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Before we start, just know that these are my opinions and I'm sorry if you're 
offended by my opinions.

Table of Contents

1. Weapons
1.1- M90 Shotgun
1.2- M 19 SSM Rocket Launcher
1.3- M6D Pistol
1.4- S2 AM Sniper Rifle
1.5- MA5B Assault Rifle
1.6- M9 HE-DP (Frag) Grenade
1.7- M41 LAAG
1.8- Needler
1.9- Plasma Rifle
1.10- Plasma Pistol
1.11- Plasma Grenade
1.12- Stationary Gun(Shade)

2. Vehicles
2.1- M 12 LRV(Warthog)
2.2- M808B Scorpion MBT
2.3- Ghost
2.4- Banshee
2.5- Wraith
2.6- Covenant Dropship
2.7- Pelican

3. Enemies
3.1- Grunts
3.2- Orange Grunts
3.3- Red Grunts
3.4- Black Grunts
3.5- Silver Grunts
3.6- Jackals
3.7- Blue Shield Jackals
3.8- Orange Shielded Jackals
3.9- Elites
3.10- Blue Elites
3.11- Red Elites
3.12- Invisible Elites
3.13- Black Elites
3.14- Gold Elites
3.15- Hunters
3.16- Flood Infection Form
3.17- Flood Combat Form
3.18- Flood Carrier Form
3.19- Invisible Flood
3.20- Sentenals
3.21- Shielded Sentenals

4. Other Stuff
4.1- Contact
4.2- Legal Mumbo Jumbo
4.3- Melee Attacks
4.4- Marines

1.Weapons: If Halo had no weapons or weapon selection, it would obviously be a 
disaster. Thankfully the weapon choice is perfect and the weapons keep your heart 
racing as you shoot your opponents, get shot at, and learn what weapon does what.

1.1-M90 Shotgun:Probebly the best weapon ever against the Flood and Elites. This 
weapon may not have a good reload time at all, but strafing while reloading is 
always my choice, unless you are not under heavy fire. Be warned that you won't get 
much ammo, so conserve it well. Good for Hunters(in the orange section of back), 
Elites, Carrier Flood, and Combat Flood. Bad against anyone small. Use melee attacks 
against smaller enemies. Rating:9.25 Appears in levels 6-10
1.2-M 19 SSM Rocket Launcher:Strongest handheld weapon ever. It takes down anything 
in one shot(except Wraith) no matter what. The scope feature, which is on the pistol 
and sniper rifle, makes the RL a great weapon. It has only two shots per round and 
is extremely hard to find. It is good for packs of Grunts, Hunters, Flood Combat 
form, and vehicles (including the Wraith). Rating 7.5 Appears in levels4,5,7,8, and 
10. I don't know about level 9 having one.
1.3-M6D Pistol:This gun is one of the best you'll find in Halo. At first it seems to 
have bad range, but then you'll be better with it and never want to leave it 
behind.It is good for Hunters (in the orange section of back), Grunts, Jackals, and 
sometimes Elites. It is bad against Flood Infection forms and Banshees. Rating:8.75 
Appears in levels 1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9, and 10. I don't think it is available in level 3, 
but I haven't checked that.
1.4-S2 AM Sniper Rifle: NEVER USE AGAINST FLOOD!!!!!!!! It passes through them and 
has no affect whatsoever. This weapon is an all around good weapon capable of scope 
and night vision. This weapon is tremendous at long range, but thruthfully couldn't 
be worse at short range. Good for long range Grunts, Jackals, and Elites. Bad for 
Flood, sentenals, and Hunters. Rating:6.75 Appear in levels 2,3,5,8, and 9.
1.5-MA5B Assault Rifle:This is, to my opinion, the WORST weapon in the game that is 
Halo. The aim is terrible, it is weak, and takes too many shots to kill Covenant. It 
is a good weapon for Flood Infection forms and Grunts. Although it doesn't do good 
for anything else. Rating:2.5 Appears in every level, but is best used in levels 6-
1.6-M9 HE-DP(Frag) Grenade:If you're stuck on the part of the Silent Cartographer 
level where you have to kill the Gold Elite with a sword, just use one of these 
babies. Throw it off the wall and watch it ricochet to right where he's standing. 
Just don't get too close or let him see you. Since these are dark grenades, they are 
barely seeable and have a wide explosion range. Good for Jackals, packs of Grunts, 
and Flood. Bad against Elites (because they jump out of the way), Sentenals, 
Banshees, and Hunters. Rating:8.75 Appears in all levels.
1.7-M41 LAAG: This is the main gun of the Warthog. A mix of the pisol, assault 
rifle, this is a great gun with unlimited ammo. It fires 450 to 550 shots per 
minute. Only it is unaccurate at a long range. Good for Grunts, Jackals, Elites, and 
Flood. Bad for Wraiths and long distance enemies. Rating:9 Appears in levels 
2,4,5,8, and 10.

