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  • Action, Adventure
  • Sonic Team
  • Sega
  • Everyone
  • January 7, 2004


Metallic Team Sonic Characters In Two Player Modes

Select a two player mode. Hold X + Triangle (for ps2) (A + Y for xbox and gamecube) when making a choice at the character selection screen. Keep the buttons held through the level selection screen and release them when game play begins.

Hint:-Defeating Team Boss:

When you fighting a Team Boss use Blue Tornado on them by choosing the Speed Formation for any Team desired.

Get To The V.I.P. Room

In casino park to get into the V.I.P. room after you get the checkpoint go to where the cannon is. look for those things that carry you up get on either the left or right one. Then once up there get in the middle between those thing with stars on them. There should be a ball switch to hit. Hit it and then get off the pool table. Then when you go up to that part with the laser field it should be off. Go up and destroy the robot. Pull out the switch and a line of rings should appear take them and it will lead you into a cannon take the cannon as sonic or tails and you'll be at the V.I.P. room

Easy Win In Team Dark's Second Mission

In Team Dark's second mission: Defeat 100 enemies, an easy way to do it would be to go to a searchlight robot and make yourself seen. A robot should appear. Destroy the robot. Repeat process again. (note: This could take some time, but it's easy.)


Get twenty Emblems and you will be able to battle in 2P.

Bingo Highway Tunnel

When your about to go into the tunnel on bingo highway (where theres a long slide thing with bingo at the end) change into speed formation and walk into the tunnel so only the speed character goes in. If you fall through a hole since your teammates will still be by the tunnel (if you do it right) you'll come alive again without losing an lives or points.

Faster Vine Swinging

When swinging away from the alligator, try going to the highest crest of every vine and press A. Then it will be easier to beat.

Last Story

To get the Last Story, get 100% with all 4 teams. Then, get all 7 Chaos Emeralds (You don't have to do this in that order). You will fight Metal Madness. Team Rose: Break 1 of the boxes and use Team Blast. Repeat. Kill him with Thunder Shoot. Tesm Chaotix: Go in the cannons with Espio and Charmy. Then go in the cannon with Vector. Use 2 cannon shots on the balloons. Use the 3rd shot on Metal Madness's colored spot. Hit his weak spot to kill him. Don't use power when its red, speed when its blue, and flying when its yellow. Team Dark: FLy up to level up Rouge. Break the boxes to get everyone to level 3. Kill him just like Team Chaotix. Metal Overload: Team Sonic: You gotta use Team Blast 5 times to kill him. You have 50 rings at first. You lose 1 ring every second. Hit balloons to get more rings. When Overload shoots blue stuff out of his mouth, use homing attack 3 times. He'll shoot spikes from his tail. Use thunder shoot. Metal Overload will take a ship from the Egg Fleet. Destroy it with Knuckles. He will also use Chaos Control to freeze time for 20 seconds. You will not lose rings when time is frozen. When Team Blast is charged, hit Z. After 5, you win. Note: After 4 Team Blasts, balloons won't appear anymore.

Stay In Air

For this of course you need fly. It's stupid but all well. Change to fly mode and start flying. Stay in air an you will stay for as long as you want. But remember not to let go of A.

Metal Team Members

At the main menu, select 2P Play, then chose any mode and team. At the stage selection screen, press A and then simultaneously press and hold A and Y until the game begins. If done correctly, your team members will be coverd with metal.

Easy Chaos Emeralds

Go to CHALLENGE mode. Chose Team Rose go to one of these stages:

Ocean Palace
Power Plant
BINGO highway
Bullet Station
Lost Jungle
Mystic Mansion
Final Fortress
Get the key in each stage. Finish the stage with the key. And you go to the special stage. It's easier with Team Rose because the chaos emerald goes slower and you can get more speed boosts.

Easy Way To Beat Metal Madness (Chaotix Team)

When metal madness starts to shoot you with anything switch to power formation and jump into the canon. His attacks won't hurt you and when he's done just press B and you can jump out and attack him.

Faster Team Blast

To get your team blast bar up faster, just keep on using your attacks. (knuckles jump and keep pressing B, tails do thunder shoot, and sonic keep pressing B. And the same thing for the other teams).

Unlock The Expert Race

Collect all 120 emblems to unlock the Expert Race.

Unlock Super Hard Mode

To unlock Super Hard Mode, you must collect all 120 emblems and earn all 141 A ranks.

Unlock The Quick Race

Collect 100 emblems to unlock the Quick Race.

Unlock The Bobsled Race

Collect 80 emblems to unlock the Bobsled Race.

Unlock The Ring Race

Collect 60 emblems to unlock the Ring Race.

Unlock The Special Race

Collect 40 emblems to unlock the Special Race.

Unlock the song "What I'm Made Of"

Simply beat the LAST story to unlock "What I'm Made Of" in the sound test section.

Get Rings Faster

To get rings faster, press B in front of a line of them.

Team Chaotix Escape

When you are playing Team Chaotix, switch to Espio (Speed) and press A+B to become invisible!! No enemies can see you unless you get hurt or switch to normal. Note: You must use this strategy to beat some stages. Plus, only Espio can do this!

Battle Mode For 2P.

Get 20 emblems from story mode to unlock battle mode for 2P.

More Multi -games

Every 20 elmbems you earn you will get a new multiplayer-game like Battle.


To get the follow me song, complete the game with team rose.To get the we can song, complete it with team sonic. To get This machine song, complete the game as team dark, and to get the chaotix song, complete the game at team chaotix.

Super Car

If you want to turn good behind the wheel of the car you jump in in the first level you do as team sonic all you have to do is jump in it as Knuckles and you will be able to turn better to get more rings. Note that the one in the team who is driving the car will change the way it runs.


Shining Characters

On two player mode, when the level is loading, hold the Y button and the A button at the same time. Your characters should shine when you see them. (This code does not work in story mode)


Two Player Special Stage Mode

Collect 40 emblems in single player story or challenge mode.

Two Player Team Battle Mode:

Collect 20 emblems in either single player story or challenge mode.

Two Player Ring Race Mode

Collect 60 emblems in single player story or challenge mode.

Two Player Quick Race Mode

Collect 100 emblems in single player story or challenge mode.

Two Player Bobsled Race Mode

Collect 80 emblems in single player story or challenge mode.

Two Player Expert Race Mode

Collect 120 emblems in single player story or challenge mode.

Unlock Final Story

Get all 7 chaos emeralds and complete all 4 stories.

2P Expert Race

Collect 120 Emblems.

2P Quick Race

Get 100 emblems.

2P Bobsled Race

Collect 80 Emblems.

2P Ring Race

Get 80 emblems.

Unlockable 2P Special Stage

Collect 40 emblems.

Getting Metallic Skin In Story Mode

Get 114 emblems and 114 A's to unlock Metallic skin for 1P story mode!

Easter eggs

Hint: Defeating Egg Emperor

To defeat the Egg Emperor, you have to destroy the shield of the robot. Then, keep attacking the blue/purple circle on the chest until its HP goes to zero.

Hint: Defeating Egg Hawk:

Run down the path of rings, avoiding Eggman's fire. When you reach the beach areas, Dr. Eggman will land the plane. He will begin to spin the plane and fire. Change to your Power Formation then attack the right gunner and damage the plane's body. Attack him as much as you can until his HP reach 0.

Hint: Defeating: Eggman

When Eggman (Dr. Robotnik) leads you onto one of the platforms and stops, fly up in Fly formation and use Thunder Shoot to attack.


We have no glitches for Sonic Heroes yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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