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Advice for begginers
Cretures that requires full atention
Cretures that can help
Advice for Begginers:To defeat large Creatures,Use your purple pikmin to defeat 
them and if you need to,use a potion.Collecting Sprays will help you defeat 
cretures later on.AS you explore more holes,the bosses get tougher to 
beat.Thats why it's important to collect sprays.
Creatures that Require Full Attention: Eneiems that can be Rough:
Firey Bulblax
Orange Bulborb
Bulborb Larva
Spotty Bulbear
Both Wollywogs
Toady Bloster
Beady Long Legs
Raging Long Legs
Titan Dweevil
Anode Dweevil
Decorated Armored Cannon Beetle
Armord Cannon beetle Larva
Firey Blowhog
Watery Blowhog
Violate Dweevil
Burrowing Snagret
Pileated Snagret
Cretures that can help: In some holes you will come accross a bulbmin.Only kill 
the Mother.Once it's Defeated Blow your Whistle over the Bulbmins to make then 
follow you.
Bombs can assist you.Just ignite the Bomb near your target and BOOM!

Funny: Petrify a beast when it has your pikmin in it's Mouth.You can see them 
moving thier legs trying to escape.

Drown enemies:enemies like the sherebug, make them follow you into water and 
they shoul die in 2 seconds!

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