Also Means That You Will Get One Of Every Dress Sphere In The Game In One Try
  - However, You Could Still Miss Dark Knight and Samurai. Just Don't Forget To Pick 
    Them Up
- This Could Also Be Called A "Master Saved File" For One's First Game


- DO NOT SKIP ANY SCENE In Getting 100% In One Try -


-- "Insert Doubts" --

- This Is From Official Source - Final Fantasy X-2 Ultimania. If You Are Going To 
  Square Enix, Why Bother Doing It Or Looking At This FAQ? Better Yet, Why Are You 
  Playing Their Game?

-- Is This Copied From BradyGames' Final Fantasy X-2 Official Strategy Guide? --

- No. This Guide Was Created Sometimes After The Release Of Final Fantasy X-2 
  Ultimania. The BradyGames' Final Fantasy X-2 Official Strategy Guide Didn't Even 
  Exist Back Then. The Reason That This Guide And Bradygames' Guide Are Similar 
  Both Guides Are Created Based On Official Source. BradyGames' Was Directly From 
  Officials While Mine Was Indirectly From The Official Through The Ultimania. This 
  Not Copied From BradyGames' Guide. If You Do Want To Accuse, Accuse BradyGames' 
  Mine Since This Guide Was Created Way Before Their Guide. So Next Time, Before You 
  Accuse, Have Something SOLID First.

-- Is This Copied From The FFX-2 Ultimania? --

- No. The Information In This Guide Used FFX-2 Ultimania As The Source And Created 
  Summary. This Is Created Based On My Testing Through The Guide In The FFX-2 
  And That's Far From Copying. If It's Copied From The Ultimania, It Will Be In 
  And Also Have Far More Details. Even If It's TRANSLATED Word For Word From 
  That's Not Exactly A Crime Since Translation Can Never Be Perfect Nor Exact, Not 
  Mention I Credit Them Instead Of Take From Them And Say It's My Work. And Yes, If 
  It's Word For Word, You Won't Be Able To Undetrstand It Since Japanese Has 
  Grammar Structures. So Next Time, Before You Accuse, Have Something SOLID First.

-- Can You Skip Scenes? --

- No. It Affects The %.

-- Can You Skip Text Or Dialogue? --

- As In Pressing Button To Fasten The Text Or Dialogue? Yes, Excepts For The Talk 
  Meichen At Story Level 1 / Chapter 1. You Can't Interupt His Talkings.

-- Does It Show The Decimal / Any Ways To Check It? --

- Sadly Enough, No. You Just Need To Know It By Heart Or Use A Whole Integer To 
  It, Such As (6.0), (13.0), (14.0), (15.0), (19.0), (30.0), (31.0), (37.0), (47.0),
  (50.0), (52.0), (63.0), (72.0), (73.0), (82.0), (85.0), (89.0), (92.0), (96.0)

-- Does It Work? / It Doesn't Work / It Isn't Working / Fix Your Guide / E-Mailing --

- Put It Short, It Does Work! Any Comment Relating To Fixing My Guide, Doubting My 
  And Any This Kind Of Things Will Be Ignored. I Only Help Questions Related To Your 
  Game Not Hearing Ones To Tell Me Fix My Guide And Saying The Guide Isn't Working.

-- Does It Apply To The NA Ver? --

- Yes, It Should. It Works In The Japanese Ver And It Should Also Apply To The NA 
  Since NA Ver Is Based On Japanese Ver.

-- You Fixed Your Guide? / Did You Fix Your Guide ?--

- No. Since There Isn't Any Screw-Ups In The Guide To Begin With, Why Would I Waste 
  Time And Fix It. The Recent Updates Were Merely Adding Additional Informatiom, Not
  Fixing. I Won't Need To Fix It Since There Isn't Anything Wrong With It.

-- About Akagi Sphere 4? --

- Yes, In My Akagi Sphere Guide, It Says You Get It Chapter 5 But However, You Can 
  Get It In Chapter 3

-- You Got The Akagi Sphere / Crimson Sphere Numbers Wrong! --

- No, They Are Correct. In The Game, The Akagi Sphere Are Numbered In Two Ways. When 
  First Get Them, That's One Set Of Numbers. But In Shinra's Sphere Collection List, 
  Has Another Set Of Numbers For It.