1.8-Needler: This is one of the two funny weapons that the Covenant can use. If an 
enemy has low health and you fire a lot of bullets at him, he'll explode into the 
air. The homing in feature improves the gun in accuracy. It has a good reload time, 
also. Good for Grunts, Sentenals, and Elites. Bad for Hunters, Flood, and Jackals. 
Rating:9.5 Appears in all levels.
1.9-Plasma rifle: This is similar to the Plasma Pistol, except it is capable of 
automatic fire and it will overheat if you shoot too much. The Plasma Pistol has a 
charged shot feature. This weapon uses battery instead of ammo. Good weapon for 
Flood, Jackals, Grunts, Elites, and Sentenals. Bad for Hunters. Rating 9.25 Appears 
in all levels.
1.10-Plasma Pistol: Another great Covenant weapon helpful to many situations. The 
charged fire feature, to my opinion, doesn't beat the continuous fire of its 
counterpart. It also uses battery instead of ammo. Charged shots are useful against 
the Sentenals. Good for Sentenals, Jackals, Grunts, Elites, and Combat Flood. Bad 
for Hunters and Flood Infection form. Rating:8.75 Appears in all levels.
1.11-Plasma Grenade: If you like Needlers, you will LOVE plasma grenades. Having a 
sticky quality, you can throw it on a soldier and it will stay on them. Throwing one 
of these on a Grunt makes him either roll around on the ground or run over to his 
friends for help. The only bad part is that it sticks out like a soar thumb. Good 
for giving you entertainment:-),Grunts, Jackals, healthy Elites(not about to charge 
at you), Combat Flood,and Sentenals(if you have good aim). Bad for Hunters, charging 
Elites, Carrier Flood, and Infection Flood. Rating:9.75 Appears in all levels except 
1(unless you explore).
1.12-Stationary Gun(Shade): A powerful plasma machine capable of unlimited fire. It 
is vulnerable to enemy fire from behind and to the sides, so get protection or be 
aware of the Covenant/Flood movement. Good for Grunts, Jackals, Elites, all Flood, 
and Sentenals. Bad for Wraiths, vehicles, and Hunters. Rating:9.25 Appears in levels 
3,5,6,8, and 9.

2.Vehicles: To cover ground faster and with better firepower, you need vehicles. Or 
you can use them to fly unreachable places.

2.1-M 12 LRV (Warthog): A fast vehicles capable of carrying a driver(no weapon), a 
passenger(weapon of choice), and a gunner(M41 LAAG). Good for Grunts, Jackals, 
Elites, and Flood. It is bad for killing Hunters and Wraiths. Rating:7.75 Appears in 
levels 2,4,5,8, and 10.
2.2-M808B Scorpion MBT:The MBT, or Main Battle Tank, is the strongest vehicle in the 
game. The cannon is 10 times stronger than the Rocket Launcher. With up to four 
passengers and one driver, this is an unstoppable force. The passengers have a 
weapon of choice and the driver has a cannon and a machine gun.The only bad thing 
about this is that it is as slow as a turtle. Good for Wraiths, Hunters, Grunts, 
Jackals, and Elites. Bad against side attacks.Rating:9.5 Appears in level 5.

2.3-Ghost: This vehicle is great for covering lots of ground quickly. It's main 
weapon is a paralyzing gun shooting, yep, plasma. The Ghost hovers three feet above 
the ground. Good for Grunts, Hunters, Wraiths, Jackals, Elites, and Flood. Bad for 
killing Banshees. Rating:8.5 Appears in levels 5 and 8.
2.4-Banshee: Nothing is better than the Banshee. Period. With this vehicle, you'll 
be able to fly and expierence the most fun in vehicles this game has to offer.You 
can use the dreaded Fuel Rod gun of Hunters(left trigger) and the paralyzing gun of 
the Ghost(right trigger). This is an extremely fast vehicle and it is fun when you 
have Banshee chases. Good for any situation. Bad for nothing. Rating:10 Appears 
in levels 2,5,8,9, and 10. Note: You only get to actually ride it in 5(if you're 
fast) and 8.
2.5-Wraith: If you don't know what a Wraith is I'd like to refresh your memory. The 
Wraith is a Covenant tank that shoot giant plasma balls at you with a very high arc 
and try to kill you. if you are smart, you will realize that it shoots high arc, so 
you must hide UNDER something, not behind it. The Wraiths can easily take out your 
shield and some of your health. Good against people without a vehicle. Bad against a 
Scorpion tank or Rocket launcher. Rating:8.75 Appears in levels 5 and 8.
2.6- Covenant Dropship: The ship of doom really gets Halo players angry. Just when 
you feels it's safe to say you are the best with the Covenant, you see a purple 
dropship of death dropping off several Covenants. Master Chief cannot pilot one of 
these, but Captain Keyes can pilot it. Good for quick placement in the battlefield. 
Bad because you can easily snipe the enemies without them using defense. Rating:6.5 
Appears in levels 2,3,4,5, and 6(crashed down in 6).
2.7- Pelican: The Pelican is a fast vehicle that does have weapons, but they are 
enver fired because the pilots have to conserve ammo. It has a Chaingun and a Rocket 
Launcher, I think. You will not be able to pilot them, but they will allow you to be 
a passenger in them. Rating:5.75 Appears in levels 2,3,4,5, and 6.  

