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Super Smash Bros. Melee

Table Of Contents:
I. Characters
II. 1P. Mode
  B)Event Match
    1)Target Test
     2)Multi Man Melee
       3)Home Run Contest
III.Trophies And Other Secrets
IV.Legal Stuff And Credits

There is a total of 25 characters in ssbm, 14 not hidden and 11 hidden. Here are the 
characters and descriptions about them:
1)Mario: You know Mario!He's a great character to pick, for beginners. His fireball 
projectile is great for keeping enemies away and inflicting damage. While his 
tornado spin and coin steal are more effective, though they need to be used in close 
combat. His cape swing reflects projectiles and does damage, which is another plus. 
Mario is a great opponent at almost every character. However, Mario isn't a great 
jumper, and his smash attacks aren't all that. Overall Mario is a great character if 
you like to use far and close combat mixture.

2)Peach: Princess Peach!The weakling always being captured by Bowser, but now is her 
chance to shine and defeat Bowser as well as anyone else that comes across her! 
Peach can float in the air and use her umbrella for an even greater aerial boost! 
Her slapping techniques come in handy in bothering your foes, and her toad reflect 
is great! Her pick up that grass thing move is used to keep enemies away and 
annoyed. Peach is however very light and cannot do much damage. My idea: Wait for 
your opponent to come to you, then smash them, and run/fly. Or steal K.Os by waiting 
for another player to damage an enemy then smash them out. Peach is horrible in 
close combat. Overall Peach is good if you like to sit, wait, and run style.

3)Luigi(hidden, explained in the trophy and other secrets section): Luigi!Mario's 
brother and the one who is always in Mario's shadow. Luigi is almost the same as 
Mario except his fireball is green and he can do some charge up torpedo attack. 
Luigi is taller than Mario and harder to control since he can jump very high. Luigi 
should be like Mario attack far until the enemy is weak then head up close to finish 
the job!

4)Bowser: Bowser! The evil villain in every Mario game, which Mario defeats, but now 
its Bowser's turn to kill Mario! Bowser is the heaviest player in the game, and 
probably the strongest. Bowser's flamethrower is great into inflicting damage on 
nearby opponents. His sharp claw attack is slow and takes a long recovery time, so i 
suggest to use it against another slow player. His stomp however is great, he can 
easily kill any light player in a shot or two(50%+)! His upward spin is ok since it 
doesn't travel a long way, thought it can hurt multiple enemies. You can look at 
Bowser in two ways:The strong and powerful foe, or the slow and easy to trick 
Bowser. If you ask me, pick Bowser if you like hand to hand combat, with a powerful 

5)Dr. Mario(Hidden, explained in the trophies and other secrets section): Dr.Mario, 
is probably the stupidest thing in the game. He is an exact copycat of Mario except 
his fireball is a pill. If you ask me Dr.Mario shouldn't exist until he gets some 
new moves. Unless you like the Doctor suit, then stick with the regular old Mario.

6)Zelda/Shiek:Zelda, probably my favorite and best character in the game. Zelda is 
two people. Zelda the princess of Hyrule, or Shiek the other form of Zelda, who has 
completely different moves. Zelda can change in the match by pressing Down+B, and 
same for Shiek. Who is the better one? It depends on who you like. Zelda is slow but 
extremely powerful and a great counter-attacker, or Shiek the weak but speedy combo 
and close combat player. So its up to you. Let me explain Zelda then Shiek. Zelda 
isn't good in close combat, but rather than waiting for the opponent to come to you, 
however unlike Peach who hits once and runs trying to steal east K.Os, Zelda should 
simply counter attack, or attack from far with Din's fire for if the enemy decides 
not to come. Nayru's love is great if you are surrounded by enemies and want to push 
them away, or reflect projectiles. Faroe's Wind however is probably her best move. 
This move teleports her a fair distance in the direction you choose and damages 
close by opponents trying to block you. Use this for her counter attacking combos. 
Now for Shiek. Shiek is a speed demon and probably only Fox or Pichu is faster than 
her. Her attacks are weak but effective if put into a combo. Her triple jump sucks 
compared to Zelda's and the other special attacks aren't so great, however instead 
of waiting and counter attacking, head into close combat and put her speed and small 
hits to use! Overall i suggest change depending on your opponent, or see what works 
best for you.

7)Link: Link is tough to beat if you attack from the front, but most of his attacks 
leave him open from the back. He isn't light and isn't too heavy neither to slow or 
too fast. His arrows are pretty useless unless you want to fight an enemy like Zelda 
or Peach who won't come to you. His bombs aren't as great as the regular item bombs 
but are great when the enemy has 70%+ damage. The boomerang is good as it will hit 
the enemy and if he dodges it, comes back for another shot. Most of all his Sword 
Spin is great.  Overall Link is great in hand to hand combat but not very good from 

8)Samus:Remember Samus, one of the three female players in the game, and probably 
the one that is more “man-like” than Zelda and Peach. She can charge up her beam for 
a huge and powerful blast and her missile is not very powerful but can keep your 
enemies away. Her bomb attack is useless and will hurt maybe 1 to 2% max 3. So don't 
use it, however her +B that up ward kick kick kick, is excellent and causes a lot of 
damage. Samus is best to wait for the enemy to come to her then blast him/her with 
the power beam, and then start a combo. Overall Samus is good if you like 
the “cheap” way of getting K.Os.

9)Pikachu:PIKACHU IS BACK!!!!!The most famous pokemon is back!!For his electric 
shocks are going to kill all of you!His thunder jolt keeps enemies away while his 
thunder sends them off flying!!Agility is helpful to get out of tricky situations 
and thunder tackle is good to move and damage at the same time. Pikachu is fast and 
light weighted. Pikachu is better at leading his opponents to the edge than 
thundering them to death or throwing them. Overall Pikachu is great if you put his 
moves to good use.

10)Pichu(hidden refer to the trophies and other secrets section)Not Pikachu but 
Pichu!!Pichu a danger to itself and its surroundings. Pichu hurts itself with every 
electric attack it does. That means attacks like thunder and thunder shock. Pichu is 
basically like Pikachu except faster and smaller, which means it can escape battles 
easily. Overall Pichu is great, except for the fact it hurts itself too much.

11)Donkey Kong:DK IS THE BEST!!The king of the jungle is back, but 10x stronger, 10x 
bigger, and most of all 10x better!!His omega punch is great if you want to try to 
get a 1 hit K.O and it can do that if your good enough. Since his big size he isn't 
a good jumper, and his ground pound is great if enemies are near you. Overall donkey 
is good if you can stand his slowness  but enjoy to be the powerful one!

12)Roy(hidden, refer to the trophies and secrets section):Remember Roy from Fire 
Elbem, a master swordsman(finally another besides Link)! He's quite good at using 
combos with his sword and his sword charge up is excellent. His upward sword attack 
is great but isn't a good triple jump. Roy is fast, powerful, and a great fighter. 
However he his ability to not jump good can make it easy for opponents to knock him 
not very far and not make him able to come back, if they get the chance to!

13)Marth(hidden, refer to the trophies and other secrets section):Like Roy, Marth is 
a great swordsman. He is practically the same as Roy, except he is a little faster 
and stronger, and lighter. So refer to the Roy part(above) to see about Marth.

14)Kirby: Kirby!!!Kirby cam absorb enemy powers, and fly!!! Kirby is light-weighted, 
very one of the lightest in the game, which means after 50% he can die easily. But 
otherwise he's great. His uppercut sword gives him a triple jump, plus the ability 
to fly, his smash attacks are good but don't push the enemy very far. Overall Kirby 
is great if you can master his flying ability and use his not very high speed but 
aerial ability to destroy opponents.

15)Jigglypuff(hidden, refer to the trophies and other secrets section):Strong and 
weak at the same time Jigglypuff at first glance seems like a weakling, like Peach, 
but is quite the good player. Trust me, I've played as Jiggly loads and i have won 
easily, heck i even used Jiggly on event 51! Jiggly can fly like Kirby but doesn't 
have a triple jump, but using her punch Forward+B once before starting to fly then 
start to fly. Her rollout move hurts a lot but is hard to control, so you might 
accidentally send yourself to your doom. Most of all rest(Down+B) can kill any enemy 
in a shot or two, her sing is useless though. Overall Jiggly is good if you know how 
to use her unique skills wisely.

16)Mewtwo(Hidden, refer to the trophies and other secrets section):YOU FINALLY GET 
TO CONTROL THE MOST POWERFUL POKEMON!!!HOW COOL?!!Mewtwo is very strong, a good 
jumper, and has a medium weight, but (there's always a but) all his moves take time 
to power up and leave him open in almost all areas. His teleport is no where as near 
as good as Zelda's Faroe's wind (since it can't go very far), but its good enough. 
His charge up projectile is great especially if enemies try to attack you while 
charging up, they'll just be caught in the electric blast!His dark eye or physic 
attack( i have no idea what its called) puts the enemy to sleep first then for the 
second attack blasts them off!!I'd say Mewtwo is very powerful if you attack from 
far and have other players duke it out then come blast em away!!!

17) Yoshi: Yoshi!!We all know him!!The cute little dog( it think he's a dog) Yoshi's 
weakness is that he can't triple jump which is bad!His jumps are also wild and very 
hard to control. Though he can make enemies eggs for a few seconds then smash them, 
which is very good and helpful!His egg throw is useless, and his egg roll is hard to 
control and can easily send you to your doom. However his super stomp is great and 
his super kicks inflicts a ton of damage depending on the opponents size. Yoshi is 
good in large levels like Hyrule Temple where he can't get thrown into the air 
easily but bad in tiny levels like the Final Destination(hidden). Overall i would 
have to say stick with Yoshi if you can stand his real pathetic attacks and lack to 
jump, but have the power to inflict a lot of damage.

18)Gannondorf(hidden refer to the trophies and other secrets section):Remember old 
Gannon from the Ocarina of Time!Gannon is very strong, slow, and not easy to send 
flying to his doom. Gannon's Gannon Punch is strong and powerful, but take a long 
time to prepare and to recover from it so use it wisely. His grab(up +B) is better 
than his normal throws and if her grabs the opponent he can do it again. Gannon's 
weakness is his speed in using attacks. Once he tries to sue an attack his whole 
body will be open for a few seconds before and after the attack and a simple hit 
will stop the attack. Overall Gannon is good if you learn to master his slowness in 

19) Mr. Game and Watch(hidden refer to the trophies and other secrets section):This 
guy is hilarious to watch, I have no idea what game he came from except that it was 
long ago!You will see him in all his monochrome glory, and in his 2D shape. Most of 
his attacks are pretty useless, but he was attack( while in the air press A) that 
can hurt and send your opponents flying!!His hammer makes a status effect on the 
opponent depending on the number it has!His jumping is pretty good, and he's light. 
Overall i would say this guy is funny to watch and play but if you are serious and 
want to be good with him, just hide and then smash!

20)Young Link(hidden refer to the trophies and other secrets section):Young Link, 
and to tell you the truth I like him more than Link!He's more or less the same, 
except he's shorter, smaller, and lighter. He's got fire arrows too, and he's got a 
better grip on the boomerang, but he is weaker than Link. Overall if you like Link, 
you'll love Young Link, try them both and see what works best for you!

