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     Characters Profile  By OO7 Kirby, Choo Choo Destroyer,Mario, and BornBaby99
By Born Baby
     - Mario- Mario is an all around player which has no actual weakness and moves 
are pretty good. Mario has starred in many games and has become a nintendo legend. 
My opinion for Mario is that hes a pretty cool guy with some great moves like the 
tornado spin, and the coin rob. 

    - Peach- Peach is an okay character not to strong or that fast but has great 
moves like using her umbrella to float through the air or deflecting moves by 
putting toad in front of her. Peach has been known to being captured by Bowser alot 
and wouldn't make a very good super hero like Mario. My opinion for peach is that 
she is pretty good but she could be made better.

   Bowser- Bowser is what I'd like to call the giant of all giants for one thing 
Bowser has a  hisack with spikes protruding from it. Another thing is that the guys 
pretty slow and takes him a little while to recover from getting hit. His streanth 
would have to be his power. His Slam punch can do alot damage on impact and his 
shell twister is helpful on getting back to the arena. My opinion of Bowser would 
be hes pretty cool and strong but when it comes to speed he might as well race a 
snail and lose.

   - Yoshi- Yoshi is a great character to those who love characters that attack 
quickly than can escape combat. Yoshis best move would have to be the flutter kick 
which does of damage depending on how big your opponent is. Yoshis weakness would 
have to be his jumping because he is one of the few characters who have only two 
jumps. My opinion on Yoshi is that he sucks compared to some other characters 
those who dissagre thats fine with me.

   - Luigi- Luigi is Marios brother who is not a s popular and has not starred in 
many games like his brother but in SSBM Luigi kicks butt. His jumping is much 
than marios and has a move that sends him flying like a torpedo. His tornado 
sends in opponent flying into the air and if you slightly move the anolog stick up 
and press B near an opponent you will do the coin robb of course but you here a 
sound and your will do extra damage. My opinion of Luigi is that hes a great 
character for those who fall off the edge alot and want to get back on really 

   - Dr. Mario- Dr.Mario is no different than mario except he can throw medicin 
capps instead of fireballs. Pretty much the same as Mario Dr.Mario starred in some 
games kind of like Tetris. My opinion of Dr.mario is that he really shouldn't be a 
character because hes really no different than Mario.

   - Link- Link my favorite character is very powerful a little on the slow side 
has great moves like the Spin Cycle and the Bomb maker. Heres a tip for using Link. 
When Sheek is standing by you and uses her B move on you just stand their and 
nothing will happen except link will deflect the attack with his sheild. My opinion 
Link is that Link ROCKS.


Fox- Fox is what a cheeta would call very fast fox can out run almost every 
isn't very strong.He attacks quickly and can reflect projectile attacks. Fox has 
appeared in a few games including the new Star Fox Adventures for the Game Cube. 
is very popular umung fans and is always a good character to choose if you like to 
brag about how much faster you are.My opinion for Fox is that if you speed choose 
Fox because he is the Man... I mean Fox.

Pikachu- Pikachu has premiered in practically every Pokemon game and will premier 
the new Pokemon games.Pikachu has many lightning attacks that strike enemys from a 
distance like thundershock or the Pika Torpedo. Pikachu is great in the streanth 
category and is pretty fast. Except some of his moves take awhile to recover from 
like the Pika Torpedo and Thunder. My opinion on Pikachu is that although he takes 
awhile to recover hes a great character to choose.

Donkey Kong- Donkey kong is the king of the jungle in Super Smash Bros.Melee. He 
great streanth which is one of the strongest characters in the entire game though 
is one of the slowest to and takes awhile to recover from some moves. My opinion on 
Donkey Kong is that he is a great character for those who like to finish people off 

Samus- Not yet tested.Samus one of the 3 girls in this game is a pretty good 
character popular in her games and can jump a fair highth in SSBM.Not exactly a 
character I'd use very often but is a nice character yo use and her target test is 
extremly easy.No opinion added.

Captain Falcon- Cap.Falcon is like lightning when it comes to speed a little hard 
control and not to strong.His falcon punch is a little hard to hit someone with but 
if you like speedy characters Falcons the man to choose. He hasnt starred in many 
games one being F Zero or something like that anyway you like speed choose this guy.