3.Enemies: Admit it, enemies can sometimes scare you if they attack you in waves or 
from behind. We all hate them, but enemies are what makes Halo, well, Halo.

3.1-Grunts: Rating:1.25  Sightings: Levels 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9, and 10
Description: You'll get enjoyment out of kicking Grunts butts and watching them yell 
stupid stuff. They don't even know what to do in war, they are scared of anything 
you do, and they are stupid enough to run to their friends when nailed by a plasma 
grenade. I'd like to tell you that if you go into a room with grunts that aren't 
moving, don't shoot at them. Instead, just melee them because they are asleep and 
will wake up if they hear fire.
3.2-Orange Grunt:You're easiest kills, and they rarely throw grenades.They are seen 
using needlers and plasma pistols. basically, they shouldn't scare you, just make 
you laugh. They are so cowardly, it's extremely funny.
3.3-Red Grunts:These are the tougher opponents, but are still easy kills. They use 
the same weapons as orange grunts but are better with grenades. Another type that 
makes you laugh and does fall asleep in some levels, so use that as an advantage.
3.4-Black Grunts:The top class of Grunts. Although they go down easily, they are 
great at throwing grenades. They often have Fuel Rod guns, so watch out. By the way, 
keep a good distance from them after they die because after 3 seconds, the guns 
explode with the same force of a grenade.
3.5-Silver Grunts- The Silver Grunt is only found in the Maw, and he is also known 
as the Food Nipple Grunt. Get the Warthog and drive past where Echo419 crashed to 
where you have about 914 meters left. Get out of the Warthog and go through the 
nearest path on the right, then the next path on the right. He says "Good thing the 
food nipple's waiting for me at the Starship because man I've worked up a great 
Grunty thirst!" He never shoots at you and only talks.

3.6-Jackals: Rating:5.5  Sightings:Levels 2,3,4,5,6,8,9, and 10. Description: So it 
can't get worse than the Grunts or else this game is dumb, right? Well, it doesn't, 
thank god. Jackals carry shields ande are actually pretty easy to kill. They do not 
try to dodge grenades often and their shields will die if you shoot it with a plasma 
rifle or plasma pistol. The Jackals are never seen without a Plasma pistol, so they 
do use the charge feature, unlike the Grunts.
3.7-Blue Shield Jackals:This type is seen more often than the Orange Shielded, but 
that's a good thing. You will see them carrying the Plasma Pistol and using the 
charged feature sometimes. They will rarely throw grenades and if they do, watch out!
3.8-Orange Shield Jackals:These Jackals are harder to kill, and that is because they 
are smarter, they don't roll on the ground as much to give you a clean shot, they 
use the charged feature more often, and they are not afraid to get their shield in 
front of other Covenant to block there buddies. Once again, they will not throw too 
many grenades if they throw any.

3.9-Elites: Rating:9.25  Sightings: Levels 1,2,3,4,5,8,9, and 10.  Description: The 
warrior you will learn to fear in the Covenant. The Elites have good weapons and 
know how to use them. They are never afraid to melee you, especially with plasma 
swords. There are many types of Elites. Although there are many types of them, they 
are all incredibly strong and worthy of your fear.
3.10-Blue Elites:This is a very tough opponent, but they go down with covenant 
weapons easier than anything. The only weapons that don't hurt them too bad are the 
Pistol, Assault Rifle, and Fragmentation Grenades. They will pretty much only use 
the Plasma Rifle. Usually, the Plasma Rifle will take them down the easiest. Another 
great weapon against them is the Shotgun.
3.11-Red Elites:Carries a needler sometimes, but will usually be seen with a plasma 
rifle. Tends to use grenades more often than Blue Elites and shoots more shots at a 
time with the needler. These Elites love to hide from you, so try to use that as an 
3.12-Invisible Elite:A tricky foe, yet easy to handle if you know what to do. Wait 
for them to shoot at you and shoot to where the shot came from. Also look for 
a background of the room that is blurry. Some carry plasma swords, but the swords 
are visible so they are easier to take down. The best strategy is to use an Assault 
Rifle and fire randomly. They will move into vision and shoot at you. Kill them and 
you will not have to fear them for a while.
3.13-Black Elites:Have a love for throwing grenades at long distances and are 
accurate. Hard to kill and good at shooting with plasma rifle. they are very hard to 
kill because they tend to strafe more often than all of the other Elites combined. 
That will make them a tough opponent. They also take cover a lot, so just sneak up 
and nail them with Shotgun. They have appeared in level 9 and 10, but that is a good 
3.14-Golden Elites:The best Elite in the game. Too bad, because they start appearing 
at the 3rd level. These Elites carry the deadly Plasma sword often. They lunge at 
you and take swipes that will make a one hit kill. You will fear them in later 
levels. They are possibly the strongest members of the Covenant you will fear. They 
could even be the strongest opponent in the game.