21)Fox: The hero who defeated Andross is back and smashing better than ever!Fox is 
fast, weak, and not very light.His gun attack is quick and should be fired often 
when fighting enemies from far. His fire fox is great if you manage to figure out 
how it can help you besides sending you to your doom, and his quick run and hit 
attack is pretty much useless in small levels as you will just kill yourself. Fox is 
best at using his speed to do combos then run and ect... Overall if you like his 
speed and his small burst attacks, then Fox is your man.

22)Falco(hidden refer to the trophies and other secrets section): Falco Lombardi, 
Fox's companion in defeating Andross is now playable in Smash Bros!!He's more or 
less the same as Fox, except he jumps higher and is slower and his gun attack is 
more powerful. For more look at the Fox section(above).

23)Ness: The kid from Earthbound is back!!His electric shock can be controlled which 
is great though it leaves Ness completely open. His fire attack leaves his enemy in 
fire and it slows the enemy down. His recovery attack is great too!Too bad its only 
for projectiles. Ness can triple jump if you make his electric shock hit him!!
Overall Ness is great if you like to attack from far and then come in for a huge 
plasma blast!!

24)Captain Falcon:The guy from F-Zero X is here now and ready to smash  you!!He's 
pretty much the same as Gannondorf, except he's a little faster and weaker. Check 
the Gannon section for more!

25)Ice Climbers:Nana and Papo!!!The ice climbers will fight you together. However 
unlike Zelda/Shiek, where you don't control them, at different times, here you 
control both of them at the same time. Which means every attack hurts double. 
However the Ice Climbers are weak in attacks, are light, and when one is killed a 
horrible jumper. But the plus is, usually one of them dies and you still have the 
other to play with, without loosing a life. Overall the Ice Climbers are good if you 
can use their double attacks to an advantage!
II.1P Mode
A)Regular Match

Classic Mode is pretty easy. All you have to do is pick your character, then battle 
through a series of battles vs against opponents 1 on 1 or 1 vs team or 2 on 2! You 
also will do Target Test with the character you picked, and some weird hit the 
trophies game, where you hit trophies into the bag. Then you do Race To The Finish
(none of these must be completed to finish Classic, but they give you extra bonus 
points), then the final match against the Master Hand!He's easy. On very easy-easy 
he has 150HP you need to hurt him, and on Normal-Very Hard, 300HP to hurt him. He's 
pretty easy just avoid all his attacks, like his fire, his stomp, his punch, ect... 
And attack him when he's not attacking which should be after every attack. Not so 
hard just be careful!

Adventure Mode! This takes you through various stages, where you need to defeat the 
character(s)  and go through a level,and there are many secrets in adventure mode, 
also explained here. Here are the stages:(in order)

1)Mushroom Kingdom:Wow!!You get to play a level from the SNES classic!How cool!This 
level is pretty easy, especially for people like Zelda and Mewtwo, who can easily 
teleport through the enemies(goombas and those turtles) but if you aren't one of 
them, its still real easy!Just use projectiles if your trying not to build up your 
percentage, it should only take 3 projectiles to kill each, but if you want move 
faster and you might take a little % just smash your way through them, and when you 
get to the part where you have to jump, just jump from platform to platform and when 
you finally get to the place where the Toad is running, you'll fight some Yoshis! On 
very easy-normal, its easy as hell!Just smash them, it should only take one smash to 
kill them!But on hard and very hard this is no cake walk! What you have to do is 
make sure you have 0% when you get to fight the Yoshis, then start smashing!Its 
still a one hit K.O, but the Yoshis are smarter and will avoid your attacks if your 
not careful! Be quick and powerful!Once your done with that continue along the pipe 
and make it to the place where you see yet another Toad, and the finish line!From 
here there are 2 ways to go which i will outline below:
a)Cross the finish line with any number in the seconds digit besides 2(explained 
below and in the trophies and other secrets section) and you will fight Mario and 
Peach, on top of of Peach's Castle! On very easy-easy, its simple attack with 
projectile attacks or if you don't have any smash them until they have both 50%+, 
then lure them to the edge and smash them or throw them off, they most probably 
won't survive, but if they do, just smash or throw them again.For normal-very hard, 
its hard! At the beginning, Peach will 90% of the time jump up to your tiny 
platform, when she does this either smash her or throw her, hurting her at least 
10%, then Mario will come and you should run to the other side. Use a projectile
(something that can power up like Samus's beam or Mewtwo's psywave or something you 
can direct like Zelda's Din's Fire and Ness's electric shock or if you don't have 
that jump and then projectile), but if you don't have a projectile, consider finding 
a weapon that can keep them away as well as do damage, if they manage to get around 
your attacks run to the other side and do the same. When Peach has 65%+damage and 
Mario has 75%+ damage( you should have around 50,60,70) head for them! Now, attack 
Peach, to separate her and Mario, then smash Peach, this should kill her, but if it 
didn't rush to Mario and smash him, and if that didn't kill him, go back to Peach, 
and smash her again, now that attack should have definitely killed her, if it didn't
(you're having bad luck) smash her once more and do this again if it still didn't 
kill her. Now once Peach is gone, its just you and Mario!Attack Mario with a 
projectile, while luring him to the edge, now move in for the kill. Just put your 
shield on(R,L)and wait for him to get close enough then throw him(press A)!If you 
character doesn't have a good throw then do that then smash him, to kill him!

b) Finish the level with a 2 in the seconds digit(3:42, 4:52), and you will see a 
small scene with Luigi stepping on Mario's head. Now you will fight Luigi and Peach, 
instead of Mario and Peach! If you beat these 2 in 30 sec or less in any difficulty, 
then continue adventure without using a continue, you will get to unlock Luigi!But 
here's how to beat them: This is easier than Mario and Peach because Luigi will most 
of the time kill himself even on very hard with his power up tackle attack!If he 
kills himself, then just fight Peach one on one which is really easy if you stay far 
away and hit her, then smash her!If Luigi decided not to commit suicide, then follow 
the same strategy as Mario!

2)Congo Jungle:Here you fight 2 tiny DK, but they really aren't tiny!They're as big 
as Kirby, Jiggly, Pichu, and a few more!They are easy. If you're a tall one, like 
most of them, just duck and hit if you're too big, or just attack with projectiles 
and items. Once they're down, time to fight giant DK, which is easier. Just wait for 
hime to come and jump in front of the cottage.When he's close enough, throw him 
backwards, he'll die, if he doesn't, do it again.

3)Underground Maze: Zelda's and Link's level!! This isn't really a maze if you're 
thinking that. The objective here is to find the triforce symbol is one of the 
rooms. There are a total of 6 rooms. Five of them you battle Link in(contains a 
sword), and one of them you finish the level(contains a triforce). When you start 
the level, head up, and don't worry about the zombies, they only hurt 10% and they 
fall off the ledge by themselves, but if they're annoying you, smash them from their 
back. Anyways, check the 2 rooms on the top floor(left and right), don't enter the 
rooms if you see a sword, because Link is tough and defeating him won't do any good. 
If the top 2 rooms are swords head down, to the middle level. Now go up and if 
there's a sword go down, and if there's a sword there too, get out of the middle 
level. Jump down to the lowest level, and head right. Be careful of the fire, as it 
will kill you, and continue through these rooms, if you see, a sword again, leave 
and go to the other side  of the low level, where this will contain your triforce!
Now you'll fight Zelda, in Hyrule Temple which is a pain, since the level is so big 
and it can take forever to kill anyone in this stage. She's pretty easy on very easy-
 normal, but is tough on hard and very hard. To beat her, it depends on the 
character you chose. If you picked someone slow, then fight Zelda with items and 
powerful attacks, and when she transforms into Shiek, hit her hard, and she should 
die. If you picked someone fast, like Fox, attack her with Projectiles, when she's 
Shiek or Zelda, until she has 80%+, then lure her to the ledge and smash her. Use 
your speed to get all the items too.

4)Brinstar: Fight Samus, in a 1 on 1 battle!This is pretty easy on any difficulty, 
as the lava that rises will usually kill her. Just avoid the lava, and attack her 
with items and projectiles, keeping your distance, then when the lava rises, push 
her into it, then if she lives smash her, and you win!Ta Da!!When you win, a short 
clip will come with a warning sign!!TIME TO ESCAPE BRINSTAR BEFORE IT EXPLODES!!Now 
you have 35 seconds to get to the top of the stage. I found this extremely annoying, 
and hard to do for me, because i get nervous when there's a time limit, and can't 
jump good. Just keeping jumping, not triple jumping except when you need it. When 
you get the the part with long yellow platforms, you're near the end, just triple 
jump, and jump once more to the small platform and you're done. If you lose, you 
lose a life and will head to the next level.

5)Dream Land:You will fight in the green greens level, with Kirby. He's easy, since 
he's very light weighted and character such as Bowser can kill him with 50%+. 
Anyways, just hurt it and smash it, not too hard. Now for a whole bunch of Kirbies, 
each with a copied attack. One smash will kill him, so try to group them together 
for a triple K.0!If you beat them in 30 seconds, in normal and higher, then you will 
fight GIANT KIRBY!!Wow, this guy is annoying. Attack him with projectiles until his 
percentage is high, around 100+ then take him to the ledge and smash him!Make sure 
he doesn't steal your powers, or attack you very much, like i said keep your 
distance, and its a sure win!

6)Corneria:This is easy, just fight and defeat Fox. Pretty simple even on hard and 
very hard. If you beat him in 30 sec or less, you will fight Falco instead of Fox in 
round 2!In round 2, the ships will just kill Fox or Falco, easy enough.

7)Pokemon Stadium:This was very hard for me, since you will fight a whole lot of 
Pikachus, Pichu. and Jigglypuff. Avoid them, and use the pokeballs that appear to 
kill them. Pray you get good pokemon cause they will and you'll get a beating.

8)F-Zero Grand Prix: This is easy, especially if you're a speedy character like Fox. 
Just run, and jump onto the platforms, when the cars come, then run again. After 
this, you will fight Falcon, whose tough on hard and very hard, bust easy on the 
other difficulties. Just dodge is Falcon Punch, his Falcon tackle thing, and counter 
attack. This isn't too hard.

9)Onnet: Here you'll fight 3 Ness. The trick here is to try and let them get hit by 
the cars!Then heavily damage them. Go for one only at a time. Once you're down to 
just one, you win!

10)Icicle Mountain: This level takes place on of course, Icicle Mountain. Avoid the 
snowman, and the little hair things, until you get to fight the 2 ice climbers(2 
Nano, 2 Papo). They're easy as most of the time they'll kill themselves, but if they 
don't, lure them to the edge, then throw them. Easy.

11)BattleField:Time to fight the team of wire frame guys, do just like in the multi 
man melee. SMASH THEM!Now you'll fight either metal Mario or metal Mario and Metal 
Luigi. In both ways just damage them. Luigi often kills himself, and Mario even on 
very hard, falls for the stupidest of traps.