-- Lack Of Details? / That Part Is Wrong! --

- This Isn't A Step By Step Walkthrough. I Only Listed The Important Steps. This Is 
  Of An Outline. And None Of The Parts Are Wrong. It's Merely Your Own False 
  Interpretation. If You Feel Strongly About It, E-Mail Me.

-- AirShip Or Walk? --

- When I Tested The Guide In Ultimania, I Used The AirShip All The Way. Meaning That 
  Guide Is Assuming You To Do The Same.

* Final Comment About E-Mailing To Me *

- All Useless Complains Will Be Ignored. I Only Help Your 100% In One Try, Not 
  You Complain About My Guide.


This Is For People That Have Done 100% In One Try.

1. Kouli
2. BlitzAceTidus/Mio (Or Any Other Ones Of His Accounts)


- My Guide Listed You The Important Steps To Gain 100% In One Try, But That Doesn't 
  You From Being A Perfectionist. Do Check Out The Game More Than What I Said Here 
  As Talking To Everyone In The Game From Time To Time Unless It Hurts The %

- You Might Wish To Make Couple Saved Files For This 100% In One Try Since You Could 
  Miss % Easily, Especially On Chapter 4 For Viewing Those Communication Sphere


Story Level 1 Start! / Chapter 1 Start!

Luca - +1.6% {Total So Far: 1.6%}
* Examine A Moogle At Harbor No.2 = It Heals You
* Mission 'Get Back Result Plate' Complete

AirShip - +1.8% {Total So Far: 3.4%}
* Speak With Brother, Paine, Rikku And Shinra, Might As Well Buddy
* Speak To Barkeep At Residental Area
* Rest At Residental Area
* From Shinra, [Treasure Sphere Collection] Watch Sphere 'Opportunity Of Traveling'
  - That's The First Sphere In His List

Mt. Gagazet - +2.6% {Total So Far: 6.0%}
* Get To The Top Of Gagazet Ruins Within The Time Limit
* Mission 'Compete With LeBlanc Syndicate' Complete

AirShip - +0.6% {Total So Far: 6.6%}
* Speak With Brother And Choose To Comfort Him (Second Option)

Luca - +1.6% {Total So Far: 8.2%}
* Mission 'Truth of Yuna's Concert' Complete
* Speak With Rin At Basement (Blitzball Player Rest Room)

Mi'ihen Highroad - +0.2% {Total So Far: 8.4%}
* Arrive At Mi'ihen Highroad

Mushroom Rock Road - +4.6% {Total So Far: 13.0%}
* Speak With Yaibal And Choose 'Fiend-Destroying Mission Challenge'
* Speak With Clasko At The Entrance Just Before Doing The Mission
* At The Bottom Of Valley, Encounter Ormi, Logos (You Will Get An Akagi Sphere)
* At The Bottom Of Valley, Speak With Maroda
* - Head To The Elevator And Encounter Elma
  - Mission 'Mushroom Rock Fiend-Destroying' Complete
* At Youth League HeadQuarters, Speak With Lucil Twice
* At Youth League HeadQuarters, Speak With Meichen And Shake His Hand 
  (Do Not Interupt When Meichen Is Talking)
* Get Back To AirShip, And Watch Sphere 'Akagi Report 1'
* Get Back To Mushroom Rock Road And Lead Clasko From The Entrance Into The AirShip
  * Clasko Is To The Right Of The Save Sphere
* Speak To Clasko At Residental Area

Djose Temple - +1.0% {Total So Far: 14.0%}
* Follow Gippal Until He Gives You The 'Introduction Letter'
* This Also Opens A New 'Hotspot' At Bikanel Desert

Moonflow - +0.6% {Total So Far: 14.6%}
* Mission 'Escort Transportation Vehicle' Complete {Don't Lose Any Luggage}

