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  All the aeons in the game Right here hope you can figure out the rest of the game
the aeons are in order from the time you get them

Valfor: special attack-- Sonic wings Overdrives i say overdrives because valfor has 
2 #1 energy ray valfor spins around and blasts a ray from his mouth and explodes 
the ground under the enemy/enemys  energy blast kind of like holy

Ifrit: special attack-- metior strike Overdrive hell fire ifrit launches the 
enemy/enemys into the air sets them on fire and tosses a giant boulder at them

Ixon: special attack -- areospark overdrive thores hammer Ixon blasts the enemy 
into the air with a ball of electricity and then knockes them to the ground

Shiva: special attack-- hevenly strike overdrive diamond dust shiva blasts the 
enemy/enemys with ice and freazes them and with a snap of her fingers shateres the 

Bahaumut: special attack-- impulse hits all enemys overdrive mega flare bahaumut 
ancors himself to the ground and blasts the enemy with non elemental magic

Anima #1 secret aeon: special attack-- pain may instantly kill enemy overdrive 
oblivion sends the enemy into the nether world and in the nether world anima has a 
siferent face anima the breaks the chains binding his hands and delivers blow after 
blow to the enemy/enemys then blasts them with non-elemental magic

Yojimbo #2 secret aeon special attacks 3 cant remember names overdrive doesn't have 

The magnus sisters # 3 4 5 secret aeons three aeons in one cant remember special 
attacks Overdrive delta attack the magnus sisters combine their powers to inflict 
MAJOR DAMAGE to all enemys

thats all the aeons the last 3 are secret aeons so they can only be gotten with 
doing things that are secret and the magnus sisters you need to get all other aeons 
and get 2 special key items!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!             

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