12)Final Destination:This is the last match, and its against Bowser!He's easy, now 
if you are on a  normal difficulty or higher, haven't used a continue, and beat 
Bowser in 30 sec or less, you'll fight Giga Bowser!!!This is hard, just use the best 
moves available to you, and if you're playing with Jigglypuff, use rest and he's 
3)All Star
This mode needs to be unlocked. To unlock this you need to get all 25 characters, 
and that's how i unlocked it, but its said that you need to beat Classic with all of 
them too. Anyways, in this mode you need to beat all 25 characters, first 1 on 1, 
then 1 on 2, then 1 on 3!After every battle there will be a place with three hearts 
which replenish your health, save it for when you need it. This needs skill to beat, 
no cheap, easy strategy, just skill and practice. Enough said.
B)Event Match

NOTE: If you are having trouble on any of the "Choose a Character" Events and my 
guide still isn't helping, you can always try using Jigglypuff. His DOWN and B move 
will knock enemies REALLY FAR if you manage to be inside of them when you use it. 
Play around with it and see how you do! 
LEVEL 1: TROUBLE KING YOU: Mario (2 lives) COMPUTER: Bowser (2 lives, easy 
difficulty) The first level is as you would expect - very easy. Bowser is set to get 
hit far, and he's not too smart. Just smash him over and over again, maybe even do a 
charged smash while he's jumping back on and release it when he gets back. 

LEVEL 2: LORD OF THE JUNGLE YOU: Giant Donkey Kong (2 lives) COMPUTER: Tiny Donkey 
Kong (2 lives) The biggest problem here is actually hitting your opponent. When your 
opponent is below you, use the pound the ground (DOWN and B) or a low smash move to 
hit him. Once you've knocked him in the air, get ready to do an upward smash when he 
gets back down to you. He'll be sent off the stage. 