Guardosalam - +0.4% {Total So Far: 15.0%}
* Reach To Farplane Entrance

Thunder Plains - +0.2% {Total So Far: 15.2%}
* Reach To Thunder Plains

Macalania Woods - +2.2% {Total So Far: 17.4%}
* Encounter Berai At Southern Part (Automatic)
* Speak To Donga At The Spring Area
  - It's The Same Spring Where Tidus & Yuna Kissed UnderWater
* Speak To Pukutaku At Northern Part
* Speak To Tromell Guado 4 times At Sphere Spring
* Head To Macalania Travel Agency And Mission 'Chase O'aka' Complete
* Head Back To AirShip And Speak To O'aka At Residental Area
* Before Story Level 3 Mission 'Ensure Safety Of Travel Agency' Ends, Pay Off All Of 
  O'aka's Debts

Bikanel Desert - +0.8% {Total So Far: 18.2%}
* Mission 'Al Bhed Machina Parts Digging' Complete

Bevelle - +0.6% {Total So Far: 18.8%}
* Speak To Bararai

Calm Lands - +0.2% {Total So Far: 19.0%}
* Reach To Calm Lands
* Begin To Advertise For The Companies {Check 'PR Mission FAQ'}

Mt. Gagazet - +0.4% {Total So Far: 19.4%}
* Reach To Mt. Gagazet

Besaid Island - +2.2% {Total So Far: 21.6%}
* Mission 'Search For Wakka' Complete

Zanarkand Ruins - +1.8% {Total So Far: 23.4%}
* Within Ebon Doom, Prayer Child Room, Speak To Cid And Choose 'There Are Many'
  (Second Option)
* Mission 'Get Sphere Treasure' Complete

AirShip - +0.2% {Total So Far: 23.6%}
* Automatic Events

Kilika Island - +1.6% {Total So Far: 25.2%}
* Get To Dona's Home, And Talk To Dona
* Mission 'Snatching Away Sungoi Sphere' Complete

Story Level 1 Complete! / Chapter 1 Complete!


Story Level 2 Start! / Chapter 2 Start!

AirShip - +2.4% {Total So Far: 27.6%}
* Rest At Residental Area
* Give The Sphere To Youth League

Mushroom Rock Road - +1.0% {Total So Far: 28.6%}
* Give The Sphere To Nooj

AirShip - +0.6% {Total So Far: 29.2%}
* Automatic Events

Besaid Island - +0.8% {Total So Far: 30.0%}
* Mission 'Challenge! Gun Shooting!' Complete
  - Use The Blind Spot If It Helps

Kilika Island - +0.2% {Total So Far: 30.2%}
* Reach Kilika Island
* Head Toward Dona And The Villagers

Luca - +0.8% {Total So Far: 31.0%}
* Accepts Shelinda's Interview At Central Square

Mi'ihen Highroad - +1.4% {Total So Far: 32.4%}
* Catches Chocobo During Mission 'Chocobo!', And Save Calli Within The Time Limit
* Take Clasko, Calli And Chocobo Into The AirShip

Mushroom Rock Road - +1.0% {Total So Far: 33.4%}
* At The Bottom Of Valley, Speak To Nooj
* Youth League HeadQuarters, Speak With Elma And Lucil
* Head Back To AirShip And Watch 'Akagi Report 7'

Moonflow - +0.2% {Total So Far: 33.6%}
* Mission 'Selling Tickets' Complete {Sell All 10 Tickets}

Guardosalam - +0.2% {Total So Far: 33.8%}
* Speak To A Fighter By LeBlanc's HideOut

Thunder Plains - +0.2% {Total So Far: 34.0%}
* Speak To Cid

Macalania Woods - +1.4% {Total So Far: 35.4%}
* Mission 'Search For Band Members' Complete

Calm Lands - +0.8% {Total So Far: 36.2%}
* Clasko Gets Off The AirShip
* Mission 'New Place For Clasko?' Complete 
* Catch A Chocobo Before Story Level 3 Ends
* Speak To Lian Ronso And Ayde Ronso At The Center Part