Mr.Game a Watch- Probably the oddest character in the game hes totally flat and 
of his moves are from the games hes starred in like Game Gallery1 and 2. His moves 
are completelly crazy and most are useless practically.My opinion on this flat 
looking weirdo is hes a cook without the cook part.

Marth and Roy- The reason I put these guys together was because they practically do 
all the moves. Marth and Roy are very powerful and their speed is medium/ RARE 
They both can jump about the same but Marths Up B is better than Roy's. Though 
B attack can do alot more damage on impact than Marths can. My opinion on Marth and 
Roy is that they are great characters for those who love to attack with swords.

Young Link- Oh man the minute I played young link I was amazed at how fast he was 
and how much better he could woop but other peoples buts. Young Link is now my 
favorite character and could be yours to who knows anyway hes pretty much the same 
except he can run faster then Link and shoots a fire arrow instead of a regular 
Link. My opinion on young Link is he rocks more than anyother character by 

Pichu- Pichu is like pikachu a little cuter and smaller and shocks itself when it 
uses lightning attacks but other than that Pichus in okay character its moves all 
the same as pikachus though Pichus a tiny bit faster./Not By Much/ Pichu appeared 
Pokemon Silver and gold and should appear in the upcoming Pokemon Sapphire and 
Ruby.  No Opinion.

Zelda/Sheik   These woman are the kick but king of team Zelda does all the magical 
stuff while in Shiek form can run real fast.They are pretty cool expecailly when 
change back and forth between them every so often. Link dont stand a chance.

Ganondorf- Retiring from trying to take over Hyrule kingdom Ganondorf appears in 
SSBM with style this character packs some power but can jump like a broken spring 
and is pretty darn slow. His moves are some what like Cap.Falcons and he can 
defanatlly send an opponent flying with his Ganon Punch. Of course though Fox or 
Pikachu could run circles around him at recess.

Mewtwo- Mewtwo has pretty much no weakness except hes a little slow.His teleport 
move is very handy and his enery ball can be stored for later. His second jump 
him one of the most highest jumpers in the game though Luigi might dissagree. He 
starred like Pikachu as a special end of the event kind of thing in Pokemon 
and Yellow.Though he was not easy to catch unless you used a Masterball.

Falco- Foxes partner is ready for you in SSBM and can he kick but he can jump a 
little higher than Fox and is a little stronger though his gun isnt a machine gun 
like Foxes and hes a little slower to.Falco appears in Star Fox Adventures/Dinosaur 
Planet and is said to appear in a upcoming Star Fox Game other than that Falcos 
to use.

Jiggly Puff- A puff ball at that Jiggly Puff can kick almost nothing having most 
moves useless like sleep and people usually avoid Sing and rollouts heck hard to 
control. Her puffing is usfull getting back to the stage though doesn't have a 
jump like Kirby.

Kirby- Sort of like Jiggly Puff Kirby can puff up to but has many more usfull moves 
than Jiggly Puff and could outrun JigglyPuff too though Kirby cant puff as hard as 
JP /Jiggly Puff shortened name./ JP against Kirby weed defantly no would win by far.

                           Now For The Guide on Lots of Crazy but helpful Stuff.

       1. My Guide to the coolest characters/shown above
       2. The Slot Machine Guide
       3. How to Unlock the hidden Characters
       4. Buttons Guide/ Probably wont need this
       5. How to Unlock the Hidden stages
       6. Modes Guide
       7. A little Super Smash Story I cooked up just for you/ It's Here
       8. All The Weapons in SSBM
       9. How to beat every characters Target Test.
      10. Hints and Tricks
      11. The Food Guide
      12. More Indepth information on every character. (Will take many days to  


                   The Slot Machine Guide    By OO7 Kirby

    The Slot Machine. Hate that thing, anyway it really pretty much lets you have a 
chance at getting trophies by putting coins in the slot. The more coins you put in 
the better chance you have of of getting a trophy. I got every trophy from the slot 
machine by using up to the most a time 3 coins/Try it its a 87% chance it will work.