LEVEL 3: BOMB-FEST YOU: Choose anyone (1 life) COMPUTER: Samus (1 life), Link (1 
life) It's easy to get KOed here, but if you just keep trying you should pass this 
one pretty fast. A good strategy is to stay as high as possible, which means high 
jumpers or people who can get in the air really high like Zelda, Kirby, Jiggly are 
great. The computer will blow itself up once the items start to appear. If you see a 
poke ball, it's going to be a big bomb pokemon, so it can be fun to throw these and 
then run away. The computer will sometimes stand inside of them since it's on a low 
LEVEL 4: DINO-WRANGLING YOU: Choose anyone (3 lives) COMPUTER: Giant Yoshi (1 life) 
This one is probably just as easy or easier than Level 1. You have 3 lives to KO 
Yoshi just once. The biggest threat here is if Yoshi eats you and turns you into an 
egg cause you could get thrown into the pit. But you can jump back up, and Yoshi 
here is pretty stupid so it's no big deal. Just do smash moves and you'll destroy 
him. Sometimes he even jumps right in the pit for you! 
LEVEL 5: SPARE CHANGE YOU: Ness COMPUTER: Captain Falcon This is a coin battle, and 
you need to get 200 coins to win. Captain Falcon here is pretty easy, and he's not 
too good at getting coins. Even if he beats you up, you can often get the coins that 
he knocks out of you. Ness can be pretty tough to use if you've never used him 
before, so I'll explain a few of the best moves to use: 1) Forward Smash + A: Ness 
will hit guys with a powerful baseball bat. 2) Down and A: Push this really fast and 
opponents will usually just stand there and take a beating. 3) PK Fire: Forward and 
B. This move will shoot directly ahead and stun opponents. Use this as your 
opportunity to smash. Basically you want to beat Captain Falcon up and take the coin 
he drops. The best place to do this is on the very bottom in the middle. Cars will 
come by every now and then, right after the (!) Warning appears, and the good 
Captain likes to let them hit him while you jump safely away. Should be no problem 
to win, especially since you're allowed to die. 
LEVEL 6: KIRBYS ON PARADE YOU: Choose (1 life) COMPUTER: 3 Kirbys (2 lives each) 
From the description this sounds hard, but it's really easy. These Kirbys will get 
KOed in one hit from a smash! Donkey Kong's pound the ground (Down and B) KOs them 
in one hit too, as will most things. 
LEVEL 7: POKEMON BATTLE YOU: Choose (2 lives) COMPUTER: Pikachu (2 lives) The only 
way for you to hurt each other in this match with the Pokemon that come out of the 
Poke balls. So choose a quick character like Fox or Captain Falcon, and try to get 
all the Poke balls that appear. It's best to throw them straight down (Down and A) 
since they'll go right through Pikachu. Keep summoning Pokemon until Pikachu is 
overwhelmed. Not too hard, and quite fun! 
LEVEL 8: HOT DATE ON BRINSTAR YOU: Choose (3 lives) COMPUTER: Samus (3 lives) You 
both start with 130% damage, even after you die, so all it takes is a few hits to 
get knocked off. Just smash Samus a few times and that's all it takes. Samus likes 
to hang in there a while, but she's not too smart here so you can probably get a lot 
of hits on her no problem. It might be a good idea to use a big character like 
Bowser here to dish out more damage and so you don't get knocked too far. 
This battle is kind of cheap since the computer likes to change back and forth a 
lot, and I've also seen it jump right in the pit as Zelda more than once. The 
easiest way to beat them I found was to use Donkey Kong and pound the ground (DOWN 
and B) non-stop, and then smash them up off the screen when they're on their way 
down. If you're lucky, they'll turn into Sheik before while you're doing this, but 
even if they don't, if you keep trying they will eventually. This one might take a 
few tries. 
LEVEL 10: ALL-STAR MATCH 1 YOU: Choose (2 lives) COMPUTER: Mario, Donkey Kong, 
Yoshi, Peach, Bowser (1 life each) One of the hardest things about these all-star 
matches is that you have a time limit. So the best idea to just to beat up your 
opponents as fast as you can. These guys aren't too smart, so you can smash them 
over and over again without too much problem. I was able to hit them with the super-
strong Falcon Punch (B) with Captain Falcon over and over, so smashing them should 
be even easier. Just don't ever stand in the center of the stage on the first battle 
against Mario. Those blocks will spin and you could end up in the pit even if you 
don't think they should have started to spin. 
LEVEL 11: KING OF THE MOUNTAIN YOU: Choose (1 life) COMPUTER: Two Ice Climbers 
(Immortal) To win this you just need to survive until time runs out. Choose a fast 
character like Fox, or high jumpers like Zelda, since she can teleport and Kirby and 
Jiggly since they can fly, so you can run away. Killing the Ice Climbers brings you 
no penalty, but I chose to just run away the whole time since they continually 
respawn. Jump to the top, run to the right, fall down through the floor (Just push 
down), run to the left, jump up, whatever it takes to get away. There is one move 
that is good to learn and can help here: Pushing R in the air. Your character will 
float in mid air and move over a little more. This helps get away from attacks and 
is useful all the time. I don't think it lets you do this AND an UP and B jump, so 
watch out if you think this will help you get back onto the stage anywhere. 
LEVEL 12: SECONDS, ANYONE? YOU: Choose (1 life) COMPUTER: Captain Falcon (1 life) 
Use Captain Falcon and hit B as soon as the fight starts. You should win in about 
1.25 seconds. Or if that didn't work, pick someone your good with and smash him, 
LEVEL 13: YOSHI'S EGG YOU: Yoshi (1 life) COMPUTER: Donkey Kong, Pikachu, Fox This 
level counts score in KOs, but you don't need to KO anyone to win. To win, you just 
have to make sure the Yoshi egg lives til the end. The best idea is to grab the egg 
and run away. You will have to pick up the egg eventually anyway since the stage 
will shift before the time runs out. Jump from one side to the other avoiding your 
foes. Using the R in the air move (described in the LEVEL 11 guide) will help a lot 
LEVEL 14: TROPHY TUSSLE 1 YOU: Choose (2 lives) COMPUTER: 3 Random Characters (2 
lives each) This is a pretty difficult fight if you don't know what you're doing 
since all the computers are against you at the same time. If you're having problems 
here, use Zelda or Jigglypuff. Zelda can use her Din's fire to attack from far and 
Nayru's love to keep them away when they're close, then use Faroe's Wind, to escape. 
If you use JigglyPuff, use his rest attack(Down+B) and they should die in one shot, 
maybe 2.
LEVEL 15: GIRL POWER YOU: Choose (2 lives and tiny) COMPUTER: Samus, Zelda, Peach (2 
lives each) This fight is similar to the last except you're small and the 
battlefield is smaller. You're going to want a character with strong and easy to 
pull off moves. Therefore, the same old techniques IU keep bringing up work pretty 
well here, like DK's pound the ground. I also found that items can really make a 
huge difference here. A lot of bombs and poke balls dropped when I played this one. 
If you can let the computer get blown up by the bombs and get all the poke balls, 
you should have a pretty easy time. 
LEVEL 17: BOUNTY HUNTERS YOU: Samus (1 life) COMPUTER: Bowser, Captain Falcon (1 
life each) You have to KO Bowser here, but you can't let Captain Falcon KO him. It's 
pretty tough to write a consistent strategy for this, you just have to try to smash 
Bowser off yourself. I've had Captain Falcon fall in the pit a few times. If this 
happens, it makes it a lot easier. Whether or not you have problems here, if you 
keep trying you should eventually win even if it's by some fluke. 
LEVEL 18: LINK'S ADVENTURE YOU: Link (2 lives) COMPUTER: Link's Shadow (2 lives) 
Link's shadow is the same as Link, and he's also the hardest guy you've fought so 
far. The computer AI is set at a pretty decent level here. For those of you who 
remember Zelda 2, Link's Shadow is the last boss. Anyways, if you're not good at 
combat, this is going to either train you to fight better or make you give up on the 
Event Matches. Link's Shadow likes to grab you or jab at you with quick sword blows. 
An excellent strategy is to make him follow you somewhere and then right before he 
gets to you release a smash move, preferably a forward smash move. You can often get 
him into rhythms where he keeps jumping into the same trap over and over. Getting 
the good items that sometimes appear will help tack on some additional damage too. 
And don't forget about the strong DOWN and A and UP and A while in the air. These 
thrust moves are pretty strong. As an additional point of interest about this stage: 
If you get really hurt badly, fighting in the tunnel in the middle of the stage is a 
good idea. It's very hard to KO anyone while they're in there. So he won't be able 
to KO you very well, and you can take him down with you. This is only good when 
there's no timer like on this event. 
LEVEL 19: PEACH'S PERIL YOU: Mario (1 life) COMPUTER: Bowser, Peach You can't let 
Peach die here, that's all. Sometimes you might get unlucky breaks with the items, 
but overall this isn't very hard, especially if you can beat level 18. Beat up 
Bowser and much as you can! Even if he starts hitting Peach, that makes him 
vulnerable for a smash move. It doesn't appear as though he can smash her, either, 
so he'll have to hit her a lot to knock her off. I ran this stage accidentally once 
without touching the control and it got down to 18 seconds before she was KOed... 
Kind of funny. 
LEVEL 20: ALL-STAR MATCH 2 YOU: Choose (2 lives) COMPUTER: Samus, Link, Zelda, 
Captain Falcon, Fox (1 life each) This is just like the first All-Star Match, only a 
little harder. Samus will go down very easily, and so will Link. (Smash, smash, 
smash!) When you fight Zelda, make sure you lure her to one of the sides of the 
stage and knock her towards the edge if you can. This Hyrule stage you fight her on 
can take forever to KO someone on since it's so big. Luring characters to an edge 
will help save time. Anyways, on to Captain Falcon. He's pretty tough and he tries 
to use some good B button moves on you. His weakness though is his own stage. He 
often has trouble getting back onto the level and likes to get hit by the cars. 
Smash him as much as you can and try to take advantage of the items that fall. When 
you get to Fox, see if you can hit him with a few forward smash moves right away. 
He'll probably walk right at you as soon as the level begins. These computers aren't 
a pushover, but with practice you should be able to take them out. You're going to 
need the practice for the later events...
LEVEL 21: ICE BREAKER YOU: Choose (1 life) COMPUTER: Two Ice Climbers Here you have 
to KO both Nanas (the pink ones). If you KO either of the blue ones, you lose. It's 
very hard not to hit both of them at once, but don't worry about it. Just smash 
away. If you manage to only hit the pink one, great. Once you get her separated from 
her partner, move in quickly to take her out if you can. If you happen to knock them 
both off to the edge if the screen, which you might, just wait for them to jump back 
on. When they do, either the pink one won't make it, or she'll end up separated from 
the blue one allowing you an opportunity to KO her. Repeat this twice and that's it. 
Basically don't worry about hitting them both. Chances are that if you do, you'll 
get the chance to hit the pink one off sooner or later anyway. And if you mess it 
up, just pause and Z reset. 
LEVEL 22: SUPER MARIO 128 YOU: Choose (1 life) COMPUTER : 128 Tiny Marios (1 life 
each) You can use any strategy you like, but if you want an almost guaranteed win, 
use Donkey Kong's pound the ground (DOWN and B), or choose Zelda and use Nayru's Love
(B) and it will kill them in a shot. Just stop doing it if a bomb appears. Should be 
very simple. 
LEVEL 23: SLIPPY'S INVENTION YOU: Choose (2 lives) COMPUTER: Fox and Falco (2 lives 
each) This is a tough battle, no doubt about it. You opponents are invisible, but 
you can be certain that they're going to either be following you or on top of you. 
Make sure you get up using the B button to knock them away. A downward smash move is 
a good thing to use often here since it'll usually hit guys on both sides of you. 
Just keep smashing them and getting good items if they appear. I'd say to use 
Captain Falcon or Donkey Kong for their effective B button moves, but then again I 
almost always say that! 
LEVEL 24: THE YOSHI HERD YOU: Choose (1 life) COMPUTER: 29 Yoshis, 1 Giant Yoshi (1 
life each( It's not hard to KO these guys, but it can be difficult to do it within 
two minutes. Donkey Kong's pound the ground works, except usually the Yoshi's will 
hide and you have to go after them. So I don't really recommend using that here. 
What you really need is well timed air smash moves. Use this stage to hone your 
aerial skills. Make sure you never hang out towards the middle here. Those blocks 
might suddenly start turning and land you in the pit. One time I did an UP smash 
move and they started moving. Kind of weird. 
LEVEL 25: GARGANTUANS YOU: Giant Bowser (1 life) COMPUTER: Giant Donkey Kong (2 
lives), Tiny Mario, Tiny Peach (1 life each) Now you see how hard it is to be giant! 
The funny thing about this stage is that DK usually KOs himself by falling in the 
pit somehow. It's just so hard to stay on when you're that big. I would recommend 
staying on the left side of the screen. Try to hit DK with a lot of quick moves, or 
the B button fire move and get him to just fall in the pit. Jumping and doing DOWN 
and B works all right also, but it's pretty tough to send him flying anywhere. 
You'll probably win on the computer's own stupidity. The tiny Mario and Peach 
usually die within a few seconds, I think they're just there to be funny. 
LEVEL 26: TROPHY TUSSLE 2 YOU: Choose (2 lives) COMPUTER: 3 Random Characters (2 