Zanarkand Ruins - +0.4% {Total So Far: 36.6%}
* Within Ebon Doom, Pathway, Speak To Isaaru
* Finish Mission 'Private Internal Mission' Before Story Level 3 Ends

Djose Temple - +0.4% {Total So Far: 37.0%}
* Mission 'Obtain Fighting Clothes {Djose Highroad}' Complete 

Bikanel Desert - +0.2% {Total So Far: 37.2%}
* Mission 'Oasis Investigation' Complete

Mt. Gagazet - +1.0% {Total So Far: 38.2%}
* After Kimahri Ronso Allows Yuna To Investigate At Prayer Child Cliff, Speak To 
  Kimahri Ronso
* Go Up The Cliff, Triggers 'HOT SPRING' Event
  - Keep Going Up Instead Of Following The S-Rank Female Fighter
* Mission 'Obtain Fighting Clothes {Mt. Gagazet}' Complete

AirShip - +0.2% {Total So Far: 38.4%}
* Automatic Events

Guardosalam - +3.4% {Total So Far: 41.8%}
* Mission 'Steal Back The Stolen' Complete

AirShip - +0.4% {Total So Far: 42.2%}
* Automatic Events

Bevelle - +2.6% {Total So Far: 44.8%}
* Mission 'Bevelle Infiltration Big Battle' Complete
  (Remember To Pick Up Dark Knight Dress Sphere Although That Doesn't Give %)

Story Level 2 Complete! / Chapter 2 Complete!


Story Level 3 Start! / Chapter 3 Start!

AirShip - +0.8% {Total So Far: 45.6%}
* Rest At Residental Area

Luca - +0.8% {Total So Far: 46.4%}
* Win Sphere Break Tournament (Defeat Shinra)

Mi'ihen Highroad - +0.6% {Total So Far: 47.0%}
* Mission 'Stopping Running-Wildly Machina' Complete

Mushroom Rock Road - +0.4% {Total So Far: 47.4%}
* Speak To Lucil And Yaibal By The Entrance

Djose Temple - +0.2% {Total So Far: 47.6%}
* Speak To Gippal By Djose Temple

Moonflow - +0.2% {Total So Far: 47.8%}
* Speak To Tobli By South Coast

Guardosalam - +2.0% {Total So Far: 49.8%}
* LeBlanc's HideOut, Watch Sphere In A Room Within The Secret Area
* After Watching Sphere, Speak To Meichen
* Obtain Akagi Sphere 4, Then Head Back To AirShip And Watch 'Akagi Report 4'

Thunder Plains - +0.2% {Total So Far: 50.0%}
* Speak To Lian Ronso And Ayde Ronso At Northern Part
* Pick 'Kilika Island'

Macalania Woods - +0.8% {Total So Far: 50.8%}
* Simultaneously Mission Complete 'Ensure Safety Of Travel Company' When Paying Off
  O'aka's Debt

Bikanel Desert - +0.4% {Total So Far: 51.2%}
* Speak To Marunekku At Cactus Self-Govern Place

Calm Lands - +0.4% {Total So Far: 51.6%}
* Mission 'Rescue Tourists' Complete
* Go To Center Area And Shinra Will Establish Communication Sphere
* At Upper Part Of The Ruins (Chocobo Farm), Look At Shinra Establishing 

Mt. Gagazet - +0.4% {Total So Far: 52.0%}
* Mission 'Stop The Ronso's Departure' Complete

Zanarkand Ruins - +0.2% {Total So Far: 52.2%}
* At Ebon Doom, Pathway, Speak To Isaaru

Besaid Island - +2.0% {Total So Far: 54.2%}
* Mission 'Destroying Temple Fiends' {Besaid Temple}' Complete
Kilika Island - +1.0% {Total So Far: 55.2%}
* Mission 'Destroying Temple Fiends' {Kilika Temple}' Complete
  (Remember To Pick Up Samurai Dress Sphere Although That Doesn't Give %)