               How to Unlock the Hidden Characters by ALL/ New people added now.
                By Choo Choo Destroyer
Luigi- Unlock Luigi by either playing 700 Vs.Mode matches or getting a 2 in the 
seconds timer in the Mario Stadium,first level.Via in adventure mode.

                By Popu Pirate 
Jiggly Puff- Play 50 Vs.mode matches or beat Classic with any character on any 

               By Born Baby 99
Marth-Play on either 1 player or Vs.Mode with 10 different characters/dont need to 

              By Thunder Choas
Roy- Beat Classic Mode with Marth without dying.

               By Mario
Ganondorf- Get Ganondorf by beating event match 27 Metal Bounty Hunters.

              By OO7 Kirby
Pichu- Beat event match 37 Legendary Pokemon.

              By OO7 Kirby
Young Link- Beat Classic mode with ten different characters or play 500 Vs.Mode 

             By Mario
Dr. Mario- Beat adventure mode with Mario.

            By Thunder Choas
Mewtwo- Rack up 20 hours of Vs.Play time or play 900 Vs.Mode matches.

           By BornBaby99
Falco Lombardi- Beat 100 man Melee to unlock Falco.

          By Mario
Mr.Game a Watch- Play 1000 Vs.Mode matches or beat 1 player mode on Target 
Test,Adventure or classic with every other character.    


                        A Guide to the buttons in SSBM. By Thunder Choas

        A Button- Does a stupid almost useless attack.
        B Button- Does a primary attack like marios Fire ball
        L and R- Makes a temporary shield that absorbs any attack.
        Anolog Stick/Gray- Allows character to move in any direction.
        Anolog stick/Yellow- Allows you to move the screen around on an options 
        Y Button- Makes your character jump in the air.
        B and Up- Makes you character do a special move.
        B and Down- Makes your character do another special move
        B and Forward- Makes you do yet another special move.
        Z Button- Either makes a large shield or allows you to hold you opponent.
        Z and A- Allows you to hit your opponent on the head if chaught.
        Z and any direction- Allows you to hurl your enemy away from you.
                               Combos for moves not Shown.
                     How to Unlock the Hidden stages. By Popu Pirate

Big Blue- Unlock it by Playing 50 vs. Matches.      Order is random might not get 
                                                   same order shown here.

Poke Floats- Play another 50 matches.        

Brinstar Dephs- Play another 50 matches.      Battle Field-Complete All Star 

4 Side- Play another 50 matches.           

Flat Zone- Unlock Mr.Game a Watch to get Flat Zone.
                               How to unlock the Past Hidden Stages.By Mario

Sorry Forgot one in the last area of FAQ unlock Mushroom Kingdom 2 by collecting 
Birdo trophy.

Dream World Subcon- Get at least 1300 yards in home run contest.


Kongo Jungle- Beat 15 minute man Melee. 

Kirbys Place- Break the targets with every character/Hidden characters too/

                              Modes Guide By Popu Pirate

                          1 Player Modes Profile

                      Adventure Mode- In this mode take a ride through every single 
orginal characters stages doing hidden stuff along the way like finding your way 
of the Maze Temple or collecting trophies along the way. Also at the end you fight 
Big Bowser dont worry hes easier than the hand so dont sweat it. Take him down.

                     Classic Mode- Remember the good old days when you fought 
character after character in SSB well this mode is back with new challenges like 
trying to hit 3 trophies into rings or trying to get to the farthest door possible 
in Race to the Finish.

                    Event Match Mode- In this mode you can play events designed to 
see how good of a Melee master you are by trying to complete different challenges 
like trying to 
beat Bowser three times being Mario.

                  Stadium- In stadium you can play either Break the targets Home 
Contest or Multi Man Melee.

All Star Mode- In this mode you have to kick every character in the games but in 
ones, twos, and threes. Need to remind you that you only get 3 heart containers the 
whole time. 

                           A little Super Smash Story I cooked Up!

