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  • Action, Adventure
  • Nintendo
  • Nintendo
  • Everyone
  • August 4, 2004


Get Two Sprays For The Price Of One!

You know how when you break an egg, sometimes it will give you Super Spicy/Ultra Bitter sprays? Well, there is a way to get 2! Simple press X to disband your Pikmin/other captain, then walk up to it. Press Y to switch Captains, and walk into it. But JUST BEFORE YOU TOUCH IT, SWITCH CAPTAINS AND RUN INTO IT AGAIN! If done correctly, both captains should get a spray, resulting in an extra use!

Killing Empress Bulblax

This is a way to defeat the Empress Bulblax in the Hole of Beasts
1. Dispand your Pikmin
2. Only get your purple pikmin
3. Spray them with the ultra-spicy spray to super-charge them
4. Walk by where she is sleeping and throw one of your purple pikmin to wake her up
5. As soon as she wakes up go back to the safe area where she cannot roll over your pikmin
6. Now go after her but only attack her face so that none of your Pikmin die. I did this and only lost two purple Pikmin.

Titan Dweevil

At some point in the game, you will go into a cavern called Dream Den. Once you go to the last sublevel, there will be a giant boss called the Titan Dweevil. The Titan Dweevil uses 4 different weapons: shock therapist, monster pump, flare cannon, and the comedy bomb. The shock therapist uses electricity so you will need to use the yellow pikmin. The monster pump uses shots of water so you will need blue pikmin but don't dismiss the pikmin. The flare cannon uses fire so you will need the red pikmin. The comedy bomb uses poison so you will need the white pikmin. There is no use for purple pikmin but you can bring them in if you want. Once you defeat the weapons, the Titan Dweevil will crumble to dust but you will have to defeat it again. Once you defeat the Titan Dweevil the 2nd time, you will rescue Louie. NOTE: ALL FOUR TREASURES EXCEPT LOUIE ARE WORTH 1, 000.

Pikmin Powers

RED PIKMIN: These pikmin are flame resistant and they are very tough too. PURPLE PIKMIN: These pikmin can only be found in underground caves. They are very heavy and strong. If you throw them towards an enemy, it will stun them. WHITE PIKMIN: These pikmin are very tiny but they can find treasures underground. If an enemy eats them, the enemy will be poisoned. If you destroy an enemy or find a treasure, they can carry it very fast. YELLOW PIKMIN: These pikmin are electricity resistant. They can reach high places and enemies like the Snagret can die faster if yellow pikmin are thrown towards them. BLUE PIKMIN: These pikmin have gills on their cheeks. They can survive in water unlike the other pikmin. They can also survive on land. They can destroy enemies in the water and can get more treasures at the end of a lake.

Get More Purple And White Pikmin

If you need more purple/white Pikmin, then go to the Vally of Repose. NOTE: If you already have acess to the Subterranean Complex, then skip the below paragraph.
You must have have Blue Pikmin, and have broken down the wall/drained all the water in the puddle.
Next, take your blue Pikmin across the lake and build the bridge. Be careful of all the enemies. Then take your whites and break down the Poison Wall.
Get 22 Pikmin of any color (Except purple/whites) go into the Subterranean Complex, and skip all levels until sublevel 3. Be careful of the cannon beetles, and find the Ivory CandyPop Bud. Throw some Pikmin in and get your Whites. The next level will be a rest level with 3 Ivory CandyPop buds. Get more whites, and skip all sublevels until sublevel 8. There will be 2 Queen CandyPop Buds, along with 3 Violet CandyPop Buds. PUT YOUR REMAINING 2 REGULAR PIKMIN INTO THE QUEEN CANDYPOP BUDS, OR YOU WILL HAVE TO LOOSE A PURPLE/WHITE. Once you have more regular colors, throw them into the Violet CandyPop Buds to get more purples. Break eggs for nectar, exit cave.

Wall Breaking

If it ever takes you to long to break down walls instead of throwing all of your Pikmin at a wall simply move the C-stick in the direction of the wall and your should start trying to break down the wall.