AirShip - +0.6% {Total So Far: 55.8%}
* Automatic Events

Bevelle - +1.6% {Total So Far: 57.4%}
* See Gippal Up On The Roof And At Anteroom
* Under Bevelle, Great Depth Area, See Nooj, Baralai And Gippal
* Under Bevelle, Great Depth Area, Pick Up Akagi Sphere 1, Head Back To AirShip And 
  Watch 'Akagi Report 1'

Djose Temple - +2.2% {Total So Far: 59.6%}
* Mission 'Destroying Temple Fiends' {Djose Temple}' Complete
* At Abyss Of Farplane, When Yuna Is Alone, Continue To Press 'Circle', Then Hear 
  Whistling 4 Times
  - Press 'X' If You Are Playing The NA Ver

Story Level 3 Complete! / Chapter 3 Complete!


Story Level 4 Start! / Chapter 4 Start!

AirShip - +1.8% {Total So Far: 61.4%}
* Watch 'Akagi Report 2' And 'Akagi Report 3'
* Rest At Residental Area

AirShip, Communication Sphere - +0.8% {Total So Far: 62.2%}
* Speak To Wakka At Besaid Island
* Speak To Dona At Kilika Island
* Speak To Yaibal At Mushroom Rock Road
* Speak To Maroda At Bevelle

AirShip - +0.8% {Total So Far: 63.0%}
* Decided To Call Out A Concert, Speak To Paine At Deck

AirShip, Communication Sphere - +4.4% {Total So Far: 67.4%}
* Speak To Wakka And Beclem At Besaid Island
* Speak To Barthello At Kilika Island
* See Shelinda Interviewing At Luca
* Gathering Evidence At Mi'ihen Highroad {Criminal=Rikku}
* At Djose Temple, Hear Al Bhed Talking
* At Guardosalam, Speak To Ormi
* At Thunder Plains, Catch Chocobo With Transmission Sets
* At Macalania Woods Entrance, Hear Band Members Talking
* At Macalania Woods Travel Agency, Speak To O'aka
* At Bikanel Desert {Tent}, Speak To Nhadala
* At Calm Lands, Chocobo Farm, Hear Clasko Saying 'Chocobo Kawaii' (Kawaii=Cute)
* At Mt. Gagazet, Speak To Kimahri Ronso
* At Mt. Gagazet {Hot Spring}, See Tobli, Buddy, Barkeep, O'aka, Isaaru, Elma, 
  Lucil, Meichen, Cid, Dona

Moonflow - +0.8% {Total So Far: 68.2%}
* Mission 'Search For Tobli' Complete

AirShip - +1.0% {Total So Far: 69.2%}
* Automatic Events

AirShip, Communication Sphere - +2.4% {Total So Far: 71.6%}
* Speak To Beclem And Lulu At Besaid Island
* Hear Dona Talking At Kilika Island
* Speak To Barthello At Kilika Temple
* Speak To Lucil And Yaibal At Mushroom Rock Road
* Speak To Elma At Moonflow
* Speak To Ormi At Guardosalam
* Speak To O'aka At Macalania Woods Travel Agency
* Speak To Isaaru At Zanarkand Ruins

Thunder Plains - +0.4% {Total So Far: 72.0%}
* Mission 'Notice The Visitor=Monster!' Complete

AirShip - +1.0% {Total So Far: 73.0%}
* Automatic Events

Thunder Plains - +0.4% {Total So Far: 73.4%}
* Concert Begins

AirShip - +2.2% {Total So Far: 75.6%}
* Speak To LeBlanc And Others At Power Room

Story Level 4 Complete! / Chapter 4 Complete!


Story Level 5 Start! / Chapter 5 Start!

AirShip - +2.0% {Total So Far: 77.6%}
* Watch 'Akagi Report 5'
* Speak To Buddy At Bridge
* Rest At Residental Area And See Brother Expressing His Grievances
* Speak To Buddy At Power Room

Zanarkand Ruins - +0.8% {Total So Far: 78.4%}
* Episode Complete
* Speak To Meichen And Choose 'Please Tell'

Besaid Island - +1.8% {Total So Far: 80.2%}
* Episode Complete!