It was lonesome little day in the land of Johto,where 22 characters from SSBM 
together to hang out after doing such a lonesome long boring day fight all day 
Pikachu was having some lemonade while Samus spied on hot boys. Luigi decided to 
away and Mario was finally squashed by the Wrath of Bowser. As for Mewtwo he 
one day day in October to kill Pikachu and join a street gang. Peach found out 
was killed and went and taught Bowser a lesson. Well actually she got to the door 
way before Bowser burnt her to a crisp. Link married Zelda, but unfortunatlly their 
now stranded on an island where nobody knows where it is. Ganondorf lost the 
of ruling the world and got a job as a fry cook. Well until the cook told him laser 
power wasn't aloud to cook hotdogs and fired him. Ness actually grew up by machine 
and went to college. But 2 days later his invention back fired and now the old 403 
year old coot can be found quivering around the fire on a 100 degree summer day. 
Game @ watch was banned from Nintendo Gaming several years later and is now 
completly gone. Fox got a good life and rejoined his team to have his Dinosaur 
Planet Adventure. Captain Falcon took up racing aain but was blown up when he 
crashed into an 100,000 pound Nitrogen Barrel./ Crash thanked his grave./ 
and Kirby decided to stay on SSBM , but Kirby left after finding his new game 
Kirby's air raid much more fun. Roy and Marth found to very sexy girls and married 
them. Pichu decided to move on explore outer space. He went up with Appolo 20. 
Nobodys heard from him since. Falco is right now a stray from the Star Fox Team 
trying too figure out what the meaning of life is. Ahhh yes and who could forget 
Donkey Kong  Candy was really ticked at not being in SSBM and murdered him infront 
of Diddy and Dixie...... And they all didn't live happily ever after!

                                     THE END

If one of your favorite characters was killed don't be ashamed they were all dome 
anyway. Most!

                     All The Weapons in Super Smash Bros. Melee!

      Hammer- The hammer is da bomb it can deal lots of damage and can send an 
opponent flying in less then 4 hits. Note- Notice that you can not put down a 
so you are likely in trouble if the head breaks.

      Fire Flower- Comes in handy to burn peoples buts, and will last a long time. 
But an opponent can strike you at any moment so be careful.

     Green and Red Shells- great for smacking enemys although red shells will hurt 
you even though you threw it. Red shells are homing deviced and the green shells 
good for smacking.

     Fan- Almost useless this weapon is very small, but fast for doing quick damage 
to an opponent and you can break enemy's shields right away.

     Ray Gun- A weak laser shoots a little more than ten shots is preety weak but 
constantly shooting an opponent can cause alot of damage altogether.

     Laser Gun- This is like the ray gun but this weapon can power up for a super 
shot. Also it can shoot very fast and will keep the enemy stuck to get get hit by 
more if hit right.

     Parasel- This umbrella is good for floating back to the arena if hit off and 
you can hit other people to though it does only a little damage.

   Star- The star if caught makes you invincible for a limited amount of time.

   Food- Food appears in groups and replenishes a tiny bit of your health.

     Tomato- The tomato is usefull for replenishing 100% of your health.

     Party Ball- This item is tossed and it will float into the air and bring out a 
bunch of items. Note- It can bring out a bunch of angry bombs.

     Flower- This item is used and can be pretty useful. If you hit somebody a 
flower will appear on their head and it will do damage for a little while.

     Beam Sword- This is an effective item that can be used to slash enemys. It 
expand the players character size. You can power up also to make a huge finish hit.

     Star Rod- This item really bops players on the head but if powered up it will 
shoot out a damaging star.

     Bunny Slippers- Where these comfy things to run fast and jump really high.

     Invisibility- Collect a round shape on the ground to become invisible for an 
amount of time. Note- This will keep you safe against opponents attacks. Like wise 
you can not be damaged.

     Metal Box- This contraption allows you to become metal. Although you can still 
be hurt. Note- This will help you stay close to the ground though jumping becomes 

     Mine- This weapon can be placed on the ground and can explode if any character 
comes near it.

     Bomb-ombs- These little destructive idiots will stay in place for a little bit 
but then will start to walk back and forth. If it hits someone it will blow up. If 
it doesn't then it will blow up after a while. If picked up earlier throw at 
to do alot of damage.

     Star Riders- Pick up one of these and you will be sent up into the air. Shift 
the controler stick and hope when you come down you hit someone.

Sorry Forgot to Add that the heart brings back all % energy!

             How To Beat Every Characters Target Test!