lives each) Another tough one. There's no magnificent strategy to use here 
unfortunately. You have a few things to your advantage, though. The computer will 
hurt itself here because they can hurt each other, and some of the items that appear 
are really helpful. Lots of warp stars like to come, and maybe a few pokeballs. One 
of the computers also likes to sit at the left end pretty much doing nothing unless 
you come near. If you can KO him with the others, great. If not, it's ok to leave 
him for last since less guys fighting you at once is easier. Keep using smash moves 
if you can, get up using the B button, and use R and BACK to flip away when you're 
in trouble. Once you get down to the last guy, you can get him in a smash loop where 
you knock him off, he jumps back on and you immediately smash him off again. I liked 
using Dr. Mario here; for some reason I did much better with his smash moves than 
anyone else's. 
LEVEL 27: COLD ARMOR YOU: Samus (1 life) COMPUTER: Three Metal Samuses (2 lives 
each) This is kind of intimidating since you have three guys against you and they 
all have double your lives. If you just fight them head on, though, you shouldn't do 
too badly. They don't usually hit you with very damaging moves. Just keep doing your 
downward smash move when they're around you and forward whenever you get a chance. 
Sometimes they even fall in the pit on their own because they get confused by the 
stage's movement. That's Kraid in the background, and he looks menacing but all he 
really does is turn the stage when hits it. As always, make sure you take advantage 
of the items that appear. 
LEVEL 28: PUFFBALLS UNITE YOU: Choose (1 life) COMPUTER: 14 Kirbys (1 life each) 
This is the stage where I first discovered the DK pound the ground trick! While it's 
well known now, when I first played this stage I had no idea it was so cheap! This 
shouldn't be too hard no matter who you use, but with DK it's even easier. My record 
is 16.7 seconds. 
LEVEL 29: TRIFORCE GATHERING YOU: Link (1 life) COMPUTER: Zelda (1 life), Gannondorf 
(2 lives) Here's where you can get Gannon as a playable character! You and Zelda are 
on the same team here, and you will need to use that to your advantage to really 
have a good chance. You don't have to go overboard on the smash moves at first. Just 
jab at him from one side while Zelda does the same on the other. Once you get him 
pretty hurt, then start smashing him or luring him towards a side of the stage to 
hit him off. Repeat this twice. Remember, the key to winning is teamwork. Gannon is 
kind of tough but he just gets beaten down by both of you at once. Make sure you do 
not ever get hit by his powerful B button punch move. He screams and looks like he's 
charging up when he's going to do it. Stay away! Once you complete the level, Gannon 
challenges you. Using your UP and B move when he gets near it pretty effective, or 
just use a lot of smash moves. You can get to this stage without completing some of 
the harder events, but this might be too hard for you if you don't have the practice 
those events give you. 
LEVEL 30: ALL-STAR MATCH 3 YOU: Choose (2 lives) COMPUTER: Kirby, Pikachu, Ness, Ice 
Climbers (1 life each) Another All-Star match, and this one only pits you against 4 
computers. The first two battles aren't too tough at all, but Ness is a real pain 
compared! Seems like he's set to be really hard. If you can KO him in direct combat, 
that's great. But if not, you might want to jump around until you can get some good 
items to apear. Don't take too long because of the time limit, though. If he does KO 
you, use the invincibility you have while you're flashing to get a few good hits on 
him. If you are still having trouble, try luring him to the edge and hoping you can 
land a strong smash on him. It's easy to knock people off the side here. The Ice 
Climbers seem to be a little easier than Ness, but you might be pretty beat up by 
the time you get here. It's also really easy to hit people off the side here, so 
just keep trying to smash them. Sometimes they may even act stupid and KO themselves 
off the bottom or top of the screen. 
LEVEL 31: MARIO BROS. MADNESS YOU: Choose COMPUTER: Mario, Luigi This is a timed 
battle. Whoever has the most points when the time runs out wins. The funny thing 
about the AI here is that you can make these guys jump right in the pit. If you 
intentionally fall in the pit, and jump out at the last second, sometimes they just 
hop right in and die. Try this out of you're having trouble. For people having 
trouble here: I believe now that this event requires you to score more POINTS than 
the computer, not more KOs. So you need to try for a high score. That means going 
for bonuses like being very accurate, not getting hit, etc. You can look up how many 
points each bonus gives and try to figure out which ones you think are the easiest 
to get.
LEVEL 32: TARGET ACQUIRED YOU: Falco (1 life) COMPUTER: Jigglypuff You have to KO 
Jigglypuff more than the Arwings do. Sometimes it's kind of cheap if you knock him 
into the air really far and it says an Arwing hit him. Don't knock him up if you can 
possibly avoid it! Try to smash him off the left side repeatedly if you can get him 
over there. He's not hard to KO, it's just that sometimes things won't go your way 
and you'll have to start over. Don't sweat it. You'll win if you keep trying. 
LEVEL 33: LETHAL MARATHON YOU: Captain Falcon (1 life) COMPUTER: None This is like 
the Adventure Mode stage except you'll move really fast. As soon as you start, run! 
Count the platforms and jump up onto the fourth one you see to avoid the cars. Keep 
going and make sure you're ready to jump when the pit comes. The next place you 
should stop is on the platform over the second pit. The cars will go over your head. 
Keep going to the finish. 
LEVEL 34: SEVEN YEARS YOU: Young Link (3 lives) COMPUTER: Link (3 lives) This one 
have me a lot of problems back when I first did it. You have to really learn how to 
handle combat well before you can win this one. Young Link here seems to have a 
disadvantage cause his sword is shorter. But there are a few moves you can do that 
will work pretty well. The best one is the downward thrust move. Jump in the air and 
do a smash move down on Link's head. When he's hurt a lot, it'll send him flying off 
the stage. Do not ever fight the on the floating things. The computer will usually 
flip around you and then smash you off the stage real easy because it can bounce you 
off the bottom of the main platform. Sometimes you can get the computer in a pattern 
where you smash it off the edge of the main platform, and when it jumps back up you 
smash it again, etc. Also, every once in a while it will just accidentally fall 
below one of the floating platforms and die. I'm not sure why it messes up like 
this, but if it happens it's great. This goes for any stage: if you can get your 
hands on an umbrella or beam sword, you'll really have an advantage. 
LEVEL 35: TIME FOR A CHECKUP YOU: Luigi (1 life) COMPUTER: Dr. Mario, Peach (1 life 
each) The computer here is pretty hard to beat directly. Obviously, if you can win 
this through direct fighting, then go for it! If not, then I found a trick that can 
allow you to KO Dr. Mario without attacking or taking much damage. Hang out in the 
pit. If you start the battle and just jump in the pit (I think it works on either 
end but I got it to work twice in the right pit last time I played). Jump out at the 
last second and just keep jumping in the pit and jumping at the last second. Quite 
often, Dr. Mario will follow you in and sometimes he ends up falling all the way 
down. If you mess up and end up about to fall in yourself, just pause and reset the 
match. Once Mario's KOed himself, taking on Peach is much easier than it was before. 
However, she's still going to be tough, so don't get too excited. Try to hit her if 
you can, of course, but your real advantage will be if you can get some good items 
to use on her. Once you get a few good hits on her, she's pretty easy to hit off the 
stage, so just keep at it and you'll get her eventually. 
LEVEL 36: SPACE TRAVELERS YOU: Ness (1 life) COMPUTER: Samus, Kirby, Fox, Captain 
Falcon, Falco (1 life each) This is actually the last event I cleared. I think it's 
one of the hardest ones! Ness is not an easy character to use if you don't practice 
with him much, and you only get one life to KO all five opponents. Samus and Kirby 
are very easy and can be taken out in a snap. Sometimes Fox is easy also, but 
Captain Falcon and Falco are just really hard! You have to get real good at KOing 
the first three so that you can get practice on fighting the last two. I like to 
jump over to the right side as soon as the battle starts, put my back against the 
wall, and bat (Forward smash) Samus and Kirby away until they fall off. The other 
smash moves that Ness has aren't very good at hitting people off, so stick to the 
bat. The computer will probably keep coming back for more over and over, which 
should give you a lot of practice smashing. Charge the smash move to make it go 
faster. If you stand where I do, Fox will appear right in front of you as soon as 
Kirby is KOed. If you can, Anticipate this and charge up a smash as Kirby is going 
off to smack Fox when he appears. The same strategy often works on Fox that works on 
the first two, but sometimes he's a little harder to KO and will beat you up. Just 
keep recovering and getting into a position where you can keep batting him away. 
Ness's down and A move can hit him over and over to take his life down fast. Also, 
if you're lucky, he'll fall in a pit for no reason. Now for Captain Falcon. The key 
to this is not to get too scared of him. Sure, you might want to run away from him, 
and go ahead. But you can often just smash him when he's running at you. Try using 
the down and A kick as well. It's really effective! PK Fire is ok to use sometimes 
as well. (Forward and B) If it hits it'll stun your opponent and you can get a free 
smash afterwards. If you get a screw attack, you're in luck. The screw attack, when 
used well, can hit Captain Falcon (or Falco if you get to him) almost as much as you 
want without him ever hitting you. Just keep jumping back and forth into him. With 
practice, you should be able to take out the Captain eventually. Falco is really 
hard to KO, though, since you'll probably be pretty hurt when he comes. If you can 
get a beam sword or some other good item, it'll be a lot easier. Otherwise, just do 
your best and use the same strategy you've been using. It's all about how well you 
can fight. Good luck! 
LEVEL 37: LEGENDARY POKEMON YOU: Choose (1 life) COMPUTER: Four Giant Wire Frames 
and a Jigglypuff (2 lives each) To win this stage all you have to do is summon all 
the Poke balls that appear. Jigglypuff will try to beat you to them, so choose a 
character who you can move quickly to beat him. Most of the time the Pokemon who are 
summoned are extremely powerful. You are allowed to knock the computer off the stage 
yourself, but it's easier to mostly rely on the Pokemon. Winning this battle will 
cause Pichu to challenge you if you don't already have him. 
LEVEL 38: SUPER MARIO BROS. 2 YOU: Choose (2 lives) COMPUTER: Mario, Luigi, Peach (2 
lives each) Just like on the some of the other stages with Mario and Co., you can 
make the computer jump in the pit by hanging out in it yourself. Jump in the pit, 
and jump out again at the last second. I was able to completely KO Peach and Luigi 
in about 20 seconds one time with this strategy. If you feel too cheap doing this, 
you're just going to have to be really good at brawling. Now's your chance to laugh 
at the computer, though, so I say take advantage of it! It's going to have its way 
with you plenty of times in later events... 
LEVEL 39: JIGGLYPUFF LIVE! YOU: Jigglypuff (2 lives) COMPUTER: Three Jigglypuffs (2 
lives each) This is a really annoying level. Do not play keep-away with them in an 
effort to wait for good items! I tried this technique and it didn't work too well. 
Jigglypuff gets knocked off too easily is not too quick. You often won't be able to 
get items first if you're busy flying away from the computer, and a lot of the items 
appear in capsule form so you'll need to fight for the items anyway. Instead, use 
smash moves and the FORWARD B move to beat them up while looking for some good 
items. If you manage to get a beam sword, umbrella, or a good Pokemon out of a ball, 
you'll have a big advantage. Make sure you get up using the B button if they're 
surrounding you. A lot of people told me that you can easily win this one by 
throwing the Jigglypuffs off the screen. I don't actually like doing this, but it 
could work pretty well if done right. Try it this way if my guide didn't help you. 
LEVEL 40: ALL-STAR MATCH 4 YOU: Choose (2 lives) COMPUTER: Marth, Luigi, Jigglypuff, 
MewTwo, Mr. Game and Watch (1 life each) The first battle with Marth is not too hard 
except you have to make sure you lure him to one side of the level so you can knock 
him off quicker. There is a time limit here. Luigi might give you problems, but 
sometimes he jumps in the pit for some reason. The computer just loves to do that on 
this stage. Don't count on him doing this, though. Instead, try to beat him up a 
little and the lure him to an edge. It's pretty easy to hit someone off the edge of 
the stage here. Hopefully it'll be you doing it to him. On to Jigglypuff... I played 
versus him two times and both times he never moved off the original platform. So he 
just got KOed in the pit. If he happens to actually go after you, it shouldn't be 
too tough cause he gets knocked out easily. MewTwo was also pretty easy for me. I 
was able to continually forward smash him. Every time he approached, BAM! Mr. Game 
and Watch has another stage where it's easy to knock guys off of. I like to run at 
him and attack, then smash him away, and then run at him again and smahs him again, 
etc. Eventually you'll smash him so far that he'll either get KOed or you can just 
