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Nintendogs Rxx!

This guide will tell you various items you can get on walks,Contest rules and 
much more!

Contest Rules

Disc Compitition

In Disc Compititions, There are ten different colored grass spots. Each of 
these are a scoring color. Dark Green=0 points, Light Green=1-2 points,Yellow=  
3-4 points, Orange=5-6 points,Red=7-8 points and lastly, Blue=9-10 points. You 
can get one additional point if your dog catches the disc in mid-air. Try to 
throw the disc straight,otherwise, your dog is more likely to drop the disc.

Agility Trial

In Agility Trials,the order in which the obstacles must be cleared is showen on 
the top screen. It will show the obstacle and a little number next to or on the 
obstacle. That tells you if it is the next obstacle you need to clear or if it 
is coming up soon. Each time your dog knocks over or does not clear the 
obstacle,five points are taken off your score. One point is taken off your 
score for every second your dog is still trying to clear obstacles and the time 
nedded to be in the rankings is done ticking.

Obedience Trials

In Obedience Trials,your dog must perform specific tricks in order to get a 
score. You show off how well your dog is trained by how well it listens to your 
commands. The required commands are followed by a period of free performance,to 
show off some advanced tricks you may have taught your dog. A perfect score is 
ten points. The judges score is not only based on tricks, but on the dogs 
grooming as well. It is a good idea to wash and brush your dog before entering 
an Obedience Trial(unless you don't want a high score that is). Petting or 
phraising your dog after every trick it performs in practice makes the dog do 
that trick for a longer period of time. Here are the commands in each class.
1.Begginer Class=Sit,Shake,Lay,Free Performance (Free Performance isn't a trick 
but I'm just going by what happens in the compititions.)
2.Open Class=Sit,Shake,Lay,Roll Over,Spin,Free Performance.
3.Expert Class,Master Class,and Championship=Sit,Shake,Lay,Roll 
Over,Spin,Jump,Beg,Free Performance. Also,saying the command over and over 
again in Obedience Trials makes the dog stay in the position longer too.

Advanced Tricks

Woddle. To make your dog Woddle,it needs to know how to beg and spin. Make your 
Dog beg then tell it to spin. It will take awhile to make your dog do this 

Dance. To make your dog dance,it needs to know beg. Make your dog beg and then 
take it's paw. Bring it's paw up just so that your dog is standing on it's hind 
legs. Let go of it's paw and it will start moving from foot to foot. Your dog 
is dancing.

HandStand. To make your dog do a HandStand, it needs to know lay and beg. Make 
your dog lay and then tell it to beg. It will get up to start begging,but it 
will go on it's front legs instead of it's back legs. This trick will take 
awhile to teach your dog so,it may beg when you tell it to.

Backflip. To make your dog backflip,it needs to know sit and jump. Tell your 
dog to sit. Then tell it to jump. It will take a long time for some people to 
master this trick but not all people. My dog mastered it in two days. I got it 
on the June Third 2010,and it mastered the trick on June fourth 2010.

BreakDance. To make your dog breakdance,it needs to know Roll Over and spin. 
Say roll over then say spin. Your dog may gte up and spin but just try again.

Flip # 2. To make your dog do Flip # 2,it needs to know roll over and jump.(I 
don't really have a name for this and it's sort of a flip so yeah). Say roll 
over then say jump. This will take awhile so don't give up.

Note:These tricks may take your dog a long time to learn.

Keep an eye out for the second edition of the A Nintendogs all you need to know 
guide! BYE!

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