Kilika Island - +1.0% {Total So Far: 81.2%}
* Episode Complete!

Luca - +0.6% {Total So Far: 81.8%}
* Mission 'Follow The Moogle' Complete! {=Episode Complete!}

Mi'ihen Highroad - +0.2% {Total So Far: 82.0%}
* Episode Complete! 

Mushroom Rock Road - +3.0% {Total So Far: 85.0%}
* Mission 'Youth League Fighting Assembly' Complete! {=Episode Complete!}
* At Youth League HeadQuarters, Scout Stand, Speak To Lucil
* Head Back To AirShip And Watch Sphere 'Those That Seek Death' (Nooj Sphere)
* After Obtaining All Akagi Sphere, Go Into Sealed Cave And Defeat The Bosses,
  Akagi Team Episode Complete!

Djose Temple - +0.8% {Total So Far: 85.8%}
* 'Challenge Of Machina Faction's Self-Confidence Work', First Defeat The Non-Strong
  Machina, Defeat The Machina Again When It's At Its Strongest State, Episode 
* Fight It At Level 5 For The First Time Will Also Do; By Doing That, You Won't Need 
  Repair Item And You Will Still Get An Episode Complete!

Monnflow - +0.4% {Total So Far: 86.2%}
* Episode Complete!

Guardosalam - +1.2% {Total So Far: 87.4%}
* Episode Complete!
* After Episode Complete, Speak To Tromell And Head To Previously Locked House, 
  Bararai Sphere, Then Head Back To AirShip And Watch Sphere 'Temple's Secret'

Thunder Plains - +1.0% {Total So Far: 88.4%}
* Mission 'Thunder Tower's Fiend Destroying' Complete!
* Into The Cave And Find Cid, Then Defeat The Boss {=Episode Complete!}
* After Episode Complete, Hear Cid Talking At Deck
* After Hearing Cid Talking, Head To Bridge To See 'Parent And Child' Event

Macalania Woods - +0.6% {Total So Far: 89.0%}
* Episode Complete!
* See 'O'aka And Wantz' Event By Travel Agency {=O'aka Episode Complete!}

Bikanel Desert - +1.2% {Total So Far: 90.2%}
* Mission 'Search For Cactus' Complete!
* Mission 'Search For Final Cactus' Complete!
* Mission 'Desert's Final Battle' Complete! {=Episode Complete!}
* After Episode Complete, Speak To Benzo At Cactus Self-Govern Place

Bevelle - +1.8% {Total So Far: 92.0%}
* Episode Complete!
* St. Bevelle Hidden Dungeon Top Floor, Obtain Akagi Sphere 6 And 8 At Floor 20. 
  Back To AirShip And Watch 'Akagi Report 6' And 'Akagi Report 8'
* Beat Trema At The Lowest Floor {=Trema Episode Complete!}

Calm Lands - +0.4% {Total So Far: 92.4}
* Company PR Reaches Stage 5 {=Episode Complete!}
* Find Chocobo Farm Ruins' Inner Cave's Sungoi Chocobo {=Clasko Episode Complete!}

Mt. Gagazet - +1.2% {Total So Far: 93.6%}
* Episode Complete!

AirShip - +2.4% {Total So Far: 96.0%}
* See Cid's Family Consecutive Events {Speak To Shinra At Bridge; Hearing Brother And
  Buddy's Negotiation; Head To Resident Area For 'Parent And Child' Event; Head To 
  And Speak To Rikku}

Farplane - +4.0% {Total So Far: 100.0%}
* Defeat VegnaGun
* Defeat Shuyin

Story Level 5 Complete! / Chapter 5 Complete!

* When Yuna At Farplane, Press 'Circle' Until Inorigo/Fayth Shows Up
  - Press 'X' If You Are Playing The NA Ver
* Answer To Prayer Child '(I) Want To Walk Together' (First Option)


- Specific Details For Each %


- Me
- CJayC
- FFX-2 Ultimania
- Bent Stuff Studio
- Square Enix

Copyright 7/5/04

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