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1 Cheats
 Shotguns At Von Croix
While investigating Von Croix's apartment, Lara can glitch the game and get a 
shotgun where there shouldn't be one in that mission. Before leaving the stage 
Galleries Under Siege, equip the shotgun and clear the area. 

When Lara appears under your control at Von Criox's apartment again, press UP (on 
the D-pad) and the shotgun should be available again.

 Level Skip
Pause while playing, hold L1 + R2 + DOWN + TRIANGLE, release, then enter CIRCLE, 
UP, SQUARE, TRIANGLE, RIGHT, DOWN. The maps are not labelled, so use this list to 
see which map you're heading to: 

Paris1: Parisian Backstreets 
Paris1A: Derelict Apartment Block 
Paris1B: Margot Carvier's Apartment 
Paris1C: Industrial Roof Tops 
Paris2_1: Parisian Ghetto Subway Car 
Paris2_2: Parisian Ghetto 
Paris2_3: Parisian Ghetto Church 
Paris2B: The Serpent Rouge 
Paris2C: Rennes' Pawnshop 
Paris2D: Willowtree Herbalist 
Paris2E: St. Aicard's Church 
Paris2F: Cafe Metro 
Paris2G: St. Aicard's Graveyard 
Paris2H: Bouchard's Hideout 
Paris3: Louvre Storm Drains 
Paris4: Louvre Galleries 
Paris4A: Galleries Under Siege 
Paris5: Tomb of Ancients 
Paris5A: The Archaeological Dig 
Paris6: Von Croy's Apartment 
Prague1: The Monstrum Crimescene 
Prague2: The Strahov Fortress 
Prague3: The Bio-Research Facility 
Prague3A: Aquatic Research Area 
Pargue4: The Sanitarium 
Prague4A: Maximum Containment Area 
Prague5: The Vault of Trophies 
Prague5A: Boaz Returns 
Prague6: Eckhardt's Lab 
Prague6A: The Lost Domain 
Paris5_1: Hall of Seasons 
Paris5_2: Neptune's Hall 
Paris5_3: Wrath of the Beast 
Paris5_4: The Sanctuary of Flame 
Paris5_5: The: Breath of Hades 

 Infinite Air
When Lara is swimming (submerged), save the game while underwater then load that 
save. The oxygen gauge will be restored to full.

 View Credits
Pause while playing, hold R1 + L2 + R2 + TRIANGLE + CIRCLE. The option is in the 
options menu while playing.

 End The Stage
Choose the Load Game option while playing and highlight any file. Then press R2 + 
SQUARE. Exit the inventory screen and the level should complete automatically.

2 Hints
 Unlimited Items
At any part of the game where Lara can re-enter an area or room with items, you can 
force them to respawn with each re-visit. 

Example:After leaving the pawnshop, Lara can enter the sewer and there'll be an 
object there. Pick up that item, head back into the pawn shop and you can repeat 
the process as many times as needed. 99 Health Kits, here we go!

 Moves List
A lot of Lara's old moves have faithfully made the transition to Angel of Darkness: 

Handstand - When Lara is hanging from a ledge, press and hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 to 
make her perform a handstand. 

Somersault - While facing a ledge, press TRIANGLE then UP (on the Analog Joystick). 

Backflip - Walk backwards up to a ledge then hold L1 + X while pressing AWAY (on 
the Analog Joystick). 

Swan Dive (a.k.a., Neckbreaker) - Hold L1 + UP (on the Analog Joystick) and press 
CIRCLE. Note Lara dives straight down after a little bit of forward motion, and it 
makes her more vulnerable to "cracking". 

180° Turn & Crawl - Hold L2 to keep Lara on all fours; SQUARE makes her head and 
butt exchange positions while swimming.

3 Codesbeaker codes
1E Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On) FA7A006E 32B1A529 
2E Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On) 9AE457A4 1832854D 
1 Infinite Health 2A570387 42C80000 
2 Infinite Strength 2A17325E 00000000 
3 Infinite Money 1A212D9B 0000FFFF 
4 Max Money 2AD303C0 05F5E0FF 
5 Super Jump 2ACB30F3 3C014260 
6 Ultra Jump 2ACB30F3 3C0142A0 
7 Super Ultra Jump  2ACB30F3 3C0142C8 
8 Super Running Jump 2A2F30F3 3C014260 
9 Ultra Running Jump 2A2F30F3 3C0142A0 
10 Super Ultra Running Jump  2A2F30F3 3C0142C8 
11 Dont Lose Health From Falling 2A7F30D3 00000000 
12 Enable Skip Level 2A0B36B0 24060000 
13 Enable Level Select 2AE336B0 24060000 
14 Enable Skip Level & Level Select 0A934B4F 00000001 
15 Enable Debug Menu  0A924B4F 00000001 
16 Full Hyper Mode 2A4703BA 3E400000 
17 Hyper Running Only 2ACB3291 3C033E40
2AB73291 44830800 
18 Hyper Walking Only 2A4F326A 3C043E40
2A4B326A 44840800 
19 Gravity Modifier (3E00-4000) 1A5EDC2C 0000 
20 Disable FMV 2AD32361 24020001 
21 Chest Size Modifier (00-09) 2A9F1EF3 000000
2A8B1EF3 000000 
22 Infinite Item Usage 2AF7366A 00000000 
23 Extra Items 1AF2C045 00000001 
24 Use Item For Max Item 2A0F366A 24020063 
25 Infinite Ammo  2AD731B5 00000000
2AC331B5 24030063 
26 Rapid Fire 2A5F319D 3C043E40
2A5B319D 44846000 
Have Weapon Codes 
27 Weapon 1 2AB709FD 010C0001
2AB309FD 00000003 
28 Weapon 2 2AA309FD 010E0001
2AAF09FD 00000003 
29 Weapon 3 2A9F09FD 01100001
2A9B09FD 00000003 
30 Weapon 4 2A8B09FD 011B0001
2A7709FD 00000003 
31 Weapon 5 2A6709FD 011D0001
2A6309FD 00000003 
32 Weapon 6 2A5309FD 011F0001
2A5F09FD 00000003 
33 Weapon 7 2A4F09FD 01200001
2A4B09FD 00000003 
34 Weapon 8 2A3B09FD 01210001
2A2709FD 00000003 
35 Weapon 9 2A1709FD 01230001
2A1309FD 00000003 
36 Weapon 10 2A0309FD 01260001
2A0F09FD 00000003 
37 Weapon 11 2AFF09FD 012B0001
2AFB09FD 00000003 
38 Weapon 12 2AEB09FD 02550001
2AD709FD 00000003 
39 Weapon 13 2AC709FD 02640001
2AC309FD 00000003 
.This game is fun.
.These cheats and hint are fun.
.The codebreaker ones needs a codesbreaker version Version 1+ 
.If you need more help e-mail me at [email protected]
I do not have messanger

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