jump kick him off and end it. 
LEVEL 41: EN GARDE! YOU: Marth (2 lives) COMPUTER: Link (2 lives) I didn't find this 
battle to be nearly as hard at the previous matches against Link (SEVEN YEARS and 
LINK'S ADVENTURE) but it's still not a cakewalk. You can often hit Link a lot of 
unanswered times with Marth's FORWARD B move, but this is kind of weak so don't rely 
on it exclusively. Link's main weakness is that he will roll right into your smash 
moves. I would do a forward smash, keep it charged for a second until he'd jump or 
roll right into it. So if you knock him away for a second, start charging your move 
and hope he does the same thing for you. Overall, this battle isn't too bad compared 
to some of the fights you've had to endure so far, at least it wasn't for me. 
LEVEL 42: TROUBLE KING 2 YOU: Luigi (2 lives) COMPUTER: Giant Bowser (2 lives) It's 
hard to actually KO Bowser here by hitting him, since he's big, but it's easy to 
make him fall in the pit! When the battle first starts, get Bowser to come down on 
the arm with you (he'll come to you) and just keep using weak A button moves. If 
you're high enough on the arm, you'll get him to fall in the pit. Sometimes you can 
also get Bowser to just stand there until he's in the pit as well. I beat this level 
two times and both times it was because Bowser just fell into the pit like that. If 
you can't seem to get him to do either of these things, just try to survive long 
enough until the stage is too complicated for him. He'll fall off sooner or later. 
Don't be afraid to continually reset the match if it starts off badly for you. 
LEVEL 43: BIRDS OF PREY YOU: Fox (2 lives) COMPUTER: Captain Falcon and Falco (2 
lives each) As soon as the match begins, jump down onto the lower cars. There are 
cars below the big one you start on. Falco will follow first. Use your DOWN and B 
move and it will send him flying away from you, often KOing him. Do the same thing 
to Captain Falcon. Keep using the down and B move and eventually you'll knock them 
off enough to KO them both for good. You could try to beat them up to get the same 
effect, but the DOWN and B move is designed to send all opponents away from you, so 
you're better off sticking with that. 
LEVEL 44: MEWTWO STRIKES! YOU: Choose (1 life) COMPUTER: Zelda and Mewtwo (1 life 
each) Do not KO Zelda, you lose the match if she is KOed. After 15 seconds, MewTwo 
will show up, and he's the one you want!I picked Zelda for this level, so i'm going 
to tell you how i beat it with her. First i kept dodging the enemy Zelda's attacks, 
with Faroe's Wind, and jumping and such. Then when Mewtwo appears, i kept using 
Nayru's Love when they got close, and put my shield on, rolled, then threw Mewtwo!
Wait until Mewtwo has about 70% damage, then smash him with her magical kick or with 
magic swipe. If this didn't work for you, try your best character and try your own 
strategy, also most of the time Mewtwo committed suicide, but don't rely on that!
LEVEL 45: GAME AND WATCH FOREVER! YOU: Mr. Game and Watch (3 lives) COMPUTER: 25 Mr. 
Game and Watches (1 life each) To win this battle, you have to be really good at 
doing smash moves. See my smashing section at the beginning of the FAQ to learn the 
timing on them. Get into good positions and smash away. The forward smash move 
usually works best, but sometimes using the downward one is good if they're 
surrounding you. If you are good at performing smashes, this level should be pretty 
LEVEL 46: FIRE EMBLEM PRIDE YOU: Choose (3 lives) COMPUTER: Marth and Roy (3 lives 
each) I found this easy, for me at least.I killed them both without losing a single 
life! I used Zelda like usual and went to the edge, and shot Din's Fire, when they 
got close, used Faroe's Wind and appeared on the other side of them, and attacked 
them!When they have damage of 90+ use her magical kick or throw them off. If you 
have damage at 90 or higher, go to the little cave and fight there, i stayed alive 
with 500%!!WHen they get 90% lure them up and smash them. Its that easy!!
LEVEL 47: TROPHY TUSSLE 3 YOU: Choose (2 lives) COMPUTER: Three Random Characters (2 
lives each) This battle takes place on Majora's Mask, which is a good thing because 
it allows you to do something which most other stages wouldn't. For my strategy, 
you'll want to use a character with strong B button moves. Captain Falcon or 
Gannondorf are recommended, and I'll write this as if you're using one of them. Jump 
into the space between the top two spikes on the mask. Perform your DOWN and B 
technique over and over. They will beat you up pretty bad, but you can almost do as 
much damage to them as they do to you this way. Just keep on doing it. Use B to get 
up to knock them around some more. Pay attention because eventually you'll get hit 
too far to get right back in. If the battle ends up over on the edge of the mask 
with you having to jump back on, Captain Falcon and Gannon have the fantastic 
ability that makes them grab people when they perform their UP and B move. So in the 
act of trying to get back on the stage, you can can sometimes get the computer in a 
little bit of a loop! This is a little harder to keep doing, though, so it might be 
better if you try to get back in the center and start doing what you did at first. 
Just keep on going with this technique and eventually you should completely KO 
someone and have the others pretty hurt. Once it's calmed down a bit, you could 
start trying to fight them like normal. In fact, you could fight the entire battle 
like normal if you wanted, but my strategy is just designed to work pretty well 
almost all the time. Don't be afraid to reset the level or restart it completely to 
try and get characters who get knocked off easier. If you're having trouble, try to 
restart it until you get Pichu and Jigglypuff or other easy to KO opponents. 
LEVEL 48: PIKACHU AND PICHU YOU: Choose (2 lives) COMPUTER: Pikachu (Undefeatable), 
Two Pichus (1 life each) Turn off your sound to do this level if you're the type who 
gets mad. If you're like me, you'll be wanting to go get a Pikachu doll so you can 
destroy it after playing this one a while. It's just so annoying to hear "PIKA 
PIKA!" shouted really happily after being defeated here. This is not a level for 
kids! It's tough! Anyways, you have to KO the Pichus to win. I am pretty sure that 
they are set not to get thrown off easy, cause I've smashed them when they were over 
120% before and they wouldn't go off the edge! Really frustrating. There's really 
not a whole lot you can do here to make it easier. Hope you get some good items, and 
go for the Pichus only! If you get KOed, use the invincibility period to get a free 
smash on them. Captain Falcon's smash FORWARD and B punch move can sometimes hit 
them all a lot without taking damage, but it's not going to KO them, so it's only 
useful to hurt them a little. Make sure to smash a direction and R if you're getting 
beat up to much to flip away. Basically, to win this battle you'll have to combine 
solid fighting skill and good item usage. Good luck! 
LEVEL 49: ALL-STAR MATCH DELUXE YOU: Choose (2 lives) COMPUTER: Dr. Mario, Falco, 
Pichu, Young Link, Roy, and Gannondorf (1 life each) NEW TRICK:  If you are having 
problems here you can try to use DK's forward throw move to pick up your opponents 
and jump in the pit with them. You can also suck them in with Kirby. And the jump in 
the pit. If you do it right you can win the fight without losing a life. But be 
warned, it is not easy to do to all of them. See what works for you, it could be a 
big help though. Ok now for my standard guide.... This is the hardest All-Star 
match, and one of the hardest events. You'll have to fight well to win this one, 
there's no getting around it. I've tried it with a number of characters and I prefer 
Roy over anyone else here. His quick B button moves and long range forward smash 
make him ideal. My advice is to get the computer into a good position where you can 
smash them over and over again. The same AI problem happens here where the computer 
will often just walk right into it! I once hit Roy with a fully powered smash! In 
the fight against Pichu, he'll jump right on you as soon as it starts giving you a 
great opportunity to smash him! Sometimes you can get him three or more times before 
he learns his lesson! Besides all that, I have no other advice other than to fight 
your best and not to waste time! Don't forget the time limit! 
LEVEL 50: YOU: Choose (1 life) COMPUTER: Two Master hands with 300 HP each!Use Yoshi 
for this battle, yes Yoshi!He's got a move that can hurt these guys 50% a shot. 
Double jump above them, and press Down+A,, this will do his kick kick and kick 
attack. Do this about 6 times, on the crazy hand(left) first for him to die, then 
fight the other, and do the same, except it'll be easier!This may take a few times 
to win.
LEVEL 51: YOU: Choose (3 lives) COMPUTER: Giga Bowser, Gannondorf, MewTwo (3 lives 
each) I am going to outline TWO strategies to win this event with. The first uses 
Jigglypuff, the second uses Princess Peach. These are the two easiest strategies to 
pull off for the average gamer, from my experience. JIGGLYPUFF METHOD:  Use 
Jigglypuff. Yes, Jigglypuff! Jiggly has a move that is really cheap which can KO any 
of these guys in 1-3 hits depending on how close they are to the edge. DOWN and B, 
AKA Rest. Rest will easily take out Bowser since he's so big, and with some luck 
will KO the others enough to give you a fighting chance. You have to be right inside 
of an opponent for it to work, and sometimes even then it won't work, but when it 
does, it wreaks havoc! Bowser is easiest to defeat this way, as I've said, but you 
may not want to just go for him. When Bowser is alive, he'll be able to hit you so 
often that you'll be able to perform Rest over and over. Remember, you don't wake up 
until you're hit or a long time passes. So one technique is to try and get a good 
start by focusing on KOing Gannon and MewTwo. Try doing this at the edge of the 
stage because it'll KO them faster and sometimes Gannon or MewTwo will jump off the 
edge accidentally as well. No matter what you do, you're going to end up killing 
Bowser first this way, barring some freak accident. I tried a lot of different 
things after Bowser was gone and the most effective one was to continue using Rest 
until you narrow it down to one opponent. You can just try to jump into the guys and 
use it, or there are two moves that might work as well. Forward and B into them and 
then use Rest, or down and A (spin) and then Rest. If they're closely surrounding 
you and beating you up, just use Rest right away and hope it works. Once you narrow 
it down to one guy, I suggest beating them in hand to hand combat. Dashing at an 
opponent and hitting A often works, and the you can follow that up with a quick 
smash. Often times you can get a fast jump kick in without being hit. You can also 
try flying around and avoiding the enemy until a good item appears. If you stay 
calm, though, it's quite possible to beat one of these guys one on one. Be patient, 
smash at just the right time, and you can do it. The smash move is the only way 
besides an item or Rest to send them off the edge, so don't expect running at them 
to knock them off. PRINCESS PEACH STRATEGY ". What you do is go to one edge of the 
level, wait for them to follow you, and double jump up, whatever it takes, and float 
over to the other side of the map. You can run away like this without taking damage 
if you practice it a lot. Just remember that if you hold jump Princess floats, and 
make sure to use the UP B jump as well (of course). Now that you can stay alive, you 
can defeat the trio by waiting for a good chance to grab some items! Items appear 
along the edges of the map, so if you always have the trio lured to one edge then 
another edge, eventually you'll be open to grab a really good item! I really think 
this is a great strategy, I can pick up the game and almost effortlessly pull this 
off and come close to winning. Maybe it'll work as well for you guys too! Hope this 
1)Target Test 
1)Mario Quick Reminder: Fireball: B Super Jump Punch: Up + B Hit the target directly 
to your right. (1) Fall off the right side and take out the two targets together 
with jump attacks. (2,3) Throw a Fireball at the target off to the lower right. (4) 
For the target in the upper right, double jump as high as you can, then aim up and 
left and hit B to Super Jump Punch to the left (so that you land back on the 
platform). (5) Once you land, toss a fireball to the left so you'll hit the target 
at end of the little tunnel (and save a second or three). (6) Hop over to the left 
side (with the blue girders). Jump all the way up to the top hole and take out the 
target. (7) Ride down and toss a Fireball in the tiny crack to hit the next target. 
(8) Another Fireball once you get lower will hit the lower left one (9). This one 
has to be the last one, since there's no coming back. Jump off the elevator, double 
jump as you start to fall, and Super Jump Punch the last target. (10) Personal Best: 
2)Donkey Kong Quick Reminder: Spinning Kong: Up + B Immediately perform a down smash 
attack. (1, 2) I prefer to start at the bottom and progress upward. Jump to the left 
and hit the target there (Air+Up+A works best. (3) Then jump up to the platform 
above it and perform the Spinning Kong so that you'll have enough air to hit the 
next one. (4) Drop onto the platform, the double jump up and hit the target above 
and to the right with an Air+Up+A. (5) Land on the middle red girder and dash to the 
right, taking out the next one with a dash attack. (6) Perform a Spinning Kong over 
to the gray plstform so you're assured to hit the up-and-down target. (7) Hit the 
target above and to the left of you. (8) Jump up to the top gray platform, then 
double jump and Spinning Kong through the target, making sure you have enough air to 
land on the top of the blue vertical girder. (9) Jump up and hit the last target. 
