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Hi! I am gfdhfd! You can call me Steph. I made an FAQ about some of the 
Team Rose levels. I hope you like it. 

1. Seaside Hill
This level is easy. When on the car-type thing, before you go on it, switch to 
person you want a level-up for, and when you get off they will get a level-up. 
this level, you need to get to a part where with Team Sonic and Team Dark there 
is a 
cannon that shoots up. The goal ring is where the cannon used to be.

2.Ocean Palace
This place looks like Seaside Hill. But it is different. Sometimes when you get 
big walls, you need to switch to Big. Press square 3 times. The big door will 
This is the only way to pass the level. Don't worry. It dosen't have a part 
you get chased by a giant rock like with Team Sonic or Team Dark. It ends 

I will make another FAQ when I have more time, or you are welcome to e-mail me 
ask me a question about any Team Rose level. Not about any other team. I 
passed the game with them yet. Bye 4 now!

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