  Young Link- At the start jump at one of the walls and then jerk the controler 
stick back and forth to start hopping up the two walls. Hit the first target then 
get to the Top. Use an arrow to get the closest target on left. Then get out a bomb 
and jump twice in the air and throw it to hit the furthur back Target. Next to get 
the target that's inside the square block get on it and toss a boomerang to the 
left. Jump to the platform below and the boomerang will go right through the square 
and hit the target. Hit the 2 targets next to you then drop down and hit the target 
below. Then send an arrow between the the tiny space to hit the next target. Jump 
back up and wait for the wood peice to go down and hop over and hit the target. Ect-
get the last target. Finished! 

                                               Sorry it will be done soon!

Luigi- Their is no stradegy to beat this one!
                                   Hints and Tricks

Link hint- When playing Link if you stand around while facing Sheek and Skeek uses 
her Spike move just stand their and your sheild will block all spikes.

Unlock Mewtwo The Fast Way- To unlock mewtwo really quickly just leave the game on 
for 20 hours like when you go to bed. So that way in the afternoon when you come 
home from school just end the game and you'll get mewtwo and you hardely did a 

Deal 999% damage- It actually isnt at all hard. All you have to do is hook up with 
a buddy and have him be any character. Than you be Link and have both of you on a 
team against one person. Than have you buddy grab the person than you get near the 
oponent and start the sword swipe attack. If done right you can keep on bashin a 
person tell he's, or shes got 999% damage.

The Secret of Links Chain Grapple- Did you know that the grapple can actually save 
you. Thats right, on a ledge or ect if you use Links chain grapple at the right 
spot you'll actually catch the ledge with your grapple. Then if it worked keep 
holding the z button and Link will retract up to the edge of the island. 

How To Get Different Music in Some Arenas- To get different music and themes all you
have to do is after all characters have been selected and you are at the arena 
choosing screen hold the L and R buttons down and then choose one of the following..

              Great Bay--- Saria's Song
              Ice Mountain--- Ballon Fight Song
              Temple--- Fire Emblem Theme
              Yoster Island--- Super Mario Bros.3 Theme
              Onett--- Four Side Theme
              Pokemon Stadium--- Pokemon Gold and Silver Theme
              Classic Kingdoms--- Dr.Mario Theme
              Big Blue--- Mach Rider Theme
              Battle Field- 100 Man Spar Theme
              End of the Line--- 100 Man Spar Theme 2

                                        Food Guide
           Name of Food                             How much it restores/%
  Cheese                              |   3%
  Grapes                              |   4%
  Donut                               |   4%
  Beef Bowl                           |   7%
  Watermelon                          |   6%
  Ice Cream                           |   3%
  Pizza                               |   8%
  Melon                               |   6%
  Banana Bunch                        |   5%
  Pasta                               |   7%
  Sushi Platter                       |   8%
  Sweet Dumpling                      |   3%
  Rice Balls                          |   6%
  Orange                              |   4%
  Noodle Tray                         |   5%
  Hamburger                           |   6%
  Turkey                              |   7%
  Curry Rice                          |
  Cup of Coffee                       |   2%
  Milk Carton                         |   5%
  Spaghetti                           |   6%
  Omelet                              |   7%
  Strawberry                          |   3%
  Mushroom                            |   5%
  Juice                               |   3%
  Sesame Chicken                      |   7%                                      |
  Apple                               |   5%
  Meatloaf                            |   9%
                               The Inside Information.12

               Who would have thought that a plummer named Mario would ever become 
the most popular video game character in the world. Well, he did and he showed the 
world why too. Ever since his first releash of Mario World, Mario has been kickin 
bad guy butt in over 15 different video games all starring him.(Too much attention)
Anyway Mario also has his trusty ex sidekick Luigi who ended up having his own game 
afterall. Mario even has his own party games.(Golly) Then after a few years good old
Nintendo came out with Super Smash Bros and Mario was takin to new limits. Including
doing moves like the spinning tornado and the fire ball blast. Then another few 
years later Nintendo came out with yet another game that had Mario in it. Super 
Smash Bros. Melee. (SSBM) In this game gamers were introduced to Marios cape which 
could reflect projectile attacks.(Talk about nice cape sewing). If you decide to 
play Mario just remember that his weakness is close up battlers like himself like 
Luigi and Mr.Game a Watch.