(10) Personal Best: 21.63s
3)Link Quick Reminder: Whirling Blade: Up + B Boomerang: Forward + B Immediately 
jump and Whirling Blade attack straight up to take out the first two. Land on the 
platform you started on. (1, 2) Walk off to the right and hit the next target with 
an Air+A (NOT an Air+Down+A, which will take a lot longer to get out of). (3) Jump 
over to the rightmost sloped platform, then jump up and Whirling Blade attack just 
as you draw level with the next target, maneuver to the left to get the target after 
it as well. (4, 5) Double Jump up and to the right. Stay close to the edge of the 
top platform so that you can just get by it. Whirling Blade attack and you'll hit 
the next target with enough air to land on the platform. (6) Jump over to the left 
and take out the next target with an Air+A attack. Land on the platform below it. 
(7) Whip out your Boomerang to the left to hit the next target. (8) Wait until the 
platform moves enough that you can hit the next target with the Boomerang. (9) Drop 
down through the platform and hit the last target. (10) Personal Best: 16.15s 
4)6. Samus Quick Reminder: Screw Attack: Up + B Straight Missile: Forward (smash) + 
B Immediately Down+A to smash the first target. (1) Fire a Straight Missile to take 
out the target off to the right. (2) Double Jump and Screw Attack up to the upper 
left platform and hit the target there. (3) Jump up to the top and Air+Up+A the 
target at the top. (4) Fall down to the center platform, then double jump to the 
right and Screw Attack the upper right target. (5) Fall all the way down to the 
lower right (moving) platform and hit the target. (6) Jump back and run and jump all 
the way to the left and hit the target there. (7) Fall off the platform and hit or 
Screw Attack the target just below you. (8) Fall onto the moving platform, then jump 
up and Screw Attack the target to the right of the last one. Land in the small 
opening (you can stand in it). (9) Fall down the middle and hit the last one. (10) 
Personal Best: 23.95s 
5)Yoshi Quick Reminder: Egg Throw: Up + B Hip Drop: Down + B Jump up and to the 
right above the first target and Hip Drop it. (1) This next part is the part that 
could slow you down the most. On the platform you're currently on, stand on the 
right half right where the flat part meets the slope. Face left. Jump as high as 
your double jump will let you, and Egg Throw. As soon as Yoshi gets ready throw the 
egg, pull the stick left so he'll throw it almost straight left with a little lift. 
You should hit the target every time. (2) Jump up and hit the target on the right. 
(3) Aim a Hip Drop so that it'll just miss to the left of the platform the target 
below you is on. If you gauge it right, you'll drop down to the bottom, taking out a 
total of two targets. If not, just fall down normally to the bottom one. (4, 5) Dash 
right and dash attack the target at the top of the hill. (6) Dash back to the left 
then jump and hit the target above the wooden bridge. (7) NOTE: You can try an Egg 
Roll for that part, but, since it's so hard to control and hits sporadically, you're 
safer with simple dashes. While still in the air (if possible) double jump above the 
C-shaped enclosure. Just as you pass the left edge of the top part of the C (it's 
pink), Hip Drop on the next target. (8) Fall off to the left and double jump up 
above the target above the cloud and Hip Drop on that target (hopefully landing on 
the cloud). (9) Double jump up towards the last target, but attack just as you draw 
level with it, so that you don't jump too far past it. (10) Personal Best: 20.15s 
6). Kirby Quick Reminder: Final Cutter: Up + B Hammer: Forward + B Stone Drop: Down 
+ B Edge to the right and hit the first target. (1) Jump over to the hole to the 
right, then Stone Drop the next two targets. (2, 3) Hop over to the left and Final 
Cutter just you get below the next target. (4) Hop over to the wooden bridge, then 
jump and float up to the target above and to the right of you. Use the Final Cutter 
to hit the target, then land on the platform to the right. (5) Float up the shaft 
above you, past the two targets (don't worry, we'll get to them in a second ^_^). 
Final Cutter to the very top and head left and take out the next target. (6) Fall 
back down the shaft. Hit the target on the left, then face right and Final Cutter. 
You'll hit the target on the right, and if you keep pushing the stick right, you'll 
drop down on another target. (7, 8, 9) NOTE: Alternatively, you could try an air 
Hammer on the two targets and drop down and hit the last one in whatever way. I find 
that both ways take about the same amount of time. Jump off the platform to the 
left, and start floating as you pass the bottom. Final Cutter the last target as you 
get below it. (10) Personal Best: 25.88s 
7)Fox Quick Reminder: Blaster: B Fire Fox: Up + B Fox Illusion: Forward + B 
Immediately face left, jump in the air, and start shooting your Blaster. If you're 
lucky, you'll hit both targets in one jump. (1, 2) Run into the wall on your right, 
double jump straight up, and Fire Fox straight up. If you're high enough, you'll hit 
the next target. (3) Drop into the pit and hit the next target however you want. (4) 
Jump onto the platform to the right, then double jump and Fire Fox up to the 
enclosure at the top right to hit the next target. (5) Drop down out of the box, 
then double jump up to the right and (this is important) Air+A the next target (the 
slow held kick). As you hit the first one, you'll drop and then hit the next one 
automatically in the same attack. Air+A a second time and you'll hit the next target 
below that one. Nice three-bagger. (6, 7, 8) Turn left and Fox Illusion left past 
the fire boxes (which hurt, of course) to the next platform. Now, move yourself so 
that you're on the right side of this platform, then Fox Illusion to the left again. 
If you stood in the correct spot when you started this, you'll land safely on the 
next platform. Jump up and hit the next target. (9) As soon as you land, start 
shooting your Blaster to the left and you'll hit the last moving target. (10) 
Personal Best: 17.00s 
8)Pikachu Quick Reminder: B: Thunder Jolt Up + B: Quick Attack Down + B: Thunder 
Walk to the left a step or two, then use a Quick Attack. Go up first and right as 
you finish the first one and you'll hit both targets. (1, 2) Head over to the right 
and use Thunder as you pass under the next target (there's a platform between you, 
but the Thunder will hit it). (3) Jump up and to the right so that your Pika-bum's 
against the wall behind you and fire a Thunder Jolt so that the little ball will hit 
the target (the snaking jolt won't reach out far enough to hit it). (4) Jump up to 
the platform above you, then double jump up further and Air+Up+A the next target. 
(5) Jump left and keep going until you hit the next thin platform. Jump up a little, 
then shoot a Quick Attack up and then to the left to get the next two targets. (6, 
7) This next part I'm still working on. There's no easy way to get the highest one 
(the one in the backwards C). You just have to jump up to it. The two below can be 
taken out easily with Thunder Jolts. (8, 9, 10) Personal Best: 20.99s 
9)Captain Falcon Quick Reminder: Falcon Dive (third jump): Up + B Raptor Boost: 
Forward + B Jump up and hit Air+A the target above you, landing on the platform. (1) 
Jump up on the moving platform, then further to the top and hit the target up there. 
(2) Drop down and hit the target below you. (3) Drop down to the floor and hit the 
bouncing target, then the one to its left. (4, 5) Jump up to the green platform on 
the left and hit the target there. (6) Hop into the little elevator, punch the 
target inside, then punch the one to the right near the bottom as you ride it. (7, 
8) Hop out of the elevator and onto the very top of the left wall. Jump off and hit 
the target, veering inward to land on the lower platform. (9) Quickly face left, hop 
into the air, and Raptor Boost the last target. (10) Personal Best: 27.35s 
10)Ness Quick Reminder: PK Thunder: Up + B NOTE: Remember that you can steer a PK 
Thunder and steer it into yourself to do a Thunder Jump. Immediately PK Thunder the 
target above you, then the two targets off to your right without moving. (1, 2, 3) 
Jump over to the platform to your left so that you end up above and to the right of 
the target below you. PK Thunder and curve it around to hit that target, then PK 
Thunder the two targets off to the left. (4, 5, 6) Thunder Jump up to the moving 
platform. PK Thunder up to hit the next target. (7) Double Jump (Thunder isn't 
necessary) up to the upper right. Drop down the middle hole. Use your Bat (Smash 
Forward + A) on the target through the wall to your right. PK Thunder up and right 
to the upper right target and jump to the left to hit the last one. (8, 9, 10) 
Personal Best: 33.48s 
11)Bowser:Jump up and to the right to hit the first target. (1) Now, hit the target 
to your left. (2) Jump up and hit the target further to the left. (3) Drop down to 
the left of the flipper and Fire Breath past it to hit the next target. (4) Drop 
down further to the left. Dash attack the next target. (5) Drop down to the lower 
platform and hit the next target. (6) Jump over to the right and hit the next 
platform. (7) Jump up the steps and over the pillar to hit the next target in the 
air. (8) Go down to the platform beneath you and hit the target there(9). Drop below 
to the wall at your right at the spin attack should do it.(10)Personal Best: 24.34
12)Peach:Jump up to the platform above you and hit the target. (1) Jump over to the 
left and steer yourself around and hit the target on the far left. (2) Float over to 
the moving platform, then double jump up to the target in the upper-right corner of 
this enclosure. (3) Double Jump and Parasol up to the beginning platform, hitting 
the target that was sitting next to you at the beginning.(4)Go to the big enclosure 
and hit the target to your right.(5)Double Jump and Parasol up to hit the target, 
making sure your Parasol carries you over the pillar to the other side. (6) Double 
jump up and hit the next target in the upper right. (7) Drop down to the bottom 
(edge left a bit) and take out the two targets in the area with the pits with 
Vegetables. (8, 9) For the final, jump off to the right(10)Personal Best:23.42 secs
13)Ice Climbers:You will only have Popo in this one, and its built almost like the 
levels in the Ice Cilmbers game itself!!Double Jump over to the green platform with 
the target. Land on it, and use a Forward+A attack so you don't break the platform. 
(1) Jump back over to middle green platform, then double jump up to the left orange 
platform and Forward+A that one. (2) Jump up to the upper right blue platform and 
take out the target there with a Forward+A attack. (3) Jump onto the clouds above 
you, and ride to your next target(4).Next, hop to the platform on the left with the 
wall in the middle. Hop up and tag the target above you with an Air+Up+A attack, and 
fall on the left side of the wall, so you can bag the next target. (5, 6) Double 
jump back to the other side, then to the far right to hit the target up there. (7) 
Jump up to the next layer of moving clouds, then the smallest ones so you can hit 
the next target (8). Jump up and get the next one.(9)Now for that dinasour bird!Wait 
for it to come to you then jump and break it. Personal Best:34 sec
14)Zelda/Sheik:Immediately transform into Sheik. Punch the first target in front of 
you. (1) Hold B for a split second to thrown a needle at the second target. (2) Jump 
down to the right and hit the target as you land (3). Jump to the opposite side of 
the enclosure and hit the target on the platform near your starting point. (4) Drop 
down to the edge, face the two targets, and use your Chain. Whip it around (back and 
forth) to hit the two targets here. (5, 6) Jump over the pillars to the left, onto 
the platform. Drop down through it, kick it with an Air+A attack, then double jump 
and Vanish so that you can make it back onto the platform. (7) Leap over to the 
middle platform, then double jump up and Vanish so that you end up in the middle of 
the Triforces. You should have taken the lower target out with the Vanish, and you 
can punch the other one right there. If you missed the first one, just drop down and 
hit it. (8, 9) Jump over to the right side and kick the last target. (10) Personal 
Best: 26.12
15)Jigglypuff :Hit the two targets to either side of you with normal attacks. (1, 2) 
Dash and leap for the hole between the two firewalls and Pound through, hopefully 
hitting the target on the other side. (3) Pound past the next firewall, then jump up 
to the upper left and hit the target in the corner. (4) Drop down to the bridge and 
make your way past the pushing blocks, hitting the two targets on the way. (5, 6) 
Drop down to the final platform to the right of the four targets. Dash and jump off 
the platform and hit the first target, then take one midair hop and hit the next 
target, then two hops to hit the next one, then the last two hops on the last 
target. (7, 8, 9, 10) Personal Best:14.23secs
This one is like in one room, making it extremely easy and fast to do. Just hit 
everyone that comes, by!!Personal Best:9.59 sec
17)Marth:I never liked this one, but here goes nothing:Immediately dash to the left 
and hop on the platform. Duck right away until you pass under the flipper, then jump 
up and hit the first target. (1) Jump off to the left. Hopefully, the moving 
platform above you will be down. Get near the target and Dolphin Slash up to the 
platform, taking out the target on the way. (2) Ride the platform up and jump to the 
top of the area. You can take out the two targets up here with one Dolphin Slash if 
you aim just right. Good luck there. (3, 4) Take out the target nearby here and drop 
down to the floor above and to the left of your starting point. (5) Take out the 
target which should be above and to the left of you. (6) To get the target at the 