Useful White Pikmin

When your underground and running short on pikmin and still have some white ones left, don't be afraid of sacrifice. Let the monster eat a white pikmin or two, and it will poison it and the creature will lose a lot of health!

Orange Danger

In some holes you will come face-to-face with a large Orange Bulborb. Don't be fooled as Orange Bulborbs have VERY SENSITIVE EYES that if you're just a few feet away when it's asleep it WILL wake up. Note: Use purple pikmin to paralyze the creature and then keep throwing purple pikmin at it to deafeat it, this is an excellent strategy to save ULTRA-BITTER SPRAY and ULTRA-SPICY SPRAY.

Easy Way To Defeat Bosses

Make sure you have a lot of purple pikmin when you go into dungeons. When you come to the boss, dismiss all your pikmin and take the purples with you!

Water Wraith Creature

In a certain cave called underwater castle (i think) there is a creature who will appear on every floor called the water wraith. NOTE: YOU CAN"T KILL IT RUN! However on the final floor you CAN kill it by throwing purple pikmin at it. Remember to come back and get all treasure you missed by dodging the water wraith!


In few Caves there are creatures called bulbmin that follow you around like pikmin. They have all the abilities of the red, blue, yellow, and white pikmin. Sadly they will not follow you out of the caves but they are still an extra helping hand!

Awakening Wood

Collect the Sphere Map in Emergence Cave.


Collect 10,000 pocos to save Hokotate Intergalatic Delivery, then choose to continue.

Challenge Mode

At the Spider Citdal beat the Beady Long Legs and return the key to the recon drone.

Alter Title Screen

At the title screen (where it says "press Start"), press the X button to make a beetle appear. Once the insect is on the screen, you can use left and right on the C-Stick to turn it and forward to move. If you move the bug into the Pikmin that make up the logo, they will "interact" with the bug. Press Y to make a Chappie appear. You can move it around the same way and press Z to make it eat Pikmin. To get rid of the creatures, press the L button. Press R to make the Pikmin run around the screen and then rearrange themselves to form the word "Nintendo."

Unlock Third Playable Character

Collect 10,000 pocos to save Hokotate Intergalactic Delivery, then choose to continue.

Play As Shiggy

Complete all 30 Challenge Mode Arenas obtaining pink flowers (ie no Pikmin deaths), locate all items, collect 10,000 pocos and successfully complete the game. Press and hold Up when pressing Start to play the game as Shiggy.


We have no cheats or codes for Pikmin 2 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Unlock Sales Pitch

Collect all the treasures in any series.

Unlock Treasure Completion Movie

Collect all the pieces and rescue Looie

Unlock Cinemas And Credits

Collect 10,000 pocos

Unlock Louie's Dark Secret Movie

Complete all 30 Challenge Mode Arenas obtaining pink flowers (ie no Pikmin deaths)

Unlock Pikmin 1 Theme Song

Assemble 20 of each of the 5 colored Pikmin into a single group to hear them hum the Japanese Pikmin 1 theme song, Ai no Uta by Strawberry Flower.

Unlock Challenge Mode

To unlock challenge mode go to the Citadel of Spiders in the Perplexing Pool and defeat the spider on the fifth floor. It will give you a key. Take it back to the ship and it will say challenge mode can now be accessed.

Easter eggs

Pikmin Easter Eggs

During the title screen, press the Y button and a beetle will appear. Control the beetle by using the C-Stick. Take the beetle near the Pikmin that form the words "Pikmin 2" and the pikmin will try to attack the beetle. To make the beetle disappear. Push the X button to make a Bulborb appear. Control it the same way you do with the beetle. Take the Bulborb near the Pikmin and watch the Bulborg eat the Pikmin. Press X again to make it disappear. Press The Z button to make the Pikmin repossision themselves to make the "Nintendo" logo. Press z again to make them re possision themselve to make the "Pikmin 2" logo again.


We have no glitches for Pikmin 2 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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