3.15-Hunters: Rating:7.25  Sightings:3,4,5,8,9, and 10.  Description: These boys 
come in one form and all use the Fuel Rod gun that is planted into their armor. They 
are incredibly strong and are impossible to kill from the front unless you have a 
Rocket Launcher. The armor is made of an unknown alloy, which is a type of 
industructable metal.Basically, they don't have a Fuel Rod Gun that will explode. 
Hit them with a pistol in the back or with the Shotgun. You really won't fear them 
if you have a Pistol.

3.16-Flood Infection Form: Rating:2.25  Sightings: Levels 6-10  Description: The 
easiest kill of all Flood. They will be a one hit kill with anything, but the best 
weapon is the Assault Rifle. Do not use the Shotgun on them because the Shotgun 
doesn't have alot of ammo and it is useful against other Flood. They usually come in 
swarms of over 50. 
3.17-Flood Combat Form: Rating:8.5  Sightings:Levels 6-10  Description:Get the 
Shotgun out! These dudes carry weapons in their right hand and use their left hand 
for melees. They use whatever weapons they can get their former human/elite hands 
on. They will be on your mind during level 8 because they use Rocket Launchers. You 
will worry about them in most levels because they are sneaky and go behind you and 
attack you just when you think you've beat them all.
3.18-Flood Carrier Form: Rating:6.5  Sightings:Levels 7-10  Description:The walking 
GRENADE. If you stay away from them, you won't feel the blast from the explosion. 
They don't carry weapons, but they burst into 4-5 Flood Infection forms.
3.19-Invisible Flood(Combat Form): Rating:9.5  Sightings:Level 10  Description: Only 
found in the Armory room, these are similar to the Invisible Elites, only they're 
tougher and know how to sneak up on you. Watch out for them, because when you run 
out of grenades or rockets, you'll have to face them.

3.20-Sentenals: Rating:8.25  Sightings:Levels 6-7 as ally. 8 and 10 as enemies.  
Description: Some are shielded, some aren't. They are companions to the monitor who 
will destroy the Flood at any cost. They have heat rays, which are only affective 
when used together. They will not appear as an enemy for a while, but that is a good 
thing. Also, watch out for them in level 10 during the Engineering Room part because 
there are about 20 shooting at you at a time.
3.21-Shielded Sentenals: Rating:9.0  Sightings:Levels 8 and 10  Description: The 
shielded Sentenals are basically a Sentenal that takes 2 charged Plasma Pistol shots 
to take down instead of 1. They are stronger than your average Sentenal, but appear 
less often.
4.Other Stuff: Very random of a section here. These things have nothing to do with 
each other, but they could be important. there are 4 things put here, including the 
Marines and Contact. 
4.1- Contact: In order to contact me about this guide, Email me: [email protected] or 
IM me: Tmac6700 and I will read your comment. But please, no hate mail! It really 
annoys me when I get it.
4.2- Legal Mumbo Jumbo: This guide may not be copied and sold to people because 
that's a stupid way to go to jail. But since there are some people in the world that 
would do stupid things like that... Also, any website may contact me asking to post 
this guide on their website. I need to give you my permission and get FULL credit 
for this guide. Email me and I will respond A.S.A.P.
4.3- Melee Attacks: The melee attack is a simple way to kill enemies. Can't seem to 
kill an Elite easily with shooting? When the elite has his back to you, run up to 
his back and hit him. This will kill anything easily and can sometimes take out your 
shield in 1 hit! Watch out for an Elites attack, especially when they have Plasma 
4.4- Marines: Marines are possibly the most annoying things in the game. They get in 
the way of your fire, throw grenades at enemies 2 feet away from you, and attack you 
when you accidently kill 2 in a row. They are valuable as gunners, but you will be 
better off in the later levels not containing marines. 

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