top of the long shaft, jump at the wall next to it and Dolphin Slash up to take it 
out, and land on the upper platform. (7) Leap over the top right corner and take out 
the target up here. (8) Fall off the right side of this area. While you're falling, 
take out the target in the enclosure to your left by slashing through the wall. 
Still falling, take out the very last target in the lower right. (9, 10) Personal 
Best:30.12 secs
18)Mewtwo:Jump and Teleport up to the enclosure in the upper left to hit the first 
target, then use a Forward+A to hit the target on the other side of the wall. (1, 2) 
Leap up and over and start hitting the two remaining stationary targets, and the two 
that are bouncing around in the force field boxes. (3, 4, 5, 6) Drop below the main 
starting platform. Hit the two targets that sink in and out of the platform (you can 
hit them while they're still in the platform with a Down Smash+A), and the one in 
the middle and above. (7, 8, 9) Drop down and hit the lowest target. (10) Personal 
Best: 15.01secs
19)Mr. Game and Watch:This is almost exactly like Luigi, just hit them all!Real 
easy.Personal Best:9.34secs
20)Dr. Mario:Jump up on the blue 8, then dash and jump to the upper right. Perform a 
Super Jump Punch at the top of your jump and you can take out two targets, one 
behind a wall. (1, 2) As you land on the red C below you, stand in the middle and 
toss a Vitamin to the left and you'll get the low target. (3) For the target below 
you, you can either hop down in the C, or toss a Vitamin down from the right. Your 
choice. (4) Jump to the moving platform that's second from the bottom while it's on 
the right side of the blue girder pillar. Drop down and Super Jump Punch onto it as 
it's on the left side, hopefully taking out the target there. (5) Face left and let 
the platform push you against the wall. When you're there, toss a Vitamin down to 
the target below. (6) Drop down and jump back onto the platform on the right side, 
then take out the target here as you continue to jump up to the top. (7) Jump to the 
top of the blue pillar, then onto the platfrom as it goes left. Jump to the left of 
the target in the upper left corner, then Super Jump Punch up to the right so that 
you can land back on the platform. (8) Make your way across the big red girder to 
the upper right corner and Super Jump Punch that target from the far right moving 
platform, maneuvering back to the left so that you can land on it. (9) Finally, drop 
down through the platform and hit the last target. (10) Personal Best: 38.45secs
21)Falco:Immediately jump up and shoot your Laser to the right rapidly. The target 
you want to get is the one in the upper right, because it warps around the area 
quickly, but it's also nice if you take out others on the way down. (1) Okay, now 
that that's one gone, take out the other four targets in the immediate area (the one 
going around the platform you're one, the one going around the fire block on the 
right, the stationary one above you, and the one moving in and out of the wall to 
your left). (2, 3, 4, 5) Now, head for the bottom right area. Once you're under 
the "move- through" platform, Lift Off up into it to get one (possibly two) targets. 
Kick the ones you don't get (through the wall, if necessary). (6, 7) Jump out and 
head back to the starting platform. Drop down and use the Falco Dash to get through 
the hole with the fire blocks (it's tough). You'll take out the middle target when 
you do. (8) Take out the target by your feet. (9) Now, jump up and hug the wall to 
your left. Double jump and Lift Off straight up and you should hit the last target. 
(10) Personal Best:23.19secs
22)Ganondorf:Another open ended one like Luigi, and Mr. Game and Watch, but this is 
a bit harder.Just hit all the targets, and don't triple jump, enough said.Personal 
23)Pichu:This is hard since the tiny platforms can be hard to land on, but yet 
again, Pichu is the smallest character.Face left and throw an Electric Shock to hit 
the first target as the pendulum swings towards it. (1) Hop over to the lower left 
platform and quickly hit the target and jump off to the upper left platform before 
the one you're on sinks. (2) Hit the target on this platform. (3) Jump up and use an 
Electric Shock on the up and down target. (4) Double jump onto the top of one of the 
three diagonal platforms. Use a couple of Electric Shocks to take out the target 
moving between them, and the one rotating around the fulcrum of the pendulum. (5, 6) 
Hop back down to the pendulum. As it swings right, use an Electric Shock to hit the 
target nearby. (7) Leap onto the falling platforms in this area. Hop back and forth 
as you slowly gain height (Agility would be too risky here). Take out the three 
targets as you keep moving up.8, 9, 10) Personal Best:21.32 secs.
24)Roy:I hate this one!Its no fun and it sucks!!Jump up and hit the first target. 
(1) Jump off the platform to your right and fall past the nearest box with a target 
inside and use a Blazer to hit it. (2) Use a simple Forward+A to hit the two targets 
(one in the other box) nearby. (3, 4) Jump up towards the lowest of the three top 
platforms above you. Using the Blazer as the last hit will get the target. (5) Jump 
up and hit the target above the left platform. (6) Jump and hit the closest target 
to the left of you. Now, fall and time your double jump so that you jump between the 
two flippers. You'll pass the leftmost platform as you fall, but you can just get 
right back on it with a Blazer, hopefully taking out both targets here. (7, 8, 9) 
Now, just jump up towards the last target and hit it with a Blazer. (10) Personal 
Best:16.32 secs
25)Young Link: I saved the worst for last. This is a toughie. You need to know how 
to wall jump, use the boomerang effectively.Double jump and Whirling Blade up to hit 
the first target. (1) Now, wall jump up the shaft you're in to reach the top. Pull 
out a Bomb and use Down + B again while in the air to toss it at the nearby target 
on the left. (2) Now, the farther target on the left is tough. Face to the right and 
throw your Boomerang. As it bounces back, jump over it at the last second, and it'll 
curl up and hit the target. (3) Jump over the block on the right to the two targets 
on the other side. Take them out. (4, 5) By now, your Boomerang should be gone (and 
magically back in your pocket). Jump up and throw it to the right. As you land, 
it'll curl down above you and hit the target in the box. (6) Now, hit the target in 
the upper right using the Boomerang, Bomb, whatever. (7) The best way to take out 
the one right below it is to climb in there and whack it yourself. You could try the 
Boomerang, etc, but you'll only end up frustrated, believe me. (8) Now, hop down 
onto the right one of the two chevron-shaped platforms below you. Stand in the 
middle of it, face right, and pull back a Fire Arrow all the way. Once you let it 
go, it'll carry through and hit the target in there. (9) Finally, drop down between 
the two chevrons and hit the last target(10)Personal Best:50.21secs.
2)Multi-Man Melee
10 Man Melee-Simple and easy, just smash 10 of these wire frame guys and gals.  Can 
be done easily with any character.
100 Man Melee- Tougher but still pretty easy to accomplish. I suggest not to waste 
your time trying to do this with characters other than DK, since his ground pound 
will kill these guys. You might take a beating while doing this so be careful. This 
may take a few times.
3 minute man melee-Just survive for 3 minutes. Here's an easy trick that can be done 
with any character, preferably Pichu:Kill all the male players (the bigger or fatter 
ones), not the female, kill 11 male ones, one female too, and you should have 4 
females, instead of 5 total. Now just stay at one side of the level and stay put 
unless they come after you, then run to the other side. Pichu is good for this since 
its very small and can escape enemies fast. However, any other character should work 
for this, except Bowser. If this strategy fails, you can always do DK's ground pound!
15 minute man melee-This is tough, follow the strategy above(3 minute melee) to win. 
DK's ground pound is tough to perform here, because it takes 15 minutes, and you 
might die after 8 minutes or so. Just use Pichu, trust me on this one. Shiek is good 
and so is Fox.
Endless Melee-This is endless, do this if you want to see how long you can stay 
alive, and how many of those guys you can kill before dying.
Cruel Melee-This is hard. I never killed even one of these guys. There handicap is 
too strong! Email me with suggestions.
3)Home Run Contest
I am going to outline the easiest ways to hit the bag really far, with the best 
characters to do it with:
The easiest way is to pick Roy. Don't even bother picking up the bat. As soon as the 
timer starts, attack Mr. Sandbag with a Smash Attack (up A). As Mr. Sandbag hovers 
in the air, charge up another Smash Attack (up A) and release it before he hits the 
ground. Repeat once more, for a total of three times. Mr. Sandbag's damage should 
now be over 50%. As Mr. Sandbag is dropping after the third time, charge B to its 
absolute fullest (it's OK if Mr. Sandbag lands now) and wait for it to automatically 
release. Try it a few times, you'll get it. 
Now for the other way, use Yoshi! At the start grab the bat, and hit the sand bag, 
then use the kick kick kick move(down+A) until the timer hits one, them smash it 
with the bat!This is the easiest way to hit the bat far!
III.Trophies And Other Secrets
No..I am not going to outline every single trophy and tell you how to get it, that 
will take too long. Instead here's how to get the lot of them:
1)Complete Classic, Adventure, and All Star Modes with every character to get 3 
different trophies per character, making you get a total of 75 trophies. Get around 
another 100 in the lottery. Now for the rest. If you have a memory card with Pikmin 
in it, turn on the game and you will get the Pikmin trophy automatically. In my 
opinion this is stupid, since if you don't have Pikmin, you can't get the trophy. 
Beat all the event matches, and multi man melee. and the home run contest. Do all 
the target tests, with a total time under 5 min. Do a ton of vs. matches, and the 
rest should come by doing other weird tasks, or they will come randomly!
2)Unlock every character:
Jigglypuff:Beat Classic Mode with any character, on any difficulty.
Marth: Beat classic mode with every character(original 14) to get Prince Marth.
Roy: Beat Classic Or Adventure Mode on any difficulty with Marth, without using a 
Pichu: Beat Event Match 37, to get to Event Match 37, unlock Jigglypuff, Marth, Roy, 
Young Link, Falco,Dr.Mario, Luigi and if that didn't work try unlocking a few more.
Falco:Beat the 100 man melee with any character. Look in the Multi-Man Melee section 
for more.
Dr. Mario: Beat Classic Mode with Mario on any difficulty without using a single 
continue and he's yours!
Luigi:Go to adventure mode, do it on any difficulty with any character, and do this 
first level Mushroom Kingdom. Beat the level with a 2 in the seconds place(ex:3:42, 
2:22) and a short clip will appear with Luigi jumping on Mario's head. Now you will 
fight Peach and Luigi instead of Mario and Peach. You need to beat them both in 30 
sec or less!Look in the adventure mode section for more. Then beat the rest of 
adventure mode without using a single continue, and then you will have Luigi!
Mewtwo:Now i thought unlocking this guy was pretty stupid. You need to have a 
complete play time in vs. mode of 20 hours. Now to do this, go to vs mode. Do a 
melee match, stock, 10 lives, Hyrule Temple, and if you have 1 controller, have one 
CPU at level 1, and keep the game on for 6 hours, then turn it off. Wait another 1 
hour, then do the same, until you have a total of 20 hours. If you have 2 
controllers, don't put any CPU, and put a 1 on 1 battle. Keep your machine on for 10 
hours. If you have 3 controllers, 6 hours and 40 minutes, 4 controllers: 5 hours. 
This will not harm your machine, but do this at your own risk. Another way is to do 
700 vs matches.
Gannondorf: To unlock Gannon, beat event 29, triforce gathering, then he will 
challenge you, win and you get Gannon. To beat event 29 look in the event match 
section. To get to event 29 you'll need to be 20 events, or 21.
Young Link:Beat Classic Mode with 10 different characters, and he's yours.
Mr. Game and Watch:Beat every target test, with every other character, except 
Mr.Game and Watch of course. For more check the target test section.
To open up event matches 11-20:Beat event matches 1-10, to get 21-30 beat event 
matches 11-20. To get 31-39, unlock most of the characters(i'm not sure specific, 
but just unlock them all), and 40-50, unlock every character. For event 51, beat 
events 40-50.
To unlock all the stages:
Brinstar Depths: Do a 50 vs matches
Eagleland: Do 100 vs matches
Big Blue:Do 150 vs matches
Poke Floats:DO 200 vs matches
Mushrooms Kingdom II:Get the Birdo trophy through the lottery, and this stage will 
be yours
Flat Zone: Beat Classic Mode with Mr. Game and Watch on any difficulty without using 
a continue.
Battlefield: Unlock every character.
Past Stage: Dream Land:Complete every target test, with all 25 characters.
Final Destination: Beat event match 51.
Past Stage:Congo Jungle: Beat the 15 minute man melee.
Past Stage:Yoshi's Island:Knock the sand bag 1400 feet+ in the home run contest, to 
get this blast from the past!
IV.Legal Stuff and Credits
This guide is not to be reproduced or copied in anyway. This guide is made a 100% by 
me Tareq Musleh. You cannot copy any part of this guide, without express permission 
from Tareq Musleh. Currently this guide is on www.cheatcodes.com.
Special Thanks To:
Nicole Thornsberry
Steve Greeko
Patrick Sanith
Samantha Sletten
Allison Sash
Bryan Mcdonald
Rebecca Thwan
Tiffany Hinis
Reese Cooper
If you have any questions or comments about this guide email me at 
[email protected]







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