               How lucky of Luigi to be the brother of the worlds most popular game 
character.Luigi has premiered in some games as Mario's side kick. Personally I think
nintendo was wrong to overlook Luigi like that. I mean Luigi is better than Mario 
many aspects like jumping and tallness. Also in Mario Tennis,(Should be Luigi 
Tennis) Luigi is better than Mario in almost every way except serving. And then 
finally right after the good'ole Nintendo GameCube was releashed Luigi go his own 
game. Luigi's Mansion in which you have to go around sucking up ghosts and searching
for Mario. You heard me, SEARCHING FOR MARIO.  Before Luigi's mansion Luigi could be
played in SSB. In this game however Luigi was pretty much the same as Mario in every
except jumping. Luigi was better at jumping. But then when SSBM came out Luigi had a
little seperation change with his brother and got a couple of his own different 
moves like the tornado missle. (Quite effective) If you play as Luigi remember that 
his weakness is the same as Mario's. Phtttt.


                      I hate to say it, well actually I don't, but Dr.Mario in about
every way is the same as Mario. The only difference is, he shoots medicine caps and 
is just a tad bit slower then Mario. Dr.Mario has a couple games resembling tetris 
where he had to stop viruses from infecting people. BORING!. Not a lot to cover 
about a guy that is like a replica of Mario. 


                   Hahaha, sorry for laughing but I just watched Mario save Peach's 
skin for the umpthienth time. It's crazy, I mean wherever Peach goes she gets 
captured by some gay villian and then, Dundun DUH, here comes Mario to save her. To 
tell ya, Peach is not the kind of character a guy like me chooses because although 
shes got a couple nice attacks like the umbrella and hip smash, Peach is still way 
behind some other character like Fox and Link. I swear last Monday I saw Peach 
trying to break into the gym room. Heh, dont blame her, she needs a good workout to 
pump up her scrawny muscles. Overall Peach is not a character I am likely to play 
for at least another century unless someday nintendo brings out a game named Super 
Peach World.

                               Donkey Kong

                    Sorry Peach, but Donkey Kong outdoes you in the streanth 
department 100-0. Donkey also known in short as DK has appeared in the ever popular 
Donkey Kong series on old nintendo. Shortly after he appeared on the N64 and 
GameBoy. The DK series keeps on going and doesnt look like it will stop for a long 
time. Donkey Kong has many pals including my favorite Diddy who, of course is the 
best character to play in DK64. DK's pals also include Dixie and Tiny. Dixie appears
in DK's second and third games and Tiny was arised in DK64. And who could forget the
ever annoying Cranky Kong who has appeared in every single Donkey game aside from 
the one where Mario has to avoid Donkey Kongs barrels in that game. Donkey Kong is a
power house in SSBM and if it wernt for bowser,would be the strongest. He is a tad 
fast for being so big and his swinging fist move is one of those moves I like to 
call, THE ENDER. Let alone his big size DK is not a bad character to choose, but you
should practice to use your shield quite often if playing this big ape. 

                           Oh man, by far, Link is the best character and obviously 
most picked character in the game. Reasons why/ For one, Link has many sword 
techniques that kick everyones butt at close range. Then he has a bomb making move 
which, although not as powerful as a bom-omb still racks a good 20% on good impact. 
His boomerang which was deprived of its streanth from SSB is still good and always 
comes in handy when an oponent is about to hit you, but oh wait here comes the 
boomerang back towards you and it hits the oponent. Link also has the new arrow 
move which is good at about any range since the farther you pull back using the b 
button the farther he will shoot his arrow. A little past about Link is that he 
became a phenominon game character way back when The Legend of Zelda came out for 
the Super Nes. After that others came and the one that stunned alot of people was 
The Orcina of Time which I find was the best zelda game ever made. When the new 
zelda game was releashed, LZ Wind Waker,  everyone was dissapointed by its crappy 
cell looking graphics. But it still turned out alright and is still in stores now. 
(If you are reading this from 8 or more years from now then the only place you'll 
be able to get this game is the internet). LINK ROCKS!


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